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EW0310 (4)I admit I love the pouch that ErgoWear underwear has developed. It was one of the first ergonomically designed pouches that I remember on the market. It is a pouch that is no short of awesome. Now, you can get that pouch in a pair of swimwear! The new line is called the Feel line!

The Feel is a swim brief cut made with a specially designed pouch. It’s similar to the underwear but will give you plenty of extra room up front. Perfect for the guy who needs it. It won’t bind to feel too tight on you! It’s actually a cool pouch design. One of the first I have seen in swimwear!

The line comes in five different colors. They are Blue, Turquoise, Red, Purple and Line. It is made out of 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane  blend. Also features a draw string waist. It’s super fun and the colors are perfect for swimwear!

If you aren’t a fan of swim briefs they also have swimwear in a trunk and jammer. You can find this line at Candyman Fashion for $40.48

NOTE: I do consulting work for GDD World and this post is my opinion

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We got a chance to do a shoot for GDD World featuring Clever! This was a shot we did last month in Atlanta. The photographer was Ignacio Rivera Jr, who has shot our last few guides and the model is a new one for UNB named Damien Chase. We posted a few preview pics on Twitter and Instagram but here are the full pics.

Damien is wearing the following pairs in the pictures:

Clever 0560 Flag Swim Brief
Clever 0574 Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk – Blue
Clever 2222 Catay Boxer – Gray
Clever 5194 Standford Sporty Brief – White

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Welcome to the 2015 UNB Swimwear Guide. This year we has some amazing swimwear from our sponsors GDD World (Clever, JOR and WildmanT), N2N Bodywear, Modus Vivendi, aussieBum and Junk UnderJeans. Each sent in some super fun swimwear that the models had fun wearing.

You may notice a few familiar faces in our shoot. Back from the Holiday Guide is Mikey, Nathan and Chandler and a new face is that of  Bobby. Each of them had a lot of fun on the shoot. Chandler is the class clown and made the shoot fun.

I’ll have a follow up post about the behind the scenes of the shoot this weekend! But here is what you guys want to see! Click on any text link to be taken to the store to buy the pair!

Clever Moda Swimwear










Modus Vivendi




N2N Bodywear















Junk UnderJeans


  • Michael is wearing the Digital in Orange – Not released at time of guide, See the Junk UnderJeans site
  • Nathan is wearing the Nautilus in Carbon – Not released at time of guide, See the Junk UnderJeans site


Chandler is wearing the Rio in Carbon – Not released at time of guide, See the Junk UnderJeans site


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Next up will be a video featuring the Brads of GDD World



  • Chandler Smith
  • Michael Muench
  • Nathan Mckellips
  • Bob Gerrity


  • Taylor Campbell

Creative Director

  • Matt Hill

IMG_0926I was pretty excited to open my first package of Fox-Style challenge underwear, and find a pair from one of my favorite brands, #CleverUnderwear! Even better, they’re a cool, shiny Teal color.

The fit is great. And what I love about having Clever underwear is, if I’m having an airhead kinda day, at least I know my butt is Clever. I’m pretty sure that this is literally what they mean when I get called a smart ass.

Really, what good is being named Fox, if you’re not gonna be as #Clever as one!

The teal color inspired me to wear a bright teal shirt and then build an outfit all around it.  Since I’m not lucky enough to IMG_8250make a living parading around in my underwear all day like Mr. #blessed David Beckham, I’ll take inspiration from the color of my undies to inspire the color I choose for my outties. –yes I just made up a clever word to describe the clothes you wear over your undies! I hope it catches on, sometimes these new words don’t… We all remember the tragedy of “fetch”!

Since I’m being so clever, I thought I’d wear a bow-tie, & because my shirt is such a bold pop of color, I went with a charcoal bow-tie with a subtle white floral pattern to complement it, rather than compete. I’m going for a “pop”‘of color, not an outburst.

I could have worn a blue and white checked shirt today, but I didn’t want to clash when I take my pants off.  I mean I’m not going to just take off my pants walking down the street, but eventually the pants are coming off.  When they do come off, whoever gets to see will find that I’m nicely color coordinated!

I opted for a vest instead of a jacket, to show off more of the shirt.   Also a vest looks smart with a bow-tie. So Clever!

Finally, burgundy & grey striped socks, grey slim fit pants, and black suede chukka boots complete the “outties” and create an overall classic look.   Classic, but not stuffy.  Remember, beneath all of this, I’m sporting shiny teal undies! (btw – what do you think? Is “outties” catching on yet?)

I think this look is really pulled together and so dapper that even our friend Mr. Beckham would probably wear it… that is, if he decided to stop running around wearing nothing but his named brand underwear for H&M!

Maybe one day I can talk to him about it, and swap underwear stories.  In the meantime, I’m going to take this Clever teal on teal ensemble out into the world.IMG_8249

Stay tuned for my next adventure with dressing up over my undies!


NOTE: Gddworld furnished the underwear for this post! Find this pair at Candyman Fashion

EW0175 (3)If you read the Ergowear X3D Bikini review, you know I LOVE Ergowear. It was great to try a new pair from a classic I have had in my drawer for a while. So, this review I wanted to step outside of my box a little. I wanted to try something I don’t normally wear, a trunk, AKA mini boxer.

I was excited to try this pair. One, because of the amazing Ergowear pouch. It’s one of my top 5 pouches of all times. To me a pouch is easy to do in a brief. But put that in a trunk/boxer brief and that’s where the trouble comes in. Some are able to pull it off while others aren’t! Second, I love the X3D line. The fabric, pouch and design is one that just feels great on me!

And before I get started I didn’t wear this in Vegas! I know you’re shocked. I wore it when I got home and was feeling better. I put this pair on and it really had a great pouch. I was impressed they carried over the pouch into a trunk. My biggest gripe with turnk/boxer brief pouches is you fall out of it. This pair, that never happened. They made it to give more support than most trunks out there.

My day wasn’t too busy but I did have some errands to do. So I was on the go for a few hours. I loved the support of the pouch. Yeah I can’t get over it. The fabric felt great. The fabric blend is 80% polyamid, 20% spandex. To me the more spandex the better. I love undies that conform to my body and hold everything in place. Some of you may not like this but, I have since I was young.

As the day went on the back of the pair rode down some. It was very noticeable to me when it was happening. I was hoping it wouldn’t fall all the way down. I had that happen with a pair a few years go. It was not fun to walk around with no coverage on the back. This pair never gave a full moon but did go down a bit. I don’t know if I had a smaller size if this would not have happened.

The sizing is awesome in Ergowear. They have one of the best sizing charts on the market. If you look at it, they will tell you when you should go up a size. If you get the wrong size in Ergowear then you are doing something totally wrong. !


  • Amazing Ergowear Pouch
  • Rich fabric
  • Available in a few colors


  • Fell down in the back some
  • Other may not like a tight pouch


  • Fit – 7
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Performance – 7
  • Overall – 8.2

GDD World furnished this pair for review. You can find this pair at Candyman Fashion for $33.48 –


ManView_MV4001_Green_1I am on a roll with the color block briefs! This is my second review of the last line released from ManView Bodywear. The first was the 1001 Campus Class Joker Brief. This time it’s the Campus City Boy Brief. This too has one of my favorite colors, GREEN! Although, its not a bright vibrant green but a more muted almost neon green.

The brief has a similar cut to the Campus Brief. The pouch and design is a good one. Is it my all time favorite? No, but it’s still a great pouch. Guys of all sizes should have ample support. This pair also same fabric blend of the Campus brief, a 94% Soft Cotton & 6% Spandex. This I will admit is one of my favorite blends of fabric.

I wore this not running around Vegas at Magic. I wore it later in the week when I came down with bronchitis. There is nothing worse than getting sick out of town. The good part is I came down with it the night of the last day of Magic. But It didn’t’ hit me till the next day, Friday. I spent the weekend with friends in Vegas and instead of having a great fun filled weekend. I spent the entire time on the sofa sleeping.

I think the highlight of the weekend was going to the minute clinic. So this was not put through the paces like the Campus Brief. But, I wills ay when you are sick that’s the time you want to wear great undies. You don’t want to wear something that will drive you crazy. It felt great, I have worn them again in a regular day and they did a similar job as the Campus brief.

The design is fun. I love the orange around the bottom. It runs half around the back to just below the pouch. One benefit of this is it sets off the pouch. It will accent with you have! Plus its different and fun.

Sizing is pretty much spot on. I didn’t have any issues with the pair. Being sick I didn’t notice any bonding or being too small. Trust me had I felt it they would have come off ASAP. Again if you look at the sizing charts you should have no issues.


  • Loved the color design
  • Good Pouch
  • Great overall design


  • Not a true green
  • Some may not like the color design


  • Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction – 8
  • Styling – 8
  • Performance – 8
  • Overall – 8

GDD World furnished this pair for review. You can find this pair at Candyman Fashions for $25.48

NOTE: UNB Tim does consulting work for GDD world.


I continue my reviews of WildmanT and the pair I am reviewing is the WT58 Apollow Short brief. The reason I picked it was its a great design. It is similar to the Moon Brief I reviewed earlier in the week. It’s clean and classic with a hint of color on the side.

This pair I got to try in Vegas but it got misplaced in my suitcase. Also, it didn’t help that I came down with bronchitis while there. So I was cleaning out the suitcase and low and behold there was a brand new pair of WildmanT still in the package! I was wondering where they went! So this past week I decided to put them to the test.

I decided to wear them on a lazy day. The Moon Briefs I wore on one of my busiest days in Vegas. These were going to be just a lounging around the house. You may say, “This isn’t a way to review a pair!” But I disagree. There is nothing better than having a day just hanging in your undies all day. A great pair is one you have for these kinds of days. So I decided to do a day of Netflix.

The first thing you have to know about the pair it comes with an elastic c-ring included. Do you have to wear it? Nope you sure don’t but its there just in case! I am not a fan of them so I didn’t put it on under the pair. Which I give WildmanT props for having this as an extra and not built in to the pair. Its great for guys like me who don’t care for them.

The material like the Moon briefs is a little thicker than most pairs of underwear. Its not totally uncomfortable. But some may not like the stiffer material. The design doesn’t have a built in pouch either. Which is usually a detraction for me but these fit me pretty well. They didn’t bind or constrict me. But note if you’re not a fan of thicker material you may stay away.

The sizing again is pretty standard. If you follow the chart I don’t think you will have many problems. I am on the upper end of the scale and they were a little snug but not too snug. They have consistent sizing across their collections.



  • Great Design
  • Detachable C-Ring
  • comfy for a lazy day


  • Stiffer material
  • No defined pouch


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Materials – 8
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 8
  • Overall – 8.2

GDD World furnished this pair for review. Find this pair for $22.50 on Candyman Fashion.

EW0233 (3)

Its been a long time since I got a new pair of Ergowear. The one pair I have is almost worn out and has been worn many times. The pair is around 10 years old, so I definitely got my money’s worth. So when I got the chance to replace it I jumped at the chance. I got to try the X3D Suave Bikini!

I was in Vegas when I tried this pair. So I knew it would bet a work out. I wore it during a day when I walked around 13,000 steps. Which equals to be around 6.5 miles. (I got this saying 2,000 steps are on average a mile). I started the day and had to head up to the Venetian to meet a brand. Then back to the hotel near the Mandalay Bay then to Old Vegas and walked (yes I said walked) up to the Neon Museum. Then around the Neon Musum. Then walked back to Freemont Street, then do Dinner at the Cromwell and then the day was done. So this got a big workout.

EW0233 (1)

When I put the pair on I loved the fit. Being a fan of bikinis I loved how it fit in the waist and the pouch. The pouch is the incredible Erogwear pouch. Meaning they have created an ergonomically designed pouch to fit a man. This pair just confirmed how much I love the pouch they created. It holds you as you would naturally.

On my journey through out the day, the pair never lost its support or fit. Actually I think it was a bonus to wear while being so active. The waistband has a small band that if not done right could have sagged during the day. The fabric was great for the day as well. Made out of a cotton blend it kept me cool through out the day.

The best thing about Ergowear is the sizing chart. They have a graphic that tells you what size is best. It lists when you should get a larger size. So finding the right fit shouldn’t be hard. The sizing is spot on for what is listed. I am an XL and it fit me very well. I hope to be going back down in size soon!


  • Amazing pouch made to hold you naturally
  • Sexy Bikini cut
  • Great fabric for an active guy


  • Love to see more colors or prints
  • Has a full back (some guys may not like this but I loved it)


  • Fit 9
  • Sizing 9
  • Construction 9
  • Styling 9
  • Daily Performance 9
  • Overall 9

GDD World furnished this pair for review. It is available at some of your favorite retail stores or at Candyman Fashion