Bruno Men’s Wear


It’s been a few since we brought you guys Bruno Menswear. They have a new Pride collection Bodysuit that I find super sexy. The thong back with the mesh sides is so much fun!

Here is what Bruno says about the pair – Made of “Polyester” lycra fabric with “rainbow” print, Thong cut, “combined” on the sides in black “Mesh” lycra fabric. Cut: Bodysuit. Fabric composition: 80% Polyester, 20% Elastane

Bruno Menswear is a company out of Mexico that continues to make amazing gear. One pair that guys are loving is the side tie bikini. They have come in so many colors but I haven’t seen it in camo until now! Bruno put out the Army Bikini Brief.

Bruno really has fun designing their gear. It shows in what they put out. The newest collection is the Army that has a super fun camo print. Camo is one of those prints that isn’t going anywhere. It’s become a staple in the world of men’s underwear.

This pair is super sexy and is definitely a string bikini cut. The front has a great pouch and the back is a full back. The ties on the side make it easy to take off for any reason you decide you need quick removal.

I love this pair and print. I hope you guys go check out this amazing brand. They have everything from underwear, swimwear and even fetishwear.

COVID-19 has made everyone change the way they do things. It can be a little daunting and overwhelming, but there is one thing you can still do. That is wear awesome underwear, even in this time of uncertainty we can still feel amazing because underwear gives you a boost in confidence, and who doesn’t want to feel sexy right now? One brand that is all about celebrating a man’s body and making him feel sexy is Bruno Menswear.

In 2019 we need to have more fun with and in our underwear! It’s about feeling sexy and enjoying what we wear. One Brand that is always having fun is Bruno Menswear. I saw the Body Jock 2 on Instagram and it made me scroll back. It’s super sexy!!!

First, it’s a jock with a minimal pouch, which I know many of you out there love. Second, it has a harness built in, and harnesses are becoming more and more popular each month! This totally is a pair for the bedroom and I don’t think Bruno Menswear makes any apologies for that! Cause we all need fun gear for the bedroom!

Made in lycra spandex black color in “bulge”, and elastic strap “bicolor” in black and white combination, discovered in gluteus, finished in waist and crotch; with detail of three “metal rings” (two to the pubis and one in the lower back). In the upper part made in elastic strap of the same color with detail of four “metal rings” (two to the chest and two back) and two plastic “removable” pins black in pubis.

Check out all they offer at Bruno Menswear. Note they are based out of Mexico and you will have to change to US currency. The Body Jock 2 retails for $35.99

It’s Thong Thursday! I wanted to pick something super fun for this week’s Thong Thursday and chose the Bruno Menswear MNXO Thong! It’s part of the MNXO Line that we have profiled before. Bruno has a really fun design sense that uses skimpy styles and cut outs to show off all a man has to show!

The first thing you notice is the colors. Yes, it’s the colors of the Mexican flag. The MNXO line celebrates their home country of Mexico. The next is the design. The pouch has two cut outs on the side. This design is skimpy and fun just like a lot of their designs! It’s just super fun. The brand makes underwear fun! They aren’t afraid to take risks.

The back has more of a g string back rather than a T back. I know with many readers this is a very important design feature. Personally, I love this back in a thong. I think it personally fits better than a t back. If you love this kind of back this pair is one that should be in your drawer.

Their site is in Spanish and unfortunately, I don’t speak/read it. But, they make underwear that shows off the bulge and back. It’s great to have companies like Bruno Menswear in the underwear market. We need more companies that will produce sexy undies that make guys feel amazing.

Make sure you check out this and other pairs at the Bruno Menswear site.

COLORS: As seen
FABRIC: Lycra Spandex
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: $17.36

We cover all kinds of underwear (no pun intended). It’s always fun to share new pairs with you guys. Sharing what I think is awesome and cool out there. Many out there love the barely there underwear. While it’s not generally what I wear, I understand why you guys love this type of undies. My main reason for that is I just don’t fit in this stuff. I have too much to fill a pouch. Sometimes it’s wearing something small under suits or just you love to show off. One pair from Bruno Menswear that I thought was cool is the Jockstrap NA-DS. It’s a funny name for a super skimpy pair of undies.

The pair itself is a waistband with a pouch. The back is a jock thong. It’s Tiny. Imagine if you put a sock over your junk and attached a waistband. That’s the best description I have. This pair will definitely get you some looks. If you wear this on a date and your date doesn’t comment on it, you need a new date! Because if a guy I was going out rocked these on a date, well he would be rewarded.

I do love their description: ” thong bulge spin “, combined with “broad” elastic tapes color “silvered” to the waist and elastic tapes to the crotch in color black and discovered in buttock.” Bruno Menswear is making some of the hottest underwear on the market. Creativity is their middle name I think. The thing that impresses me the most about them is they seemed to come out of nowhere and now are a brand you must watch.

Take a risk in your underwear and step out of your underwear box. I am planning to buy some Bruno Menswear soon to try some of these amazing pairs. Just to prove bigger guys can wear and feel super sexy in skimpy undies. But in the meantime find the Jock at the Bruno Menswear site.


Do you wear bikinis? If not I have to ask why don’t you! It’s one of the most popular styles of readers of UNB. I would say in the last year bikinis and thongs have grown in popularity with our readers. Gone are the days of trunks and boxers. You guys want something super sexy, skimpy and fun! Bruno Men’s Wear is a company that is making some seriously amazing undies.

I think we are going to see a lot more from them, especially in the US Market. They are out of Mexico so they aren’t far so we don’t have to worry about too many taxes on their gear. The pair that I saw that I LOVE is the Bulge Bikini. This would be classified more as a string bikini than a regular bikini.

The waistband is white and thin. As we have said many times that a bikini should have a small waistband. The pouch and back are made out of a spandex blend fabric. The front has a full pouch that will hold you comfortably. While the back is a fullback. I know many out there hate a half back when it comes to a bikini. The fabric will make it super comfortable for all-day wear. Available in yellow and blue.

This to me is one of the sexiest pairs I have seen. I like undies that show off but doesn’t show it all off. Bikinis do that with a pouch and fullback. When I wear them it just makes me feel sexy and gives me extra confidence. If you’re in the market to get some great undies, I suggest looking at Brunno Men’s Wear!

COLORS: Blue or Yellow
FABRIC: Spandex Blend
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: 299 MXN – roughly $16 with currency conversion



It’s time to stand out in swimwear. We have brought you a series of swimwear. This includes the starter swim brief, a thong and more. If you have ventured out into the world in a swim brief earlier in the year, now is the time to wear something fun and awesome. The Bruno Mens Wear Attitude collection is that pair. This line is just as the name says.

The Bikini Swimwear has a “psychedelic” print. Well, that’s what Bruno Mens Wear calls it. I call it a bright fun print. It’s not my definition of psychedelic but everyone has their own definition. The print is one of the best I have seen this year. It’s  one I definitely would wear on the beach.

It’s not a skimpy bikini. It’s definitely a brief cut. The sides look to be about 2 inches on each side. So, if you’re worried about it being too small I don’t think you will have that issue. The pair also has a draw string waist. This size is what I think most guys would be comfortable wearing out in public.

One thing I am not sure about is the price. Their site didn’t change prices after converting to English. Bruno Mens Wear is in Mexico, so I don’t think the price is $400. Their gear is always fun and well thought out. They have one of the most innovative design styles on the market today.

If you want something a little more subdued, there are plenty more swimwear in the Attitude collection. Just note that this line is a limited edition line. Once they are gone, they are GONE. If you want a pair get it now and don’t wait. You don’t want to come back in a few weeks and go “I should have gotten that pair!”