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Video Underwear Review – Olaf Benz PEARL 1701 MiniPants from UNB Blog on Vimeo.

Andrew (@andrewjs) reviews the Olaf Benz PEARL 1701 MiniPants – Lead. This is the second in our series of reviews

PAIR: PEARL 1701 MiniPants – Lead
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $34.00 (as of May 2018)

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I’m still super excited about Olaf Benz having a presence in the US. It’s a brand that I really like but have very few pairs. The first thing was they were never easy to order. You always had to deal with customs and exchange rates. Then the shipping over was never fun either. Or, I would have someone going to Germany to pick up a pair or two, but that was few and far between.

Currently, most of the pairs on the Boy Next Door site are thongs. We have Thong Thursday and will cover so many of them, I wanted to cover a brief. One of my favorite pairs of Olaf Benz is a bikini I have had for forever. The material and cut are just spot on. One new one I think you guys need to check out is the Casual Brief. It’s a regular cut brief in a bright red.

The micro fibre jersey is an amazing material. It will feel super soft on your skin. The fabric allows the brief to create some great lines on the pattern. The cut of the brief is a fuller cut. It’s not all the time you want to wear a bikini. As we just said in the colder months you may want a fuller brief cut. Or you may just like the fuller cut as your normal underwear.

If you haven’t had a chance to try Olaf Benz now is your chance. We have an American Distributor and you can get it at the Boy Next Door for now. Due to the way their ordering goes the collection will start small and grow. So, keep checking back for updates in styles and line! More to come!

FABRIC: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $34.00

One of the most exciting things I found out about at Magic/Project was that Olaf Benz now has a US distributor. Over the last few years, they have come to the US market but disappeared as soon as they entered. The distributor of Olaf Benz is a great friend of the blog, so when it was told that they were distributing I knew this was not going to be a flash in the pan, and gone. This made me super happy.

Many of you out there know Olaf Benz. It’s kind of a hidden jewel in the world of men’s underwear. Those of us who know it think it’s amazing. Those who don’t know the brand need to find out. I have a few pairs and The Bottom Drawer loves their thongs! Getting the brand invovolved exchange rates, taxes, and customs.

For those of you who don’t know the brand. Olaf Benz is a German brand known for great fabrics, bold colors/prints, and awesome cuts. The underwear is very well made. I have a pair I reviewed in the early days of UNB that I still have and can wear. A pair of underwear that holds up about 8 years is a good thing!

If you want to shop online for the awesome brand, head over to the Boy Next Door Men’s Wear.

Brand Intro: Olaf Benz Underwear Swimwear

Olaf Benz started its journey into men’s underwear in 1989. Founded by stylist and photographer Alfons Krauzer who still manages the designs for the lines. Olaf Benz differentiates itself by using the latest technologies, which will cover some of those innovations a bit later. The brand is certain that only an excellent product can create brand loyalty with customers. They believe their creativity is essential to this success.

Olaf Benz has quite a variety of styles in their collection. In underwear, they have the trunks also referred to as mini pants or hipsters. They offer briefs, but most are more a sports cut. There are different varieties of bikinis to choose from along with thongs (mini strings). Also in their lineup, you’ll find the boxer brief cut, boxers shorts, jocks, and leggings. Olaf Benz also offers quite a few options in swimwear. They got you covered with singlets or swim body suits and swim pants. Even have the swim shorts. There are square cut suits of varying leg lengths. Swim brief and bikini cuts of different side widths. Then for those that what cheek exposes, they have thongs too. They have a good selection of colors and prints throughout their offering.

Olaf Benz has several innovations in the swim and underwear realm. They introduced the first underwear series that can be scented individually with your personal fragrance. The warmth of the skin releases the fragrance that you applied to the integrated pad. They took an ultra fine mesh fabric developed for a Spacelab experiment and create their “Phantom” series with it. They integrated an indicator into swimming trunks to indicate when to reapply sunscreen. Depending on the UV intensity it changed color. One other example of innovation is they came up with a brief only weighing 14 grams instead of the ordinary underwear that can weigh up to 150 grams. Help save space and weight in the businessman’s luggage.

Expect to pay more for Olaf Benz items. They are more of a premium brand who prides themselves on using the finest and most innovative fabrics. Along with making their items with great care and skillful craftsmanship.

Have you tried the brand, Olaf Benz? If so let us know your thoughts on them in the comments.

Website: Olaf Benz
Where to Buy: Deadgoodundies – Underwear, Deadgoodundies – Swimwear


We are going WAY back in the UNB TBT. This is a pair of Olaf Benz that we profiled in 2009. Specifically the Prince Brazil Slip. We even reviewed this pair. Even back in 2009 bikinis were around. Granted, this was sold more in Europe than the US. This happened to be one of the first times we worked with Dead Good Undies! We still love them!  BTW, if you’re wanting this pair… you’re about 7 years too late! I’m sure they have something new that is a similar match.

I still have this pair in my collection and still love the fit and style. I need to find it. I haven’t worn it in a while!

We all love underwear and the guys here at UNB are some of the biggest underwear lovers around. So I asked the guys which brands/pairs they wanted to try in 2015. You may think we have tried it all but there are so many brands out there I don’t think we could possibly try them all. So here are some from the guys and what they want in 2015

1381738_10151657003625780_1934276232_nUNB Bryce – Being a fan of underwear there are always brands I have yet to try. In 2015 one brand I would love to try out is Stonemen. It is based out of Australia and has some of the most unique prints I have seen on underwear. The underwear features artwork rather than just a print that is repeated. It is so unique. The way the pairs fit in the photos looks like they would be comfortable and supportive. So that is the one brand I am hoping to try out in 2015.

B81-AUNBATL Briefs – For years and years I always wore briefs.  Maybe a jock or two.  As my collection grew I started branching out.  In 2014 I really got into wearing thongs.  In 2015 I want to try some of the more erotic underwear that’s out there.  Both Cocksox and N2N have a great selection to pick from.   The Cocksox slingshot is so skimpy; I imagine it’s like wearing nothing at all.  And the N2N Titan Jock intrigues me; are those snaps really functional or more for the look?  Only way to find out is to try them both.


UNB TMB – The reason I want to try Bjorn Borg underwear is threefold. First, the cut and style of their underwear seems like it would be comfortable. Two, the patterns and choice of colors are fun and exciting. Three, the combination if the cut and style and color and patterns make for very sexy and fun underwear.

2eros Icon BriefUNB Kyle – One of the biggest referrals for underwear is word of mouth.  We all want to experience that exceptional style and comfort and lean on our friends to give suggestions or feedback on what they have tried and love.  A friend suggested 2EROS which I have never tried and it immediately shot high up on my list.  The Icon brief is a brief that has simplistic yet outstanding visual appeal with contrasting colors, signature waistband and icon on the butt.  It also comes in low rise which is something I always look for in my briefs.

BodyAware Latex Brief PinkUNB Tim – I have been talking to a few guys on Twitter and want to step outside my box a little and get some more fetishwear pairs. One that has caught my eye is the BodyAware Latex Pouch Brief. I have never had any latex but the one thing that made me want this pair is that it’s available in PINK. I would take either the black or Pink but I have a weakness for pink. I think  BodyAware is an amazing company that does super fun pairs.

dead-good-undies-aprilIt doesn’t take much sunshine to get Brits excited about spring! A few degrees warmer and we’re booking summer holidays and hitting the pool like a shot – and customers at Deadgoodundies are snapping up the latest designer swimwear from top collections.

Body Art Ida Swim String     Body Art Ida Swim String GBP25.00

Sun seekers looking to maximise impact and minimise tan lines will be thrilled by this colourful creation from European brand Body Art.

Bruno Banani Bite Swim Hip Short

Bruno Banani Bite Swim Hip Short GBP33.00

The best thing about BB’s zany prints is they are always accompanied by the superior design and top quality fabrics used throughout the collection.

Olaf Benz BLU 1355 Sun Brief

Olaf Benz BLU 1355 Sun Brief GBP33.00

You can’t beat a nautical colour theme to keep you looking chic in your men’s swimwear. Now… where’s our yacht?

HOM Black Addict Glam Swim Trunk

HOM Black Addict Glam Swim Trunk GBP48.00

Glistening straight out of the pool or shimmering in the sun, the gorgeous fabric of these men’s swimmers will ensure you look your best.

Olaf Benz 1358 Surf Brief

Olaf Benz BLU 1358 Surf Brief GBP42.00

Retro styling has been a hit with UK shoppers for a while now. This cheerful swim brief uses contrast leg hems and waistband to give a subtle wink to the trend.

Gregg Homme Element Swim Brief

Gregg Homme Element Swim Brief GBP57.95

Inner tie waists used to be standard for men’s swimwear but designs that fasten on the outside are proving popular at Deadgoodundies. Go on fellas, show off your string!

Find these styles and more at

NOTE: Post contains an affiliate sales link. Meaning UNB will get a percentage of sales when our link is clicked and a sale is made. No money was exchanged for this post.

Neons are selling fast in the UK. The fashion for in-your-face acid yellow, glowing green and zip-a-dee-doo-dah pink has hit the men’s underwear and swimwear sector, big time. report a surge in neon sales this month.

Pikante Fluorescent Jumbo Brief GBP18.50 @

Pikante Fluorescent Jumbo Brief GBP 18.50 – LUSH GREEN – British men tend to think of brighter colours for sports underwear, but this style by Pikante breaks all the rules and is tempting many buyers.

Gregg Homme Boy Toy Thong GBP28.96 @

Gregg Homme Boy Toy Thong GBP28.96 – PERFECT PINK – A hot body demands hot underwear like this magenta thong from Canadian brand Gregg Homme, which is always snapped up in the UK.

Olaf Benz RED 1289 Neo Brief GBP28.00

Olaf Benz RED 1289 Neo Brief GBP28.00 – DUAL COLOURS – Olaf Benz indulge in bold colours in their Neo range, including this two-tone brief.

Olaf Benz RED1291 Neo Pant GBP32.00 @

Olaf Benz RED 1291 Neo Pant GBP32.00 – TASTY ORANGE – And for their Neo Pant in zingy orange.

HOM Marine Chic Swim Shorty 01 GBP39.00

HOM Marine Chic Swim Shorty 01 GBP39.00 – SUNSHINE – When it comes to the beach, European men make braver choices in terms of colour, including the brightest yellows like this one from HOM.

Body Art Patmos Rio Swim Slip GBP31.00 @

Body Art Patmos Rio Swim Slip GBP31.00 – GET FRUITY ON THE BEACH – Think of orange juice, sweet satsumas, evening sun… Orange always makes you smile.

Bruno Banani Light Show Swim Short GBP43.00 @

Bruno Banani Light Show Swim Short GBP43.00 – A TOUCH OF NEON – And if the full-on neon effect is a bit too much, there’s always the subtler, but no less trendy Bruno Banani Light Show short with neon stripes.

Find these and more at Dead Good Undies

This post contains an affiliate sales link

We have teamed up with Dead Good Undies to once a month bring you some of the hottest undies and swimwear in the UK. This month we are focusing on swimwear! You may notice they have some really great pairs that we don’t always see in the States!

Deadgoodundies in the UK stock a wide range of swimwear from strings to shorts of varying shapes and sizes. Some are strictly fashion, so they’re in and gone, others can be re-ordered, so DGU is one of the few sites that stocks swimmers all year.

Bruno Banani Serpent Blue Swim Hip Short GBP51.00 @

Bruno Banani Serpent Blue Swim Hip Short GBP 51.00 – SLINKY STYLING

We all know the jokes about trouser snakes, but what about sea serpents? This hot new Serpent Blue swim hipster has just landed at DGU from Bruno Banani.

Bruno Banani Summer Cabin Swim Hip Short GBP 39.00 @

Bruno Banani Summer Cabin Swim Hip Short GBP 39.00 – HOT PRINT

Bruno Banani are rightly famous for their quirky prints – expressed with a smile on their Summer 2013 beachwear including this short. Prints are especially popular with European guys this season.

Bruno Banani Waterproof Swim Brief GBP27.98 @

Bruno Banani Waterproof Swim Brief GBP27.98 – STOCKED YEAR ROUND

At Deadgoodundies there is demand for swimwear year round, so the site has core styles that are constantly re-ordered. Very popular with serious swimmers and holidaymakers alike is this Bruno Banani Waterproof brief.

Ergowear X3D Swim Bikini Bief GBP26.00 @ Ergowear X3D Swim Thong GBP25.00 @

Ergowear X3D Swim Bikini Brief GBP26.00 – ENHANCING & Ergowear X3D Swim Thong GBP25.00 – STOCKED ALL YEAR

Stand out from the crowd – literally – in Ergowear’s enhancing designs. Stunning colours, strong emphasis on your masculinity and brilliantly comfortable to boot!

Gregg Homme Victory Swim Brief GBP51.95 @

Gregg Homme Victory Swim Brief GBP51.95 – HIGH FASHION HIT

A hit this season is Gregg Homme’s sultry Victory swim brief. Clearly contoured to show off a buff beach bod. This Canadian brand has been a best seller with DGU since its launch in the UK.

Olaf Benz BLU 1200 Swim Mini Pant GBP33.00 @

Olaf Benz BLU 1200 Swim Mini Pant GBP33.00 – STOCKED ALL YEAR

If you want to do a ‘Bond’ emerging from the waves, look no further than this classically shaped short from Olaf Benz, stocked all year at DGU. Offered in black or red, also in a brief or string style in both colours.

Olaf Benz BLU 1251 Surf Pant GBP46.00 @

Olaf Benz BLU 1251 Surf Pant GBP46.00 – GET COLOURFUL

Colourful prints, stripes and plaids were everywhere on summer 2013 runways. Nothing raises a smile (of the right kind) quite so much as a gorgeous check.

Find these and more at the Dead Good Undies Site

This post has affiliate sales links.

UNB has been an American focused blog. That is because the entire staff is based here. But the rest of the world has some amazing underwear that we don’t always see in the States. Two areas we are trying to focus on are UK and Australia. We have teamed up with retailer Dead Good Undies to report once a month on whats hot in the UK market. It will give US readers a look at undies you may not have seen before!


HOM Fredy String RRP  – GBP14.00 – BESTSELLER

Always a best seller for HOM and the Fredy String is a legend in the world of men’s underwear. But it won’t be around for much longer as HOM is stopping production. With its low rise fit and cotton rich fabric, it’s not hard to see why men buy a Fredy again and again – and DGU has plenty still so Fredy fans can stock up before they’re all gone… (or there’s always the Doreanse 1280 as a worthy alternative?)


Joe Snyder Shining Tanga Thong 03 RRP – GBP17.00 – BESTSELLER

A big hit in the UK is the Joe Snyder collection from Mexico – constantly in demand for great colour, sexy fabrics and high fashion designs. Joe Snyder has been a hit for since day one and the website rapidly restocks and launches new lines as they come out.


HOM Modal Sensation Maxi Boxer Brief – RRP GBP26.00

Sometimes a best seller disappears, only to be replaced by something even better. As was the case when HOM discontinued their Soft Modal range and introduced Modal Sensation instead. Sensation is the right word!


HOM Soft Silk Maxi Boxer Brief – RRP GBP30.00

HOM’s Silk 44 collection was a corker, but they went one better with its successor the Soft Silk range.


Gregg Homme Wonder Brief RRP GBP32.95 – NEW COLOUR

The appropriately named Gregg Homme Wonder Brief debuts this week on in a new colour – this stunning purple.


Olaf Benz RED 1291 Neo Pant RRP GBP32.00 – NEW ARRIVAL

Get fruity for summer in the latest arrival from Olaf Benz on the website. The German brand’s Neo Pant cut is a hot favourite on the website and the 1291 style comes in lush apple and orange.

Next month we will be profiling swimwear from Dead Good Undies! Find them at  The link provided in this post is an affiliate link

We got this from our friends at Underwear Station, they now are selling Olaf Benz!

Great news! We are happy to announce that Underwear Station Inc. has put their trust in the Olaf Benz products. Retailers do now have a direct Olaf Benz contact at the face. Interested retailers are kindly asked to directly get in touch with Underwear Station.

Olaf Benz is a big player in the men’s underwear market in Europe and for the first time in over a decade it will be available through its North American distributor, Underwear Station, Inc. Olaf Benz is in the upper end of me’s underwear as far as design, comfort, fit and quality.

You can now find Olaf Benz products at the following retailers:


Make sure you go chec the line out.

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  Check out the new Gregg Homme at Dead Good Undies. They have the brand new lines! You can also get a 10% off select Olaf Benz. Lastly you can check out the range of Doreanse underwear.

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It’s Summer time and WildmanT says it’s time to show some skin. Check out the swimwear that will make you look the best.
Dead Good Undies has new ManStore, HOM and Olaf Benz in stock. The ManStore is the new M240 in Black, yellow or purple. Where as the HOM is the Boreal swim brief. Lastly check out the new swim by Olaf Benz.
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2 HOT new videos on the Cocksox® site!

These new videos are super hot, one of them you might even call steamy!   Shot in the locker room showers, this video of Sandor Earl modelling the Cocksox® CX02 swim brief in the shower can only be seen on the Cocksox® site! Click the link for the CX02 product page then click the   thumbnail next to the ‘TV’ logo.

And we’ve also got a NEW video featuring Brendon Osborn in the classic Cocksox® CX04 Swim Briefs with drawstring. This is a really cool video and Brendon look amazing! Check it out on the CX04 product page.

You can also see these new videos on the ‘VIDEOS’ page!


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know Jockstrap Central sells jocks but not everyone knows they have a large collection of underwear, shorts, tank tops, tshirts and more. Well, that’s about to change with their Not A Jock Sale!

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Although they’re well stocked on most items, some are limited and it’s first come first serve so be sure to do your shopping first then you can tell your friends about this great sale!”

Dead Good Undies Dead Good Undies has a lot going on! You will probably have to click the image to see the larger version. 

First, they have some really great new Olaf Benz in stock. That includes underwear, swimwear and more!

Next, they have a contest with Gregg Homme! Gregg Homme is one of the hottest underwear makers around! Here are the rules:

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Lastly, check out the new Man Store! If you aren’t familiar and like to show off then this line is for you. It’s very sexy and fun.

Check everything out at the Dead Good Undies Site

Andrew Christian is having another 48 hour Sale! 

This one includes the Swim Thong and Active Shape Trunk! No need to strain your eyes to see the images we are giving it to you right here!

Swim Thong

  • Features fade resistant sport UPF 50+ fabric
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  • Regular fit.. great for any body type
  • Not lined for extra quick trying
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  • 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex
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Active Shape Trunk

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It’s time for the annual Valentine’s Gift Guide.  Unlike last years guide, this is done using pictures from companies rather then being shot specifically for us.  Time was not cooperating with us to get it done.  We feel you will enjoy this as much as the previous ones.  We hope you enjoy the selections we chose.  We aim to make sure you and your man look incredible on Valentine’s Day!

We are giving you the choice of both classic and sexy pairs.   We know there are guys who prefer the classics and want choices to reflect their taste while others want something sexy that shows off or enhances.  We think we have both bases covered.  As always, please click on the pics to see a better, larger image.

Andrew Christian Gigalo Brief

We bring you two super sexy pairs from Andrew Christian.  We think the Gigolo Brief (left) and Boxer (right) would be great pairs for Valentine’s Day.  Both of these are made of sheer material and show off all you have to offer.  The Brief is $18 and the boxer is $23.  You can get both pairs at

We can recommend the following pairs from aussieBum.

  • First up (on top) is the Classic Red Brief.  This is for the guy that wants something to show off the colors of Valentine’s but still wants to remain classic.
  • Next is the WJPro (bottom left).  This is the the new Wonder Jock line.  It takes what’s given and shows it off.  Think of it as a wonder bra for men!
  • Lastly from aussieBum is the Valentines pair.  Do you remember seeing the bunnies pair last year?  If so, this is a similar pattern in a boxer.  They are fun and imagine the looks you’ll when your pants come off!

You can get all three pairs from

Baskit is a company that allows you to have classical styles and be sexy at the same time.  The new lines have very classic looks but in new colors and designs.

  • The first pair we think would be awesome is the Ribbed Jock Brief (top).  The front looks like a brief while the back is designed like a jock.  It’s a mix between the two.
  • The next pair is the Utility Boxer Brief in pink (bottom left).  Pink has been an increasing color trend and is great for the occasion.  I love the design and use of white material.
  • Lastly is the Light Brief (bottom right).  It’s perfect for the guy who wants something sexy but not too different.  We definitely recommend the red!

All these can be purchased from the Baskit website.   If you are lucky between now and Valentine’s, there may be a $12 Tuesday!

We don’t want to forget those in the Southern Hemisphere or those taking a nice romantic trip to a location in the tropics.  Boy Rio has recently released new underwear and really great swimwear.

  • Boy Rio has a super sexy underwear line that includes the Xtreme Low Cut brief (left) that we think is awesome for Valentine’s night.
  • If you are going to a tropical location, you should try the PoolBlu “sunga” style Brazilian swimsuit (right).  There’s a  bit more coverage than a swim brief since it’s based on the swimsuits of Brazil.

You can get these directly from the Boy Rio website!

A company we had to include is Cocksox.  They have been featured on UNB many times in the past and they will continue to be a part of our underwear family.  We feel they have two great pairs for Valentine’s Day.  Cocksox is a company that believes underwear should be fun and sexy, driving them to create new styles that show off what you have…and then some!

  • One of the sexiest pairs is the CX01ME, which is the classic brief made of mesh.  It has the traditional pouch in a bikini cut. (left)
  • The classic brief CX01 is also a must have.  The pair is created to lift and show off.  Red would be our recommended color for the occasion. (right)

You can get these pairs from the Cocksox website.

Dead Good Undies has some really super sexy HOM products.  If you aren’t familiar with HOM, this is the perfect chance to try them out.  They are a brand that has been around in Europe for a while, but we here in the states rarely see them except for online.  They are very well made and generally smaller cuts than we are used too but they look awesome and fit amazingly.

  • If you want more of a trunk cut, try the Valentine Hipsters.  They have great colors, but for Valentine’s Day, go with the red, as pictured, or pink. (left)
  • There is no better holiday for thongs! The HOM String Twinpacks will make a statement to your special love.  They will know you are in the mood for romance after dinner. (Right)

These are available from Dead Good Undies.

There is a new company on the scene and it’s called Diego Barberi!  They are based out of Switzerland and currently only have a trunk style.  We are reviewing two pairs and those will be posted soon.  Until then, we want you to check out the pair called Ibex.  They are a red trunk with a white embroidered design.  They are initially beginning with a small line but we hope to see more from them soon.  They may be new but they definitely would be great for this occasion.  You can bring a Swiss styling to your undies drawer!  These can be purchased directly from the Diego Barberi website, but make sure you click the English link at the top unless English isn’t your only language.

Erogenos has some really great pairs for Valentine’s.  If you are not familiar with them, they are known for having super sexy and fun underwear.  It’s not plain and boring at Erogenos.  I would say they are one of the “go to” sites for sexy!

  • What special day wouldn’t be complete without animal print?  Well how about an animal print thong!  It’s definitely shows that you are ready to be an animal yourself.  The Pikante Jaguar G-String is perfect for bringing out the animal in you.  (left)
  • Another really great, sexy brand is Gregg Homme.  We’ve said they are bringing sexy back and doing it well.  The pair for them is another thong and is the Commando Thong.  It’s small, fun, and made of super stretchy material. (center)
  • Last is a new brand called Narciso.  Narciso is out of Buenos Aries that facilitates form fitting designs and bright colors.  This is proof in the Narciso Boxer.  The black stripes with red highlights make the pair really fun. (right)

These pairs are available at the Erogenos website.

Next on our guide is Frank Dandy.  Frank Dandy is known for great designs and great colors.  The pairs we chose for this is the Five Star Brief and Trunk.  We  think these would be the perfect addition to your underwear collection.  You can wear them really at anytime, but to us, they seem like a fantastic choice for Valentine’s Day.  We wanted to pick a wild print but thought these would be a much better choice.  You can get these from the Frank Dandy website.

Geovanny is one of the companies I don’t think many people have seen.  I really love his take on underwear design.  He has taken a classic design and put a new, innovative spin on it.  The pair we chose is the red brief with white trim.  They are a more full cut but still just as sexy.  The front seam accents the pouch in a new way that I haven’t seen from other designers.  To purchase this pair, go to the Geovanny website!

Again, we don’t want to forget those in the Southern Hemisphere and those planning a romantic trip southward.  Marcuse is a swimwear company out of Australia.  Over the last few years, Australia has become one of the major players in the  underwear/swimwear market.  Marcuse is one of the newest and hottest swimwear companies around today.  The pair we chose is the Arrest Me swimsuit in red.  This is a very brief design of swimwear.  This would be great for a romantic beach getaway!  It’s not for the shy, so be ready to show it all off.  You can get this pair from the Marcuse website.

N2N Bodywear is a necessity in a Valentine’s Day guide.  They have always care about the sensuality of men.  Every new line they release is about showing off a man’s body.  This includes underwear, swimwear, and workout wear.  The pair that would be great for the holiday is the N2N  Freedom Bikini.  It’s got a signature waistband and comes in blue and red.  Either pair you purchase would be great to wear out to dinner.  You can get this pair from the N2N Bodywear website

Are you ready for some RED?  If so, then we have you covered with Olaf Benz.  Olaf Benz is a brand that originally hit the fashion scene in Germany and has spread across the globe.  When I first saw these, I was WOW’ed!  They are so fun!  I think I literally said “FUN” when I opened the email.

  • The first picture features the Squrepant and Carreshirt.  Both are form fitting and would make a great combination.  Be warned that they are super sexy and body conscious! (left)
  • Maybe you simply want some fun, red briefs.  You should try the Sportbrief.  It’s perfect for that active guy in your life.  You can wear it more than just to dinner or a day out since it gives you great support. (center)
  • You might want to show off.  If that’s the case, you definitely need to try the Stringtanga.  It has two straps that run around back and a pouch.  It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

You can find these awesome selections at the Olaf Benz website.

You may remember Beyond Big Branding from our long johns giveaway.  They also have other great underwear selections.  Specifically speaking, the Piss & Vinegar brand.  We have reviewed these and they are some of the most comfy underwear around.  They are very stretchy and conform to your body.  The pair we chose is the Spectrum Low Rise in red.  They are another classical style but with great materials and do not fit like traditional undies.  You can purchase these from the Beyond Big Branding website.

Speaking of giveaways, currently we are running our Ristefsky Macheda giveaway.  It’s going great and they have created really awesome packs for you for Valentine’s Day.  In today’s economy, that is a really great thing!  They give you two items for a really great price for those who want to try Ristefsky Macheda.  If that doesn’t get you, maybe free world wide shipping with no minimum order will peak your interest.  These packs include the  Swim Gym, which is a great new swim style (and super sexy) and  a shorter men’s swimwear trunk that mocks an old school gym short.  These are available in four great colors.  These are currently exploding in Melbourne!

  • The first is the Retro Inspired Gift Pack.  You receive a Striped Low Rise Brief in Red/Gray and then a Tetro Low Rise Brief in Charcoal and red!  (top)
  • The next is the Red Dare Underwear Gift Pack.  This one is all about red!  It includes one Dare Low Rise Brief in and a Dare Low Rise Trunk.  We’ve reviewed the Dare line and it performed very highly in our standards. (bottom left)
  • The last pack is the Swim Gym and Dare Low rise brief.  This includes the Dare Low Rise in Red and the new Swim Gym in red. Both are extremely sexy in our eyes.

To order these packs, go to the Ristefsky Macheda website and select “Underwear”.  They are available and with FREE SHIPPING!

Timoteo is up next on our guide.  This is a brand we have watched grow in the last few years.  It’s wonderful seeing such a great brand become popular and do well.  They started with the classic line and then expanded into Quake and now the Sport line.  We are bringing you the last two lines for the guide.

  • The first pair is the Quake Brief in pink.  This isn’t a pastel pink but a bold, bright pink! You will definitely make a statement when you wear it. (Left)
  • The second pair is the Athlete New Jock, part of the Sport line.  It’s a brief with a jock back.  We think the black with red is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

To order these, go to the Timoteo website!

Todd Sanfield Underwear is a new addition to the underwear scene.  It’s founder is Todd Sanfield who has graced the cover of DNA Magazine three times.  He has modeled underwear and decided to create an underwear line himself.  He has created a line with superior fit, great quality, and incredible durability.  The line is now available and the red briefs above are our choice!  To check out the entire collection, go to the Todd Sanfield Underwear website!

We have only a few more companies left and how could we produce a guide and not include  They have been one of the founding  companies in the world of mail-order underwear.  They were around before we knew what the Internet was, provideing us with the International Male and UnderGear catalogs with the latter still available today.

  • The Extreme Jock Trunk is the perfect pair in which to play cupid.  It is a trunk that features a really great pouch. (top)
  • Maybe you need or want to wear silk.  If so, the Extreme Collection Silk Trunk is prefect for you.  The pair has a contour enhancing pouch so you have no problem showing off!  (bottom left)
  • Are you a fan of 2(x)ist?  If so, you need to check out the Valentine’s Contour Brief.  The interesting thing about this pair is it has “Love Me” sewn into the waistband! (bottom center)
  • Last is another choice of swimwear.  If you are going on a trip, you may not want a swim brief, but maybe you want something more conservative and just as sexy.  Try the Tactics Tahiti Swim Trunks.  They are a short type that can be worn as your swimwear or a cover-up for something underneath. (bottom right)

All these can be found at

Underwear Station has some terrific pairs that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.  We had trouble picking only four pairs.  There are so many from Joe Snyder, Gigo, and more to choose from.  We managed to whittle our selections down to four from Good Devil and Intymen.  Both new brands are really making a splash in the US market.

  • The first is to hot for us to show you on UNB.  It’s the Good Devil Mesh Boxer.  The front is pure mesh and completely see through!  As you see, we only show the back.  We suggest this selection for the bold.  You can’t be shy and wear this pair. (top left)
  • Jocks are something we haven’t profiled on our Valentine’s guide, but this time, we did with the Good Devil Mesh Jock!  It’s another “too hot” for UNB!  It features a mesh pouch and allows the person you’re with enjoy it as much as you will enjoy wearing it. (top right)
  • Our next choice is Intymen.  We didn’t want to go totally sexy and mesh for everything, so we chose the Swing Enhance Brief.  It has a built in package hammock that shows off what you have to offer!  (bottom left)
  • Lastly is the Intymen Slot Boxer.  It’s a trunk cut with an almost open side.  It is connected by six horizontal straps.  It’s a very sexy design and prefect for a romantic encounter!

You can purchase these directly from the Underwear Station website.

We wrap-up our guide with Unico.  Here, you will find that amazing “Unico” pouch that is ergonomically designed to fit men like a glove.  They also are not afraid of color or patterns.  The pairs we chose, we hope, will give you endless moments of comfort and pleasure.

  • The Classic Mid Boxer, in red, is for those who like a little more coverage and a great fit.  It covers down to the mid-thigh and has the signature Unico waistband.  It’s literally perfect for any day. (left)
  • If you are searching for color that isn’t traditional for Valentine’s Day, give the Vivaz Short a try.  It features pink, black, and blue color bands.  It is a pair that can be perfect for any date night as it is different and fun.  Well, that’s our opinion at UNB and this would definitely match that criteria. (right)

You can get these from the Unico Site.

This has been our guide for the 2011 Valentine’s Day observance.  I hope you have enjoyed it.  We hope it not only entices you to buy undies for Valentine’s Day, but also creates a spark in making everyday a fun underwear day.  We think underwear should reflect your inner self and your personalty.

As always, we invite you to contact Underwear News Briefs and let us know if your favorite Valentine’s Day undies didn’t make our guide.  We definitely want to hear from you and, who knows…you may teach us a thing or two about sexy underwear.  Post a comment here or on our Facebook page or Twitter us.  We love to hear what you like and what makes your Valentine’s Day special.

  • Schultz Jeans has the Get a Grip Camo in stock again. If you like camo and want to show a waistband over your jeans then these are perfect for you.
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  • Timoteo is giving you free shipping, on our orders $50 or more. You can check out the new Sport line or get the Quake or Classic lines. Just make sure you enter code freeship at check out!
  • Planet Undies now has new items from Rufskin, Cocksox, and the Man Store. Items from Rufskin include swimwear, the sheer line and denim underwear. Cocksox includes the CX01 Brief and thong! For the Manstore you need to go to the site and check out the M200 Line!

Summer’s coming and so we’ve brought out a couple of new designs to celebrate. There’s a great new Pink Camo Boxer Brief for the guys and since the girls have been asking, we’ve made some girls ones too. Look out for the Black Newsprint Boxer too. So many of you have been asking, so here it is. We’ve included the Pink Camo as part of our Camo Special Offer, so you can get the Grey and the Pink for just £25.50. Log on to and check out these great new designs. Have a great weekend from all the team at Dirty Fukker Underwear.

NuWear has the brand new Rufskin. Rufskin has some really great style they have come out with. The lines are underwear, swimwear and workout/athletic wear. The athletic wear includes running tights and singlets. There is something out there for everyone with Rufskin

Ginch Gonch is giving you 15% off for mother’s day! I can think of no other way to do then buy yourself the brand new I Love Bacon Briefs/Trunks! Who said you had to give it all to your mother! I know I would buy a few things for myself as well. Just make sure to use code iloveumom at check out!

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Cityboyz Fashions has the new Clever line. They have just recieved the new styles and its the perfect time to stock up on Clever, if they are your favorite brands. Cleaver has some great designs and colors that I really love. If you are not familiar with them go check out the entire line.

Andrew Christian is having a HUGE SALE. You can save 25% off all Andrew Christian. This includes underwear, swimwear and active wear. We have reviewed some and I highly recommend the Almost Naked line. You can’t go wrong with any of those. Just use code25SITEWIDE0510

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Dead Good Undies now has the Olaf Benz Mini line that includes a brief, brazillian brief, pant and swim pant. When you buy 3 pairs of jockey you get a free beach towel. But that’s not all they have the Obviously line in stock as well and check out all the reviews on the site. We agree they are awesome, but don’t take our word try them yourself. Lastly they have new mark downs on some of your favorite styles.

UnderGear wants you to wear clean underwear on Mothers Day. They are giving you 25% off your order through May 9th. If you are going to see mom let her know you got clean underwear from UnderGear. To get the sale use momsday at check out

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Top Drawers has Popular Columbian designer Gigo has just shipped us a bunch of their new Hot Colours collection. Featuring super-saturated colours in hot pink, orange, blue, green, yellow and purple – these cheerful undies in low-rise stretch cotton are the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of spring! We’ve also received the some great new sheer styles from Montreal’s Gregg Homme, men’s swimsuits from Diesel, Gregg 3G and Jocko, cutting-edge new styles from N2N Bodywear and some gorgeous new styles from the fantabulous Clever collection for 2010. Were currently running a Spring Shipping Special – with most orders to North America under/up-to $150 shipping for only $9.95 and orders overseas to Europe and Aisia under/up-to $100 for $19.95! Stock-up and save until the end of May.

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Malebasics is giving you free shipping if you, buy any Malebasics Brand or spend more then $25! If you are over seas you can get free shipping at $74 but see the site for all the details. This promotion is for a limited time.

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Dead Good Undies has the new Olaf Benz swimwear. That features the Wasabi and Lolli. If you are looking for undies you may want to try the Man Store M211 line. That features the brief, pant and strings. While the M207 has the jock, body jock and more!

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Olaf Benz presents a new series of very original models. Red and blue color with its lines “979” and “980”, a printed pattern “curve” declined
in two models Micro Pant and Square Pant. This Square Pant cut is new and astonishing, hybrid between the trunk and the brief, not very covering behind. Line 980 is declined in several colors, a blue Scottish printed pattern, a blue veil astutely transparent and a model “Satin” realized in a matter at the same time elastic and glossed, available in white and black. Olaf Benz republishes the line New York under the new name “975”. Made in cotton, corduroy-like stitch, this sober line puts very well ahead the mark Olaf Benz.

Thanks to our friends at Planet Undies for sending this over to us!

Here are the sales briefs for today!

  • It’s Valentines and as a surprise Valentine Surprise for all of you (and us!) Dirty Fukker have just received, literally a few hours ago our new Pink Camo Boxer Brief.  Its not even on their website yet so if you would like a pair log on to and buy any pair of Dirty Fukker Boxer Briefs and then drop us an email and let us know which size in the New Pink Camo you would like. We’re so excited about this great new line we wanted to tell you right away! Have a great day from all the team here at Dirty Fukker Underwear.
  • James Tudor is giving you a great offer for Valentines Day. They are giving you 20% off all style. That means you can 20% off the magnetic brief and more! Just make sure you use code JTVAL010 when you check out!
  • Brand new at Oboy! EMPORIO ARMANI 2010 Underwear, Beachwear & noble accessories for wellness & spa. Get the new exclusive creations by the italian couturier. Now at OBOY. Brand new! OLAF BENZ SUNFREEZE This very special beach wear series will give you a perfect appearance in the hot summer sun. Now at OBOY!
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Deadgoodundies men’s underwear would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and our Christmas present to you this year is 20% off ANY order between the 25th & 28th December.

Just enter the coupon code of “XMAS2009” into the coupon section in your basket and it will deduct 20% off your order (ex shipping)

Coupon Terms & Conditions
1. Coupon expires midnight 28th December (GMT)
2. Coupon cannot be applied retrospectively to previous purchases
3. Santa Claus can’t use the coupon as Mrs Santa has already bought him some undies

Merry Christmas from Adam at and all the staff.


Dead Good Undies has a few things going on right now. First off they have some really great new Olaf Benz. We have reviewed some of them and they are pretty great undies, nice and tight and keep everything in place. Second, they have the Loyalty program, for every £1 you get a point and ever 50 points you get £1 off your order. Lastly, are the last shipping dates for Christmas delivery.