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We recently started a new project with models where we profiled them for our readers to get to know as well as showcased their best work.  We decided to expand this new venture to also include the artists behind the camera, the photographers.  Their vision and talent enhances each photo shoot, advertisement, and continues to bring brand awareness to the public.

In our first photographer profile, Underwear News Briefs sat down with Gavin Harrison, the man behind the camera at Gavin Harrison Photography.

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UNB Kyle:  What was your first photo shoot and how did you come to get it?

Gavin:  My first real shoot was for a Bridal company shooting at a country house. I got the job via a model agency. I’d been doing tests shots of their Models.

Kyle:  What made you want to pursue photography?

Gavin:  I’d been working for a few years as an illustrator and I was taking shots to use as reference material for the drawings. So I got more into shoots than drawing. Plus I was really into fashion magazines and was inspired by the work of Bruce Weber.

Kyle:  Which shoot do you consider your breakthrough in your career?

Gavin:  I think I’m still waiting for it to happen. I never like my shots after a few days of taking them.

Kyle:  You have beautiful shots but we are our biggest critics!  Definitely a talent in my opinion.  How about a mini breakthrough or great experience?  

Gavin:  I did shoot a few times for the Royal Opera House which was pretty cool.  

Kyle:  Which shoot has been your favorite? Why?

Gavin:  I can’t think of anyone shoot. But when I used to spend winters shooting in Miami was really fun. I made some good friends while shooting there and the weather was great.

Heat6a-rsb-smlKyle:  Which shoot has been your most challenging? Why?

Gavin:  I think every shoot is a challenge. A to try and not repeat yourself and to try and offer something different to other photographers. Plus often things don’t go to plan. Clothes samples get delayed, no show models, Make up artist miss the train etc etc lol

Kyle:  Are there any brands or models you would like to work with that you have not worked with yet?

Gavin:  In fashion there’s always new and exciting designers who’s clothes I’d love to shoot and a new crop of exciting models. It never stops.

Kyle:  How do you prepare creatively and determine your environment for the shoot? Is it determined by you, the brand, or a collaboration?

Gavin:  I try to work on new ideas daily. Then when I get a commission I try to match the requirements of the brand to my ideas. But if nothings working I start from scratch. Having previously worked as an illustrator Im always drawing ideas or scribbling notes.

Kyle:  It must be pretty amazing to have the ability to illustrate these ideas in your head and bring them to life in such beautiful artistry.  





To see more of Gavin Harrison Photography, check out his Facebook page.

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