Estevez Swimwear


Personally, to me there is nothing sexier than a classic white bikini. I hear some of you out there saying, ugh white is boring, but I totally disagree. When I first discovered bikinis back in my teens, I never would wear white. I always picked bold colors. Then around 19, I was obsessed with finding white bikinis. Why, you ask? Because it was taking what I saw as boring tighty whities and making them sexy as hell. To this day I still think the classic white bikini is sexy AF!

Estevez is a little known company in the US that is out of Columbia. They have been around for a few years. They make amazing swimwear and underwear. One other thing they have done is to make extended sizes. You can get p to 4XL in styles. REJOYCE bigger guys, you can wear something sexy and have it in your size. This is awesome to see! It literally made me smile when I saw this! I’m a tall and bigger guy and can actually wear this pair.

The Freedom White bikini is a true bikini. The cut and look of this one is awesome. Note that the pair doesn’t have a built in pouch, those of you who love a pouch, but give it a try this is like an old school bikini that I grew up on! The lack of pouch isn’t a deal breaker for me. It looks like it forms its own pouch.

If you love classics as much as I do, go check it out.

PAIR: Estevez Freedom White Bikini
COLOR: White
SIZES: Small – 3XL
PRICE: $19.95


Welcome to the first Swimwear Sunday! This is a feature we’ll have in spring and summer to showcase some awesome swimwear. Specifically swim briefs, although we will have a few trunks and shorts. Swimwear should match your personality. Unlike underwear, this is something everyone will see. So bring out the fun side of your personality!

The first Swimwear Sunday, I really wanted something fun and to stand out. I have seen Estevez swimwear and the Beast suit really stood out. Hence, be a beast in Estevez! They also have Bear, Daddy and a few more fun suits. I highly suggest you give them a look over when choosing a new swimsuit for the summer.

One of the main reasons I chose the suit is the color scheme. It’s orange, blue and white. These colors just POP when you see them. The body is the orange and the writing and trim is blue and white. These combinations will get you noticed on the beach or pool!

The cut of the Beast is similar to a sunga. Which is a bit bigger than the traditional swim brief in the states. It’s made in Columbia, so it may have a bit of the sunga design built in. Made out of highest quality Polyester/Spandex Body and Lining. Lastly the pair has an exposed draw string on the outside. This is a feature I think really works with this pair.

Sizing of Estevez is as follows, S (30-32) / M (32-34) / L (34-36) / XL (36-38). It’s almost standard sizing for US. If you are smaller than a 30 you may find the suit is too big for you. One thing also to beware of is beware of is Velcro and other abrasive surfaces to prevent peeling. This is a good thing in general. I have had other suits get caught in velcro and ruined from the hooks of the Velcro.

If you like the Beast suit. It retails for $50 on the Estevez site. It just was released on April 1, 2016. It’s part of the 2016 swimwear collection. Don’t miss out on a great pair! Enjoy the summer i something fun!

See more great swimwear suggestions next Sunday!