The Old School JockWe posted last week about the demise of the classic jock. There is one company that is not going to let that happen. That company is JockUp. They make a very old school classic jock. We had to inquire about the jock!

JockUp classic jock rotated

So many of the old school brands, Bike and others, are doing away with the “classic style jocks” with wide waistbands. They are creating new “branded” waistbands over the classics. What made you design such an awesome classic jock?

The classic-styled jock is the epitome of form-follows-function that I love. It was never a question whether JockUp would have a classic jock of its own – it’s actually the first thing I designed when creating the brand. I remember my dad purchasing my first jock for sports and the feeling I had when wearing that 3-inch waistband with the label front and center, the feeling that I was now a man and could take on the world. From that moment I associated the classic-styled jock with masculinity.

How does your classic jock differ from the old school jocks?

While I kept the old-school look, it was important to address some of the issues that vintage-style jocks have with comfort and durability. I personally tested countless variations to figure out what design would provide the best support yet be comfortable and durable enough to wear for extended periods. The result is a jock that has a classic feel with modern features like moisture-wicking fabric and top quality elastic that maintains strength/form allowing you to go hard with confidence.

It’s just in classic white, did you think of making other colors or just keeping it white?

More colors in the works!
What has been the customer feedback to the jock?

Customers really love JockUp’s Classic Jock making it a best seller. Guys have told me that it’s the favorite jockstrap in their collection, which is awesome! I set out to make a jock that I wanted to wear and it seems to have resonated with men.
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JockUp also offering 20% off on all items for the month of August to celebrate the Olympics with code: Rio



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