JJ Malibu


One company that I keep seeing on Instagram is JJ Malibu. They caught my attention first by their fabric. It’s different patterns/prints that are pretty fun and eye catching. The second was the cut. Each pair is a brief/bikini cut. Lastly, was the pouch. The JJ Malibu has what looks to be an awesome pouch.

The prints are just four designs. The camo, F-U, Fruity, and Pineapple. My favorite is the F-U design. If you haven’t figured it out it’s “Fuck you.” The print is of being shot the bird. To me, it wasn’t noticeable at first. It wasn’t till I looked a little harder. I mean, if you have a bad day how cool would it be to wear a pair that says fuck you! It’s amazing! As we say share your personality in your underwear.

The cut and pouch go hand in hand. I personally haven’t tried the brand yet but they look pretty awesome. I have seen pics of the pairs on guys with big bulges and junk in the trunk. They have given pairs to some Instagram guy. The fit looks amazing. The fabric stretches and conforms to many different body types. The pouch looks like a well-designed pouch that will give you ample support and do a bit of showing off your junk.

The cost of the pairs is $25.99. JJ Malibu is based out of Toronto but the prices are in US dollars. The fabric of the pairs are 80% Polyamid, 20% elastane. This fabric is super soft and will be very breathable. Making it perfect for any activity. That could be from work to working out. And everything in between.

It’s great to see a company going all in on bikinis! It’s about time we get a full come back on the bikini brief. It has long been a favorite of mine. JJ Malibu is one brand I want to try very soon.