Kick Sagat



Today is a day to have some fun with your underwear. Either share your love of thongs or give them a try! Kick Sagat is a brand we haven’t covered in a while and I thought we needed to change that. The brand has been creating some super fun designs. That includes prints, new takes on styles and the use of great colors!

Since today you need to wear a thong the Push-Up thong from them seemed like a great choice! The color we chose was pink. You maybe asking why we chose this color? Well pink is still one of the hot colors for men’s underwear. So many guys, myself included, just love pink undies.

One reason I chose this is the pouch. So many of you out there really request a good pouch in your underwear. This pair has a very defined pouch that does what the name implies, push-up! It looks like a great pouch and the pair overall is just fun.

The pink is not the full color. The trim and waistband are pink and the body of the pair is white. So it’s just enough pink to show off. The fabric is a 95% COTTON 5% ELASTANE mix. The only thing that you need to know is the sizing. An XL is a 34-36 inches. This means it will run smaller than traditional sizing. The good thing is the sizing chart is front and center on the product page.

You can find this pair on the Kick Sagat site for $27.00