With the demise of Bike Jockstraps, you maybe looking for a great alternative for the classic jock. Well, look no further than JockUp. They have a jock that is everything classic. It has the wide waistband, comfy pouch and leg straps. They even have the stripe in the waistband and label on the front!

JockUp is a company I have profiled on UNB a few times. I think they are doing some great things in the world of underwear. They do classic cuts but updated for the modern man. Matthew the owner, has really found a great section of the market to be in!

They have had the white classic jock, but no colors. He said a while back that they would be releasing colors in the near future. He has made good on that promise. I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw the red! It made me very happy. There is also a black jock as well.

If you are a jock fan and looking for a replacement for the Bike #10, I highly suggest giving the JockUp classic jock a try. As I mentioned above, it has many of the same features as the classic jock. They have updated the fabrics to meet the needs of guys needs today.

The fabric is a Bamboo blend. You may be asking why is that good? It has breath-ability for working out. It also has some anti-bacterial properties as well. It’s a great update to the classic jock. I know many don’t like the old school nylon pouch. They want a bit more support and comfort.

This is perfect gift for the jock lover in your life, or maybe for yourself. As I said it’s in white, red and black currently.

PAIR: Classic Jock
COLORS: Red also in White and Black
FABRIC: Bamboo/Elastic blend pouch
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $29.95
LINK: JockUp Classic Jock in Red

JockUp-Banner-1We got the chance to talk to Matthew at JockUp about his brand. It’s one we found and love the classic designs. We profiled their Jock as our Jockstrap Wednesday, Jock of the week a few weeks back. But, we wanted to introduce you to the brand!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. JockUp came to my attention on Instagram. I noticed you were following us and I love the pictures you were posting. Then I clicked and saw you were a brand. At first, I thought you maybe an online retailer. But I was wrong. I really liked the clean look of your gear.


Tell us about your journey in the world of men’s underwear. What made you start JockUp? Did you love men’s underwear before creating JockUp?

I’ve always loved underwear and starting my own brand was something I had been thinking about for a while. I would wear some brand and think this is good but I would change this and that. The day I came up with the name JockUp and created the logo was the when I decided to go for it and start my own brand. I ran a successful Kickstarter crowd funding campaign, dove into the manufacturing process and developed the line to what you see today. It really just comes down to making underwear and active gear that I want to wear – creating clean and confident lines that showcase the strength of the male form while being engineered for the active man.

You’re about page mentions you worked as an architect. How does this training come into and influence your designs?

I have a clean and modern aesthetic where, using the architectural mantra, form follows function. I like using design and materials that serve a purpose beyond just looking good.


I really like that your line has a very classic feel. I have said that everyone should own classic underwear. Why did you pick basic black and white with a blue waistband?

Black, white and gray tones are a classic that go with everything while never going out of style. Starting with this clean masculine color pallet was a good way to start the JockUp line. The vibrant blue of the elastic band broadcasts a confidence and strength that represents the JockUp brand.

We ran a post on the Wide Brand Jock, it seems that the “classic jocks” are a thing of the past. Why was it so important to put this in your collection?

The classic 3-inch band jockstrap was always a personal favorite and preferred way to keep my boys in place while being active. The thicker band adds stability that other underwear can’t compete with. Not having a classic-style jock would just be criminal. Other men obviously feel the way I do because it’s one of JockUp’s best sellers.


What has been the biggest influence in creating you in your collection?

I think JockUp is a culmination of a lot of things but the biggest influence is simply a personal experience of what works and what doesn’t. I don’t just draw up a design and say that looks pretty, I use and abuse my active gear to make sure they hold up and perform the way they have to in the real world.

Who should be wearing JockUp gear? Do you have a specific guy or type of guys?

JockUp is for the active man that appreciates clean masculine designs that showcase the strength of the male form. It’s all about performance-enhancing fit and finish delivering unapologetic confidence. If you like clean, confident details made with superior quality materials and construction techniques then JockUp is for you.

Performance Breif

You have a pretty solid line but what is coming up or JockUp? Anything you can share with our readers?

I’m introducing more colors, some limited edition tees and a few other things in the works.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Where can our readers find your gear and on social?

The entire JockUp line can be found on





The Old School JockWe posted last week about the demise of the classic jock. There is one company that is not going to let that happen. That company is JockUp. They make a very old school classic jock. We had to inquire about the jock!

JockUp classic jock rotated

So many of the old school brands, Bike and others, are doing away with the “classic style jocks” with wide waistbands. They are creating new “branded” waistbands over the classics. What made you design such an awesome classic jock?

The classic-styled jock is the epitome of form-follows-function that I love. It was never a question whether JockUp would have a classic jock of its own – it’s actually the first thing I designed when creating the brand. I remember my dad purchasing my first jock for sports and the feeling I had when wearing that 3-inch waistband with the label front and center, the feeling that I was now a man and could take on the world. From that moment I associated the classic-styled jock with masculinity.

How does your classic jock differ from the old school jocks?

While I kept the old-school look, it was important to address some of the issues that vintage-style jocks have with comfort and durability. I personally tested countless variations to figure out what design would provide the best support yet be comfortable and durable enough to wear for extended periods. The result is a jock that has a classic feel with modern features like moisture-wicking fabric and top quality elastic that maintains strength/form allowing you to go hard with confidence.

It’s just in classic white, did you think of making other colors or just keeping it white?

More colors in the works!
What has been the customer feedback to the jock?

Customers really love JockUp’s Classic Jock making it a best seller. Guys have told me that it’s the favorite jockstrap in their collection, which is awesome! I set out to make a jock that I wanted to wear and it seems to have resonated with men.
Facebook: /JockUp
Social: @JockUpGear

JockUp also offering 20% off on all items for the month of August to celebrate the Olympics with code: Rio



Underwear Kickstarters are taking off! The latest in the Kickstarter is JockUp!  I have followed them for a bit on Twitter and they reached out and told us about this effort. I really love underwear kick starters because you guys get to participate in the industry. If you see a company you like you can directly support them!

So what is JockUp doing?

“JockUp features a full line of underwear for the modern guy, specifically: real, masculine men that seek a fit and active lifestyle while wanting to look good. JockUp’s products are clean and confident with thoughtful detailing, which sets it apart from baggy ill-fitting cuts, crazy colors and materials of other brands. All garments are proudly designed and manufactured in California with moisture-wicking fabric, cut and sewn to enhance athletic performance.”

Their reward levels are pretty good as well. Here is a graphic explaining it all:



I personally think JockUp is doing some good things here. You guys should go look over the JockUp Kickstarter and if you like it, give some money!