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Male Power presents haute couture for the man who demands more. Their brand-new line of underwear, French Terry, is tré classé and more than a little risqué.

These performance boosting garments, made from rayon spandex, are moisture wicking and super absorbent — perfect for workouts. The antibacterial fabric is cozy and cushiony, and the slightly textured pattern has a soft, smooth finish. Nylon spandex trimmed cutouts expose a soupcon of skin, and the branded “Power” elastic waistband adds a dash of panache.

French Terry comes in three sizzling styles – a ménage à trois for the boudoir: Cutout Short, Cutout Thong or Cutout Moonshine. They are all available in either navy or ivory, and in stock for immediate delivery.

Looking for intimate apparel that is par excellence? Choose Male Power and vive le difference!

Are you a big fan of Male Power? They have a new line called Iron Clad. They always make really interesting and fun styles. We thik many of you guys would love it. Here is what they say about the new line:

‘IRON CLAD’ IS FORGED FOR THE IRON MAN. Iron Clad looks hard and feels soft. The latest underwear fashion from Male Power is tailor-made for the powerful male. Made from a high tech material with rubber like qualities, this garment is ultra thin and pliable. It is made with lightweight, breathable poly spandex to ensure comfort. The fabric has a subtle texturized pattern and a sleek, polished finish. Contrasting black mesh pouches with extending inserts circle the hips and rear. A color coordinated essential waistband completes this industrial, minimalist masterpiece.

Three popular body types are available: Iron Clad Short, Iron Clad Bikini and Iron Clad Thong. All are available for immediate delivery. Add a little iron to your intimate apparel. Iron Cladis mucho macho and hot as molten steel.

If you love this pair and want to get it, check out the Male Power site! It’s a super fun collection


This pair of underwear was furnished by Male Power for review.

Rating: 7.2/10

  • Daily Fit: 7/10
  • Sizing: 7/10
  • Construction: 7/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 7/10

Pros: Nice loud color, black light responsiveness.

Cons: Annoying care tag.

Underweardude recommendation: If you are looking to add a pop of color to your thong collection, this line fits the bill.

I received this pair from Male Power to review, and I’ve got to say right off the bat, that this is a really sexy pair! The Neon Orange color that I received is wonderful, bright and vibrant. Male Power states that the pair is black light responsive but I was unable to test it, but that might make it a good pair for clubbing, and is certainly a fun addition. Male Power states it has “sexy torso-baring sling styling”, and it sure does! It features a very daring super low rise curved front, and if wearing this in public I might recommend manscaping. I quite like that curved front look, so if it’s your thing too check this pair out. The back is slightly small, but in the normal range for guys thongs. The fit was just fine for me as well.

The pouch looks small at first, but once you pit it on it fits great. The spandex material has some stretch, but not exceptional. As long as you aren’t packing some serious heat, you should be good in this pair. The spandex does not feel exceptionally smooth to the touch but is quite comfortable when worn.

My only real complaint with this pair is that the care tag is the length of the entire depth of the triangular back part of the strap, almost too long, and can move about and become a nuisance. Luckily, a pair of sizers solves that problem easily. I also found the stitching on the back of the elastic to be slightly rough, but not noticeable during normal wear. The waistband is also practically nonexistent, so if you prefer your pairs to have a real waistband, this pair is not for you.

I would certainly recommend this pair. Every time I put it on it made me feel extremely confident and sexy. I wore this pair on a busy Thong  Thursday and had no problems with it. If you want a sleek, sexy thong to show off what you’ve got, check this pair out.

BRAND: Male Power
PAIR: Euro Male Spandex Micro Pouch Thong
COLORS: Orange, Green, Blue, Black
FABRIC: Spanex
SIZES: Small/Medium – XL
COST: $15.00
Buy at: ABC Underwear.


Male Power furnished the Athletic Sport Mini Short for review.

Rating: 8.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: Great pouch, stretchy fabric, and great pouch

Cons: mesh was annoying at one point.

UNB Tim recommendation: I enjoyed this pair. It’s great for a regular day doing work. It can be work working out or lounging around the house. The pouch was my favorite thing. It fits great and gave me ample support throughout the day.

Male Power has some interesting undies. They have always been known for some of the over the top and fun styles. However, in the last few years, they have been making some more “mainstream” underwear. Don’t worry they are still making the erotic pairs, but they are making some traditional styles with their own spin on it. Like the Athletic Mini Short

This pair has a traditional trunk cut. Which felt nice with a great pouch. The way Male Power put their spin on it was the fabric. It’s made out of a sports mesh fabric. Which wasn’t totally see through but it makes you feel a little bit sexy throughout the day.

I wore these to my part time job. Luckily, I am going back full time this next week for a few months. It’s a lot of manual lifting and running around. They felt great throughout the day. The only thing that got me was if your manhood doesn’t line up, the holes in the fabric can rub you the wrong way, Literally. This happens to me from time to time with mesh. Do you guys have the same issue?

Two of the big plusses were the fabric and pouch. The fabric was super stretchy and felt great throughout the day. Other than the issue above, which after I adjusted it didn’t bother me. I love undies that are tighter and keep everything in place. A second was the pouch. Many times I get trunks without a defined pouch. The lack of support will drive me crazy.

Sizing for me in this pair was spot on. It wasn’t too tight. Some of their pairs I have had in the past vary in the sizing. I think the new lines are more consistent than some of the older ones. Just make sure you double check the sizing chart. This line I don’t think you will have too many issues with sizing.

I enjoyed this pair a lot. While I’m not the biggest trunk guy. I think I will wear these on a regular basis. This is one of the pairs I love with a great pouch and fabric. It gives me the support I need on a daily basis.

BRAND: Male Power
PAIR: Athletic Sport Mini Short
COLORS: Blue or Black
SIZES: Small – XL

Where to buy: Find a retailer at


Are you a fan of lace? Have you ever wanted to try lace underwear? One of the first pairs of lace undies I ever tried was a pair from Male Power. At the time I was willing to give something new a try. The pair just blew me away with the comfort and how sexy I felt wearing them. Many guys out there see Lace for men as something you shouldn’t wear.

Many guys out there see Lace for men as something you shouldn’t wear. I say don’t knock it till you try it! I was skeptical at first but glad I gave it a try! Male Power is known for doing some really interesting and fun things with men’s underwear. They don’t shy away from lace, leather, rubber or interesting cuts (some of those fabrics aren’t leather or rubber but look like it). They have just released the new Stretch Lace in Red.  Here is what they say about it!

Male Power rocked the lingerie industry last year with the introduction of Stretch Lace, a daring line of lace underwear for men. It has quickly become their top selling specialty fabric collection and was a sizzling hot seller for the holidays.

These mini shorts, bong thongs, and posing straps are simply stunning. The garments are made from a delicate, lightweight fabric that beautifully showcases the male curves and contours.The underwear offers optimum breathability and amazing support and durability. The four-way stretch material also ensures total comfort. Previously sold in classic black or wintry white, the collection is now also available in bold, vibrant crimson red.

Stretch Lace is the perfect gift for the sensual male – and creates the sexiest look for his significant other. Check out his poses and you won’t need roses!Male Power gives you a hot item, in a hot new color, with immediate availability.

The Male Power Snap thong was furnished by Male Power.

Rating: 5.4/10

  • Daily Fit: 5/10
  • Sizing: 3/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 6/10
  • Daily Performance: 5/10

Pros: Cool snap fly.

Cons: Sizing is a bit off.

Underweardude recommendation: If you are looking for a fun sexy thong for the bedroom, this is worth a look.

Male Power, the venerable underwear brand that has been making snazzy underwear for guys since the 70’s has come out with it’s 2017 lineup, and I’ve got an interesting pair that I received from them to review, the Snap Thong. What makes this pair different from most, if any pairs, I’ve encountered, are the three snaps buttons that cross diagonally above the right hip, and form the connection to that side.

So what did I like about this pair? First off, it had real character. The mesh was fun, but it wasn’t too wide so you couldn’t really see anything until up close. Combined with the fun snap feature, I can see this pair becoming a real big hit in the bedroom. The rest of the thong itself is your standard thong shape, as much as there is one these days. The dark blue mesh of the pair I received combined well with the white elastic trim. The pouch is fine, if not exceptional, with some stretch provided by the material. I was also curious to see how the fly would work in less, romantic situations. It worked better than I expected, though I dared not try it in public. I would not want to go through the difficulty and embarrassment of fumbling with my underwear for that long in a public restroom, or pray that no one heard the snap as it was closed. The snaps appear to be well made, of high quality.

This pair was not without its faults, however. The thong strap is too wide in between the legs for my tastes, and the way the white trim is on the back strap does not look very flattering in my opinion. I also had an issue with sizing. I’m a bit of a scrawny guy but usually, size small pairs work for me. The tag, (a small one thank goodness), states the pair to be a S/M, so perhaps that is why the pair is a bit loose. It is still fine for me just lounging around the house, but I would not try to say, going for a run in it. This size issue causes the fabric that the snaps lay on upfront to bulge slightly.

Then we come to the snaps. They are quite hard to remove, which I guess is sort of a good thing when three snaps are holding your underwear together, but it also makes it impossible to remove even one with just one hand, lowering the sex appeal of the pair for me a bit.Once a second hand is applied the snaps come off easily and quickly. The snap fly is also on the right side of the pair, which may be annoying to some wearers who are left handed.


Overall, I want to like this pair. It is sexy, fun, with a great party piece in the snaps. By no means is this pair a bad thong. It’s just not a great thong. It just isn’t and alls round all day thong. It’s a pair that its purpose is in the bedroom, and it has enough there to be useful. Its major flaw is that it doesn’t fit me in particular. I am sure there are many men for which this thong will fit perfectly. Alas, I am not one of them. Despite its limited use, the Male Power Snap Thong has some characteristics that make it quite attractive for that use, so if you are looking for a pair to wear for fun times, give the pair a look.


BRAND: Male Power
PAIR: Snap Thong
COLORS: Blue, Black
FABRIC: 90% Poly, 10% Spandex
SIZES: Small/Medium – XL



 Male Power furnished the Pocket Pool Pocket Short for review.

Rating: 8.2/10

  • Daily Fit: 7/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction:9/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: The pair is really stylish with the contrasting colors. The pockets near the pouch add interest. Leg holes don’t stretch out even with lots of movement.

Cons: The pair would ride down exposing part of my butt.

I have tried Male Power in the past for the site. This was a different style but I did like how the pair before fit. This pair of shorts (or trucks) are what I enjoy wearing the most so I was excited to try this pair out. I loved the look of the pair as soon as I removed them from the package.

I wore this pair of underwear while I was working my retail job. I was busy building shelving and moving product around the store so I was moving and bending a lot in them. Overall the underwear felt great all day. With all of the movement, the underwear didn’t get stretched out at all. The shorts leg holes didn’t stretch out which helped the pair remain in place throughout the day. The one issue I had was that the pair would occasionally ride down exposing the top of my butt, which could be from having a bubble butt.

The pair is made really well. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The underwear is all cotton with the spandex being the pockets on the front. The pair is black with red pockets that are made to look like classic gym shorts. The waistband has the male power logo and matches in color. There is a decent pouch built into the underwear so there is space for your “goods” to be comfortable.

I got a small pair of underwear and they fit me perfectly. I have only had one pair of underwear from Male Power not fit me before, otherwise, the pairs have fit amazing. The underwear hugs your body and doesn’t stretch out horribly over the course of your day, no matter how much you move.

Overall I was really happy with this pair of underwear. It was comfortable and remained in place throughout the day. It is a fun pair with a different look with the pockets next to the pouch on the front of the underwear. I will definitely enjoy wearing this underwear every time I pull them on.

BRAND: Male Power

PAIR: Pocket Pool Pocket Short

COLORS: black/red, and grey/navy

FABRIC: 95% cotton, 5% spandex

SIZES: Small-Extra Large

COST: $24

Where to buy:


Since it’s Jockstrap Wednesday. What better way to celebrate it than a picture from Jockstrap Central. The picture features the Male Power Honeycomb Jock. The pouch may look like a print but it’s in fact small cutouts over a black mesh fabric. This makes the pouch just a bit see through, but not blatantly so! Speaking of the pouch. It’s a large pouch for those needing a bit more room in the front. (Note post contains an affiliate sales link).

BRAND: Male Power
LINE: Honeycomb Mesh
STYLE: Jockstrap
COLORS: Blue/Black or White/Black
FABRIC: 88% Polyester 12% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $18.95



The Honeycomb Jockstrap by Male Power is a stylish and unique jock that puts comfort first but with a touch of sexiness that you would expect from a Male Power creation.

The most notable feature is it’s namesake, the unique honeycomb mesh fabric: On first glance, it looks like a honeycomb patterned mesh, and it is but upon closer inspection you’ll find the holes of the honeycomb are filled with a fine black mesh so it is see-through but subtly so.

It has a generous cut pouch so all you guys phoning us to say you’re HUGE down there and asking what jock will fit you, then this is the one. Not only does it have a roomy pouch but the mesh fabric has an incredible four-way stretch. Proof is in Caleb King’s pudding, so to speak. He’s got an enormous everything and this jock doesn’t cramp his style – as you can see from his bulge in the photos.

Comfort is not just in the pouch. The two inch wide waistband is made of a super soft plushed elastic with just the right amount of tension and stretch as are the two 3/4 inch leg straps.

Between the striking contrasting honeycomb mesh of the pouch, the stylized M Power logo against the black waistband and your big ol’ bulge, this is one jock that is going to get you noticed.


Post contains an affiliate sales link.


Summer just became a lot brighter with the launch of Male Power’s hot new underwear line, Retro-Active. This fun collection of mini-shorts, micro bong thongs and moonshine jocks is available in two ultra-vivid colors, purple and orange, and is space dyed to create a dazzling multi-toned effect throughout the fabric.

Made from a sleek and supple, body hugging microfiber, these garments are designed for a perfectly sculpted fit. They are further enhanced with a plush waistband imprinted with a dual color Male Power logo.

Cool, comfortable, and playfully provocative, Retro-Active is classic Male Power. Order now for a June 30th delivery date, and spice up your sales rack.


145-229 LS1


We have said it before that the Harness is the next big trend in the men’s fetish world. They come in all shapes and sizes as well. Male Power has released their own harness collection. This consists of two pieces, the top harness and bottom c-ring. One thing I like about this one is its not too thick. Many can be super wide and uncomfortable. Also it comes in three different colors. The fetish world is starting to embrace more colors than just black.

Male Power is always one to make super sexy underwear. So it’s not unusual to have them come out with this line. I really like this line. Its super sexy and can be functional as well. You can wear it to a bar night or put it under clothes for a fun time later with someone special. Here is a look at the front and back of each pair:

Harness is the perfect undergarment for the untamed man.  It is a two piece set made with super stretch satin elastane and adjustable snaps, to ensure perfect fit and complete comfort. The outfit is accessorized with a ring in the shoulder harness, and a detachable C-ring in the waistband, for quick access to your assets. Color choices include black, orange and turquoise.

Find these at your favorite Underwear Seller!



We have quite a few fans of Male Power. They are a company that creates super sexy underwear. Some of their pairs are dare to bare! But that is not the case with the new Maze line. The the thong is as wild as this collection gets! The print is pretty fun!  Here is what they tell us about the collection.

The Maze is designed to amaze. Crafted from an entangled fabric with a bold, black and white print, it is distinctive, figure enhancing and eye catching. Just as importantly, it is created to be soft and pliable for cushiony comfort, and the natural pouch provides ample support. Choose the Mini-Short with low rise waist and high cut legs; the Bong Thong with low rise waist and one inch back and sides; or the Lo Rise Bikini with low rise waist, one inch sides and full coverage in back.

Find Male Power at your favorite online retailer!

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Male Power underwear is a brand that I had not heard of before. When I received the samples I was a bit deflated. I typically dislike mesh underwear because it’s uncomfortable on my naughty bits. But SURPRISE!  Amazing! The black mesh boxer brief is my favorite pair. They are uber comfy and the mesh makes me feel sexy since it is slightly revealing.


The cuts on all the styles are great and I asked for styles that had room for a big booty. Check! They all fit well and only one brief rides up slightly. I think for anyone with a more normal butt proportion they would be fine. Personally I like a brief or a boxer brief. The jock was my least favorite style because it didn’t give a lot of support. There were odd straps in the front that didn’t make a lot of sense. Maybe I’m a traditionalist when it comes to jocks, but this was slightly overdesigned.

jack green 2

I have worn them multiple times now and they are super comfortable all day. They hold up well after several washings. The elastic and the mesh are like new. I feel supported with just the right amount of slutty.

jock smirk

Overall I would definitely recommend this brand, especially the boxer briefs. I can’t say enough about the quality of the mesh. So soft and slinky. Love it.


  • Comfortable
  • Snug but stretchy
  • Sheer material for sexual appeal


  • Colors (black and green not my personal fave)
  • Jocks are too tricked out


  • Daily Fit = 9.5
  • Sizing = 9.5
  • Construction Materials = 10
  • Styling = 8
  • Daily Performance = 9
  • Overall = 9

Male Power furnished the Sport Mini Short – Navy (top), Attacker Mini Short – Green (middle) and Pocket Jock – Red (bottom pic).

futbol male power

Earlier this week we brought you the new Male Power Pocket Pool line and today we bring you the new Futbol collection. Male Power is really stepping up their game lately. I’m really impressed by both of the new lines. These are underwear you could wear anywhere! Here is what they tell us about the collection:

Those who prefer the pitch to the pool hall will enjoy Fútbol, the underwear of choice for the striking striker, the macho midfielder and the dashing defender. Butter soft Modal fabric, coordinating plush elastic waistbands and very bold colors assure outstanding support, extreme comfort and exceptional style. The Attacker Mini-Short has a low cut waist and high cut legs; Goalkeeper Thong offers a low rise waist and one inch t-back; Fullback Bikini is square cut with full back coverage. Each style comes with a comfortable enhancer pouch, and the black/green or yellow/turquoise color selections really stand out.

Find this line at your favorite Underwear retailer!

pocket pool male powerMale Power is known for their funky and fun styles. The newest release is a little more on the tame side. It’s called the Pocket Pool. They have a sporty feel that will be a great addition to your underwear drawer!  Here is what Male Power told us:

Guys will look great racking ‘em up in Pocket Pool, the sportiest intimate wear on the market. These garments are made from cool and comfortable cotton spandex, with mesh pockets that stretch to fit. Style choices include Pocket Short with low cut waist, high cut legs with side pockets; Pocket Jock, with low rise waist and elastic waistband; and Pocket Thong, with low cut waist and one inch t-back. All three styles offer plush waistbands with the ultra-cool mPower logo, and come in either bold black and red or trendy grey and navy.

Find these at your favorite underwear retailer.

PAK-890 WhiteSinglets and Bodysuits are exploding on the men’s underwear/gear market. Just when I think this trend is going to end more companies release new styles. Male Power is one of those companies. They have just released the Sheer Spandex Singlet. It’s more of a body suit than a traditional singlet but it’s still pretty fun.

These are not for everyone but the guys who read us that love them will like this. It’s like a brief with a tank attached. The sides are cut low and the tank section is sheer. As you can see the brief is solid. So you will be showing off but not showing it all off. Here is what Male Power has to say:

Sheer Spandex Singlet was created for the man who likes to stand out while he works out. This one piece garment combines a sheer, stretch mesh top and a solid, nylon spandex bottom.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it in the V-cut back with open sides and bikini that covers the bum but emphasizes its contour. Choose from three different colors, black, white and royal, and looked ripped while you’re doing your reps.

Find this at your favorite Male Power retailers.

PAK-890 White Back

145-203-LifeStyle copy Benjamin is the first recession-proof underwear. Three classic, sheer stretch styles are imprinted with hundred dollar bills. The randiest of our founding fathers would be proud to know that he is decorating these soft, sleek and sexy garments.

The Mini Pouch Short has a low-rise waist, high cut legs and contour comfort pouch. The Bong Thong offers a narrow front pouch, one inch sides and T-back with low-rise waist. And the Posing Strap sports a comfort contour pouch with a plush elastic G-string back.

Benjamin could only come in one color – green. Wear your net worth, and get more bang for your buck.

392-206_LS2 copy

You can really shine when you slip into Crinkle Disc, a luxurious array of shorts, jocks and thongs. They are created from an ultra-sexy fabric imprinted with circular discs, and imbued with rich silver or copper colors.

The very classy Enhancer Mini Short is a boxer brief with a tone-on-tone logo waistband. The high cut legs are trimmed with soft, plush elastic for complete comfort. A contour, self-binding pouch provides sexy support. The Jock gives you a full front pouch with plush elastic leg bands, to create a cut out effect at the hips. The sleek pouch on the Micro Thong is trimmed with plush, stretch elastic for perfect coverage. It has a matching elastic logo waistband.

These should be rolling out to your favorite Male Power retailer soon!

Radical-SportI know we have a few fans of Male Power out there. This week they have released four new lines. The first two are the Radical Sport (above) and Nylon Burn out (below). I have a few pairs of Male Power that I really like, such as the zipper shorts featured here for the Radical Sport. Just don’t zip it back up while still on because…. well you know! Here is what Male Power said about the line

“Anyone can look like a star athlete in Radical Sport, a line of shorts and thongs for the man who is occasionally zipped up but never buttoned down. All styles are made from a sensuously soft fabric imprinted with zigzag black lines, and are trimmed with functional, zipper fly fronts.

The Zipper Short features a contoured zipper pouch, low rise waist and high cut legs. In the mood for something even more daring? The Zipper Thong, a Male Power classic, offers a one inch back and sides and low rise waist. Wilder still is Zipper Moonshine, which looks like a brief in front, and has a jock-like, cut out backside for a partial baring of the buns. Color possibilities are light wine and slate; fantasy possibilities are endless.

The sizzling but subtle Nylon Burnout is perfect for men who project a sophisticated sensuality. The stretch fabric is comfortably lightweight, and offers a croc-like pattern on the outside and a hint of sheerness within.

Three different styles appeal to many different tastes. The Pouch Short affords a bit more coverage with its mid-length leg, low-rise waist and comfort pouch. The Wonder Thong teases with a full uplift pouch, low rise waist and one inch sides and back. The Posing Strap offers le minimum – a plush, elastic G-string back and a full comfort pouch. All selections are Male Power favorites, and come in either navy or taupe.”

These are going out to retailers now, so check with your favorite retailer for availability.


Love the feel of sports mesh? If so then you need to check out the new collection from Male Power. The new Athletic Mesh maybe just want you need! It is one fabric I have become to love in undies. It feels so amazing against your skin.


Here is some info from Male Power:

“Male Power is an athletic supporter, and has the underwear to prove it. Their Athletic Mesh collection is ideal for the active man who demands comfort, functionality and style.

This assortment of sport mini shorts, sport jocks and thongs is made with a soft, polymide-spandex fabric that ensures maximum breathability, while the cotton trim and inserts offer great wicking properties. A soft, cotton-covered elastic waistband with brand label provides just the right fit.”

Check this out at a retailer new you!