Hey there! I have another interesting review for all you fans. The reason why it’s so interesting is for two reasons. First, it is that it’s another pair of briefs. And that is a bit strange coming from a 30 something guy that wears jocks about 95% of the time. The second reason is that the type/style of brief is a bit exotic from the usual briefs I own myself. The briefs are the HOM plume II micro briefs. I reviewed the flesh colored micro briefs in size large.

img_0026-22008Let’s get this review rolling. The fit of the briefs were comfortable. The size large worked well for me. As always, less is more for me, and these briefs pull that off well. The micro waistband is snug and very functional. The material is very soft and almost silk like. As well as a bit sheer. One big plus for me, I very much enjoy sheer and/or mesh when wearing briefs. It gives them a sexy look without revealing too much. The pouch area had a good amount of room. My junk didn’t feel confined. The seat of the briefs had great coverage and held in position all day long. I however did not wear these too the gym, so I can’t comment on their ability to hold up while working out. But I would say the style alone tells me these are not workout gear material. But then again, that call is always up to the wearer.

Overall, the cut and style, along with the high quality materials make this brief one well put-together and very sexy item. But the look is not for the timid at heart. You have to be a truly man’s man to wear this brief. The waistband is micro and gives off the look of women’s underwear a bit. This is compounded by the flesh color. Now this brief is available in black as well. So if you are not a fan of the flesh color you have another option. However, I do img_0027-22008have to say that after wearing this brief I found it to be very comfortable and functional. And the skimpy and sheer look gives it a very sexy look. So I would totally wear this brief again, if someone would be kind enough to pass along a pair in black.

So to sum it all up, I believe the HOM plume II micro brief is a very stylish and exotic pair of briefs. I give it an overall rating of 4.6 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5
Materials:          5
Put Together:    5
Look:                 4
Daily Wear:       5

Overall:          4.8

So if you are a bit on the wild side and enjoy an exotic look every now and then you should totally take a look online at and check out the HOM plume II micro briefs. Don’t just stop there either; take a look at the very large selection of HOM briefs, g-strings, and hipster style trunks.


dagfreeDead Good Undies has three great deals. The first is you can get up to 60% off Olaf Benz items in the Man Store. You can get some really hot sexy undies at a great low Price. Next, is the offer from Jockey Sport. You can either get a water bottle, hair or body wash, or mints depending on how may items you buy. Last is HOM, if you spend £30 on any HOM underewar and swiwear you get HOM shower mousse. So if you were in the market for undies now is the time to buy and get some great gift items!

dagimport1Dead Good Undies has some great sales on Bjorn Borg and HOM Couture. Bjorn Borg is 20% off and HOM Couture is 15% off. Also they have some great new styles of Bruno Banani, just in time for summer!

Here is an important announcment about shipping:

From April 1st 2009 the following shipping and handling changes will come into effect due to increased costs.

Airsure Europe: £6 (approx €6) for orders under £50, orders over £50 remain free shipping

Airsure: USA, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Iceland, Monaco, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland £8 (approx €9 , $11) for orders under £50, orders over £50 remain free shipping.

Royal Mail international signed for: £8 (approx €9 , $11) for orders under £50, orders over £50 remain free shipping.

UK Royal Mail 1st class signed for: £2.50 for orders under £30, orders over £30 remain free delivery plus free upgrade to Royal Mail next working day special delivery on orders over £80

UK Royal Mail next working day special delivery: Remains at it’s current price of £5

We received this from Dead Good Undies and wanted to pass it along

Hi all,
Ok I didn’t want to bombard you with newsletters this week and as I sent out one yesterday about the Ergowear swimwear I was in two minds to send something out today. BUT I know that we’ve had a lot of emails asking us when we might be able to get some HOM favourites in and I didn’t want to commit to anything until they were physically in our warehouse.

So just a quickie to let you know that we’ve now been able to restock on

So there you have it HOM favourites back in stock 😎


I ran across this great company when I was on Twitter! I have found a few companies on Twitter that we will be bringing you. Quake for Men is based in the UK. They have fun and cool site. I say no matter where you are go check it out!


Brand Profile: Bruno Banani
This German company has a very high standard of product.  The mixed fabric styles tend to be distinguished looking, with very light and soft to the touch finishes, giving the wearer complete comfort and luxury.   The more cotton based styles tend to concentrate on the fashion ranges.

The Products:
Boxers, low rise, briefs, hip briefs. Hip shorts & strings.  Strong swim offering.

Our View:
It’s such a shame that Bruno do not advertise heavily in the UK as they are a little more expensive than the more well known brands; this is more than justified by the quality of the materials they use and the brilliant “construction”.  It would just help if they were more pro-active in getting that message across to the UK customer.  The feedback we get from our customers is that while they are more expensive, they are worth every penny.  Bruno tends to have a loyal following and therefore a high percentage of repeat purchases.

Bruno tends to bring out quite wacky and retro prints, some work very well and some don’t!  This year’s theme is Peace (which is one of the designs that has worked).  All fashion styles come in limited edition branded packaging.

Worthy of Note:
Sizing:  Bruno is slightly less generous in their sizing than other brands.  Customers who are borderline (say between a small and a medium) should upsize unless they like their undies tight!

Brand Profile: HOM
The French Brand!  Well known in the UK, but with a much stronger presence in Europe.  Many styles are reserved for the European markets, but can be made available in the UK if we really want them.

The range extends from their Basics, through fashion and into “functional” such as performance underwear for the more sporty or athletic guy.

The Products:
Boxers, Briefs, Low Rise, Mid Cut, Sports, thongs and strings.  Swimwear, vests and long sleeved tops

Our View:
Hom has a loyal following in the UK and because of that will always sell well.  However we fear that they have “lost their way” a little and some of the recent designs have lacked the edge and style necessary to appeal to a younger audience.  In our view sometimes a brand more at home with the more mature customer.

justhomlogoJust HOM is having a big sell on swimwear. Just in time for summer. Here is what they sent over:

Well it’s getting a bit warmer now (well it is in our neck of the woods) and thoughts are turning to booking that well deserved summer holiday.
Obviously with the current economic situation you want to get as much of a bargain as possible. so with that in mind are offering you a 50% off all HOM swimwear discount code valid until Midnight (GMT) 27th February 2009.

All you need to do is enter the coupon code HOMSWIM into the coupon section in your basket and it will take 50% off any full priced HOM swim or beachwear.



2Anticipate the return of spring with our colourful new arrivals at HOM boxer briefs and bikini briefs direct from France. Inspired by famous personalities like JF Kennedy and Lord Mountbattan – the spring summer collection for 2009 is strong and confident. With elegant designs in structured, masculine prints set-off with bold waistbands, intense colours contrasting with black graphics on sporty styles and ultra-ight modern fabrications HOM respects the enviornment as well as your body.

Plus from Diesel Industries some fantastic new boxer briefs and briefs with bold graphic prints and fun silk-screen printed waistbands in soft stretch cotton and stretch-modal.

Start Your Day With A Smile With Fun and Sexy Undies From!

Shopping online at is fun and convenient – you can shop from home and buy your undies while still in your undies! offers the best selection in Canada, affordable duty-free Canadian prices (with no GST outside BC), multiple payment options – including Paypal – and fast reliable shipping!

At Topdrawers Men’s Underwear you’ll find one of the internet’s largest male underwear and swimwear shopping sites in Canada with a huge selection of men’s underwear online! Our designer name-brands include Ginch Gonch, Energie, Hom, 2(x)ist, C-IN2, Calvin Klein, Frank Dandy, Go Softwear, Clever, Diesel, Ed Hardy and many more hot underwear labels.

Visit now and treat yourself to a fresh pair (or two) for Spring!

Dead Good Undies has the new Bruno Banani Ice Breaker line on sale. If you’re not familiar with Bruno Banani, here is what the Dead Good Undies site says:

The Bruno Banani slogan Not For Everybody is dead right. Since its launch in 1993, the brand has put its underwear to the test in the toughest environments in the world (and off-world – in 1998 an astronaut tested their pants on the MIR space station). Up the Rocky Mountains, trekking 10,000km across Africa, at a speed of 239,697,694.948 kph (precisely – this test was conducted in a research lab) and even on crash test dummies, Bruno Banani underwear has triumphed. They’re up for it. Are you?

And time is running out for orders for Christmas, get your order in ASAP if you’re in the UK to ensure Christmas delivery. They will be shipping orders until the 23rd, but that won’t guarantee it will make it under the Tree.

Lastly, HOM Color and Metal Gloss are now available in maxi trunks and mini briefs! So get some of you favorite HOM in new styles!

Dead Good Undies has new styles from Bruno Banani, Triple XXX, Mundo Unico and others. They have as you can see from the picture I created above some incredibly sexy HOM styles. If you have’t tired HOM you really should. That is if you like tight, form fitting sexy undies. HOM is one of my favorite brands and well worth the money. They wear well and hold up. I have a pair of HOM Sport that has lasted over 10 years. I just wish I could still fit in them!