Cut 4 Men Underwear


C4M Underwear furnished this pair for review. The opinions are that of the reviewer.

Cut For Men (C4M Trunk)
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  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 8
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9.2


  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Contoured pouch


  • Expensive ($33)
  • Basic design appeal

For those who are familiar with me from social media or my website ( this review may come as a surprise. For the first time, I am reviewing a trunk. Yes me, in a trunk

I usually have two issues with trunks and boxer briefs. The first is that I find that most ride up my thighs during daily wear. The second is that the designs tend to be a bit too conservative for my taste.

With the design of this trunk, there is not a lot of fabric covering my thighs to ride up. However the fabric that was there, did ride up as usual. If you do not typically have that issue with trunks, you should be good to go with these. As far as the design, these trunks are basic, solid colored trunks. I do appreciate Cut For Men’s expanded color options to help brighten things up a bit

Once I look past my usual issue with trunks, I actually found myself pleasantly surprised wearing these. The fabric is an amazingly soft, lightweight cotton. I lounged around the house in these on a very hot and humid day and remained cool and comfortable all day. I appreciate the contoured pouch from both a comfort and design perspective. They add just a hint of sex appeal to an otherwise basic trunk. I also found the waistband to be extremely comfortable, in fact it was hardly noticeable at all which is perfect.

The pouch includes a slot for a front pad which you can purchase at an additional cost. I gave the pad a try and found that it did add a bit of size to the bulge appearance, but that also comes at a bit of a cost of space for your own equipment. If you are above average endowment at all, skip the pad for sure. If you are going out for a night on the town and want to show off a bit, add in the pad for some extra fun.

Overall, I found myself really enjoying wearing this trunk…and this is coming from a guy who never wears trunks! I don’t imagine myself wearing this on a daily basis, but I can totally see myself lounging around in these during a lazy day at home. If you are trunk guy, I highly recommend these. The price point is a bit high, but the comfort is highly worth it.

BRAND: C4M Trunk
COLORS: See site
FABRIC: 95% Cotton / 5% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large

C4M Underwear furnished this pair for review. The opinions are that of the reviewer.

Daily Fit – 9
Sizing – 5
Construction/Materials – 8
Styling – 9
Daily Performance – 9
Overall – 8.0

Nice fabric and soft waistband
Great cut and fun colors available

Sizing runs way too small
Expensive ($30+ shipping)

A new brand for me to try this time around – C4M, which stands for Cut for Men. They’re very unique, opening in 2018 by a designer from Mexico who currently lives in France. They offer the standard cuts – brief, trunk and boxer brief but they also make a longer leg style called biker. T-shirts and tanks are also available.

I was pleased with the soft waistband and fabric (95% cotton, 5% Elastane) as well as the sexy cut. These look like a sporty brief but are cut small enough to not be basic. There is also a pouch where you can insert a pad to increase your bulge. (sold separately for $9) However, as soon as I pulled them on, I knew they wouldn’t last me the whole day.

Sizing runs VERY small, and I would absolutely recommend going a size up. The cut is, but they were so tight that my package was pretty much squished flat. I did try to insert the pad to see how it looked, but that makes them even tighter! It does increase the size of your bulge but not very much, so if you were looking for a bit more than you naturally pack, it might be useful. If you love to really show off, this pad wouldn’t fit the bill.

I would like to try another pair of these briefs in a larger size because there is plenty to love. Nice fabric and cut along with a great assortment of colors, which many brands don’t bother with. I appreciate options other than black, white, and gray! I would say give these a try because they have the potential to be a great, everyday pair. My ratings are based on getting the correct size.

Pair: C4M Briefs
Color: Black, white, blue, grey, aqua, pink, cherry, or violet
Fabric: 95% Cotton / 5% Elastane
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $30.00

Are you looking for a classically styled line of underwear? You may have seen Cut4Men on a few brief distraction but today we tell you what the brand is all about.

Not all underwear has to be over the top and skimpy. Sometimes a classic cut brief can be both sexy and stylish at the same time. Everyone’s definition of sexy is different. I think most guys into undies would agree that it’s the tease and leaving things to the imagination, is why they like undies so much.

Cut4Men’s priority is to deliver a unique experience to its customers by offering a product of superior quality using carefully chosen materials. The fabric they use won’t shrink or lose their shape after many washings.

The underwear all features a plush waistband, contoured pouch, and super soft lightweight cotton. Some of the undies have a discreet built-in holder for a removable pad in the front of the pouch. It’s just in the brief and boxers only. It gives you a natural look and preserve aesthetics, improve comfort, and provide a natural front enhancement. In addition to the pad, in the back of the boxers and trunks have a natural lift system!

The styles in underwear are brief, trunk, boxer, and a biker. There are also several different shirts. The four different styles: tank, crew neck, V-neck, and deep V-neck. Find out more at Cut4Men.