The Male Power Snap thong was furnished by Male Power.

Rating: 5.4/10

  • Daily Fit: 5/10
  • Sizing: 3/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 6/10
  • Daily Performance: 5/10

Pros: Cool snap fly.

Cons: Sizing is a bit off.

Underweardude recommendation: If you are looking for a fun sexy thong for the bedroom, this is worth a look.

Male Power, the venerable underwear brand that has been making snazzy underwear for guys since the 70’s has come out with it’s 2017 lineup, and I’ve got an interesting pair that I received from them to review, the Snap Thong. What makes this pair different from most, if any pairs, I’ve encountered, are the three snaps buttons that cross diagonally above the right hip, and form the connection to that side.

So what did I like about this pair? First off, it had real character. The mesh was fun, but it wasn’t too wide so you couldn’t really see anything until up close. Combined with the fun snap feature, I can see this pair becoming a real big hit in the bedroom. The rest of the thong itself is your standard thong shape, as much as there is one these days. The dark blue mesh of the pair I received combined well with the white elastic trim. The pouch is fine, if not exceptional, with some stretch provided by the material. I was also curious to see how the fly would work in less, romantic situations. It worked better than I expected, though I dared not try it in public. I would not want to go through the difficulty and embarrassment of fumbling with my underwear for that long in a public restroom, or pray that no one heard the snap as it was closed. The snaps appear to be well made, of high quality.

This pair was not without its faults, however. The thong strap is too wide in between the legs for my tastes, and the way the white trim is on the back strap does not look very flattering in my opinion. I also had an issue with sizing. I’m a bit of a scrawny guy but usually, size small pairs work for me. The tag, (a small one thank goodness), states the pair to be a S/M, so perhaps that is why the pair is a bit loose. It is still fine for me just lounging around the house, but I would not try to say, going for a run in it. This size issue causes the fabric that the snaps lay on upfront to bulge slightly.

Then we come to the snaps. They are quite hard to remove, which I guess is sort of a good thing when three snaps are holding your underwear together, but it also makes it impossible to remove even one with just one hand, lowering the sex appeal of the pair for me a bit.Once a second hand is applied the snaps come off easily and quickly. The snap fly is also on the right side of the pair, which may be annoying to some wearers who are left handed.


Overall, I want to like this pair. It is sexy, fun, with a great party piece in the snaps. By no means is this pair a bad thong. It’s just not a great thong. It just isn’t and alls round all day thong. It’s a pair that its purpose is in the bedroom, and it has enough there to be useful. Its major flaw is that it doesn’t fit me in particular. I am sure there are many men for which this thong will fit perfectly. Alas, I am not one of them. Despite its limited use, the Male Power Snap Thong has some characteristics that make it quite attractive for that use, so if you are looking for a pair to wear for fun times, give the pair a look.


BRAND: Male Power
PAIR: Snap Thong
COLORS: Blue, Black
FABRIC: 90% Poly, 10% Spandex
SIZES: Small/Medium – XL



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