How did you get into the underwear business?

I always had a “fetish” for underwear.  I always enjoyed shopping for underwear but never really found a masculine brand that had a good fit with cool designs/patterns.  So, one day I had the idea of starting my own line… Something that would 2009-04-09_191729_thumbhad the fit I liked with designs/patterns that were trendy, yet masculine.  Hence, I came up with the idea of making Brazilian inspired underwear with tribal art work resembling tribal tattoos.

What inspires you to create underwear?

The inspiration came from a combination of two things: my desire to find the “perfect” sexy and masculine underwear with my passion for my country: Brazil.  Combining both you get Element(o)s Underwear

You have a new line coming out, can you tell us more about it.?

Our new collection will have hot designs with some designs having a more of a futuristic looks to it.  Having a touch of geometrical figures combined with traditional tribal works.

The pieces will be made with cotton/elastane and other soft fabrics.  We will have basic colors for the fabrics and the designs 2009-04-09_191801[2]will have more vibrant colors.  They look amazing and the cut is just perfect…

Are you going to do boxer briefs? thongs or Jocks?

We are launching our “trunks” this coming season and soon jock straps.  They will all have the same high quality Brazilian inspired theme with masculine designs/patterns.

In your last line you were the actual model, what made you model the undies. (the pictures are awesome by the way)

Because I wanted people to see that I actually wear my own product and really love it.

What is one of your best sellers?

Riacho (white with blue tribal) is the number one seller, followed by Ouro (black with golden tribal).

What have you enjoyed most about designing underwear?

Everything, from creating new designs to selling the product.  I enjoy the entire process.  But if you were to pick one thing I love the most, it is the interaction with our customers.  I enjoy listening to what they have to say about our product. So far, our customer seems to like what we are doing.  The feedback has been very positive.

You can visit the Element(0)s website for all the undies!

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There is a new Brazilian underwear Company called Element(o)s.Here is some information from their website.

Inspired by Fashion and Arts, creator Anderson Prata brings tradition and exotism from his native Brazil into his newest and sexiest project. Element(o)s Brazil is an innovative and revolutionary concept in male underwear industry, with designs and cuts that enhance the  beauty of the man body and give male underwear a  whole new meaning.Nature is connected to Element(o)s Brazil through its 3 spectacular collections: basic, tribal and high-end, with flowers, animals and meteors.

Every piece is wholly prepared in Brazil, using the best elastane and eco-friendly materials, such as cotton and bamboo fiber,  manufactured in compliance with fair trade standards  set by factories and providers. Element(o)s Brazil is underwear  turned into  Art, because “beauty is on the inside”.

The model in the pictures is the designer Anderson Prata. How many underwear companies have the designer also model.

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