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Junk UnderJeans was the big winner at the UNB Reader Awards. They are a brand I spend a lot of time with at Magic/Project in Vegas. They are doing some great things in underwear. They started about the same time UNB did and have grown over the last few years. They have matured and come into their own. I have a feeling we will see a lot more of them on the market.

Congrats! You guys won 3 awards in the UNB Reader awards (Best Trunk, Best Boxer Brief and Best Swimwear). Why do you think your boxer briefs/trunks captured the hearts of our voters?

When we begin each new collection at its inception, we make sure that we have a full understanding of what the current trends are; be it fabric trends, color trends or fit trends and incorporate that into each design. Each season we create a new collection, but within each collection we look to make sure that each style has a stand alone appeal, whether its an accent pop color, fit of the pouch or the cut of the trunk.

What is your philosophy in creating new underwear? What are your main goals?

We have a brand philosophy that is not only to make the high quality and fashion trend product that we do, but it is always to design styles that will appeal to a wide demographic. It’s always been understood that young ppl want to look young and mature people want to look young and we try to look to satisfy them both equally and simultaneously.

What separates your trunk and boxer briefs from other brands on the market?

Since the inception of the brand, it’s evolved to find a fit in the market that hasn’t already been designed to by other brands. Through this evolution, we have been able to create a style, quality and look that says Junk Underjeans and becomes expected of the brand. One of the things that uniquely sets us apart is that we are a completely vertical company in that we manufacture our own product from designing it ourselves and producing it ourselves. We manage to maintain the integrity of the product by spinning , knitting, dyeing and sewing all of our own production so that we can always ensure the best available quality to our customers.

You aren’t just known for boxer briefs/trunks, what are some of your other styles that are a favorite of your customers/fans?

As the brand has expanded nationally, so to has our product offering. In each product category that we venture into we test the market and desire for new product from our brand and then build a category out accordingly. As a reference, within this past year we have launched a very successful athletic line under our Underjeans moniker and is branded as Underjeans Athlete. These collections which are in their 3rd season now include fashion performance, moisture wicking underwear as well as the inclusion of running shorts, workout shorts running/ workout leggings, hoodies, pullovers, tanks muscle tops and warm up sets.

Your swimwear won swimwear of the year as well. I have to share, that when we shot the 2015 swimwear guide. We got more comments from models on how comfortable your swimwear is, what makes your swimwear so comfortable?

Firstly, thank you for the positive feedback. I have found through the years that models have always been very genuine in sharing whether they do or don’t like something so we genuinely appreciate the first hand input. As I mentioned that we do our own production and along with that we have the ability to be specific with the yarns that we incorporate into our swim wear, our factory specializes in a proprietary nylon yarn that we incorporate along with spandex which both create a very soft comfortable finished fabric that we construct into our fashion swimwear styling.

What do you have planned for the summer of 2017 in terms of swimwear? And when will your 2017 swimwear collection be out?

As we previously mentioned expanding our product categories, a fully merchandised collection of swimwear was just launched at this past menswear show in Las Vegas, which was extremely well received. It consists of three dynamic color stories, each of which displays wonderfully as a collection and has a silhouette that can appeal to every consumer’s individual taste. The collection includes briefs, high-hip trunks, trunks, thigh length boxer briefs and knee length jammers, anything from solids, color blocks and print.

We can’t leave underwear out, what can we see in the terms of new underwear in 2017?

Under our extremely popular Junk brand, we constantly look to bring newness to each collection. In the new product that we will be delivering in June of 2017 is a fun range of underwear styles that utilize a base fabric of clean textured solids and fashion stripes but also incorporate multicolor and neutral geometric and logo design created as a sublimation print on the waistbands. This brings a fresh pop and will stand apart from previous collections and other brand.

Where can our readers buy you underwear? Also, where can they find you on social media?

As we have grown over the last several years, we acquire placement and highly respectable men’s fashion boutiques nationwide, as well as stores internationally. From UnderU4Men in Portland Oregon, Torso in Columbus Ohio, and Off Chute Too in Phoenix Arizona, as well as Simons a very fine department store chain in Canada, our collections can be found across the globe- Japan, Austria, South Africa and in U.K are some examples of our expanded placement.

In addition to being able to find our product for sale on our website at, we can also be found at fine online retailers such as

Junk UnderJeans Junk X TrunkJunk UnderJeans furnished the Junk X Boxer for Review

Rating: 8.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: Junk X Pouch, contemporary design, great material

Cons: Waistband rolled on me during wear

UNB Tim recommendation: These are great for the gym or work. They are made for a guy with a bit more junk in the front. However, the front won’t be too big for you. The trunks held their shape all day and gave me the perfect amount of support.

I continue my Junk UnderJeans reviews. The Junk X has a really good pouch. Junk X pouch is one that is a bit roomier. It, however, won’t be oversized. There are  a few pouches on the market unless you can fill them out they look like you are wearing a sock on your junk. The design of the pouch is very good. Hats off to Junk for creating this line!

The pair I’m reviewing is the Junk UnderJeans Junk X Trunk. As many long time readers know, I”m not the biggest fan of trunks or boxer briefs. Mainly because of the lack of support. I feel by the end of the day I’m in a pair of boxers. My hopes were high for this pair with the pouch.

I wore this on a weekend in a more relaxed time. There was no lifting or outdoors for this pair. Being a style that isn’t my favorite, I didn’t want to push my luck. They held up really well. The pouch lived up to my expectations. It kept everything in place and kept its form. It didn’t suffer one of my other pet peeves for boxer briefs/trunks. The legs held in place all day. I could have worn them to work.


The only down size is like the Junk X Jock I reviewed. The waistband rolled a bit on me. Like the jock, I really didn’t notice it was happening until I took them off. Usually when a band rolls or binds it gets uncomfortable. This one did not. I think it was because of the material of the waistband. Why does this happen? I think it’s the way I am built. I don’t think it’s something Junk UnderJeans is doing wrong. The briefs fit amazing. We have all had those pairs where they didn’t fit us in one area. I don’t hold this as a defect or flaw in them but more in me!

The sizing is really great for Junk UnderJeans. I have had no issues of pairs being too small or big. They have been spot on for all the pairs I have received. Just double check the size charts. Note that some pairs go up to 2 and 3 XL now. So it’s not just for small guys!

The design is a sporty design. You could definitely wear them to the gym. They are classic with a pop color. Perfect for work, the gym or hanging at home!

BRAND: Junk UnderJeans
PAIR: Junk X Trunk
COLORS: Smoke with a Green, black, royal or red
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $24
FURNISHED BY: Junk UnderJeans

RSH_PP_6 (854x1280)

Junk UnderJeans furnished the Raw Street Runner for review

Rating: 9.3/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9.5/10
  • Styling: 9.5/10
  • Daily Performance: 9.5

Pros: Bold colors, fun pattern, nice material, well built.

Cons: Legs are a little long in length.

UNB pleep recommendations: These are a fun pair of tights, work great at the gym

This was actually the second item I have ever worn from Junk UnderJeans. The first being the Stellar Jock, and these tights are just as well made as the jockstrap.

I have worn these at the gym several times, they hold up quite nicely while working out. The fabric they use is very soft as well as breathable. I don’t feel like I am being suffocated in a heat wave while wearing and working out. Which, some tights I have worn before by other companies prefer to use just spandex and not have sections of it with breathable fabric. This allows you can workout in them for long periods of time.

They have three color choices; Aqua, Green and Pink. I have the Aqua ones. Which as you can see means they are a mid-grey and a dark grey overall color but the accent color is Aqua. Which, I find to be quite nice and sexy.

The sizing to me is spot on for the waist and thighs, however, I found the legs to be a bit long. The Large is exactly what you expect a Large pair of tights to be in the waist and thighs. If you normally wear larges I recommend you snagging up that size. According to their website their sizing charts states that a Large for them is a 32-34″ Waist.

PAIR: Raw Street Runner
COLORS: Aqua, Green and Pink
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $40.00
FURNISHED BY: Junk UnderJeans

productview1-343Junk UnderJeans furnished the Junk X Jockstrap for review

Rating: 8.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 7/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 7/10

Pros: Great Junk X Pouch, Cool design, fun colors available

Cons: Waistband rolled on me during wear

UNB Tim recommendation: I liked the design of the jock and the pouch made this a good jock. The pair did roll on me I’m not sure if it was the design or just an issue I had. It is a great jock I would recommend.

I have a whole series of Junk X to review. I have already posted the Junk X Brief review. I was looking forward to the jock. productview2-343The first is because of the pouch. The second reason is I really enjoyed the brief. One thing that has impressed me with Junk UnderJeans is the quality. They make very well made underwear.

The design of the jock is a bit different than I am used too. It has the straps attached right above the pouch. Rather than on the side, like other jocks. When I slid on the pair on it took me a minute to get it situated. After it was in place, I liked the fit. The pouch of the Junk X line is a really good pouch. It’s a bit bigger than the traditional pouches Junk UnderJeans makes. It fit pretty well through out the day.

I wore this pair to work one day. I felt that a job where I had to be on the go would be perfect for a jock. I wore it and it held up pretty well. I haven’t worn many jocks to my job. After wearing this one it’s making me double think that decision. The only thing that happened with the jock was the waistband kept rolling. Pleep didn’t have this problem with his jock from Junk UnderJeans. I don’t know if its the way I am built or what was going on. I didn’t notice it till later in the day. It wasn’t uncomfortable, sometimes when waistbands roll they get twisted and uncomfortable. This didn’t bother me at all.

The sizing with Junk UnderJeans is pretty spot on. They have standard sizes. The X-Large I received fit pretty well. I don’t think you will have many sizing issues on Junk UnderJeans. Just follow the sizing guide and you should have no issues.

BRAND: Junk UnderJeans
PAIR: Junk X Jock
COLORS: Green, black, royal and red
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $20.00
FURNISHED BY: Junk UnderJeans

RSH_PP_1 (960x1280)

Junk Underwear Stellar Jock – Yellow Furnished this pair for review

Rating: 9.5/10

  • Daily Fit: 9.5/10
  • Sizing: 9.5/10
  • Construction: 9.5/10
  • Styling: 9.5/10
  • Daily Performance: 9.5

Pros: Bold colors, fun pattern, nice material, well built.

Cons: No overwhelming cons.

UNB pleep recommendations: If you are needing a new jockstrap then I highly recommend this!

This is actually the first item I had ever worn from this company and I greatly enjoy their styling and fabric that they use.

I have worn these pretty much everywhere by now, I very much so enjoy them, and they definitely hold up to a full day of wear and tear. Whether you are sitting around all day, or running errands, or actually running, the bands stay where they are suppose to and the pouch keeps you where you need to be.

They have quite a few color choices for the Stellar Jock; Hot Red, Tangerine, Yellow, Green, Royal, & Black; I happened to go with the yellow one. The Stellar Jock, the pouch and band match in color, and on the pouch are small grey and yellow lines, to give a nice and fun contrast to the pouch.

The sizing to me is spot on; the Large is exactly what you expect a Large jockstrap to be, so if you normally wear larges I recommend you snagging up that size. According to their website their sizing charts states that a Large for them is a 32-34″ Waist.

BRAND: Junk UnderJeans
PAIR: Stellar Jock
COLORS: Hot Red, Tangerine, Yellow, Green, Royal, & Black
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $20.00
FURNISHED BY: Junk UnderJeans

RSH_PP_9 (854x1280)

Junk Underwear Flash Knee Length – Green, furnished by Junk UnderJeans

Rating: 9.1/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 8.5/10
  • Construction: 9.5/10
  • Styling: 9.5/10
  • Daily Performance: 9

Pros: Bold colors, fun pattern, nice material, well built.

Cons: not as form fitting as their street runners.

UNB pleep recommendations: They are an interesting pair of knee length tights.

This is the third and final item I had received from this company.

I have worn these at the gym several times, they hold up nicely while working out. The fabric they use is very soft as well as breathable. the back is a slight mesh material. If you happen to have a tattoo on your leg or butt. I recommend not wearing it at the gym, or at least trying them on first at home to see if it is visible. I did enjoy wearing them at the gym. Just wish the legs were a little more form fitting. I found this pair to fit not the same way in the thighs as their street runners.

They have a few color choices; Aqua, Green, Yellow, Orange and Pink. I have the Green ones. Which as you can see means they have the pouch, writing on the band and a side panel in green. While the rest of it is in different shades of grey.

The sizing to me is spot on for the waist. However, I found the thighs to be not as snug as I would be expecting. Having just worn their street runners previously. I wish instead of the Large, I would have been able to try on their medium to see if that would have fit better in the thighs. But the waist seemed to have ample amount of room. According to their website their sizing charts states that a Large for them is a 34-36″ Waist.

BRAND: Junk UnderJeans
COLORS: Aqua, Green, Yellow, orange and Pink
SIZES:  Small – X-Large
COST: $34.00
FURNISHED BY: Junk UnderJeans


Junk UnderJeans furnished this pair for review

Rating: 9.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 10/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Fun, bold color, good/compact sizing, great durability.

Cons: No overwhelming cons.

UNB Tim recommendation: A great pair if you’re looking for a big more room up front! Super comfy and feels great throughout the day.

Junk Underjeans is a brand we have been friends with for a while. They are always at Magic in Vegas. They are a brand we need to cover more. The last time we reviewed them was a few years ago. They have grown and evolved over the last few years. I am loving what they are doing. We have underwear and activewear reviews coming your way soon.

The pair I am reviewing is the Junk X Burn Brief. This is the first time I have worn Junk UnderJeans. I was really excited to try the Junk X line because the line has a larger pouch. Its not a super large pouch but it’s definitely larger than the average. I slid them on and I didn’t have that magic moment when you slide on underwear that you felt was made just for you. It felt like a good pair of briefs. The pouch seemed just ok to me.

productview2-341It wouldn’t be till later that I would appreciate the pouch. The fit in these were very good. You can tell they designed these for guys to wear on a daily basis. As the day went on I totally forgot what I was wearing. To some this maybe a bad thing but not for me. If I wear a pair of underwear and forget I have them on it’s the sign of a great pair.

I wore these on a day when I knew I would be a bit active. I worked my part time job, that is a bit more active than my usual day. They held up really well with the lifting and driving I had to do that day. You definitely can wear these for a lazy day or an active day. I would dare say that these to the gym for great support.

The sizing of Junk UnderJeans is pretty spot on. In fact in certain lines they are making an XXL. These are just up to an XL. Which by happens to be the size I got. I’m still working my way back down to a large. It fit pretty well. It wasn’t too tight or too loose. The sizing across the board on Junk UnderJeans are pretty consistent. You should have no issues with them in sizing.

Some things I really liked about this pair is first the fabric. it’s a 90% POLYESTER/10%SPANDEX blend. I really loved the 10% spandex most. It gives it some great stretch. Next, is waistband. This isn’t a totally branded waistband but has the Junk X line name across the band. As for things I don’t like, there aren’t a lot. I was super happy with the pair. I would say that they could make the pouch a big bitter, but as it is snug but not too snug.

Smoke Jock Green

Junk UnderJeans is a brand we have covered for a long time. In the last year or so they have really branched out into making underwear, swimwear and activewear. In addition they have expanded into XXL and creating underwear with larger pouches. If you are a long time reader you know I love a pouch that gives great support. It’s one of my top things I look for in underwear.

>What is Junk X? It’s a line from Junk UnderJeans that has a fuller pouch. Their underwear previous had a normal sized pouch. They heard feedback from customers that they needed a pair with a bigger pouch. They listened and the Junk X was born1.

When in Vegas I talked to Sean at Junk UnderJeans and he said “XL pouch the JunkX has is not bigger sizes but for guys who need extra room up front.” The pairs also feature a wide waistband. I would call this a chunky waistband. The X and Junk are in bold letters. I personally love the waistband it’s different from what Junk has done before. Plus it really sets this apart. Those not a fan of waistbands may not like the line.

We always love brands who pay attention to pouches! There is nothing worse than a pouch that’s too small and you feel like you’re going to fall out. Guys who are bigger in the pouch can find it hard to get great undies that fit. There are a few brands that are great and it’s good to see that Junk UnderJeans is joining this growing list of brands!

The JunkX come in a boxer brief, jock and a brief. These are pretty standard style for Junk UnderJeans. Plus these three styles cover the gamut of the types of underwear guys wear. They are the current favorite styles of the majority of readers. The retail prices are: Jock – $20, Brief $24.00 and Boxer Brief $28. There are four color combinations in each style.

My personal favorite the brief. We hope to have a review pair very soon for you guys. Also coming from Junk UnderJeans this month is their new Athletic collection. We will have more on this very soon for you guys!

5 RUNNERSDid you make a resolution to work out more in 2016? Or do you want something a little more fun to wear to the gym? If you answered yes to either of those questions this post is for you. Runners have really come on strong in the fitness world. They are being worn at the gym, running or cross fit. They can be worn for extra support or maybe comfort. We have selected a few of the newest pairs for you guys!


You may know Aronik as the swimwear company. This year they have branched out and created a line of runners. The line is called Command. It is available in three colors: Coal (pictured above), Vino and Blu. Each one has the Aronik name on the right thigh. Each pair retails for $90. Find the Aronik Command Line at the Aronik Site.


If you don’t want to wear the runners with nothing over them. You should try the Junk UnderJeans Raw Street Runners. They can be worn solo or with something over them. The front has a breathable mesh panel as well! The Raw Street Runner is available in Aqua, Green (pictured) and pink. Don’t let the pink fool you black with pink accents. Made out of 95% Polyester/5% Spandex blend. The Raw Street Runner retails for $40 on the Junk UnderJeans site


Looking for a pair that is fashionable as well? Rufskin has been making Runners for years. The Lynx is one that isn’t so over the top that you can’t wear them to the gym. Some runners they have made are super sexy and may turn a few too many heads. The Lynx runner has a stripe that goes up the legs and back to accent the body. The olive has a shiny wet look finish. The black has a more rubber like appearance. The Lynx retails at $82 at the Rufskin site.


One thing we haven’t covered too much is color. There are some of us out there who love to wear color in our underwear and work out wear! JOR has released the JOR 0220 Runner Long Pant. The blue is a bright fun blue with a white stripe down the side and neon waistband. If you’re looking for something less bright they also make it in a black with a yellow stripe! Made out of a 96% polyester, 4% spandex blend.  Find the JOR 0220 Runners  at the Candyman Fashion site for $55.48


The last pair we are going to cover is the 2EROS BLK AKTIV line. These are basic black with a 2EROS waistband. Much like the Junk UnderJeans listed above these can be worn by themselves or under a pair of shorts. It’s made from a 95% Polyester / 5% Elastane lightweight fabric that will wick moisture away. Perfect for working out in. Can you go wrong with basic black? The BLK AKTIV Compression Tights retail for $89.95 AUD on the 2EROS Site.

Check out these five great pairs of runners. We are sure there will be one pair you will love!

NOTE: UNB Tim does consulting work for Candyman Fashion but the opinions in this post are his own


2015First we have to thank all our sponsors who made this shoot possible. They are Macondo Trading (Clever, Pikante, Ergowear & Candyman), Cocksox, N2N Bodywear, Jack Adams, Junk Underjeans, Bülge Clothing, Yocisco and BearSkn. Our models are Chandler, Drew, Wes, Damien and Pat. Our amazing photographer was Taylor Campbell. It was shot at Maps Studio in the Atlanta are!

To buy a pair click the link on the name of the pair. You will be taken to that brands official site to buy!

Macondo Trading – Clever Moda


Clever has some hot new styles and prints this season

Macondo Trading – Ergowear


Ergowear is known for it’s amazing pouch that gives great support and awesome fabric

Macondo Trading – Candyman


Candyman is known for their fun styles and sexy fabrics/cuts.

Macondo Trading – Pikante

Pikante has some awesome prints and some super sexy pairs in this collection





Cocksox is known for their awesome pouch, fun colors and sexy styling

N2N Bodywear


N2N Bodywear makes underwear that ranges from classic to super sexy.

Jack Adams


Jack Adams has a new designer and a new look that has given them a new look!

Junk UnderJeans


Junk UnderJeans is making amazing new pairs such as the Junk X and more!

BüLGE Clothing


BüLGE Clothing makes perfect underwear for working out with these super comfy shirts and boxer briefs



BearSkn makes underwear for guys of all sizes, everyone should feel super sexy!



YOCISCO started making amazing jocks and now have made some amazing briefs.

We have tons more pics we will be sharing as Brief Distractions and on our social media accounts! So make sure you like us on each!

Thanks to all the brands, models, photographers and people who helped make this guide amazing

Where to buy:

Welcome to the 2015 UNB Swimwear Guide. This year we has some amazing swimwear from our sponsors GDD World (Clever, JOR and WildmanT), N2N Bodywear, Modus Vivendi, aussieBum and Junk UnderJeans. Each sent in some super fun swimwear that the models had fun wearing.

You may notice a few familiar faces in our shoot. Back from the Holiday Guide is Mikey, Nathan and Chandler and a new face is that of  Bobby. Each of them had a lot of fun on the shoot. Chandler is the class clown and made the shoot fun.

I’ll have a follow up post about the behind the scenes of the shoot this weekend! But here is what you guys want to see! Click on any text link to be taken to the store to buy the pair!

Clever Moda Swimwear










Modus Vivendi




N2N Bodywear















Junk UnderJeans


  • Michael is wearing the Digital in Orange – Not released at time of guide, See the Junk UnderJeans site
  • Nathan is wearing the Nautilus in Carbon – Not released at time of guide, See the Junk UnderJeans site


Chandler is wearing the Rio in Carbon – Not released at time of guide, See the Junk UnderJeans site


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Next up will be a video featuring the Brads of GDD World



  • Chandler Smith
  • Michael Muench
  • Nathan Mckellips
  • Bob Gerrity


  • Taylor Campbell

Creative Director

  • Matt Hill