Fox Style


IMG_0926I was pretty excited to open my first package of Fox-Style challenge underwear, and find a pair from one of my favorite brands, #CleverUnderwear! Even better, they’re a cool, shiny Teal color.

The fit is great. And what I love about having Clever underwear is, if I’m having an airhead kinda day, at least I know my butt is Clever. I’m pretty sure that this is literally what they mean when I get called a smart ass.

Really, what good is being named Fox, if you’re not gonna be as #Clever as one!

The teal color inspired me to wear a bright teal shirt and then build an outfit all around it.  Since I’m not lucky enough to IMG_8250make a living parading around in my underwear all day like Mr. #blessed David Beckham, I’ll take inspiration from the color of my undies to inspire the color I choose for my outties. –yes I just made up a clever word to describe the clothes you wear over your undies! I hope it catches on, sometimes these new words don’t… We all remember the tragedy of “fetch”!

Since I’m being so clever, I thought I’d wear a bow-tie, & because my shirt is such a bold pop of color, I went with a charcoal bow-tie with a subtle white floral pattern to complement it, rather than compete. I’m going for a “pop”‘of color, not an outburst.

I could have worn a blue and white checked shirt today, but I didn’t want to clash when I take my pants off.  I mean I’m not going to just take off my pants walking down the street, but eventually the pants are coming off.  When they do come off, whoever gets to see will find that I’m nicely color coordinated!

I opted for a vest instead of a jacket, to show off more of the shirt.   Also a vest looks smart with a bow-tie. So Clever!

Finally, burgundy & grey striped socks, grey slim fit pants, and black suede chukka boots complete the “outties” and create an overall classic look.   Classic, but not stuffy.  Remember, beneath all of this, I’m sporting shiny teal undies! (btw – what do you think? Is “outties” catching on yet?)

I think this look is really pulled together and so dapper that even our friend Mr. Beckham would probably wear it… that is, if he decided to stop running around wearing nothing but his named brand underwear for H&M!

Maybe one day I can talk to him about it, and swap underwear stories.  In the meantime, I’m going to take this Clever teal on teal ensemble out into the world.IMG_8249

Stay tuned for my next adventure with dressing up over my undies!


NOTE: Gddworld furnished the underwear for this post! Find this pair at Candyman Fashion