Hunt Underwear


What made you jump from the office cube to make a men’s underwear line?

For many years I worked a typical corporate job where every minute was watched, and days were filled with seemingly endless meetings (why were there so many meetings?!). Although I loved a few of my coworkers, I was frustrated that I spent every waking minute working to achieve someone else’s dream whilst mine sat on the backburner. Those frustrations, mixed with a 2.5-hour commute (each way!), made me constantly daydream about starting my own company.

I had always been interested in underwear, and after a late-night chat with some friends about underwear, I made a joke about how my last name, Hunt, would look cool on a waistband. That conversation stayed in the back of my mind for over a year before I casually did some research to see if it was possible. That research made me even more excited about the possibility of creating an underwear company. So I set out to see if I could make a high-quality undergarment that could be offered to the consumer at an affordable price. Once I had a framework somewhat figured out, I decided to take the leap, quit my job, and start Hunt Underwear.

Before you started to make underwear, what did you look for in your underwear?

Before I started my brand, my underwear purchases revolved around the price, color, and fabric. Out of all of those, price usually took precedence. I always needed to stay within my budget, so basically, I wanted the best possible underwear at the lowest possible price — kind of the “champagne taste on a beer budget” mentality.

What inspired you to create this current collection?

This collection is what I’ve dubbed The Classic Collection. I wanted to make something classically sexy and sophisticated that wasn’t part of the fast fashion, super trendy world. It includes timeless pieces that buck trends and won’t go out of style. Think of it as a collection of elevated, luxurious basics.

What are the three important qualities your underwear line has?

Hunt Underwear focuses on comfortable/luxurious materials, affordability, and customer service. Materials are so important for an undergarment, and I handpicked everything for their softness, comfort level, and because they are high quality. This includes the elastic. I always hated when a rough elastic would rub my waist uncomfortably, so I made sure the elastic I use is incredibly comfortable.

I’ve also worked hard to offer this level of quality at a price people can actually afford. So many companies have a huge markup on inferior products, and I easily could be charging more for the high-quality underwear I’m producing. However, my customers deserve the best at an affordable price, so that’s what I aim to give them.

Since this business is currently a business of one (just me!), I give each customer extra attention and a personal connection to my brand. It’s important for me to spend time answering every email, comment on social media, or inquiry about my brand. I really strive to offer the best possible customer service. Think about it; when you contact any other brands, would you be able to talk directly to the owner? Most likely not.

We are always curious, but who is the HUNT underwear guy? Who do you see as your ideal customer?

My customers are guys who are starting to upgrade their underwear wardrobe because they take pride in what they put on their bodies. They’ve moved away from fast fashion and multipacks with rough, inferior fabrics. They value quality, comfort, and underwear that moves with them and retains its shape throughout the day. They know that they deserve to look and feel good no matter how much (or little) they are wearing.

You currently have navy and blue, which is smart to start your line with a few colors, but do you plan to introduce new colors in your next collection?

Absolutely. I purposefully started off with a limited product line because I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew while I got my feet wet. However, I have plans to expand the current collection with additional colors and one or two additional styles. After those additions are added to The Classic Collection, I have a few other collections ready to go. These future collections pull inspiration from different decades and artistic viewpoints, all while staying true to the high level of comfort my customers deserve and expect.

Where can our readers find your store and on social media?

For anyone who is interested, my brand’s main social media is Instagram (@huntunderwear), although I also occasionally post on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. The awesome Hunt Underwear store can be found at