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No matter what your skin color, the « Red Dahlia » collection will illuminate your body in the most beautiful way. Its beautiful and sparkling red will captivate and attract all eyes.

In red Italian lace with lush floral and botanical details, the pieces in this collection are so comfortable that they all fit like a second skin thanks to their thoughtful, form-fitting cut.

Pretty and delicate, this flowery collection has everything it takes to seduce you as well as your partner.

The transparency so sensual and tinged with elegance by its beautiful patterns will make these pieces the perfect partners for your intimate moments.

Made in Portugal with Italian embroidered lace, the “Red Dahlia” collection, consists of a striptease thong, a micro brief, a shorty push up, a t-shirt and finally a body string.

Model: @jonzu Photographer @sandeepparis

It’s simply impossible to resist the Caprera collection and its sensual pieces in a divine royal blue.

Don’t be fooled by its minimalist look, its beautiful blue tulle will adorn you in the most beautiful way. Its finesse will delight you and accentuate your natural masculinity.

The pronounced transparency will suggest what’s underneath and will leave little room for imagination.

With their voluptuous and airy fabric with ergonomic cut, each piece of the Caprera collection not only offers you total freedom of movement, but also unprecedented comfort by wrapping you in a cocoon of softness.

Perfect for your moments of rest and intimacy, this collection, synonymous with summer and beautiful days, will adapt to your deepest desires, whether you are alone or accompanied, indoors or outdoors, if you want to play in transparency …

The pieces of the “Caprera” Collection can be found here:

L’Homme Invisible – Caprera

Model: @jonzu Photographer @sandeepparis

The Dévoré Noir collection, as well as its even more transparent variant Dévoré Tattoo, is back at L’Homme Invisible!

Revamped and declined in new styles, these collections will attract all eyes thanks to their strong contrast of Celtic motives.
Dévoré Tattoo is a more transparent version of Dévoré Noir, you can choose the level of transparency you’re confident with. In any case, both will transform your body to a work of art, its soft fabric will caress you like a second skin. They’re very unique collections to make you look great and feel great, a real must-haves.

All the cuts are very fitted and will follow your curves to perfection while enhancing your body.
Perfect for your moments of rest and your intimate ones, these collections with their more or less pronounced transparency, will suggest your skin … leaving room for the imagination of anyone who will lay eyes on you.

The collections Dévoré Noir and Dévoré Tattoo are declined each one in several models such as a striptease thong, a micro briefs, a jockstrap, a mini boxer, a hipster push up, and finally a V-Neck t-shirt.

The pieces of the “Dévoré Noir & Dévoré Tattoo” Collection can be found here:

LHI – Dévoré

Model: @philipfusco Photographer @sandeepparis

L’Homme Invisible has always been inspired by French history, a rich history in terms of fashion and elegance… The Matelot collection is no exception.

Inspired by the old French navy, the navy pants form l’Homme Invisible has been updated by us to be more modern and urban.
Both comfortable and soft, these pants & shorts are perfect partners for your various activities or outings: Whether in the city, a walk by the sea or even for your moments of relaxation in the comfort of your home, they will adapt to your desires and needs.

The particularity of the pieces composing it, is that they are all equipped with a front buttoned panel with many functions….
Indeed, this one will allow you first of all to adorn a look of super sexy sailor, which will not fail to turn heads around you, and its goes without saying, what you can do with a front opening pouch ?

The cut is fitted for both pants and shorts, the fabric is elastane with lycra which will promise you a total freedom of movement and making it very practical garments.

The pieces of the Matelot Collection can be found here:

L’Homme Invisible – Matelot

Model: @francesco__xo Photographer @sandeepparis


The Tartan becomes all the more sexy with L’Homme Invisible, the pouches are bigger and the lengths are shorter. Not to miss micro briefs and striptease thong !

Of a timeless elegance, this pattern, characteristic of Scotland is a must have and a great classic.

Each piece in the Scott Collection has an ergonomic cut that not only provides comfort and total freedom of movement, but also dresses you up and makes you look masculine and sophisticated, while remaining sensual and delicate.

The fabric is printed locally in Parisian outskirts and garments are cutted and sewn in Portugal
This collection is part of the eco-responsible approach that L’Homme Invisible has been supporting for many years. Working with local actors allows them not only to have a better quality but also reduces their ecological footprint.

The Scott collection comes in several styles, namely a striptease thong, a micro briefs and a Hipster Push-up.

The pieces of the “Scott” Collection can be found at the L’Homme Invisible Site.

Photographer @sandeepparis

This collection is set with beautiful embroideries of interlaced olive leaves, which will give you a summery look in a high fashion style. With its play of transparency between a thin light blue fabric and strong contrast embroidery, this collection will reveal you without exposing you completely.

L’Homme Invisible has always been inspired by the summer and the shades of color that can be found. For the “Olivier” collection, the colors are reminiscent of those encountered when you look at the olive leaves and branches set against the blue sky.

Both light and sensual, each piece of the “Olivier” collection has an ergonomic cut which has the effect of enhancing and sublimate your body as they follow your curves to perfection.

Made in Portugal, this collection is part of the eco-responsible approach wanted and defended by L’Homme Invisible for many years. Working with local actors allows them not only to have a better quality while reducing their ecological footprint.

This collection is composed of thong, mini briefs, two push-up underwear (Hipster & V Boxer) and a T-Shirt.

Credits: Model: @davidlopezva, Photographer: Sandeep Sahni @sandeepparis

The collection that will make you see Life in vivid colors

Inspired by sweet and colorful dreams filled with romance, Sandeep SAHNI has created for you the “Technicolor Dreams” collection which will make you see your life in vivid colors.

It is a true ode to love and tenderness that will not fail to amaze you …

With floral and summery accents, this collection is made for your moments of rest on the beach but can also follow you in your intimacy for your most private moments.

Made in Portugal with printed microfiber from France (Near Paris), this collection is part of the “l’Homme Invisible”’s will to be an actor of change. Indeed, the brand wants to be part of a local dynamic and respectful of the environment, by reducing its ecological footprint and wishing to work with partners in and around France.

This collection comprises pieces such as a thong, briefs and two Push-Up Underwears ( Hipster Push- Up & Miniboxer Push-Up).

Credits: Model: @agvr9, Photographer: Sandeep Sahni @sandeepparis

L’Homme Invisible has always been pushing boundaries for men’s underwear, innovative cuts and never seen before fabrics in men’s underwear range. To finish 2020 on a sensual note, L’Homme Invisible presents Elio collection of stunning beauty. A very fine mesh veil with very heavy embroidery in abstract arabesque motifs to turn male body in to piece of an art.

Elio comes in two color ranges, combination of navy blue and red for the passionate ones, second ton on ton embroidery for discreet sensual elegance. On wearing Elio collection, one doesn’t stop to marvel at all the work that gone in to making this unique collection.

Elio underwear range of L’Homme Invisible is must have piece for any underwear collector, with certain pieces being sold out withing few days of releasing the collection.

Elio collection comprises four different underwear bottoms and a T-Shirt. The lowers range comprises G-string Thong, Push-Up Trunks, Hipster Push-Up, and a V-Boxer Push-Up. T-shirt is more of an outwear than underwear but with festive season in perspective, create your sexy holiday look by matching t-shirt with any of the lowers of the same theme.

Magnificent would be an understatement for this collection! Rich blue flowers with gold and satin finish float sensually on a black transparent ground letting skin peek through its open work.

Elysée collection embodies elegance and refined taste, it is not just about looking and feeling good, but it is also doing in every way, its sumptuous lace is made in Italy in most sustainable way.

Elysée collection will envelope you in a cocoon of softness and refinement. A chic classic that will never go out of style, L’Homme Invisible offers you a unique collection made of comfort, delicacy and sensuality.

Elysée collection comprises four different styles of underwear and a T-Shirt. This underwear bottoms include a Striptease G-string Thong, Push-Up Trunks, Hipster Push-Up, and a V-Boxer Push-Up. Match t-shirt with any of the lowers according to your whims and desires and create a dashing look for bedroom or wear them with your favorite trousers to create sensations outside.

Credits: Model: Ludovic by Blakemen @blakemenparis, Photographer: Sandeep Sahni @sandeepparis

Dazzling blue fine lace made in Italy for luxurious men’s lingerie.

Playing between transparency and opacity, the blue lace of Dillys collection will sublime your body. Thanks to its bright color you will be captivated by the way it highlight all skin tones.

The extremely light Italian lace brings softness and comfort to the Dillys underwear collection. Its baroque patterns give the whole a sweet romantic touch that takes us into a universe of sensuality.

Let yourself be captivated by this luxurious collection and its haute couture style.

Dillys collection comprises six different underwear styles and a T-shirt. The Dillys underwear comes in String Striptease, String Bikini, Hipster Push-Up, V boxer Push-Up, Short Lounge, and a Push-Up Brief. This elegant T-Shirt can be worn as a set with Dillys underwear or can be worn with trousers for an outdoor outfit.

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Sensuality of lace and Exoticism of zebra print come together with Cory underwear collection by L’Homme Invisible. Today when travelling seems like a dream, L’Homme invisible brings fascinating African safari to you through its Cory collection.

Soft and pleasant to wear and touch, this zebra print, made in France, brings a captivating and sensual exoticism to this lace already so luxurious, playing between transparency and opacity.

Cory collection comprises five different unique cuts including gstring thong, push-up briefs, two push-up boxers and a top to create a complete look. The top can be work on its own also for a casual outing or exotic-chic look.

Credits: Model: Anthony Wagner @anthonywagner, Ageny: Blake Men @blakemenparis, Photographer: Sandeep Sahni @sandeepparis

Air collection is made of superfine and ultra-light weight microfiber made in Italy. This luxury extra fine breathable fabric offers great wearability and perfect shape. It is resistant to abrasion and chlorine resistant ( get the hint, you can also jump in the pool with it)

With this super fine fabric in super lightweight, the Air seemed very appropriate. Specially is soft sky blue colour that constantly reminds us of summer sky. A bit of summer sky for all year through for you now.

The “AIR COLLECTION” comprises of Gstring thong, micro briefs, hipster push & V boxer push up. All the styles are without lining and the u suspensor pouches boxer on single ply to fully appreciate the soft touch of the fabric and to let your masculine attributes shine with the soft sheen of the fabric.

These luxury underwear are retailing at 45€ for V Boxer Push Up & Hipster Push up, 32,00€ Micro Briefs & 31,5€ for G-string. Get this line at Studio Retail.

Credits: Model – Augustin Vera Ramirez @agvr9, Photographer – Sandeep Sahni, Location – Gran Canaria

French luxury fashion house L’Homme Invisible has just released a new campaign for its Anapos Line. This underwear and club wear collection is made from an amazing, top quality, striking blue fabric featuring organic shapes that bring in mind the waves of the ocean. L’Homme Invisible invites customers and fans alike to leave the cold winter behind and let themselves get a dip into the fresh waters of its new, Anapos line.

This new collection comprises three underwear styles and a T-shirt. The Anapos underwear comes in String Striptease, Slip Sexy Back and V Shorty Push up. All styles are lined with a lightweight, semi transparent, super soft fabric in beige colour. This protective fabric lets your skin shine through the transparent lace while the contoured pouch fits perfectly the male anatomy. The T-shirt is made from the same fabric to match the underwear and features a V neck in black trim. This tee can be worn as a set with the underwear but also for a night out with your favourite trousers. The Anapos collection is sexy and confident encapsulating the spirit of the French label to its core. It comes as a natural continuation of the L’Homme Invisible O Life line released in 2018. Both collections get the ocean as a reference to offer alternative, contemporary styles for modern men.   

The campaign was photographed in New York. The model is Philip Fusco posing in the new designs. The Anapos collection of L’Homme Invisible is available from its official e-store and select retailers

Luxury label L’Homme Invisible has just released the new images for its Viridios Line of underwear and T-Shirts. The French underwear and resort wear fashion house created yet another stunning line, featuring elegant styles that ooze confidence. Transparency and organic patterns play a significant role in the Autumn/Winter 2018-19 collection of the Parisian label, offering men today the big trends of tomorrow in underwear fashion.

L’Homme Invisible’s Viridios Line comprises three underwear styles and a T-Shirt, all made from a top quality Italian lace. This delicate fabric is light as a feather and features an organic pattern never seen before in men’s underwear. All the items of this collection are handcrafted to perfection with the male anatomy in mind and put together with black detailing and the fewest seams possible for ultimate comfort. The underwear of this line comes in the trademark V-Boxers Push Up, Invisible Boxers and the String Striptease cuts. One more exquisite item in this line is the Viridios T-Shirt, made from the same lightweight fabric, perfect with the rest of the underwear of this line and your favourite pants alike.

The campaign was photographed in Dublin, Ireland and was directed by the owner of the brand, Sandeep Sahni. The model goes by the name Ricardo and is of cuban descent. His attitude and hyper masculine looks made him the perfect choice to pose in the Viridios line designs. The new collection of the French brand is available from its official e-store and select retailers around the globe.

French men’s luxurious underwear and resort wear house L’Homme Invisible  is excited to announce the launch of its new line Morpheus. Released in the very first days of summer, this line gets inspired by lush green nature and the blue of the sky of this time of year. 
Just like all the lines you are about to see this season from the Parisian brand, the Morpheus line, focuses on elegance and comfort. Top quality fabrics are mixed with elegant styles and flattering silhouettes designed to impress. The latest release comprises underwear (in four distinct styles) and a T-shirt. Leaves and flowers take center stage in a top quality lace made in Germany. The vibrant green of the fabric is matched elegantly with blue detailing and tone on tone waistbands. In this line you will find the trademark V-Boxers and V-Briefs by L’Homme Invisible featuring a sexy waistband design with a plunging front and a custom made label at the center. There is also a Hipster Push Up underwear with natural enhancing features and the very sexy String Striptease with snaps on either side for quick release. The striking T-shirt of this line is made to be worn as underwear or as street wear. You can combine it with the underwear of this line for a full L’Homme Invisible look or with your favorite pair of trousers. All of the range’s items are offered in four sizes to suit most (from S to XL).
The Morpheus line by L’Homme Invisible is designed for men who look for something unique. The transparency, look and motif of the fabric combined with the trademark styles of the brand make every piece special, a true work of art. This is a luxurious, chic line that celebrates the poetry of nature, a beauty hard to ignore!

UNB Swimwear Guide – L’Homme Invisible

L’Homme Invisible was one of the sponsors for the 2018 Swimwear Guide. They are one of the newest brands to participate in the guide  

Suits Include:

Rio – Shorty Bain –

Rio Micro Swimming Trunks.-

Miami Shorts –


  • Models: Jacob & Casey
  • Photo: Taylor Campbell
  • Video: UNB 

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It’s summertime! And time to get We have the 2018 Swimwear guide featuring JOR, Cocksox, and L’Homme Invisible. Our models are Jacob (from our Holiday Guide) and new Model Casey. The photographer is Taylor Campbell. We had a lot of fun shooting this shoot!

JOR Swimwear

Jacob is wearing the JOR 0578 Renaissance Swim Briefs. $43.20Casey is wearing the JOR 0579 Dragone Swim Briefs. $43.20Casey is wearing the JOR 0288 Hot Swim Briefs in Red. $43.20Jacob is wearing the (left) JOR 0427 Sunny Swim Thong in royal. $40.00
Casey is wearing the (right)JOR 0288 Hot Swim Briefs in Red. $43.20Casey is wearing the JOR 0087 Sport Swim Briefs. $43.20Jacob is wearing the JOR 0589 Miami Swim Trunks. $51.20Casey is wearing the JOR 0591 Ibiza Swim Trunks. $51.20


Jacob is wearing the CX24 Brazilian Brief in Red. $32.00Casey is wearing the CX79 Boy Leg Brief in Shamrock. $44.00Casey is wearing the CX04 Drawstring Brief in Reef Gold – $38.00Jacob is wearing the CX02 Swim Brief in Black – $30.00Casey is wearing the CX22 Swim thong in Oceanic. $28.00
Jacob is wearing the CX06 Swim Brief in Oceanic. $48.00

L’Homme Invisible

Jacob is wearing the L’Homme Invisible Miami Swim Shorts in blue – 79.95 Euros.Casey is wearing the L’Homme Invisible Rio Micro Swimming Trunks. 79.95 Euros.Casey is wearing the L’Homme Invisible Rio Shorty Bain. 79.95 Euros.We hope you enjoyed this guide! Speical thanks to our amazing video reviewers Martin & Andrew for letting us use their pool for our location and all the brands for participating.Note: Prices are subject to change. Click each link to find the current price on the brand’s website. No price implied here is the final cost on the brand’s website.

L’Homme Invisible, a French men’s luxurious underwear and loungewear brand based in Paris, is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand new O Life Line. With a focus on high quality, elegance and innovation, Sandeep Sahni, owner and head designer of the brand, creates products that will always leave you excited and satisfied. 

L’Homme Invisible’s new O Life Line is available in two seductive colours, lilac (purple) and auber (red) and suits men full of charming sensuality and style. The line includes a T-Shirt and four styles of underwear: a string striptease, a V boxer, a mini hipster and a brief. This imposing range comes with an outstanding architectural pattern of flowing lines, moving arabesques and scrolls, and it has been made by a luxurious lace produced in Germany. The O Life T-Shirt features a plunging V neck, short sleeves and discreet branding. It is ideal for pairing with an underwear from the same line or even a pair of trousers for a chic night out outfit. The irresistible string striptease includes a contour pouch which is lined with a thin, skin colour fabric for optimal softness and comfort without losing the beauty of transparent motifs. Its ergonomic Y shaped back shapes your back perfectly and the two side clips are ideal to surprise your partner, in striptease style. The low waist V boxer highlights one of the sexiest parts of the male body and features a unique black V branding. Perfect for men who want to feel sexy and stylish at the same time. The lavish mini hipster features a short square cut and a high thigh cut with a 1 inch waistband and a back seam that offers the most flattering look. The final underwear style of the line, the indulgent briefs, are meticulously cut and will give you the sexiest look and compliment your best attributes. All of the range’s items are offered in four sizes to suit most (from S to XL). 

The O Life Line is one of the label’s most extravagant and chic ranges. With beautiful transparent motifs and an incredibly soft feel against the skin, it’s one that will offer you the most opulent and avant garde style. High quality, luxury, comfort, and designs that will make you stand out is what L’Homme Invisible strives to include in all of its creations and the O Life Line undeniably includes all of them. You don’t want to miss it!