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It’s hard to believe we are almost at the end of Swimwear Sunday. We have a few weeks left, and swimwear season will end before we know it. I was racking my brain in who to profile this weekend; then I saw our Steaks and Cakes boys posting pics from Mexico in these super fun green and pink swim briefs! Ryan and Will looked incredible in these suits. I had to profile them today, plus MCE Creations makes such excellent gear; they are a small brand but never underestimate them. The pair they wore were the Gold Buckle Swim Briefs.

“Soak up the sun in these cute and comfortable swim briefs. This cut and contoured seams work to shape and frame the body. Briefs are a snug fit. If you are at the upper end of the size range and are concerned on the fit, it is recommended to go a size up” This is what MCE says about the briefs, and it spot on!

The first thing to notice about the briefs is their unique colors; Artemis, Hades, Apollo, and Eros are the more death tones. While the Pink, Green, and blue colors are the bold colors. You will stand out and command attention to these three colors.

The next thing is the fit. They are smaller but hug every curve of a man’s body and show it off nicely. When I saw the boys in these, I was like, WOW, you boys are super hot in them. It got me thinking of picking up a pair for myself. Plus, having hardware on swimwear seems to be a big trend in men’s swimwear.

If you are looking for a new suit for Labor Day weekend and want something bold, go with the MCE Gold Buckle collection, you won’t be disappointed, and hey, it’s easy to access if you need such a thing. All the colors cost $42 and are reasonable for swimwear. Plus, you will be supporting a small brand.

This past week we released a podcast with the Steaks_n_Cakes boys (Will & Ryan) and Texas Renegade (Wayne), where we talked about being bigger, beefy guys and the issues we have finding good underwear and swimwear. If you know, you know! This Swimwear Sunday, I wanted to profile a pair that most of our guys could wear.

I chose the MCE Creations Palm Dreams to swim brief. The first reason is the super fun print. MCE is no stranger to making swim/underwear from these super unique, bold prints. They will command attention where ever you wear them. I can almost guarantee that when you wear this pair, people will come and ask you where you got the great swim briefs.

MCE Creations tries to include all body types in its sizing. It is excellent to find a brand that purposely includes bigger/beefy guys in their sizing. I love to wear swim briefs and have worn them since I was 18. I feel so comfortable in them; even though I may not have a 32-inch waist, I love the fit and feel of the minimal fabric at the beach or pool whenever possible.

No matter your size MCE has something for you. They create these fantastic prints that range from rainbow to the most outstanding abstracts. If you aren’t a print guy, they also have solids, and if you want to add a bit of sex appeal, they have their infamous buckle swim brief.

Check out this pair and everything MCE Has to offer. You will find many things you love and don’t blame me if you want one of everything.

It’s Swimwear Sunday! I wanted to pick a really fun pair for today. I turned to MCE Creations because they have one of my favorite pairs from last year. That pair is the Palm Dreams Swim Brief, I love the colors of the print. I checked out this year’s collection and I am blown away by how creative and fun these new swim briefs are. This Sunday I chose the Transcendent swim brief.

This pair has a really amazing print that celebrates Trans Pride (it’s the same color as the Trans pride flag). But I think even without that you guys would love the print. These colors are just a lot of fun and the print is sort of an ink blot that is so much fun! I would love to wear this pair out this summer. I haven’t tried their swimwear yet but really want to!

The second best thing is that MCE Creations go up to larger sizes. Means you don’t have to have a 36 waist or smaller to wear it. They are inclusive to everyone regardless of waist size. I have this issue with a lot of brands out there!

I hope you guys will check out this pair and more from MCE Creations.

PAIR: Transcendent swim brief
COLOR: As Pictured
FABRIC: polyester/spandex blend
SIZES: Small – 2XL
PRICE: $33.00

It’s SWIMWEAR SUNDAY. We are bringing this feature back after a hiatus due to the pandemic. We are starting to live life again and we definitely need some fun in the sun. Every Sunday we will focus on something fun, hot, and sometimes different. This week I wanted to profile a pair for Pride month by a company local to me in Atlanta, I chose MCE Creations and their Malibu Swim Brief.

I chose the Malibu Brief because first, it’s an amazing pair. I mean the pink and bright colors will make you stand out where ever you are! Next, pink is becoming one of the more popular colors of swimwear. Guys are not afraid to wear super bright pink in public. Which I think is awesome, we have loved pink undies but now we are letting everyone know pink is for everyone.

Some of the features of this pair are:

  • polyester/spandex blend
  • extra stretch for lift and comfort
  • draw strings to adjust tightness for security and comfort

If you love The Malibu Swim Brief as much as I do, check it out on the MCE Creations site and it’s just $35.

I ran across brand MCE Creations on Twitter. They are a smaller brand that is making some amazing gear. One-piece that caught my eye is the Bubble Gum Jock. Which I instantly loved. But never fear if you aren’t a pink jockstrap guy, they have other colors and gear.

MCE Creations is a brand out of Alabama, specifically Mobile. It’s great to see some underwear companies come out of the south. After looking at their site they have some amazing gear. They don’t do just undies but work out gear and swimwear.

Back to the jock. This is a lighter shade of pink. I know we have may guys who love this color. The waistband even matches the color of the pouch. White leg straps makes it pop!

Check out the MCE Creations website to see all they offer1