IDOL Underwear


Wallpapers-5-899x599There are two things that catch my eye with underwear (outside of the obvious), and they are color and waistbands. Color has become the biggest factors in buying underwear for me over the year. The use of bright colors, blocks of colors and prints are carry a lot of weight with me.

I was going through my Facebook and I have an interest set up of “undies stuff.” It has all my underwear pages and brands and Idol Underwear came across my feed via Alpha Male Undies. The pictures were of the Day Vision brief. It’s clean, classic with a bit of pop in the waistband. This pair spurred my interest in finding out more about the brand.

Wallpapers-4-899x599They have a very interesting story on the creation. George formed the company and says this on the website “Hi my name is George and I am the founder of IDOL Underwear. I consider myself a citizen of the world, without borders, boundaries and prejuges. I travelled the beach cities of our beautiful planet all my life and I was always amazed by the beach idols of barcelona, playa del ingles, rio, tel aviv and so many hidden or not beaches. Therefore what a better name for my underwear brand than IDOL ? And also a perfect inspiration for the models I have designed in Barcelona, to fit perfectly the beach idols anatomy. I have put years of passion in my brand and I have made no compromise on the design , on the fabrics and on the production process. One year of creating the samples and finding the right fabrics, luxurious, was followed by a strict half a year of AQL production process implemented by SGS International ( No room for errors because i am creating for IDOLS!”

Each line has a distinctive waistband as well. The Day vision has a very clean band that goes with the classic cut of the pair. Other types of bands range form sporty with the Night Vision/Lucky pairs and colorful graphic of the Tropicality line. For those out there who love waistband I think you need to check this brand out.


The line consists of briefs, boxer briefs and jocks. The line has more briefs than any other style. Which to me is not a bad thing at all. I think the briefs are coming back as more brands like Idol are making more of them than any others. The boxers look like they have a great pouch built in the design. Which looks like it will fit amazing. Lastly are the jocks. Right now they are just two designs and I hope we get to see a lot more.

The fabric is another area that they are paying attention too. As mentioned above in the quote, they searched for the right fabrics. Using Bamboo and Modal men’s it will be super soft and comfortable through the day. Many of my new favorites are Modal. The feeling against the skin is just amazing. Having more companies use it is a great thing.

My favorites on the site are: Ultimate Boxer in White/Turquoise, Day Vision in White (both brief and boxer), Tropicality (both) and the Lucky Red in blue. I love what they are doing.

To see the collection go over to the Idol Underwear Site and see all the pairs.