SkinFit is becoming one of my favorite gear shops. Their spandex gear is AMAZING and sexy as hell. Plus, one off the big bonus for skin fit is you aren’t limited to colors. You can choose one of over 20 spandex colors, so it can match your personality. You want a pink singlet, you got it!

Let’s talk about this singlet, since it’s Fetish Friday. Singlets are my all time fav gear. I have loved them since I was in my teens, even before I owned one. This low cut singlet from SkinFit is pretty darn sexy. Mix that the back, it will really flatter your body.

Spandex gear is making a big return in runners and singlets. Guys aren’t being so self conscious and are rocking gear they feel great in. Everyone I have known who has bought SkinFit recommend it. I haven’t yet but I plan on getting some of their gear.

Check out this singlet and all the amazing gear at SkinFit.

BRAND:  Skinfit Singlet Skin Duofit
COLORS: You Choose
FABRIC: 92% Nylon/8% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $58.00


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