Jacksy Underwear


We brought you some info about Jacksy Underwear about a year ago and now they are shipping! You may ask why a year, but it takes sometimes and launching a brand in this economy must be timed right! That time is now and we are very happy they are out! Here is the info about the brand:

The Jacksy brand values are simple. Our aim is to bring you high-quality, stylish underwear that you’ll be proud to wear. We also feel you shouldn’t have to break the bank to wear the Jacksy logo, so we hope you’ll agree that our prices are very attractive.

They are based out of the UK and have boxer briefs out now! They come in some really great colors. Check them out and look for more styles from them soon! Their site is


Jacksy Underwear has been spotted out! Jasksy Underwear is a new brand out of the UK. We have talked to them while the developed their line and its about to Launch. They will be showing the collection soon and you don’t want to miss it!  There is a rumor of a bright pink pair and I want them! They helped us get our original logo and we think they rock!