New Balance Underwear


People do not often think of t-shirts when they discuss underwear, but today I am reviewing the New Balance Cotton Crew shirt.  The shirt is made of 94% Cotton and 6% Elasthane which gives it a stretchy feeling but also a great wicking ability.  I received two of these shirts for review and they have since become my two workout shirts.  New Balance made a shirt that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.  I think my favorite part about these shirts is they can do double duty. These shirts look good under button ups or sweaters but also can be worn in the gym, take a beating and still keep you dry.

The color, cut and construction are all great; in fact, even after several wears and washes, they are holding their shape well. The color I got was a bright blue which is different than a lot of other shirts I see which helps me stand out when running on the road. These shirts are cut for an athletic body. I am a skinny guy and shirts often fit me like a paper bag but this shirt has a fit perfect for my build. However, if you have a few extra pounds, there is enough stretch to take care of it.

The color, fit and the ability of these shirts to keep you dry, no matter how hard you sweat, was unmatched. Whether I was lifting weights in the gym, going for a 5 mile run or jumping from meeting to meeting, I never got soggy or felt like the shirt was sticking to me.

At the end of the day, I love these New Balance shirts for the versatility and ability to handle what ever I throw at them—weather it is a hard workout, lounging at home or adding some color for a work meeting—this shirt can do the job.


  • Fit
  • Color
  • Versatility


  • That I only have two
Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5


There were furnished for review by New Balance and can be purchased from their site.

We are going to continue our series of New Balance Underwear reviews. We also have a few more from some of the other guys that will be out over the coming weeks! The pair I have now is the Thermal Compression Mock Neck, which for me, is a departure; we haven’t done a lot of shirts. While I think shirts are very much in the scope of the site, we have not requested nor have many companies sent shirts for review.

If your town was like Atlanta this spring then it wasn’t the traditional spring you are used to. One day would be hot while the next day would be freezing.  It has been crazy!  Therefore, on one of the cold days, I decided to wear the shirt under a long sleeve shirt just to see how well it worked. I will say that despite my initial doubts, it really did keep me warm. I have worn spandex type shirts before and I felt like it sucked the heat right out of me.

This shirt not only looked good but felt good as well. I was a little worried with me being so tall that the shirt would ride up but it held its place well. Being 6’4”, it can be hard to find shirts to stay in place.  If you like to wear compression shirts for working out, I would definitely check this one out.  You can wear it with an over shirt or just wear it by itself, if you are that bold.

This isn’t something we normally review and we at UNB would love your feed back if you want to see more reviews like these!

What I liked:

  • The shirt kept me very warm!
  • It kept its place and didn’t ride up
  • Form fitting felt great all day

What I didn’t like

  • Have grey and would love to have different colors
  • I wouldn’t recommend wearing it in the summer
Fit: 4
Materials: 5
Construction: 4.5
Look: 4
Daily Wear: 4
Overall: 4.3
FIT True

These were furnished for review by New Balance.

Anyone who owns some form of sportswear is able to attest to the name New Balance as being one that brings with it a reputation of being a leader in the sports clothing industry.  Even I have gone through several pairs of shoes and clothing from this famous manufacturer.   I was excited about trying out their underwear and was curious if the pair I was asked to review would live up to the same standards that I’ve become accustomed to with their other line of products.

The particular pair was the hip brief which is constructed from 87% Polyester and 13% Elastane materials.  These briefs felt incredible during a rigorous workout which included 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. With the additional multi-panel construction in the pouch area, the brief provided additional support for a perfect fit while keeping me dry.  New Balance advertises their underwear with a moisture and odor control feature; however, I’m not convinced this is technically possible after numerous washes.  So far, I’ve been very pleased with quality and construction of this pair after multiple washes.

As shown in the picture, this high quality brief is constructed with a contoured New Balance signature waistband and a closed fly.  The lightweight blend and flexible materials keep the brief in place around the legs and buttocks.  The traditional style comes in the following colors: white (as shown), gray, black, blue and red.  I would consider the hip brief one of the best pair of white briefs I’ve tested in a long time and would highly recommend them to anyone.  If you’re looking for a traditional brief, or curious about their other lines which include trunks, boxer briefs, and boxer shorts, you should seriously consider giving them a try.  With the classic looks and styles we’ve come to appreciate from New Balance, you simply can’t go wrong.

Personal scoring as follows:


Fit: 5.0
Materials: 5.0
Construction: 5.0
Look: 5.0
Daily Wear: 5.0
Overall: 5.0


This boxer brief was provided by New Balanceand can be purchased directly from their website at the following:


I think people like to be startled; you know, like when you peel back the paper of a can of biscuit dough and wince as you anticipate the “pop!”  Come on, you know you like that.  Relieved of its pressure, the dough bulged and squeezes partially out of the can. Well, that’s sort of how I felt when I wore the New Balance Sport Brief.  Not the “pop!”, but the emerging dough.

In the world of compression shorts and underwear, there are two types of gear: those that make room for your boys and those that just wanna squash ’em flat.  The NB Sport Brief was the latter.  My boy parts were compressed and bulging out of these briefs in a way that would have impressed Pillsbury. Compression shorts really ought to provide some sort of contour pouch.  It might work for sports bras to compress everything down to maintain control, but men’s parts are different and need lift and cradling.  I was adjusting these undies all day.

I wore them twice, once to work (a sedentary office job), and then to the gym a few days later, thinking that the second wearing might offer some reprieve–perhaps the front stretched out a bit from the previous wearing?  No dice.  Again, a contour pouch would improve this underwear 100%.  They look great, the waistband is firm and stays in place and doesn’t roll (even during kickboxing), and the flat piping around the leg holes was very comfortable.  The material is very lightweight and allowed my body heat to escape nicely.

What I did like

  • Waistband
  • Material

What I didn’t like:

  • No pouch


Fit: 2
Materials: 5
Construction: 2
Look: 4
Daily Wear: 1
Overall: 2.8


These were furnished by New Balance for review

New Balance boxer briefs are not normally what enters my mind when I decide to try a new pair of boxer briefs.  New Balance is a shoe company, after all.  With a boxer-brief from a shoe company, one would expect a mixture of leather and breathable fabric with a large NB emblem in the middle of the waistband and a high arch in the back.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

This two pack of boxer-briefs from New Balance came in black and black with a neon green waistband and small NB on the lower left leg opening.  I found the styling to be appropriate, the fabric soft and stretchy (95% cotton, 5% Elasthane), and the fit adequate.  When I first pulled the boxer-briefs out of the package, I thought the style was fairly similar to other boxer briefs I have tried except these had no pouch.  I do not mind a pair of underwear not having a pouch if the fabric is stretchy and conforming.  The New Balance boxer-brief is definitely stretchy and appears to have been made for comfort.  After trying them on, the fabric was soft and the fit was good.

First I wore this boxer-brief for normal daily activity and found it to be comfortable and soft.  I wore dress pants and they slipped up over the boxer-brief easily and never felt like they were sticking to the fabric or pulling on my pants.  I cannot stand a pair of underwear which feels like they are being pulled on by my outer layer of clothing.  Next, I wore them to the gym where they were subjected to five miles on the elliptical machine and weightlifting.  I like boxer-briefs at the gym as they keep you from chafing and these were no exception.  I enjoyed wearing them to the gym more than wearing them as daily underwear.

Overall, the fit was great and true to size large before and after washing and drying.  The fabric was soft and conforming.  The style was fairly normal and I liked the stripe around the waistband.  Although I really enjoyed this pair of boxer-briefs, there are a couple of negatives associated with them.  First, the price is $29 for the two boxer-briefs.  After a few web searches, I was able to find them for $21 with free shipping from a website, so price may not be an issue after all.  Second, some guys will not like the lack of a pouch, but it was stretchy and conforming enough for me.


  • Fit
  • Style
  • Design
  • Fabric


  • Price
  • Lack of Pouch
Fit 4
Materials 4
Construction 4
Look 3.5
Daily Wear 4
*OUT of 5*  


This pair was furnished for review by New Balance

New Balance Lifestyle Trunk 3

The New Balance Total Fit Lifestyle Trunk 3 is the perfect trunk for guys who jog or run a lot, or who have a job that requires a great deal of heat and sweating to complete.  They are made from a soft 87% polyester and 13% Elasthane blend, and are lightweight and maneuverable.  Built with a contoured Total-Fit closed fly (no fly, no pouch), these trunks have Lightning Dry moisture control, which means you can stay dry and feel cool.  The trunks include multi-panel construction for an advanced, comfortable fit and breathability.  In addition to the previous features, these trunks also have anti-odor and anti-microbial features.


  • 3″ Inseam
  • Square-cut trunk
  • Lightweight
  • Articulated grip around leg, groin, and rear
  • 4-panel construction for advanced fit and breathability
  • Contoured New Balance Total-Fit Closed Fly
  • Moisture & odor control
  • Locker hook and center panel in back

I decided that with all the features that these trunks have, I would wear them to the gym and see what happened.  After a few miles on the elliptical machine, I checked for moisture on my body and was surprised to find none.  Apparently, these trunks do what they are said to do.  I found this to be the best feature of these trunks and, as with most trunks, I experienced zero chafing and things stayed in place during my workout.   I do not mind the lack of a pouch because I like tight underwear while working out, but some guys might not like this particular feature.

Overall, the fit was great and true to size: large before and after washing and drying.  The fabric was soft and conforming, but not stretchy.  The style was fairly average, but I did like the steel gray color.  Although I really enjoyed this pair of trunks, there were a couple of negatives associated with them.  First, the price is $28 for the one pair of trunks.  After a few web searches, I was able to find them for $16.99 +shipping from a website.  Second, some guys will not like the lack of a pouch.


  • Fit
  • Style
  • Design
  • Fabric


  • Price
  • Lack of Pouch
Fit 3.5
Materials 4
Construction 4
Look 3.5
Daily Wear 3
*OUT of 5*  


These were provide for review by New Balance.

New Balance is one of the newer entries into the men’s underwear market.  They are best known for their footwear and not their underwear; however I think this may change.  The entire underwear line is very sports focused which is broken into performance, lifestyles and essentials.  I am seeing underwear for sports and active guys really take off.  This doesn’t just include a jock, but boxer briefs, briefs and shirts as well.

The pair I reviewed is in the performance line—the Sports Brief 9. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not a brief but, a longer boxer brief.  As many of you know I’m not a fan of boxer briefs, especially longer ones.  This pair, however, is the exception to my rule.  I did enjoy the pair except for one thing—they were very warm! They were warm, not because of the material, but because I wore them to an event that was hot from the moment I got there till I left. Had I known that, I wouldn’t have worn them that day. These would be perfect for a cooler day.  Summer, on the other hand, would not be the ideal day to wear them all day.

The pair itself fit quite well. I was very happy they kept their shape and that the legs didn’t ride up. They are made from 83% polyester and 17% elastine which makes them super stretchy.  The length is longer than most.  The pair has a 9 inch inseam while most traditional boxer briefs are around 4-6 inches. The colors available are red, blue grey black and white. I got the red pair which I think was a great color. They are really great underwear for running, being active or working out and give you extra support in the legs when you need it.

What I liked:

  • Support they give through out the day
  • Colors are not limited to black and white
  • They held their place all day
  • Very reasonable price

What I didn’t like:

  • They were extremely warm
  • Wish they had a cooler waistband (I love great waist bands) it’s pretty plain
Daily Wear:

These were furnished by New Balance for review. They are available at the New Balance store for $19.99

There’s no need to waste your time hiding inside baggy jeans or to spend hours in the gym. Andrew Christian‘s Flashback Butt Lifting and Contouring Technology is the latest innovation in men’s underwear for those seeking the perfect bubble-butt.

This underwear is essential gear for every guy. It features an invisible lifting support built into the seams of the underwear. The construction of the underwear automatically lifts the buttocks making it look firm and round without the need for any embarrassing padding, uncomfortable cups or straps hidden inside. Most people can add up to 1/2 to 1 inches (1.3 – 2.5 cm) onto their current buttocks measurements helping them achieve a rounder fuller look with this amazing new feature. The fit is super comfortable…like wearing a jock strap.

Product Features:

  • No embarrassing padding, hidden cups or straps
  • Completely invisible support structure
  • Add 1/2″ to 1″ onto your current buttock measurements
  • Features Anti-Muffin Top elastic for a slimmer looking waistline
  • Slim Fit – New Improved Fit
  • Made in the Andrew Christian Design Studio, Los Angeles, CA


  • 1 1/4 inch logo elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 6 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • ¾ inch fold under trim at leg hems
  • No fly
  • 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex
  • Machine Wash Warm
  • Tumble Dry Low

Regular Price $25.00
Sale price with coupon $19.00

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  • Offer expires: Dec 8, 2010 at 11:59PM PT. May not be combined with any other coupons or offers. While supplies last. Offer subject to change at any time without notice.

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International Jock is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new collection of New Balance mens underwear. New Balance, which has been at the forefront of technologically advanced athletic footwear for years, now brings their technological innovations to bear on men’s underwear.

The New Balance underwear collection consists of briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs made from soft, high technology fabrics with both moisture-wicking and anti-microbial characteristics. New Balance briefs and trunks include distinct features such as ventilated mesh pouches, metallic-look waistbands and styles that are specifically designed for wearing during athletic activities.

Comfortable, sporty, masculine and tough, New Balance mens underwear is available now at International Jock.