Charles Owo Underwear


With great pleasure we bring you the 2014 Holiday Guide shoot. We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors GDD World (Clever, JOR, ManView Bodywear), Modus Vivendi, Cocksox, aussieBum, Wood Underwear and Charles Owo. It was a was our best shoot to date. We had one minor hiccup but other than that the day went super smooth!

The video was released yesterday, which gave you a preview to the shoot. The photographer is Ignacio Rivera Jr. who has shot our last years Holiday Guide and the 2014 Swimwear Guide. Our models are Derek Yates, Chandler, Michael and Nathan. All had a lot of fun during and after the shoot when we did dinner!

We hope you enjoy the pics and get some of these great pairs for yourself or your loved one this holiday Season.



From Left to Right:

  • Chandler (left) is wearing the Clever 5197 Zircon Classic Brief – $28.48
  • Derek (center) is wearing the Clever Denver Tank 7024 – $35.48
  • Michael (right) is wearing  the Clever 5206 Arena Brief – $27.49
  • Available at Candyman Fashions


From Left to Right:

  • Derek (left) is wearing the Clever 5186 Modena Latin Brief – $27.48
  • Nathan (right) is wearing the Clever 2209 – Soccer Boxer – $31.48
  • Available at Candyman Fashions




From left to right:

  • Derek (left) is wearing the JOR 0083 – Fractal Brief – $28.90
  • Chandler (center) is wearing the JOR 0105 – Elephant Tank $44.90 and the JOR 0077 – Elephant Brief – $28.90
  • Michael (right) is wearing JOR 0071 – Buda Brief – $28.90
  • Available at Candyman Fashions


From Left to Right:

  • Michael (left) is wearing the JOR 0062 – Athletic Brief Grey – $25.50
  • Nathan (center) is wearing the JOR 0050 Rally Brief Jocks – $25.50
  • Chandler (right) is wearing the JOR 0061 – Athletic Boxer Red – $26.50
  • Available at Candyman Fashions


ManView Bodywear



From Left to Right

  • Derek (left) is wearing the ManView – Campus Class Joker Brief MV1001 – $23.49
  • Chandler (center) is wearing the ManView – Campus Fraternity Brief MV5001 – $25.48
  • Michael (right) is wearing the ManView – Campus Class Jock MV3003 – $19.48
  • Available at Candyman Fashions


From Left to Right:

  • Michael (left) is wearing the ManView Campus City Boy Brief – MV4001 – $25.48
  • Nathan (right) is wearing the ManView – Campus Basics Brief MV6001 – $23.48
  • Available at Candyman Fashions


 Modus Vivendi


From Left to Right:

  • Nathan (left) is wearing the Modus Vivendi – Converter Boxer17221 – 27.50 Euros
  • Chandler (right) is wearing the Modus Vivendi – Langot Brief – 04413 – 26.00 Euros
  • Available at Modus Vivendi


From Left to Right:

  • Derek (left) is wearing the Modus Vivendi – Sumo Brief – 29.90 Euros
  • Nathan (middle left) is wearing the Modus Vivendi – Archaic Brief – 17111 – 18.90 Euros
  • Chandler (middle right) is wearing the  Modus Vivendi Eternal Brief – 02412 – 22.50 Euros
  • Michael (right) is wearing the Bon Bon Mini Brief – 20115 – 18.00 Euros
  • Available at Modus Vivendi




From Left to Right:

  • Chandler (left) is wearing aussiebum Wonder Jock Pro Brief – $19.30
  • Nathan (middle left) is wearing  aussieBum Gladiator Toga – $35.75
  • Michael (middle right) is wearing aussieBum Super Hero L-Leg – $39.90
  • Derek (right) is wearing the aussieBum Cup – $14.55
  • Available at aussieBum



unbfall14-34From Left to Right:

  • Derek (left) is wearing the CSX76 – $29.00
  • Nathan (middle left) is wearing the CSX03 – $29.00
  • Michael (middle right) is wearing the Cocksox CSX65 – $35.00
  • Chandler (right) is wearing CSX68 – $34.00
  • Available at  Cocksox


Wood Underwear


From Left to Right:

  • Chandler (left) is wearing the Wood Underwear Digital Camo  – $28.00
  • Derek (middle) is wearing the Wood Underwear Forrest Camo – $28.00
  • Michael (right) is wearing the Wood Underwear Liquid camo – $28.00
  • Available at Wood Underwear


Charles Owo

unbfall14-33From Left to Right

  • Chandler (left) is wearing the Charles Owo Bold Cotton Brief – $27.00
  • Michael (middle) is wearing the Charles Owo Coastain Boxer Brief – $28.00
  • Derek (right) is wearing the Charles Owo Coastain Boxer Brief – $28.00
  • Available at Charles Owo

We want to thank our sponsors and models and photographer for making this an amazing shoot. This week coming up we will have interviews with all our models. Also we will be posting more pictures and videos on our Instagram!


Houndstooth Campaign

We got contacted by Charles Owo the other week. They are a new brand n the men’s underwear market with some great new designs. We thought you guys needed to know this brand and interviewed them!

You started in clothing what made you start making underwear?

I started designing bespoke jackets and ties, and then decided to expand into ready-made clothing and accessories for men. In fact, underwear was the first line of our ready-made business. The true gentleman not only looks good on the outside, but maintains a certain level of refinement throughout his entire wardrobe, which includes his underwear. It’s very hard to find high quality, well designed men’s underwear. We are committed to filling that gap in the marketplace and to bringing the finest in men’s underwear to the discerning shopper.

Moreover, I’ve always had a thing for nice underwear and I probably own an underwear from every relevant brand that is out there. I envisioned an underwear line that replaced the mundane black, blue, grey or white underwear, with bold colors, made with the finest fabric available, and innovative designs that represent the modern man.

They say when you look good, you feel good, and I think that also applies to articles of clothing that isn’t exposed. I also believe that the right underwear gives a boost of confidence and you can tell a lot about a man from his choice of underwear.

What has been your inspiration for creating your line?

Growing up, I helped as an apprentice at the family shop and was fascinated by the tailor’s ability to turn yards of fabric into various garments. So as a teenager, I started designing using tie and dye, not necessarily with an end goal in mind, but truly in love with the process of creating, and in most instances the designs will come out great. It was then that I realized my passion for what I now know how to do best.

Fast forward several years later from assisting at the family shop, I launched my career working in one of the most renowned fashion power houses, Chanel. Although I was primarily involved in driving the business, being in that creative environment, coupled with the rich history and story of Gabrielle Chanel, fueled my desire to indulge my creative side. The culmination of these experiences provided the impetus to go on this journey that is CHARLES OWO.

 Tell us about your underwear collection?

Just like our other product lines, our underwear re-defines luxury. We offer several designs to suit different occasions. We use the finest fabrics and our products are produced within the highest quality facilities located in Italy by artisans who are obsessed with quality as I am. I’m very proud of what we’ve created for our current line. Our most popular collections are:

The Iconic Houndstooth Collection, which consists of a brief and a lounge short made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane fabric blend. The Lounge short features a closed pouch and drawstring. This is our most popular collection.

The Bold Cotton Collection, which consists of a brief and boxer brief made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Both cuts feature a double stitched thigh hem. The design and fabric choice offer a better overall fit and reduces chaffing.

The Coastian Collection, which was recently featured on NBC’s Access Hollywood Valentine’s Day Edition, consists of a boxer brief in two colors, Pink and Blue. Each boxer has multiple color blocks. This is also made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Contour pouch provides enhancement for better comfort, control and support.

What sets you apart from other underwear brands?

Because we are not just an underwear brand we think about underwear design more holistically, and how it relates with our other product offerings. We are committed to quality, and the level of detail and effort we put into crafting our underwear collection is unrivaled.

What does the future hold for Charles Owo?

We are very excited about our fall line. We will release an expanded collection, new fabrics, new design, but the same commitment to delivering the highest quality. I encourage you to stay connected with us on social media as we often preview new design from upcoming collections.

Find them at their site