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N2N Bodywear has been making some of the best gear of its 20+ year history this year. It’s been amazing what they have put out and continue to release. One new item is the Galaxy Mesh Singlet. You guys know I LOVE a singlet, and N2N is high on my list of singlet makers. I have probably 20 singlets from them, and I don’t have a problem. I can quit at any time; I prefer not too.

If you have been a long time N2N fan, you know the Galaxy line was a staple of the brand for a few years. Then it disappeared. Don’t worry; things tend to pop up! The Galaxy Mesh Singlet has been “re-imagined and has returned in a new stretchy, body-hugging performance mesh material. Sexy fit and color palette make this a welcome contender for ANY wrestling match!”

The new Galaxy singlet has three new colors. They are black, burgundy, and royal — all fantastic colors for the line. But, act fast the singlets from N2N sell out quickly!

If you love singlets, like I do, or are new to this, this is a great pair to get. I mean, can you ever have enough singlets? I think not!

PAIR: N2N Bodywear Galaxy Mesh Singlet
COLORS: Black, Burgundy, and Royal
FABRIC: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $45.00

SkinFit is becoming one of my favorite gear shops. Their spandex gear is AMAZING and sexy as hell. Plus, one off the big bonus for skin fit is you aren’t limited to colors. You can choose one of over 20 spandex colors, so it can match your personality. You want a pink singlet, you got it!

Let’s talk about this singlet, since it’s Fetish Friday. Singlets are my all time fav gear. I have loved them since I was in my teens, even before I owned one. This low cut singlet from SkinFit is pretty darn sexy. Mix that the back, it will really flatter your body.

Spandex gear is making a big return in runners and singlets. Guys aren’t being so self conscious and are rocking gear they feel great in. Everyone I have known who has bought SkinFit recommend it. I haven’t yet but I plan on getting some of their gear.

Check out this singlet and all the amazing gear at SkinFit.

BRAND:  Skinfit Singlet Skin Duofit
COLORS: You Choose
FABRIC: 92% Nylon/8% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $58.00

If you would have told me that CharlieZ was going to come out with a Leather line I wouldn’t have believed you. But they have released a while new leather collection. It’s not really too far fetched thinking of how the brand has progressed the last few years. And it’s done very much in the style of CharlieZ

The new collection has underwear, harnesses and more. The underwear has three different styles, the jock, thong and brief. I really love this collection from them and glad to see a ‘mainstream’ brand embrace leather as fashion.

I love this line, it’s got a mix of the fetish and the classic design. It’s like CharlieZ studied the classic looks of the jock and made it into something new with leather. Plus, they are using different color leathers than black. I personally love brown leather in harnesses and gear. It’s pretty rare to find. But Charlie uses it along with white and red. I definitely tip my had to them.

Leather gear is never cheap. The undies start around $85 and the other gear goes up from there. But, good quality gear is always pricey when dealing with leather. If you want to start a collection buy good stuff and spend the money on it.

Check out the entire Leather collection at the CharlieZ site.

SkinFit Site

Are you a fan of spandex? We all know I do love a singlet but I also enjoy most spandex gear. One company that I found on Instagram is SkinFit. They are an amazing company based out of Mexico. The first thing that caught my eye was the full spandex bodysuit and then I looked at the site!!! 

This is my favorite gear on the site as I mentioned above. The Long Singlet to me is super sexy. It’s a cross between a singlet and runners! It’s super amazing and you get to pick your colors!! Not many stores let you pick your own colors. This pair retails for $75.

Skinfit makes some amazing spandex shorts and runners. They have a retro style of shorts that is amazing. A lot of shorts on the market are solid colors. These have the stripe down the side. I love these kinds of shorts. 

If that is not reason enough to love this brand they also do underwear and swimwear. The Underwear (1st pic on the top row and the two bottom) are made out of spandex and mesh, I think a lot of you guys will love this brand. The swimwear (Top middle and right) is much smaller but still super sexy 

I hope you guys go check out SkinFit and get some amazing gear! 

My fetishwear of choice has been spandex and specifically singlets for many years. Back when I found them they were exclusively for wrestlers and I had to go to a sporting goods store to find them. And this was a few years before the internet. Now I prob have 20-30 singlets in my collection. I haven’t counted lately so it’s a good round number.

Here are 5 singlets you must try now. As you can tell I love the traditional singlet! There are plenty more fetish ones out there. However, many of my favorites are no longer being made. Such as those from N2N Bodywear, Pistol Pete, and more. These aren’t ones I own but ones I think you won’t be disappointed in wearing.

Go Softwear AJ Team Singlet

This singlet is my new favorite. Go Softwear did an amazing job with this Team singlet. Right when I saw the red/blue combo, I knew I had to have it. When I put it on, it felt like a second skin (you can read my review). It is not a purchase I regret at all.

Pair: Go Softwear AJ Team Singlet
Color: Red/Blue or
Fabric: 88% Polyester 12% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $40.50

Barcode Berlin – Singlet Lukenwalde

I have profiled this singlet once or twice on UNB before. It’s the color block pattern that blows me away. I don’t own it but my singlet drawer is in desperate need of this spandex. It’s amazing colors

Pair: Barcode Berlin – Singlet Lukenwalde

Maskulo Youngero Singlet

Do you want to combine both sport and fetish? This singlet is for you. Plus the singlet glows in black light! The top has more of a tank fit than a regular singlet. One thing that may make you want this is the codpiece on the front is removable.

Pair: Maskulo Youngero Singlet
Color: White
Fabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane;
Sizes: 2XS – 5XL
Price:  92 Euros

Slick it Up – Zip Butt All Star Singlet

This singlet is out of stock so I hope they get them back in soon. We profiled this a while back. It’s a take on the patriotic wrestling singlets made for fun. The singlet is a super low cut singlet, with longer legs. The red/white/blue pattern is pretty awesome. Throw on a baseball cap and high tops and you have a bar outfit. Note, that the back has a zipper, for well….

Pair: Slick it Up – Zip Butt All Star Singlet
Color: Print
Fabric: Spandex
Sizes: TBA
Price: $124.00

Barcode Berlin – Pino Singlet

Barcode Berlin made the list twice. That’s because they make true singlet inspired gear. To me the traditional cuts are the sexiest of all of them. Long legs and full cut up top. These have been my favorite. The design of the Pino singlet is super simple but it’s a classic to me. It shows less can be more.

Pair: Barcode Berlin – Pino Singlet
Color: Blue
Fabric: 80% polyamide, 20 % elastane
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: 59.00 Euros

These are some of my favorite singlets right now! Do you have a favorite? If so let me know.


The Go Softwear AJ Team singlet was bought for review and not furnished by the brand All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by (brand).

Rating: 9.8/10 

  • Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Performance: 10/10

Pros: Great color combos, sexy full coverage cut, Great material 

Cons: None that I can come up with

UNB Tim recommendation: If you love singlets or want to try them. This is a must-have pair for your drawer. You can wear them to work out in, around the house, to a bar or fun times. It’s super fun to wear and feels amazing. I love the all over spandex feel. You can wear with our without underwear. I prefer without the undies. 

Doing spandex or fetish gear reviews are always different. There isn’t really daily wear and fit. They are usually worn for a specific purpose. Sometimes that’s for “fun” and other times it’s just fun. I am a huge singlet fan and don’t recall ever having a singlet from Go Softwear. Seeing this back in the spring, I knew I wanted this pair.

The singlet fits pretty well. I always have issues putting them on. Being 6’4″ it’s can be a struggle to pull it on and get it to fit right. It’s every singlet, not just this one. But, once you get it on, it’s amazing. The fit is great. It’s just enough support from the spandex. It should be noted I normally don’t wear underwear under singlets. I don’t see a point to it.

Sizing in singlets can be tricky. I have found it’s not always the waist size you need to go with but the hight of your torso. If you have a small waist but long torso you may want to go up a size. The spandex will stretch but only go so far before being uncomfortable.

The construction and color are amazing. The Royal/red is my favorite color! I love the way it feels when on. Go Softwear outdid themselves with this singlet. I fell in love with it from the first time I saw it. Then when it was released I bought it. It’s a purchase I will be glad I bought. Now I just need someone to wear it for!


Pair: Go Softwear AJ Team Singlet
Color: Royal/Red or Black/Red
Fabric: 88% Polyester 12% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $40.50

Spandex is my favorite form of fetishwear. I love it in all forms, biking gear, singlets, runners and more. It has always been super sexy to me. One company that takes spandex gear and turns it on its head is Slick It Up. They put their own spin on spandex. One of their best gear pieces is their singlets. Now they have turned their sights to speed suits.

The speed suits, well this one, looks more like cycling gear. The skin suits for biking are one piece with a zipper down the front. Slick It Up, has taken this already sexy style and added a few new things. This one has cutouts on the front and back. The front are kind of like racing stripes. They are on the chest and down the stomach. Followed by some down the leg. At first look I thought it was different color spandex. The real deal is in the back. The back is mesh followed by two cut outs on the cheeks.

It’s not your normal skin/racing suit. This is made to be worn for a different work out! Unlike other pairs, this one is only available in two sizes, due to the super stretchy spandex. The sizes are Small/Medium and Medium/Large. This pair is not cheap. You can get a singlet for around 30-45 dollars. This one is going to cost you $136. Sexy fetishgear comes at a premium. These cut outs are not easy to create.

If you love spandex gear, then go to Slick it Up and check out all the suits. They have singlets, harnesses, underwear, swimwear and more. Oh did we mention they have leather! They are truely a fetish company that gets what guys want!

Pair: Slick It Up Racking Suit
Color: White
Fabric: Spandex
Sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large
Price: $134.00


First impression of the BodyAware Light Weight Rip Stop Joggers was this joggers remind me of something out of a Missy Elliot video. However, I wanted to keep an open mind. I really liked the textured finished on the joggers. They were also very lightweight, and I loved how the length was perfect for me. I also liked how the elastic on the bottom was the perfect tightness.

I wore the joggers around the house, outside to walk the dog, and on a jog with the dog as well. There is not much in the way of support other then the elastic around the waist and the ankles… I did how ever like to wear the joggers with the ankles pushed up over my calf’s.

The sizing on the joggers was spot on with the medium size I got. They fit great! However, there is not support in the crotch area of the joggers its just two side panels stitch together.  Having said that, they would be great to wear to the gym and you would not have to worry about showing off too much. It’s a good and bad thing.


Super lightweight

Great sizing

Love the textured pattern


Looks like you’re wearing a plastic


Daily fit -7


Styling – 5

Daily performance – 7

Overall – 6.5

BodyAware furnished the Lightweight rip stop Joggers for review. You can find them on the BodyAware site for $42.50


Initial impression of the BodyAware Showstopper Bodysuit was this is the same bright soft material as the leggings. This was the last item I had tried on of the three I had received. I had gotten the Neon Yellow color, which looked more like a very bright neon green.  Like the Neon Softleggings, and it had a hot pink trim along the openings. This bodysuit comes in two other colors, Hot Pink (which has the neon orange trim) and Neon Orange (which has the neon yellow trim).

I have worn these condo around the condo as well as went out to the bars with them. They held up very well walking around the condo and while at the bar.

For sizing, the website says a Large is 34-36” in the waist and 39-41” in the chest, so I had gotten the large. I believe this is the standard sizing for a body suit, and it fit me very well.

For likes and dislikes of this bodysuit; I really enjoyed the fit and color. It really shows off the chest, package and butt, plus with the bright color you stand out in a dark bar.


  • Fun bright color
  • Good Sizing
  • Excellent cut
  • Amazing Material


  • None


  • Daily Fit – 9.5
  • Sizing – 9.5
  • Construction – 9.5
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9.3

BodyAware furnished this pair for review. You can find the Showstopper Bodysuit on the BodyAware site for $39.50. Also comes in Neon Orange and Hot Pink.

Photos by RSH Photography


One thing I have learned over the years of doing this blog is our readers love fetish wear. This is regardless of sexuality, gay/straight/bi all guys love to feel sexy and have fun with undies. Fetish wear is a way for you to have fun yet not have everyone know what you enjoy. It’s a little bit of mystery that can be unveiled to someone special.

Gregg Homme has always done “traditional” underwear in their collection. However, they never neglect a new  a fetish line or two in the collection. This year one of the fetish collection sis the Rockstar. I have one thing to say about the collection, CHAPS!! This is not an “everyday” collection, this is one you should wear when you want to have fun.

The collection is made to inspire the inner Rockstar in us all. The black rubber like material, made out of 93% polyester and 7% spandex, is accented by the metal studs. This is not a line you would wear under a suit, well comfortably. It begs to be seen and shown off! This can be accomplished wearing the shirts to a bar with jeans or if you’re more daring and at the right bar the chaps or what ever they would allow!

There are two different shirts a muscle shirt (sleeveless and v-neck) and a T-shirt. As mentioned above a pair of chaps with the thong included! Lastly is the underwear with a Jock, Boxer Brief, Brief and Thong. Pricing ranges $34.99 to $102.99 Do you have what it takes to get in touch with your inner rockstar? If so head to Gregg Homme and check them out!





modus vivendi underwear fisherman 02

We all believe that underwear should be fun. If you read this blog have discovered the joys of underwear and will never go back to buying it at Wal-Mart in packages of six. The underwear you wear now is a brand name, one pair costs more then those six packs and you believe in quality over quantity. With that said, have you noticed a trend in the world of men’s underwear of more “fetish” underwear?

I’m not talking thongs or jock briefs. I’m talking underwear that is made to look like rubber, wilder cuts and barely there undies. It’s a trend we are seeing more and more. This is not limited to just the gay guys even straight guys are venturing into the fetish world. I think this is because guys want to feel sexy and don’t want the women to have all the fun in underwear. Guys want to show the wilder side of their personality. We have heard from guys in the past telling us what they wear under suits. Underwear is the one area you don’t have to be conservative; you can be as wild as you want.

We are going to start a series of profiles on companies in the fetish wear that we think you should check out.  However, in this one we are going to profile a few pairs we think you should check out.


K’mando pouch – We had a review on this a few years ago and it’s been one of our more popular post of all time. As you can see by the picture it’s just a pouch that covers your goods. Would you even classify this as underwear?  Since it covers the goods we do! The pouch comes in a few colors and is supposed to fit any size guy. It’s not widely available but check the K’mando site for retail locations.


Modus Videndi Latex Bottmless Boxer – Modus Vivendi is one of those companies where what do you pick for a fetish post? They do have fun designing underwear and have a lot of fetish inspired pairs. However, this boxer is part of the new Fisherman line that is all latex inspirited line. The boxer has the back cut out, jock boxers are a whole new trend, and made in the Modus Vivendi silhouette with a drawstring waist. Modus Vivendi has so many fetish inspired styles that you should go check out the site for all of them.


Gregg Homme Haze Single Brief – Gregg Homme, like Modus Vivendi, is one of those that does a lot of fetish inspired pairs. I have always said that Gregg Homme does fetish/sexy undies  where you get the best of both worlds, a sexy pair of undies and an amazing fit. Every pair of Gregg Homme I have owned has fit amazingly. The new line is out tomorrow there are some fun things coming but the Haze Single Brief is one that has the look of Latex/leather but easier to care for, because if you get a pair made out of either you know it’s not easy to wash. This pair has a buckle and key hole above the pouch.  It’ sexy and fun, but check out the entire Haze line, they even had a matching tank.


Slick It Up Cobra – If you aren’t familiar with Slick It Up, they are a fetish gear company. They make underwear, swim, spandex gear. The pair that has been getting attention lately is the Cobra. As you see in the picture it’s a pouch and a strap on the right side, not much more to it. This pair leaves little to the imagination. The Cobra is made out of black latex snake skin spandex print. Oh and we know what you are asking and here is what their site say “”Perfectly well!”- Thats the answer to the question you just asked of “But how does it stay on?!” It actually stays there perfectly fine hugging your junk comfortably,”

These are only a few pairs we have seen. Do you have a favorite fetish pair or company? Let us know we are going to profile some of these companies in this latest trend in men’s underwear!