Edge Underwear



After interviewing Adam Russell the designer and founder of Edge Apparel I could not wait to try out one of the pairs of underwear.  Edge Apparel supplied us with some underwear to review. I selected, as I always try to, a classic brief to start off. Since I’m a big fan of briefs I like to get my first look at a new brand with their briefs. I went for the darker, grey and red option.

The fabric blend of 7% spandex and 93% cotton was very comfortable. It was supportive and soft while still having just the edge of flexibility. It was very smooth to the touch which is always a bonus for the bum and it felt good all throughout the day.

The waist band is a great fit, it both stretches and holds, the ideal balance. It is a very cute, generally solid color band with the trendy logo on the front. The piping on the legs is just as balanced, stretchy, and comfortable and holds up well.

There is no “pouch” or anything in the crotch area. Personally, I’m not a fan of most pouches so I found this excellent. It much reminds me of the bulge area of Calvin Kleins, in a way, roomy, supportive but not overly defined.

When I went to the gym I didn’t have another pair to change into, as I often do, so I did my cardio day in the briefs. They felt fine, held up to the run, climb, and all. As mentioned in the cons section, I did have to tug the back out of my butt a time or two but nothing serious.

Overall I greatly enjoyed this pair of underwear. I am excited to try the other pairs out and give the boxer brief cut a go as well.


Rating: 9/10

Daily Fit: 9/10

Sizing: 9/10

Construction: 8/10

Styling: 8.5/10

Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Cute, very comfortable fabric blend, supportive, and durable.

Cons: If running it may ride up your butt, however, that could have just been my butt…

Beau Briefs recommendation: An awesome new start for a brand, very solid product!


I had the great privilege last week to sit down with a founder and designer of a brand new underwear brand. Adam Russell is that new designer and founder of a company called Edge apparel. And he and I sat down to share some thoughts on underwear and what made edge the soon to be cutting brand.

Adam had a background with the corporate world and got to a place where he wanted to look for something that he would like to do day in and day out. Edge was his answer. He wanted to build a brand that would reflect a core desire, to feel good and sexy in what you are wearing. Looking around he felt that things today were becoming too skimpy, too dainty. He wanted to make something bold, powerful.

Edge underwear has a selection of striking color combination, a bold waist band with his catchy logo design, and a solid piping. All of these items were essential to creating the powerful brand imaging that Adam felt was lacking in the market today. He wanted to bring out another voice in the underwear market. One that crosses over from athletic to everyday, from sexy to comfortable.

Athletic brands have seen a resurgence lately with ultra-masculine brands like Jack Adams and Pump, so how is this different? Well, in my mind, it is that Sporty Chic kind of style. Emphasis on the word Sporty. It is the pickup game of baseball at the local school, it’s backyard football.

One of the biggest things, he wants the size on the underwear to actually be the size that fits. He felt that often you try a new brand or a new style.  You buy the size that you think would fit.  Your traditional department store size, but come to find out it’s too small. For those who sit at the higher end of any size (big shout out to those 30” waists with a booty, I feel ya).  when a brand runs small, pairs no longer fit. He is seeking to make a small an S, medium an M, large an L, etc. For instance, I have a 30” waist and fit very comfortably into a Small.

The current pairs come in two different cuts, a brief and a boxer brief (close to a trunk). There are 4 different color combinations. The pink/black is only in the boxer briefs and the red/grey is only in the briefs. Those pairs are special in another way too. The purchase of those pairs will donate a portion of the cost to breast cancer and muscular dystrophy. The blue/yellow and the black/yellow can be purchased in either briefs or boxer briefs.

And folks, this is just the beginning. Edge will also feature t-shirts, hoodies (which look amazing), hats, and more. Eventually Adam hopes to launch edge with women’s cuts and styles as well. He wants Edge to be all encompassing. Which is why you will find edge4men (all men), edge all day (more gay oriented), edge4women (all women) and simply edge underwear. He really does have a growing vision of where edge will go.

So when can you buy them? The official launch date for the site will be November 9th. Currently the site will be the main place to purchase all edge products.  Supplies will be limited so don’t delay if this new brand catches your eye. A launch event has not been scheduled yet but will most likely occur in the proceeding months in the perfect (I’m not bias) city of Seattle. Look for this brand because it truly does have the potential to be the new, cutting edge.