There is a new Brazilian underwear Company called Element(o)s.Here is some information from their website.

Inspired by Fashion and Arts, creator Anderson Prata brings tradition and exotism from his native Brazil into his newest and sexiest project. Element(o)s Brazil is an innovative and revolutionary concept in male underwear industry, with designs and cuts that enhance the  beauty of the man body and give male underwear a  whole new meaning.Nature is connected to Element(o)s Brazil through its 3 spectacular collections: basic, tribal and high-end, with flowers, animals and meteors.

Every piece is wholly prepared in Brazil, using the best elastane and eco-friendly materials, such as cotton and bamboo fiber,  manufactured in compliance with fair trade standards  set by factories and providers. Element(o)s Brazil is underwear  turned into  Art, because “beauty is on the inside”.

The model in the pictures is the designer Anderson Prata. How many underwear companies have the designer also model.

img_7122 img_7200


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