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PRINT - Helux Gear Underwear 07 EWe try to bring you guys Kickstarters in underwear that we think need to be funded. We love it when you guys can get involved with making of underwear! So many underwear companies come on the market only to disappear. How many times have you bought a pair, fallen in love and they are gone? Well Kickstarter is one thing that lets companies expand and grow with the help of loyal customers. There are so many great people in the world of underwear that I know and Greg at Helux Gear is one of them.

When I first heard of Helix Gear I thought it sound like a great idea. Granted at first I thought it looked funky but it performed amazing. Greg Sent me pairs to review and I will say the exceeded my expectations. Since the first ones I have tried he has refined the pouch to make it even better. Which I don’t know how that is possible.


They have launched a Kickstarter to expand colors and sizes. Colors will be black and three others voted on by the funders and sizes will now go to XXL. Helix Gear’s goal is a modest $17,000, which is very attainable. They have levels for every price range. As with most crowdfunding the more you donate the bigger the rewards.

I hope you will go check it out and check out their underwear. It’s a company doing innovative things in the world of men’s underwear! Head over to the Helix Gear Kickstarter Page to donate.

1121-Forplay-Ambiance-1I have ventured back into the 9 to 5 world. It’s been since 2011 when I was last there and had to actually be at work and work a 40 hour week. I hear many of you going “awe poor you, welcome to my life”, but I have had my own business and now venturing back in for find something full time. So I decided to put attention into my underwear this week. Being up early, 5:30 am (I have to be at work at 7:30), I wanted to wear my best underwear for the first week.

So, I started to follow my own advice I have been giving for years, “Underwear should be an addition to your personality under your clothes.” This means every day this week I wore something that I LOVE. Each pair fits me great and makes me feel awesome. I was trying to remember everything I wore this week but I swear one day I can’t recall what I wore. But here are a few pairs I wore this week.

It is a good mix of underwear. As you know briefs are my go to style. But I do enjoy a trunk (even though I wrote I Hate Boxer Briefs) occasionally. Styles There is one style I will not be wearing to work, that is a thong. Not because I”m anti-thong but I prefer to wear them on a date or something with romantic intentions are happening later.

I”m thinking of this week and what I am going to wear. I’m going through the underwear drawers this week and will be making my decision. Follow me on Twitter @unbtim to find out what I wear.

PRINT - Helux Gear Underwear 11 EaWhat made you go into the world of men’s underwear? Where did the inspiration come from?  
In the past I had a large variety of underwear that either had a comfortable contoured pouch or were flat but included a fly. One morning when I was getting ready for work I was thinking about how busy my day was going to be when trying to decide which pair of underwear to wear for the day. I chose the uncomfortable flat underwear because I didn’t want to waste extra time at the urinal readjusting and untucking my shirt from my underwear, which seemed to happen more often than not when using the “up and over method” since my job required my shirt to be tucked in to my pants. I searched extensively for underwear with a contoured or ergonomic pouch that had a fly that seemed like it would actually be usable with no luck. After that I decided to work on a better design.
So tell our readers about HeluxGear?
I began my work on Helux Gear in 2012. The name is partially inspired from the design of the pouch which resembles a double helix. I think of the design as the next evolution of men’s underwear which ties in well with a double helix. It’s also a luxury for men compared to previous options so joining the words “he” and lux” was the third among among many other reasons for choosing the name.The Helux Gear kickstarter campaign in 2013 helped to fund the first order of production.
How did you design the pouch?
I tried a lot of various designs, some of them didn’t work well at all. There was a lot of trial and error, as there is with any new product. Even after finding the winning design, there were still many adjustments that needed to be made to lengths, angles, & elasticity.
What has the feedback been on the pouch design from your customers?
The feedback has been great so far. Our customers really seem to love the pouch, not to mention the waistband. Many of our customers that buy a pair or two come back and buy a week supply or more.
Are you planning to add more colors to the line up?
We are planning to add more colors to the line up in the future. We’re currently surveying customers to find out which colors they would like to see. New colors options are estimated to be available in late 2014.
Which style has been your best seller?
Boxer briefs have been the best seller, but the trunks and briefs aren’t far behind.
Where can our readers find you?
The best place to find us is We ship internationally and have a mailing list to keep our subscribers up to date on our current sales and promotions. Your readers in the Netherlands & Belgium can also find them at InUndies to avoid paying international shipping.


I am not the best person on Twitter. I have a few accounts I have to keep up with so I”m not always on, I’m trying to be better for UNB! I ran across Helux Gear on Twitter. I looked at their site and they are doing something new in the world of mens underwear. They have a pouch that is made like a double helix. Yup the pouch sort of wraps around to form a fly in the pouch

When I first saw this on their site it looked like it could be really cool or come off bad. So when they offered to send me some I jumped at the chance. I got to give these a test run and was super excited. The package came and it has three pairs in it! The first pair I will review is Brief.

I will say I loved the light blue color. It’s almost a sky blue in color. The pair put me in a really good mood! I slid it on and at first I was like. HUH? Its not a pouch I was accustomed too. It seemed to be a little lower. But with that said, when i talked to them they said the first batch didn’t have the exact pouch they wanted. So I kept that in mind when I put them on.

After a second I figured out to adjust myself in them and they fit pretty well. Granted I still felt a bit wonky in them, but I made me wonder if the day went on would it hold up.

The pouch, as many of you know is the most important factor for me. It can make a or break a far for me. So when you create a new pouch I am instantly interested and hope it lives up. After I got positioned in them and noticed it was a bit lower than i normally like. It didn’t constrict or bind me like I thought it may but felt like a normal pouch. As the day went on, I didn’t notice it was any different.

The pouch also is very functional. I know we have many readers who hate a fly in underwear. So when I got home I had to see how it worked. The fly is held in place by elastic. It’s not binding or cut off any circulation. I pulled the elastic on the pouch to the side and it was easier than most fly to use. I put it back in place and hoped it would go back in place. A little adjustment  was needed but it held everything in place. I really like the new innovative design.

The sizing was pretty good. I wear a size 38 was it right now and the large in the brand run 36-38. It’s pretty standard sizing as you would expect. The fit was pretty good to me so I doubt you will have issues with sizing if you get a pair. The waistband fit great and other than the pouch feeling wonky to begin with, it was a great pair that held up pretty well throughout the day.


  • Innovative new design
  • Great color – Blue
  • Good sizing options


  • Some guys may not like the pouch, it’s different
  • Only available in a two colors.


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9

This pair was furnished by HeluxGear for review. You can find this and the other two styles on their site for $24.00. If you’re looking for a fun new design check these out!