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If you have any knowledge of the underwear world, my next model is no stranger to your eyes.  I had the privilege of chatting with Andrew Christian’s well known model Cory Zwierzynski.  He shared some of his best and funniest moments with us, his appreciation for where he’s been, and his hopes for where he goes moving forward.

UNB Kyle:  Thank you for taking the time to chat with me Cory.  We know you well from your current days with Andrew Christian.  Before that, what was your first modeling gig and how did you come to get it?

Cory:  My first modeling gig was with Abercrombie. I received that opportunity from being discovered by working at one of the retail stores.1969_6168_3__1

Kyle:  That sounds like a great part time job, probably when you were in school, that really paved the way for your future.  What made you want to pursue modeling?

Cory:  When I was growing up, people would always say you should model. So after awhile I decided to get into it.

Kyle:  It probably makes you think a little more about it after so many people comment on the potential you have.  True, raw talent that was found.  Which shoot do you consider your breakthrough in your career?

Cory:  The shoot that jump started my career would have to be the one for Andrew Christian.

Kyle:  It seems like Andrew Christian has been good to you.  You have quite a portfolio with them and even get to shoot all of those videos with them.  Really expands your ability and exposure in front of the camera.  Which shoot has been your favorite? Why?

Cory:  My favorite shoot was the Abercrombie shoot.  I feel that it is my favorite because I had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people from all around the world.  It really opened my eyes to what this world was about and how much it could bring me.  

Kyle:  Abercrombie was always very big and a catalog that set itself apart from its competitors.  Similar to how I feel with you at Andrew Christian.  They have some advertising and models that set them apart from the norm which is great.  Which shoot has been your most challenging and why do you feel that way?

cory_zwierzynski_15Cory:  My most challenging shoot was my first underwear shoot with Andrew Christian. Only because I never shot in just my underwear before. So I was extremely nervous but I had to pull through it.

Kyle:  I can imagine how nervous I would be.  To you it is a new experience and to everyone else there it is another day at the office.  What went through your mind right before you had to do these revealing shoots?

Cory:  “Let’s see, do I need to fluff?”

Kyle:  HAHA!  That is hysterical!  Well take it from us, you look fantastic!  Apart from your work with Andrew Christian, are there any brands or photographers you would like to work with that you have not worked with yet?

Cory:  I would love to work for some high fashion brands such as Versace, Gucci, or Armani.

Kyle:  We hope to see you get that opportunity.  In one way, you have put it all out there in front of the camera.  What is something that your fans don’t know about Cory outside of modeling that you want them to know?

Cory:  I’m actually a very shy person. Some people often mistake it for arrogance.  andrew_christian_black_white_screen_grab_18_

Kyle:  We wouldn’t guess you are shy after seeing your work in front of the camera.  Your body is incredible.  What kind of diet and exercise do you do to prepare for shoots?

Cory:  I try to stick to skinless boneless chicken breasts and vegetables. For exercise, I usually lift weights to prepare for a shoot.

Kyle:  Chicken and vegetables is very healthy but I know you have a desire for something else at some point.  So how about it? Favorite cheat meal?

Cory:  Anything fried!  Plus some chocolate chip cookies.  

Kyle:  Well hopefully those treats aren’t few and far between.  So since you model a lot of underwear and we are an underwear blog, let’s see what your personal tastes are.  Take a peek at your underwear drawer, what is it made up of? % boxer briefs, % briefs, % jocks, % thongs.

Cory:  My underwear drawers. Yes, drawers, because I have that many pairs. They all consist of briefs.

15885_831915206881440_2465014634732259470_nKyle:  I am surprised!  100% briefs with everything you have worn?  Tell us about the craziest pair of underwear you have ever worn.

Cory:  The craziest pair I ever wore was a pair called the peek a boo brief where the front side lifts up and shows your manhood lol.

Kyle:  Yes I am familiar with that pair.  I own it haha!  What are your goals for your career?

Cory:  My goals in my career would have to be getting more modeling opportunities, meeting more photographers, and designers.  

Kyle:  I can’t wait to see where your career takes you.  I hope you continue to expand that portfolio and get all of the opportunities you are looking for.  Finally, what is the best advice anyone gave you when you started your modeling career?

Cory:  Do not be nervous. You can do anything you put your mind to.

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