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Swimwear should always be fun! I know not everyone out there will rock this electric pink swim brief on the beach. But, I know many would love this pair and would wear it anywhere. Personally, I think this is an amazing pair of swimwear.

Little Rok has been around for a few years and always makes super fun swimwear. The first time I saw them they were making comic inspired briefs (which they still have on their site). But they have some solids that rock. Not every guy wants printed swimwear.

Lycra beauty Made in Italy fabric with XtraLife Lycra fiber dyed with a particular fluo dyestuff.  Outstanding shaping and comfort that resist suntan lotion, body oils and chlorine. For long-lasting, beautiful shaping. 
Only Little Rok Original LOGO print on the front and  “Little Rok” red flag on the side. To extend the life of your swimwear: rinse with cold water after each use to remove any chlorine, salt water, or lotions. Wash on delicate cycle or handwash only and lay flat to dry. 

I dare you guys to rock this Pink swim brief this summer. If I get to my 36 waist, I’ll rock one of these!!

Pair: Little Rok My PLAIN FLUO Shocking Pink – Slip
Color: Pink
Fabric: 80% Polyamide – 20% Elastane
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: 39.90 Euros

I wanted a super fun pair to kick off the Swimwear Sunday. Then on Instagram, the Gay Comic Geek, posted this pair! And I was like that’s it! Little Rok has been around for several years. They always have some great swimwear and some of it always leads to the geek side. He is very inspired by comic books and superheroes.

We are experiencing a renaissance in the world of superheroes. One that has always been popular is Wonder Woman. Little Rok has made the Wonder Man swim brief. It’s designed in the colors of Wonder Woman but for a man. I know we have many comic fans who love Wonder Woman and want to wear this brief.  Hell, I want this brief! It’s just a fun pair.

The front has a take on the Wonder Woman logo. The Red, yellow and blue print is just super fun. They did a great job converting a female character into a pair of men’s swimwear. The best part of this pair is the back. It says “Super Hero in training.” What fun is that! I love this pair in all its glory.

They stress some of the great qualities of the pair: “Two-way stretch fabric, ultra chlorine resistant, excellent protection from UV rays and pilling resistant.” Also, they say hand washing is best but you can wash in gentle in the washing machine. Like most swimwear, it’s important to get salt and chlorine out of your swimwear.

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SIZES: Small – X-large
COST: 59.99 Euros/ $54.00
You can get this pair at Long Island Swimwear in the states

Little Rok Original Swimwear collection 2016 Photo: Roberto Chiovitti Photographer Model: Americo Neto Swimwear: "CandyRok" #LittleRok #LittleRokOriginal #BestSwimwear #CandyRok #speedo #Summer2016 #Star #MyStar

Little Roc sent us a ton of great pictures to share with you guys. Here is one of the latests. They make some awesome swimwear. You guys need to check them out

Little Rok Original Swimwear collection 2016
Photo: Roberto Chiovitti Photographer
Model: Americo Neto
Swimwear: “CandyRok”
#LittleRok #LittleRokOriginal #BestSwimwear #CandyRok #speedo #Summer2016 #Star #MyStar

10928863_758327207571591_7435639122564319157_n  Have you seen Little Rok? They are a great swimwear company that has some fun suits for the geek in all of us! We got a chance to talk to Rocco, the owner, about the brand.

Tell us how you combined your love of comics and bodybuilding and mixed it the world of designing clothes, specifically swimwear?

Since I was a little boy I loved drawing and also reading all kinds of comic books. When I’ve started working in the fashion industry, many years ago, I’ve put into practice my qualities as an illustrator to create and personalized some of the graphics of the new coming collections until, back in 2012, I finally started my own line Little Rok.  I’ve realized that there are only a few lines out there that put together the world of superheroes and fashion that still allows you to feel comfortable and sexy and that’s why I decided to focus on swimwear.

You have two of my favorite swimwear, and made my geek side very happy, with the My Swim Cap and Star what was the inspiration? Who are your favorite comic characters?

It all started as a joke when I draw for a friend of mine a sort of my own reinterpretation of one of his favorites superheroes. I pictured this character with sportswear and sneakers giving him this way a newer and fresher look, and everybody loved it. I personally don’t have a favorite one myself, but what really fascinates me is the fact that undercover they are all normale people with normal lives but with superpowers.

What is the inspires you to take something from comics and put it down as a design?

I love comics because is like living in a fictional and fantastical world but with real people. For many years, I’ve followed the work of some of the most famous cartoonist out there, but only when I personally met Claudio Castellini, an Italian artist now working and living in the US, I’ve realized that I wanted to keep drawing superheroes and also keep working in the fashion industry. He was my true inspiration.

The Cap and Star are not the only pairs you are known for, tell us us about the “Huge” character. What was the inspiration? How popular has he become in the world of bodybuilding?

The “Huge” character was born from the idea of creating a superhero from the real and everyday life. A real man, in this case a bodybuilder, who cares about the way he looks and trains everyday harder and harder to always becoming bigger and more powerful. This way, he inspires people from all ages to become like him, not only physically but also mentally showing then that with determination and hard work anyone could achieve their goals.

The swimwear was the first thing that caught my eye. The Star picture made me stop and take notice. But you do things other than swim. Can you tell us about your other clothing you make?

Little Rok has a wide range of T-shirts, tank-tops, shorts, and sweaters made with different types of fabrics from cotton to mesh fabric, and also with different styles like the “raw edge cut” which I’ve noticed people like it a lot. Basically, a line for people who prefer a more sporty and casual look, and also for those who like to dress comfortable and fashionable while doing their physical activities.

Do you have any new comic collections coming out soon?

Yes, soon the new collection will come out with lots of cool and interesting characters. I’ve designed new t-shirts and tank-tops with the “My Star” graphic on it which now sort of represents Little Rok. New swimsuits are coming, and last but not least I’m launching this year a limited edition of the “BOOM” swimwear that was a huge success last year, not only among costumers but also among other designers from across the ocean.

Find them on the net at

10635971_678297568907889_2518958041849253856_nWhen Flash Avenue Studios sent over the pics posted earlier I had to see the company that made them. Yes I’m a bit of a geek, well I more of a big geek boy who stared and underwear blog. I have LOVED the Marvel movies, so to have comic inspired swimwear I was Thrilled. I have see one of the suits before in a photogs pic on Tumblr but didn’t know who made it, and now I do!

The one thing I love about underwear/swimwear is it brings guys together. Geeks, jocks, avg joes and beefy guys. We share the same love and its a bond we all have and Little Rok brings out the geek in all of us, which is a good thing. Little Rok is based out of Italy and they are inspired by their love of super heroes and body building. They aren’t just swimwear they have some really cool swim, tanks and t’s. By the way you can get at matching CAP shirt for your swimwear.

The three styles I am going to focus on are BOOM, STAR and CAP.

Swimwear_Little_Rok_7_905x534-905x534The Boom is just like in the comics with the call out bubble going BOOM! It is available in 5 different color combinations.

Swimwear_Little_Rok_3_905x534-905x534The Star is inspired by Captian America’s shield, or at least that’s my opinion. It is available in two different shades of blue.

Swimwear_Little_Rok_6_905x534-905x534Last is their CAP, which from their  site was one of their first designs. It’s their take on a super hero. Available in three different color combinations

I Love each of these designs. You can really see how they were inspired by the love of super heroes. When I first saw the pair I knew I had to find out who created it. It was sexy and fun to me. If i saw a guy wearing this on the beach, I would know he’s a guy about having fun and not taking things so seriously.

The cost on these are over 30 Euros. The exchange rate varies from day to day. So they won’t be cheap but they shouldn’t be super expensive either. To find them check out the Little Rok site and remember you can change the site to english (or other language) at the top of the page!