Kapow Meggings


I”m sure many of you who love working out and being active already know about Kapow Meggings. They are a brand of leggings or, as they call them, Meggings for men. The company, founded by two brothers in Sydney when they were at Burning Man. They saw all the guys walking around in leggings made for women because they couldn’t find bright ones for men.

One interesting fact about the brand. The name came from the sounds effects from comic books. The sounds are Zap, Pow, Bang. Superheroes wear spandex and still look amazing. Now you can look amazing in the bright and bold colors of the brand.

Don’t worry; not all designs are bold and over the top. They have 35 different designs in their original range. The more classic is the Performance Range that has 9 designs. These are more classic and won’t raise eyebrows at the gym or running. But, hey, some of us love to wear something bold and fun.

If you are not into meggings, they have recently started their own swimwear and underwear lines. Both have the same style as the meggings. They include some of the amazing prints that you can see in the spandex.