Gian Gianni


We are winding our way down in the Swimwear Sunday segment. Only one more left before we retire the segment till next year! We have had a variety of pairs over this summer. They range from beginners to show off level. We have guys along every part of that spectrum. Today we thought we would go to the show off side of the spectrum. We have profiled a few but not a lot of barely there, wear if you dare pairs.

The pair we are showing is the Gian Gianni XXX Red Gold suit. Here is the official write up about the pair from the Gian Gianni site:

With its  sexy double cross waistband and contrast of red and gold this brief is a real show stopper. The material is made with soft stretch netting that has tiny breathable holes for a more erotic appeal. Double stitched for durability. Impress your partner with this trunk which leaves almost nothing to the imagination. Made of nylon blend fabric, Lining free . Fabric: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex

This pair is a lower cut than most pairs we have profiled. The X design makes it way more revealing on the sides and makes the lower front. Make no doubt you will show off more than you have in other swim briefs we have recommended. Some of you reading this will say no way, while we have a whole subset who will rock this and have fun wearing it.

Swimwear Sunday is about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Not letting others tell you that you should wear board shorts or shorts to the beach. It’s about starting a swimwear revolution in the US and let guys regardless of sexual orientation where what ever they want on what ever beach they want.

If you don’t want to rock these Gian Gianni has some amazing prints in larger cuts as well but give this one a look over. Oh one more thing. Look at the size chart! They run smaller than other brands.

BRAND: Gian Gianni
COLORS: Red/Gold
FABRIC: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
SIZES: Small – Large
COST: $39.99