Have you tried Nylon underwear or are you a big fan that can’t find it? Back in the 80’s there were plenty of brands making nylon underwear. Bikinis and briefs were easy to find. Mix the fabric with bright colors and it was a winning combination. Then we moved into the 90’s and we entered the world of black, white, or grey. On top of that was the introduction of the boxer brief. Most mainstream undies moved in this direction. This made many of the nylon underwear companies without a market. They either changed their business model or went out of business.

Over the last 10 years or so I have seen more companies producing the old standard nylon undies. They have a sub “fetish” group under men’s undies that love these styles. I hate to call it a fetish, I should say preference. Before you run out and get some nylon undies there are some things you need to know. If you’ve never worn them, first thing is they aren’t stretchy. If you’re used to spandex and such, these don’t have that much give. Also, they aren’t super body hugging. Which is not always a bad thing. I prefer the brief or bikini cut in Nylon. It sorta creates a pouch out of the fabric that gives you support.

One company that has been around since 1994 is still making these undies. That company is JG2. This is how they describe themselves. They “address a market segment that most designers and manufacturers of men’s underwear routinely ignored, treated as a fashion fetish, or relegated to novelty status. That market segment is: men’s nylon underwear”

They currently offer bikinis, thongs, and boxer (well boxer briefs). The colors are more on the pastel side but I think it really works with the pairs they offer. The pricing is around $15 a pair. I am going to reach out to the brand and find out more info about them. I just wanted to pass this along to you guys who love nylon undies and can’t find them! Shop JG2.