Eco Friendly


Men’s Underwear Store is now carrying the brand new line by C-IN2 – Ecliptic. Not only is the styling different, notice the way the pouch is constructed, but so are the materials used to make the underwear.

The brand is an eco friendly by nature of the materials they use. The undies are constructed from 75% pima cotton and 25% seacell (which is seaweed, yes that’s right). The reasoning is the seaweed contains vitimins and minerals that can be absorbed into the body. Also that seaweed is a very renewable resource that like bamboo it can be replentinished easily. Which also doesn’t cause undo burdon on eco-systems.

So if you’re looking for another eco friendly option, go check out the new line! We hope to have more information on the line soon for you.

Go Softwear has released their new Go Natural Line. So if you’re looking for some Eco Friendly gifts for someone or yourself, Go Softwear has you covered!

They use the following in the creation of undies; Bamboo Cotton Rib, Organic cotton, and Vegetable Dye Org. Cotton/Lyc. Then they create jocks, briefs, boxer briefs, tee’s and tanks out of the material. So you can look stylish and help the environment!

I hope to get more information about this line this week to share with you. But in the mean time go check out the eco friendly undies at Go Softwear.