Doreanse Underwear


Doreanse is a favorite of many guys because they have some great styles matched with incredible prices. They are one of the few brands to have pricing under $10 for a pair of underwear. Doreanse is also a brand I don’t hear many complaints about the designs, quality, or fabric.

Doreanse is known for making thongs and g-strings that guys love. While that’s not all they make, there are briefs, bikinis and trunks/boxer briefs. I think they are most known for the thongs. This collection isn’t heavy on the thongs but I think there will be many new pairs you guys will see as must-have items.

You can see the entire collection at the UNB Store and we are giving you 20% off all Doreanse with code Dor20 until Feb 7th.

Doreanse released a new collection for Fall of 2021. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, they are an affordable brand of undies that features some amazing thongs and g-strings. Most of the pairs are under $15 which is almost unheard-of in the world of undies. We will feature a few amazing pairs from this collection.

PAIR: Doreanse Space Venom Thongs
COLOR: Green
FABRIC: 90% Polyester 10% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $9.50

PAIR: Doreanse Jaguar Bikini
COLOR: As Shown
FABRIC: 45% Modal 45% Cotton 10% Lycra
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $12.65

PAIR: Doreanse Neon Sport Thong
COLOR: As Shown
FABRIC: 45% Modal 45% Cotton 10% Lycra
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $15.69

PAIR: Doreanse Nebula Thongs
COLOR: As Printed
FABRIC: 90% Polyester 10% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $12.65

PAIR: Doreanse Hypersky Thongs
COLOR: As Shown
FABRIC: 90% Polyester 10% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $9.50

See the entire Doreanse Collection at the UNB Store. Also get 20% off this and the Ergowear SLK Mesh line with code Fall20 at check out. The sale ends this Tuesday. Go shop now!

Do you love thongs and g-strings? Or do you want to give them a try? One brand that makes awesome thongs and g’s are Doreanse. This brand also makes them very affordable. This makes them one of the perfect brands to try thong/g’s out!

They just dropped a new collection for 2021, here are some of the new pairs that are being offered!

PAIR: Doreanse Disco Thongs
COLOR: Circuit
FABRIC: 90% Polyester 10% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $14.59

PAIR: Doreanse 1300-RBW Disco Thongs
COLOR: Rainbow
FABRIC: 90% Polyester 10% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $14.59

PAIR: Doreanse 1264-PRN Year of the Bull Thongs
COLOR: Printed
FABRIC: 45% Modal 45% Cotton 10% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $13.49

PAIR: Doreanse 1300-PHX Disco Thongs
COLOR: Phoenix
FABRIC: 90% Polyester 10% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $14.59

PAIR: Doreanse 1390-BLU Aire Thongs
COLOR: Cobalt Blue
FABRIC: 75% Micro Polyamide 25% Spandex.
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $12.59

If you read this blog, you are a big fan of underwear. And I bet you are a bigger fan of affordable underwear. One brand that is a must-see is Doreanse. They have a new line out that is under $20, but some of them are under $10, Yes, I just said under $10!

The line has a lot of bikinis and thongs. Both of these styles are ones you guys love. Plus, I have heard so many good things about the brand, it’s a win-win for you guys.

The new line has some great prints. Prints, as you read yesterday, are significant in my selection process, and I’m sure yours too. One of my favorites out of this line is the camo print. Camo has gone from a trend to a mainstay of men’s underwear.

Don’t worry if you like trunks and jocks. They have you covered as well. It’s a super fun collection that is one of the most affordable on the market at this time.

If you are interested in the line, check out the new pairs of Doreanse for Fall or check out the entire Doreanse collection.

Doreanse Introduction

Doreanse is a brand I discovered recently and look forward to trying more of their products. I bought one of their thongs last year and found it to be excellent. The thong was well made, and the fabric was superb. Plus the price of their underwear is easy on the wallet.

The brand Doreanse was established in 1999 in Istanbul, Turkey. They market themselves as a luxury undergarment brand for men and women. Their fabric is what makes their underwear and how they promote it. Most of their designs contain a special fabric blend of 45% modal, 45% cotton, and 10% elastane. This fabric blend offers breathability, softness, along with lightweight comfort. Here’s what their site says about their fabric blend.

“Our classic blend features Turkish cotton which contains more threads per square inch than cotton made elsewhere, lending more durability while keeping the fabric lightweight and breathable. Our modal, a cellulose fiber made from beech trees, is not only softer than mercerized cotton but also resistant to shrinkage and fading. Elastane, or Lycra-Spandex, provides the necessary elasticity, so every garment perfectly conforms to your body shape. This fabric blend also offers easy care, best washed in cold water with only half of the recommended amount of detergent and no fabric softener needed.“

Doreanse offers a wide range of styles for men. They’ve got the skimpy pairs with thongs, g-string, and bikinis. They’ve got a variety of briefs offering different amounts of coverage. Fan of boxer briefs or trunks? They got them too. Also, they produce boxers, jock briefs, t-shirts, tank tops, muscle Ts, and long johns. The bodysuit is also in the line up with thong, brief, and boxer styles. With that offering, they should have a little of something for everyone. They offer many of their styles in various prints and not just solid colors, which I like to see from brands.

Have you tried the Doreanse brand? If so let us know your thoughts on them in the comments.

Website: Doreanse
Where to Buy: Deadgoodundies, Audace

Dec 2014One of the best things about the festive period (after the food, pressies and general jolliness) is of course the PARTIES! The gents of the UK are adding some spangle to their drawers with beauties like these from men’s underwear website


Body Art Karos Round Neck T-shirt GBP38.00

This Body Art range has proved really popular this winter. The slinky material is overlaid with shimmering gothic lettering. A bronze on black option is available too.



Bruno Banani Python Hip Short GBP27.50

How to make reptilian print underwear even more appealing? Give the look a whole lot of shine with a reflective scale inspired print of course!



Clever Moda Spinel Latin Brief GBP22.00

We think the metallic waistband of this Clever Moda slip gives it just the right amount of glamour. The white and black options are flying off the shelves in the UK.


Doreanse 1870 Boxer Brief GBP13.50

Black tie engagement coming up over Christmas? Make sure your unders are as smart as your overs with chic pinstripes from Doreanse at DGU.



Joe Snyder Dazzling Mini Cheek 22 GBP26.00

You can’t get much more sparkle than Joe Snyder’s Dazzling collection. The fast dry fabric makes this range great for pool parties too.



Mundo Unico Pinos Corto Boxer Brief GBP24.00

The bright harlequin pattern of this short from Unico has inspired many British shoppers to snap it up pre Christmas. There is swimwear available in the same design too for those heading off for some winter sun.



141772I guess I had better preface this review by saying it’s been a while since I’ve been able to write about mens underwear for UNB. It’s been even longer since I have had any new underwear to review, and in many ways I am starting fresh. There has been a lot going on in my life that has kept me away from the underwear industry and worse, writing about underwear. But after a long time on the sidelines and a bit more stability in my life, I am finally ready to get back into the swing of things here on UNB.

I figured the easiest way to blog about underwear is to actually give myself a specific pair to write about, so I hit up the Memorial Day Sale that just wrapped up at and came away with a pair of underwear I’ve had my eye on for months. I am talking about the Doreanse “Warrior Thong,” which is still available at and a few other online retailers. A few things attracted me to this thong from the get-go. First, I had heard good things about the brand, specifically that their thongs are worth a try, but secondly and far more prominently I was really drawn in by the look. The cut was masculine without looking too much like some thongs that can be easily mistaken for a jockstrap.

While I wouldn’t call myself thong-obsessed (I prefer briefs 8 times out of 10 for daily wear), I do like the support thongs offer (when they fit right) and if I can find those thongs and g-strings that add just the right amount of flair without being too flashy I will usually pull the credit card out for them. I work a desk job that happens to require me to move around quite a bit, so this thong got a very full day’s worth of work in. I probably got up from my desk 15-20 times today, including a trip to the car wash and Chipotle (yum) for lunch, the only thing I did not do today was work out as I am getting over a brief cold. Needless to say, this thong went through a tough day’s worth of activity and performed flawlessly. I never once had to go to the bathroom to “re-adjust” or never once felt any discomfort with this thong. Most thong-guys would tell you that the best thongs are the ones you can wear all day and forget that you’re wearing underwear at all, and the Warrior Thong fits firmly in that category.

Once you pull this thong on, the first thing you’ll notice is the quality, but that wasn’t the case when I was pulling it out of the packaging. Attached to the pouch and the back “string/thong” material is about an inch worth of ribbed cotton (think “wife beater” tank top) which aside from the stitching that holds it to the waistband has little structure. I was worried that this would roll up and get uncomfortable, but if you get the right size, and get this thong on the correct way, it won’t move. Somewhat ironically, I figured out that these strips of ribbed cotton I was worried about may actually be what may have kept me from passing on this thong altogether. Why? Well if you were to take it away, you would be left with just another run-of-the-mill thong that looks like a jock (think CK Body Thong), which is a style I tend to stay away from.

Aside from the masculine, “Warrior” look this thong gives its wearer, there cannot be enough said about the thong’s most redeeming quality. Its comfort. Holy smokes this thing is comfortable! I attribute the comfort to two things: 1.) The bulk of the thong is made of a 45/45 modal/cotton blend, which for my 200-some pair collection is the most comfortable fabric blend out there. 2.) Getting the right size, which is crucial to every thong’s success on a guy. I am in the process of losing weight, but even when I am at my best, attainable weight I am still in a size 36 pant (I’m currently 6’4″ 240 with an athletic build). I bought this thong in XL which fits a 37-38″ waist, according to the Doreanse size chart. Some of the online reviews on said this runs small, which is why I decided to go to the size bigger than my pant size. I was initially nervous that it would be too big, because athletically cut thongs tend to run big, but the XL fits wonderfully on me and since I am somewhat well endowed, even if the L fit my waist, the pouch would be too cramped. So when you go get this thong, make sure you order one size up from your pant size and you’ll still get the support you require.

I say  when because there is no reason for you not to buy this thong. I am so confident that you will love this thong that I would say that it’s the perfect thong for the guy who’s been kicking around the idea of buying his first one. Or, if you’re more of an Aficianado of the style like me, you can’t go wrong with this pair and the diversity the Warrior Thong’s style will bring your thong collection. I say when because even when it isn’t on sale it’s only $15 at and right now it is on sale for $11.25!!! though, it is backordered. All that means is that you’ll have to wait an extra week or two to get it delivered, and that this review is spot-on!

Like the underwear industry and UNB, I could not stay away from this thong – and boy am I glad I finally got it and I am even more happy that I could share this review of it as my first post back here at UNB.


  • Out-of-this-world comfort, coming from the modal/cotton blend
  • Masculine, but fashion conscious look
  • You could wear this thong 24/7


  • Only 3 color combinations available, just two on
  • That I can’t say enough good things about this thong…


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 7 (but I provided a good rule of thumb)
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall – 9

Picture from

Welcome to the 2012 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. This year we are showing you some of the special pairs just for Valentines day, but we are also showcasing the pairs you can wear year round. These are just a few we think would be amazing this Valentines Day. We would love to hear some of your suggestions so leave a comment or post on Facebook as well!

We also added some staff picks! See what a few of the guys think would make a great Valentines pair, Note some of the pics are in the guide. I picked these before I looked over the guys suggestions. I guess great minds think a like!

Note: The guide is set up so that each bullet is a picture. It goes left to right. Also, click any pic to make larger

Good Devil – Underwear Station

  • Flaming Hearts Brief – $22.00
  • You Complete Me Brief – $22.00
  • Zoom Carnival Thong – $19.00
  • Net Split Back G – $12.50

You can purchase these at the Underwear Station site


  • Love Me Brief – Valentines Exclusive – Price TBD
  • Love Me Trunk – Valentines exclusive – Price TBD
  • Military Sport Brief – $20.00
  • Sport No-Show Turnk – $28.00

You can purchase these at the 2(x)ist site or the Love me lines will be available at some of the bigger department stores

Modus Vivendi

  • Fur Jockstrap & Fur Snap Snood $33.37  & $61.61
  • Color Explosion Pocket Brief – Also a staff pic from Shane – $24.26
  • C-thru Red Brief – $30.42
  • Zipper Jockstrap – $35.42

You can purchase these at the Modus Vivendi site


  • Lace Stretch Brief
  • Extreme Pouch Short Trunk
  • Zeus
  • Butler Costume

Please check the MalePower Site for where to purchase


  • Rufskin Jessie Brief – $31.00
  • Timoteo Athletic Jock – $ 22.00
  • N2N Black Bikini – $24.00
  • Narciso Eddie-Siglo Boxer Brief – $21.00

You can purchase these at the Erogenos site.

 Gregg Homme

  • Kink Double Thong
  • Steam Super Jock
  • Xcess Boxer Brief
  • Schandal Briefs

You can purchase these from the Gregg Homme Site

 Andrew Christian

  • Sweetheart Valentine’s Air Jock w/Sho-it- Limited edition Valentine’s pair – $23.00
  • V-Slim Boxer – $27.00
  • Almost Naked Sheer Boxer – $27.00
  • Nanofit Brief $22.00

You can Purchase these at the Andrew Christian store.


  • Doreanse Swift Bikini – Also a staff pick by Briefs Atlanta – $16.00
  • BodyTech Maximiser Bikini – $17.00
  • Python Bikini – $22.00
  • Blue Line Microfiber Trunk – $14.00

These can be purchased at the Site


  • CX01 Brief Red – $25.50
  • CX05 Mesh Thong Black – $26.50
  • CX01 Leopard Brief – $28.50
  • Leopard Jock – also staff pic by Tim – $28.50

These maybe purchased at the Cocksox Site


  • First Class Server
  • 9522 Zipper Brief
  • Jockthong
  • 9576 Strap Boxer

You may find these at some of your favorite retailers online


  • Action Cool Brief – $18.00
  • Light Jock – $15.00
  • SnugFit Seamless Fishnet Trunk – $24.00
  • Burnout Brief – $22.00

These can be bought from the Baskit website


  • WJ-Raw Brief – Staff pick by Sean – $25.59
  • PocketJockit – $24.00
  • Flaunt Trunk – $31.00
  • Catch of the Day – $33.00

These can be bought at the AussieBum Site.


 Staff Picks:

  • N2N Odyssey G – UNB Thong Guy – $18.00
  • Gregg Homme – After Hour Thong – Sean
  • AussieBum – Hunk Jock – Sean – $18.00
  • N2N– BT String – Sean – $14.00
  • Joe Snyder – JS26 Kinny – Sean – $29.00
  • Modus Vivendi – Premium T-string 13012 Skulls – Sean – $36.00

See above for other staff pics. We had great minds and many that were chosen were also chosen as staff picks too!

HTML Tables

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We hope you enjoy all of our top picks, and as always, we love to hear what you think.

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It really is time start to Christmas shopping … or do so more 🙂

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Rest of World    Monday 5th December
DGU shipping dates over the festive season.

There are a number of public holidays coming up over Christmas and New Year so please also note we will not be shipping parcels on these days.

Of course we will continue to get your DGU goodies to you asap, but do bear with us as we’re likely to be extremely busy after each the holiday weekend!

Sunday December 25th (Christmas Day)
Monday December 26th
Tuesday December 27th
Monday January 2nd

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Welcome to the 2010 UNB Holiday Guide! These guides are a lot of fun to do, but a lot of work! We start in August contacting all the companies involved, and then have it sent to the photographer, having everything shot then put up on the site. The pairs included are some of what we think will be great gifts for the man in your life or some just for you!

This guide was shot by the awesome folks at NorCalBodz. If you are familiar with our guides you have seen their work on our site. They have done our previous guides and we have profiled them in many Brief Distractions. The models we used in this guide are: Jordan Preston, Rob Patrick, Erik Rossi, Corey Christiansen and Matt McCaleb. We want to thank them and NorCalBodz for doing an awesome job for us.

Now with out any further waiting here is the guide for 2010!

Frank Dandy

Frank Dandy Underwear

Frank Dandy is a brand that was created to combat the world of boring solid colored underwear. They are known for their innovative patterns and designs. This brand is not for the reserved guy. If you want to express yourself in your undies as well, then you need to be checking out Frank Dandy!

Left to Right:

  • Jordan is wearing the Hayman Raspberry boxer brief
  • Middle is the De Crillon camo boxer brief
  • Rob is wearing the Men’s Tiger Boxer Brief

These pairs were furnished by Kingston Loungewear

Mundo Unico

Mundo Unico is a line that mixes both classic styling with sexy design. The brand has focused on making some of the best designed underwear on the market today. It its a man very well and gives great support through the day. Then they add in colors, prints and patterns to let a man be comfortable yet stylish in at the same time. It’s a brand where form meets function!

Left to Right:

  • Jordan is wearing the Boxer Urban Pulso 7173
  • Right is wearing the Boxer Corto Vivaz 7174

These pairs were furnished by Mundo Unico

Pipe Underwear

Pipe Underwear hit the underwear scene a few years ago. They make a splash with their innovative photography and designs. But, they didn’t sit back and relax. They have come out with a new line that from the first look is very conservative, but has some great styling. They are using blacks and whites but they aren’t the boring undies of the 90’s. The use of piping and silvers turns the lines into something fun. Pipe Underwear is definitely a brand you should be following!

Left to Right:

  • Left is wearing the Silver Racing Square Cut Brief
  • Erik is wearing the Black Racing Square Cut

These pairs were furnished by Pipe Underwear


WildmanT was one of the first to produce enhancing underwear. Two years ago they created the Ball Lifter (R) technology and since then they have come out with a range of underwear to really show off what you have.  As their website says “All our products create the fullest package possible while maintaining style and comfort.” If you haven’t been to their site you should go. The owner and creator WildmanT aka Tim, is the model as well!

Left to Right:

  • Erik is wearing the Sonic with Ball Lifter (R) C-Ring
  • Rob is wearing the Arrow with Ball Lifter (R) C-Ring
  • Right is wearing the Captain Brief with Ball Lifter (R) C-Ring

These pairs were furnished by WildmanT.


Timoteo is a brand that is really taking off. Known for their incredible photography and great fitting undies, they have taken the underwear world by storm the last two years. It’s very interesting how the line started. Timoteo was head designer at the Baby Phat line created by Russell and Kimora Simmons. He left there and in 2001 created his own store in West Hollywood. He concentrated on men’s clothing but in 2006 he introduced swimwear and the rest is history! The TIMOTEO line recognizes great fashion but also understands that style, fit, and comfort are the key to its success.

Left to Right:

  • Left is wearing the Classic Red Briefs along with the Angel Wings Necklace
  • Rob is wearing the Wave Racer Swimsuit

These pairs were furnished by Timoteo.

McKillop U/W

McKillop U/W is one of the new kids on the block. They were furnished last year and their main focus is jocks. We have many readers who love jocks and wear them exclusively. The head designer and owner Ryan wanted to create a line  of “Jockstraps and Pouches for the men who demand comfort and style without padding and branding being the main focus of the underwear.” McKillop uses colors and mesh to really give a new look to the traditional jock! If you are a fan of jocks you need to give McKillop a once over!

Left to Right:

  • Matt is wearing the Power Flip and Reveal Pouch
  • Corey is wearing the  Power Extension Jock in Blue
  • Corey is wearing the Power Extension Jock in Black

These pairs were furnished by McKillop U/W


Cocksox is the self-proclaimed sexiest underwear on the planet! It is an enhancing brand that uses a specially designed pouch to show off exactly what you have. Cocksox is out of Australia and has grown to be one of the biggest brands there. They have expanded and are making in roads into the US Market. The underwear is made out of supplex and is thicker then pure cotton undies. The underwear will conform to your body and is ergonomically designed. It will be comfortable through out the day and move with you.

Left to Right:

  • Erik is wearing the CX01ME Mesh Brief
  • Jordan is wearing the CX03 Brief wiht Waistband
  • Left is wearing the CX01 Swimbrief in Man Candy Pink
  • Corey is wearing the CX028 Swimbrief with drawstring.

These pairs were furnished by Cocksox.

N Haven

N Haven is a line from UnderGear. Undergear has several private lines that are being redesigned from the ground up. I got to meet with them back in August and I’m really excited to see what they do. We are featuring the Fall Boxers here. They are all a fall/winter theme that is perfect for lounging around on a winter night. We are featuring two pairs here but you can see more at the UnderGear site.

Left to Right:

  • Corey is wearing the AJ789 Snow Flakes Boxer
  • Jordan is wearing the AJ789 Snow Flakes Boxer

These pairs were furnished by UnderGear.


Are you ready to get WILD? Pikante‘s new line that came out is all about animal print. I know what you are thinking but these aren’t the 70’s tacky animal prints, they are fun and sexy. They range from the traditional (Tiger, leopard and more) to newer and innovative prints (Owl Feather,  snake and blue tiger). It’s a really fun and sexy line. Glad to see someone doing animal prints right!

Left to Right:

  • Erik is wearing the Cheetah Cheeky Boxer – Black
  • Rob is wearing the Python New Brief
  • Erik is wearing the Anaconda Boxer
  • Jordan is wearing the Feather Owl New Brief

These pairs were furnished by Pikante


Candyman is just pure fun. They have the costume underwear featuring cowboy, prisoner, devil and more! But, you may not know they have a line of underwear. The line is one that is not for the shy. They are bold, colorful and shiny! If you want to show off what you have then the pairs with cut outs, thongs and metallic materials will be perfect for you.

Left to Right:

  • Left is wearing the Blue Brief
  • Rob is earing the Hot Pink Detachable Thong
  • Rob is wearing the Silver Brief
  • Corey is wearing the Black and White Stripes Brief

These pairs were furnished by Candyman


PPU is another of those fun brands. Yes, they have some traditional briefs and boxer briefs. Then, they have some really interesting approaches to taking a classic like a jock and turning it into their own. They don’t follow the regular rules of underwear. They see something and put their twist on it. That includes jocks, bikinis and thongs. Its great to see a company that is doing their own thing.

Left to Right:

  • Left is wearing the 967 Boxer Briefs
  • Middle is wearing the 965 Jock
  • Cory is wearing the 967 one piece

These pairs were furnished by PPU


Do you want something masculine but fun? Then Clever is the underwear for you. Their slogan is “Masculine Underwear.” They want to make underwear for men not afraid to show their masculinity. They take masculine feelings and turn them into prints, patterns and designs. They are fun without being over the top. Men who are confident and driven are the kind of guy that Clever is after!

Left to Right:

  • Jordan is wearing the Reticulated Classic Brief White 5076
  • Erik is wearing the Cozumel Swimsuit Brief Black 0528
  • Rob is wearing the Vintage Boxer 2070

These pairs were furnished by Cleaver.


Baskit is not just a regular underwear company. They are a company that focuses on quality, design and style. You can tell that in the last few collections they have released. The lines would include: Utility, Snugfitseamless and Finelines. So, they are for the true underwear lover. If you buy your underwear in packs of 5, then Baskit isn’t for you. I love that Baskit is not afraid of color. They use bright and fun colors in the underwear. If you like these check out all the lines they offer

Left to Right:

  • Top left is wearing the Unility Brief in Pink
  • Top Right is wearing the Contrast Jock Brief in Blue
  • Bottom left is wearing the Action Cool Mesh Brief in Orange
  • Bottom right is wearing  the Sawed off Mesh Brief in Red

These pairs were furnished by Baskit.

Bum Chums, Doreanse & ManStore

Dead Good Undies is the only online store to send us underwear. They are out of the UK and offer some of the most innovative and cutting edge underwear around. They sent us three really fun brands; Bum Chums, Doreanse and Manstore. Bum Chums are a “cheeky” brand out of the UK. They are bright fun and have a lot of metallic! While Doreanse you have seen in The Reasons video we posted this past week. Lastly is Manstore, which is a brand that just is all about sexy. They have smaller cuts, mesh and leather like materials. All three are for a guy who is confident and wants to have some serious fun with his underwear. We hope you enjoy these and will check out more.

Left to Right:

  • Top left is wearing Bum Chums Terra Firma Hip Brief
  • Top right is wearing the Clestial Moon Hipsters
  • Bottom left is wearing the ManStore M101 Apropo Pant
  • Bottom left is wearing the Doreanse 1555 Hipster

These Pairs were furnsihed by Dead Good Undies

Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete is one if the first companies to do 3-D underwear! They are a brand that’s not afraid to think outside the box when designing underwear. That includes this season collection. Some of the current lines are inspired by cities and places. They aren’t just underwear they also have a very large swimwear and shirt line. The underwear from Pistol Pete you can definitely tie into your over all style. They aren’t plain and simple. They are made to compliment and add to your wardrobe.

Left to Right:

  • Erik is wearing 10 Trunk – Navy
  • Erik is wearing Calipso Midcut – White
  • Bottom left is wearing Leauge 3/4 Sleeve shirt and Harley Trunk – Multi color
  • Bottom right is wearing the NY Brief – Multi Color

These Pairs were furished by Pistol Pete

DMK Designs

DMK Designs is a brand we have covered since the start of the blog. It was founded by Diane who is a former Vegas show girl who went back to school to get her MBA and started a men’s underwear line. Diane wanted to create a line because she was tired of men seeing bad underwear. She has come out with some really fun lines. Those included the animal print made out of unexpected colors. Which were some of the most innovative I have seen. She is now working in mesh and has created a pouch that doesn’t have a seam down the middle. I know we will see some really fun and creative designs from her soon!

Left to Right:

  • Left is wearing the Down Under Enhancing Jock in Coral
  • Right is wearing the X-Lo Swimmer in Peacock Blue

These Pairs were furnished by DMK Designs

Gregg Homme

Our last brand is one that is bringing sexy back to the world of men’s underwear. That line is Gregg Homme. They are one of the most innovative with mesh. The current lines are one that really shows off everything.  From their site: “Design is a dialogue of ideas: it appeals, speaks or creates controversy and GREGG HOMME constantly innovates with unimaginable designs and functionalities to feed the insatiable taste of men for provocation and seduction.” This includes using the latest in technology. The example of this is the Bandito line. The shirts and underwear have cutouts with mesh. The fabrics are fused together rather then sown. They are a brand positioned between lust and fantasy.

Left to Right

  • Left is wearing the Predator Trunk
  • Center is wearing the X Rated Maximizer Jock
  • Right is wearing the Bandito Brief

These Pairs were furnished by Gregg Homme.

We hope you enjoy this guide. We will have another one just in time for Valentines Day! We will give you some great ideas for the perfect pair to wear or give your Valentine. I want to thank all the companies that participated and NorCalBodz and the models!