Shine Boxers has released their Kickstarter! This is very good new to me! I met their head guy, Rob, In Vegas last February and got a few minutes to talk to him. He told me about the brand and what he planned to do. We have talked a few times and in late August/Early September before the design contest we got to talk a bit more. He has always impressed me and I am a big supporter! As I type there I have two pairs of Shrine Boxer Briefs sitting right here. He told me he’s going to make me into a Boxer Brief Fan! We shall see!

Here is how the company got started: “It all started as I was sitting in discomfort (wedgie, swamp a*** & chafing) on a long plane ride back from an adventurous trip to Brazil. I realized I didn’t have a brand of all-around underwear and decided in that moment to create the ultimate pair of boxer-briefs and boxers. I’ve bought more underwear than I care to admit so I was already familiar with the best elements of all the different brands, but none of them met the standards for my nonstop lifestyle. I wanted underwear that would clock some serious hours of comfort all day long. But in addition to keeping me comfortable in a suit or jeans, they also had to keep me feeling fresh and secure while I was working up a sweat at Crossfit, playing ball or traveling on an epic journey. I love to work hard AND play hard, and I needed underwear that could keep up with me. ”

Now how do you help? Go to the Shrine Boxers Kickstarter and become a backer! They are an amazing company and next week I will post a review and let you know if I am a boxer brief fan now!


Project 5 logoa350b6485125e40532bafac157a5ca5f_largeWhile I was doing my daily scroll of Facebook in July, I came across a very exciting notion.  Great quality underwear at an amazing price.  That’s right readers, quality underwear for the budget of every man.  Some of you who immerse yourselves in the underwear world as much as I do may have stumbled upon this miracle much as i did.  Who are these crazy folks?  They call themselves quite simply, Project 5.  I used my great deductive reasoning skills to figure out that they call themselves Project 5 because they intend to sell EVERY pair they make for $5.  I immediately added my email to their update list so that I can stay on top of their progress.  I also reached out to the manufacturer to get the skinny on their crazy idea of selling underwear at such an amazing price.  How do they do it you ask?  Well I’ll tell you.

I got a great response from Jose at Project 5 and he filled me in the on plan.  In his email to me he spoke very highly of his desire to provide great quality underwear at a great price.  Jose said, “Quality is going to be great and the price you can’t beat.”  Project 5 has already created another successful line of underwear and it’s this relationship with the manufacturer that allows them to keep costs down.  During a $5 sale of their current line they sold out and thus the concept was born.  Project 5 underwear will be successful I’m sure of it.

Project 5 underwear will be available to suit all underwear tastes.  Briefs and boxer briefs will be the main offerings in their line up.  I have not seen much of the colors yet, but on their launch page they showed a glimpse of the colors and they look very stylish and fun.  They have focused much on their waistband.  I like the twist on the letter “p” and the number “5” in the the logo.  It looks like a superhero’s logo.  Succeeding at this venture will undoubtedly make them a superhero to many underwear lovers.  Project 5 will use a wide range of materials to make sure that their comfort extends beyond the wallet to the butt of the wearer.  Cotton/spandex blends as well as nylon, modal, and polyester will ensure that each pair is made to the highest quality and comfort.  I am sure that as they grow more and more materials will be used and consistently maintain affordable prices.  The size chart for Project 5 is standard sizing for American manufacturers.  Since I have not gotten my hands on them yet, I will stick to my usual size plan.  Briefs I’ll get medium and trunks I’ll get small.  The figures I see on the chart make me think that my sizing plan will hold true.  I am eagerly awaiting some samples to test out and also to share with the other writers here at UNB and get more opinions.

project 5 size chart

How would you like to get an early jump on getting your own pair of Project 5 underwear?  They are offering this unique opportunity through a Kickstarter project.  Late last week they put up a Kickstarter page where you can help them fund the project.  Your contribution to their goal will score you underwear, stickers, and even personal messages of thanks from Project 5.  Check out the Kickstarter page for a peek at the underwear here: I hope that you all get behind this great new concept.  My excitement for this new brand is overflowing.  Getting this brand to market will really give other underwear brands a run for their money.  I have always wondered why underwear has to be so expensive and Project 5 is my kind of company.  Check them out!!


I LOVE that men’s underwear makers have started using crowd funding sites to get their lines out! Its a great way to let the consumers vote with their money. The latest to enter this market is ZPHELA. If you haven’t heard of them they are, as they say: “a brand is focused on Men’s underwear and lounge wear. A brand that is bold, sexy, tasteful, and tempting yet refreshingly classy. The sexiness of our products is not intended to attract raw carnality, it is rather refined into sensuality to arouse and excite the senses. Zphela intends to push boundaries, make bold statements, while creating long lasting aesthetic of men’s underwear and loungewear that extends beyond the status quo, translating into bold irresistible statements . ”

They are a new brand but the new Dark Horse collection looks pretty cool. I suggest you guys go check out out and be a part of starting a new company!  Here is the write up of the campaign:

To get to the final phase of our launch, Zphela is looking for assistance with further funding needs. To make this possible we have designed and developed a Limited Edition Collection, with over 100 design combinations. The full collection will only be available to 100 individuals.

Zphela strives to provide customers the best quality experience; a top of the line Nylon/ Spandex fabric will be utilized to ensure this lounge collection remains soft, airy, durable, functional, and comfortable for long periods of time in various situations at home or where comfort truly matters.

Considering the unknown potential the public expects from Zphela, “The Dark Horse” became a fitting name for our first lounge collection. The mysterious vibe and complete construction will vary depending on the backers preference, giving them the possibilities of creating something no one else will have.

If you are interested go check out the ZPHELA Kickstarter Campaign