Coyote Jockstraps


The last two years, thongs have been the big thing. Everyone regardless of being gay or straight went crazy for the pair. They are still super popular, but it made me often think of the Jock and was this style going away from the mainstream and just be in fetish world?

There have been a few new jock companies come onto the scene. Coyote Jockstraps is one of the newest to come across my radar. They have a very classic, varsity feel to me. While they don’t look like the “classic bike” they do have a sports feel.

The waistbands have a “sports” inspired stripe to me. It reminds me of the stripe in athletic sox or football uniforms. I really like the look of these a lot! They come in three colors, white, black, burgundy, and hunter green. Green is my favorite so I”m excited about these.

If you are a jock fan check out all the new Coyote jocks.