MACKEENE SwimwearI love bringing you guys brands you may not have heard of before. This week I was emailed by the PR firm who represents MACKEENE that they are launching in the US. You may be ask, “Ok, who are they?” Well here is more info about the company: 

“The eight-year old company, founded by French brothers, Rodolphe and Harold Mackeene, features high-end swimshorts and polos that are designed for exceptional freedom of movement, as well as ultimate performance. MACKEENE’s mission is to combine innovation, luxury and comfort; all inspired by an active and definitively chic St. Bart’s lifestyle to a global audience.

Upon meeting Rodolphe, a professional kite surfer and purveyor of wanderlust, and his brother Harold, an artist and graphic designer in Paris, one is instantly transported to their life of high-design performance and stylish integrity. The St. Bart’s born brothers joined their uniquely different passions to create a cohesive line of luxury swimshorts that fuses technology with function, and with three distinctive cuts for all varieties of the sophisticated and stylish, modern man. Leading the industry with their patented magnetic closure created for extreme sports, and combined with quality materials, craftsmanship and world-renowned French style, MACKEENE is the definition of form, function and fashion. The brand is currently sold at high-end swim and resort boutiques in France, as well as throughout Europe, Japan and the Caribbean.  Newly launched in the USA, the brand is exclusively available at “

So I went over to the newly launched US site and gave it a look. I will say if you’re a swim short fan, this site is for you. They have some really great colors and patterns. The styles are not very skimpy or too long. Its very stylish with what guys are wearing. Another thing you need to know is they are not on the low end on price. They are over $100 a pair. Which to some, that’s not a big deal. We have readers who will not balk at the price and order a few.

I think they may do well in the US with the the style and colors. They are very main stream. I’m not saying that in a bad way, but rather men’s swimwear wearers are becoming more fashion conscious. The guys are wanting to look good on the beach not just buy something off a rack at a department store!

If you want something really fashionable, fun and few people will have it go to MACKEENE’s new US website and give them a look.