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Today is a day for lace! I know some of you will be bypassing this but remember, underwear is for everyone and we are not all going to like everything, and that’s fine! It’s important to go with what you love and rock it with the most confidence you have in yourself! I personally love lace and think it’s a sexy fabric that looks great on men.

JOR has released the Romance line in their new collection for Fall 2021. The Romance collection is a set of trunks, briefs, and bikinis. They come in black, white, and red. It’s one of those lines once you get one pair you will want the entire collection.

JOR Romance Lace Trunks

JOR Romance Lace Briefs

JOR Romance Lace Bikinis

JOR has been splitting their drops in two collections each spring and fall, making a total of 4 a year. The second part of the second JOR collection is out. This one focuses on swimwear and workout wear! The workout wear is just in time for fall and winter featuring leggings and sweats. I mean you gotta keep warm when you work out, but also look great.

Here are some of the pics of the new collection. JOR has really been making some kick ass collections. I am loving the colors and cuts of all the lines. I hope we see them grow and make more amazing and skimpy pairs.

The best part is we are giving you 20% off this and the previous collection for fall with code JOROCT2021 at check out. Stock up on the newest and best work out gear. Shop till next Tuesday to get this awesome sale.

Shop the new JOR Collection for Fall Part 2

Shop the previous JOR Collection for Fall Part 1

JOR has released the first part of their Fall collection called “Colors” Which is appropriate because they always make undies in the most amazing colors. They range from bright and bold to subtle and classic. JOR is all about having fun and making undies that look as great as they feel.

One pair I’m glad to see back and in color is the Eros line. In the Spring collection, they came in just black and white. Yes, they were stills super hot in those colors, it’s great to see a few new colors in these styles. Bikini lovers went crazy for these and sold the first batch out. I”m sure this line will sell out as well.

I would say outside of colors, small and fun are the two best words to describe the collection. Which for. UNB readers are one amazing thing. We prefer bikinis, jocks, and thongs. This is one of their hottest collections and checks out the collection NOW.

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It’s been a long 2020 and now in 2021 we are getting a swim season! It’s time to check out all the pairs on the market. One of my personal favorites is the Happy Swim Brief from JOR. OMG, I LOVE this pair so much. I say it’s a cross between a unicorn and a leopard! The amazing animal print is made in super bright and fun pastels.

This brief is a fuller cut brief as well. Personally, I prefer this size and not super skimpy. I think my super skimpy days are behind me. But this size fits many body types and I can see this on a skinny guy to a bear and every one in between.

Happy Swim Briefs are made from silky soft microfiber fabric that is nothing short of pure luxury. Wear these when you want to make a statement both in style and comfort during your summer days. Printed fabric. Look regal on the beach, poolside, or just soaking up the summer rays. Printed may differ from the one on the picture

  • Please refer to size chart to ensure you choose the correct size. Hand made in Colombia – South America with USA and Colombian fabrics. 
  • Composition: 87% Polyester 13% Spandex.
  • Complete butt coverage.
  • Fresh and soft fabric.
  • For best long-term appearance retention, avoid high temperature washing or drying. Wash separately from rough items that could damage fibers (zippers, buttons).

PAIR: JOR Happy Swim Brief
COLOR: Print as shown
FABRIC: 87% Polyester 13% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $51.48

It’s time to get out in the sun in as little as possible. After a year of being stuck at home, it’s becoming summer and we need to look our best even if we are at home, on the beach, or at the gym. JOR has released the second part of their 2021 collection called Bugs. This collection carries on from the first collection but drops the swimwear and more activewear!

What is included in this collection:

  • New Swim thongs
  • Swim Briefs – in solids, mesh and some amazing prints
  • Activewear – pants, tanks and more
  • Underwear – there are a few pairs of underwear but not as much as the first collection.

This collection is hot. Here are some of the pics and we will profile individual pairs soon! Check out the entire new JOR Bugs collection.

This new collection from JOR has two things in it. The first are some amazing prints. JOR is no stranger to having some of the best prints on the market. The collection is called Bugs, meaning there are some prints featuring bugs, my personal favorite is the bees! The next thing this collection has is skimpy cuts. There are many bikinis, jocks, and thongs that will make your head turn. I’m so happy we are seeing the skimpy cuts coming back to the world of men’s underwear.

Minimal coverage underwear, or skimpy as I call it is perfect for a variety of activities. Working out in them gives you a better range of motion. And they are just sexy AF! Here are some of the lifestyle pics. There is another set of this collection that will be released later that features the JOR swimwear for 2021. BTW you can get JOR at the UNB Store for 20% off using code JORSPRING at check out!

Spring-Summer JOR collection has the Bugs and their little worlds as protagonist wich lead us to enjoy a Natura Adventure that takes place in the forest. In this collection we wanted to highlight the importance of the role of small animals like bees, beetles and butterflies have in the world´s ecosystems. Earth colors like green, beige, black and pink, are part of our color palettes. All of them give us a touch of Spring that we are sure will accompany us until Summer