imageOn my list of brands to try in 2015, 2EROS was one of my top choices because of so many positive things I have heard about the brand.  First, my good UNB friend Jon (@UNBJon on Twitter) raved about how amazing 2EROS felt and looked which captured my curioisty.  So my quest began for the best pair to start with.  In my recent shopping endeavor at DrawerFull, I was looking through their products determining what to get. As I have developed a friendship with one of the men behind DrawerFull, I asked him for a personal recommendation.  He suggested the Olympus jockstrap and I knew he would not steer me wrong.

Package arrival day was here and I ripped open that jock, eager to slip it on.  I decided it had to be worn on a long day because of all of the positives I have heard.  At first look, it is beautiful! The color gold is so rich it only goes to show why it has a name like Olympus.  The gold is contrasted with black writing and detail of the name, logo, and piping you expect from 2EROS.  The jock has a more unique cut to it which was appealing.  From pouch to back, there is a narrow straight piece of fabric compared to a more classic arch most pairs of underwear have across the hip.  The fabric is also a quick drying mesh, perfect for the athlete.

Throughout my day, the jockstrap made me feel so good and held up wonderfully.  For an Australian brand, I did not have any problem with sizing either.  I wear a medium and felt like this jockstrap was true to size.  There was adequate room in the front for support, the waistband felt secure, and the butt straps caressed everything nicely.  I appreciate a jockstrap that has secure straps that really wrap around the butt nicely, giving you that support and sexy feeling in one.  Needless imageto say, there was no discomfort for this guy during the day.

My first adventure with 2EROS was exactly what everyone told me it would be; amazing!  This is a very special pair for me as well because of the personal recommendation by my friends Jon and DrawerFull.  Thank you guys for looking out for me and choosing wisely!  I will absolutely be picking up more 2EROS for my collection.


  • Unique jock design
  • Rich color choices
  • Comfortable


  • More colors needed (only available in Gold and Silver)


  • Daily Fit = 9.5
  • Sizing = 9.5
  • Construction Materials = 9
  • Styling = 10
  • Daily Performance = 9.5
  • Overall = 9.5

This pair is available at DrawerFull for $24.00

What’s Hot at DrawerFull This June?

DrawerFull has us ready for summer by letting us know what gear to get our hands on.  As we start our fun in the sun, here are DrawerFull’s hottest picks for June.

JOR Speed Boxer


The JOR Speed Cotton Retro Trunk has the look and feel of the 70s, with a fun, athletic vibe. It’s made from a soft, stretch cotton fabric that features a faded look and topped off with a bold waistband in a color combo reminiscent of the age of love. Shop this pair here.

Clever Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk


The CLEVER Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk has a slightly relaxed fit with a tailored look that nicely flatters any body who wears it. A splash of color here and there, plus added pockets mean you can even wear this swimsuit as casual shorts to and from your busy summery schedule.  Shop the pair here.

PPU Cotton Jockstrap


The PPU Cotton Jockstrap is the basic sports support every athletic guy needs. The pouch is made from soft, stretch cotton that is absorbent for long lasting comfort. The rear straps are extra wide to prevent pinching or riding up, so you can perform in this jockstrap for hours on end. Shop the pair here.

Tribe Energy Shorts


TRIBE swimwear draws inspiration from the color, energy, and joy that is found in Tribal Culture.  This brand is 100% Australian Made, emphasizing in quality, comfort and style.  The swimsuit offers a wide waistband, sharp fitting throughout, and accessible pockets to include a more casual look in between beach outings.  Shop the pair here.  

SUKREW Full Trunk – Jamie


That Full Pouch look. The Full Trunk has six small pleats in the pouch, and is cut to show you off to your best advantage. The rear ‘y’ seam gives you perfect definition and unrestricted comfort. Neon polyamide fabric with blue printed branding on the waistband. Shop the pair here.

Blue Collar Underwear – City Slicker Trunk


Comfortable with an Awesome fit plus Great look. Busy City Scene Print fabric. Athletic fit trunk with contour pouch. Soft, smooth and comfortable fabric. Trunk features an elasticized Blue Collar logo waistband. Stretch microfiber with body defining fit. Cotton/Mesh on sides.  Shop the pair here.

2EROS Coast Trunk


The Coast series is a relaxed, simple and elegant collection. The color combination is of coastal comfort. The tan contrast placed between to the legs gives the illusion of exposed skin but keeping you covered. Shop the pair here.



Be sure to stop by the site at DrawerFull and check out the latest from all your favorite designers.

We have a new partner in the “What’s Hot” series. Now the boys at will be telling us what’s hot every month in the US. This is their first time doing it and we look forward to a lot more of them from Drawer Full.

olympus-splash-8The 2EROS Olympus Collection Brief in Gold

We just love this brand, they have outdone themselves with every collection. From the soft modal fabric to the iconic 2eros waistband we LOVE this brand and everything they do.

10636720-680635125353377-796551116306399970-o-500x750The Black Diamond/Red Lava Party Jock

The guys at Blue Collar Underwear have designed a jock that is both sexy and comfortable to wear all day. We wear it to the gym and work. If your headed to the club this jock is sure to spice things up.

ergowear-max-light-thong-ltd-edition-pink-front-1ErgoWear Limitied Edition Pink Collection

This limited Edition collection is a must have, the super soft modal and cotton blend is wearable all day and one of the most comfortable we’ve had on all season.

2200-2-08445.1420673391.1280.1280Denim Jean Boxer by Clever 

This boxer is genius from the wonderful designers at Clever, its look and feel are incredible. People will believe your wearing jean shorts until they are close enough to see your best assets.

11083701-752258121563604-6573556742639748987-oYOCISCO Where Sexy Starts Jock

This jock is on fire right now in the market, it has a great price point and is both comfortable and super sexy.

150519-963a5feb58c94c099ce96642a4f763922EROS Beach Club Swim Brief

Again we are back to the amazing 2eros line. This swim brief is the perfect addition for the summer season, with its bright colors and design it is sure to stand out.

olympus-splash-32EROS Olympus Tank

This is the perfect tank for summer, it is light weight and comfortable.

Find these and more at the site

With hopes of winter behind us, spring fever among us, and new collections, we asked our friends over at DrawerFull for some great new spring recommendations to get us excited for the new season of underwear!

Our First Choice: 2eros “TO EROS” Trunk – Magenta


To Men of Passion, to Men of style

To Eros. From man. Made for the everyday man who aspires to be a god. The series is inspired from the 80s gym culture with a modern and vibrant design.


  • Iconic waistband
  • Soft premium modal fabric
  • Single front pouch lining
  • Contrasting design
  • 95% lenzing modal / 5% elastane

Our Second Choice: SupaWear Supreme Trunk – Cyan

Reign SUPREME. A collection which combines old world retro fitting and styling with a colorful and funky design.


  • Single layer front pouch for a natural lift
  • Form fitting to contour your body
  • Embelished SUPREME waistband
  • 4.5cm waistband
  • Woven SUPAWEAR logo on the back.
  • Contrast ribbing
  • 95% Cotton / 5% Elastane

Our Third Choice: ERGOWEAR MAX Light Brief – Pink – Limited Edition 



  • Manufactured in supersoft modal-lycra for a gentle touch on the skin.
  • 100% ergonomic design.
  • 3-dimensional pouch in MAX design.
  • 90% Viscose / 10% Elastane

Our Fourth Choice: Blue Collar Underwear – SMACK’DAT Hand Print Trunk



  • Awesome fit, Great look, Provide great comfort all day
  • Colored Hand Print fabric
  • Athletic fit trunk with contour pouch
  • Soft, smooth and comfortable fabric
  • Low rise trunk features an elasticized logo waistband
  • Stretch microfiber with body defining fit
  • 90% Nylon / 10% Spandex


The spring collections are in stock and ready to brighten up your drawer. Let us know your favorites by tagging @DrawerFull and @UNBBlog on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


#drawerfullI met half of the team at in Vegas at Magic. We have been working with them through our asst editor Kyle for a few months. So while in Vegas they told me about a show they were doing on March 6th in Lexington, KY at Sound Bar. They asked if I would come up and cover it. I quickly Google Mapped how far it was from Atlanta. It said 5 and a half hours. Which is not a bad road trip. So I said I would def be there!

The day before the show a big snow storm hit Kentucky. It didn’t look promising that I would make it to the show. But I said I would wait till the following morning to make a decision. I got up and checked the weather and road reports. Again I wasn’t confident I would make it up there. But I called Kentucky 511 and they said all the major roads were clear and at speed limit conditions. I looked at the weather and it was COLD but no more snow was expected. So at Noon I headed up. That should have put me up there around 5:30 PM.

The Drive itself wasn’t too bad. I didn’t even encounter snow on the ground till I reached Kentucky. The roads, as they said, were clear and speed limit and no weather delays. With the exception of construction and a wreck, it would have all been speed limit conditions the entire way. So I arrived after 6 PM. They Drawerfull guys got me a hotel room and they picked me up and took me to the event. I thank them for that!

We got there a little early and they were setting up a pop up store at the event. So that every pair that was in the show you could buy right there. Which is pretty cool. I have been to many shows you want the undies and it’s not there. The crowd was slow to come in, but having that much snow and being cold. I don’t know what the turn out would be. But it turns out they boys came out in force.

The first part of the show started at around 10 PM. They had 7 Models. I will say the boys they got for the show were amazing. Some of them were professional models others not but they were a mix of real guys and models. In all each of the guys were really great models. The brands ranged from Timoteo, Unico, Xtremen, PPU, 2EROS, Supawear and more! The upstairs bar where they had it was a circle with stairs in the middle. Each model walked around and the spectators sat around the walk way. It was a cool set up. It gave everyone a great view of each of the guys as they walked around.

The second half of the show was about an hour later. This time the place was packed. More people showed up to see the show. The boys came around again in different underwear and the drag queens there had a little more fun the second time with one of the models. They made sure everyone got to see him and the underwear. We have pics all but one pair. I got a very important photography lesson. In low light everyone has to stand still or pictures turn out blurry! But most of the pics turned out!

After the event the models mingled with the crowd and the store was open for all your underwear needs. It was a lot of fun. I was so glad I went to the show. After 6 hour drive I was tired and didn’t mingle much. They are going to do a lot more and we hopefully will team up and do a lot more with them. We both have some great ideas and just need to brainstorm and get together!

I want to thank Drawerfull guys for all the hospitality and the super fun show. I think it was a big success and a lot of fun! If you are looking for a great company to buy undies from go over to You will see the undies from the show and support two really great guys in the world of underwear. All the pics you see here, each pair is available at their site!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and our friends over at DrawerFull have selected a few pairs that are sure to spice up your evening.  Whether you are spending it with a special someone, hanging out with your single friends, or enjoying a night alone, these pairs will surely show some love.  Stop by DrawerFull and pick up something you love!

Supa Fly Jock $22.00
























Unico Short Boxer$22.00



























Blue Collar Firehouse Weekend Trunk $21.00




























ManView Singlet $33.00