PIADO Underwear


16909_10153430187403281_6198904573544119390_nThere is an underwear company I think way more people should know about. They don’t get a lot of attention because they aren’t making jockbriefs, or singlets, or even jockstraps. They’re not rolling out new innovative shapes of fabric to hold your junk in. They are a company offering a modern version of classics, and they are doing it so well.

I first met a pair of Piado underwear on Most of the time, CheapUndies really delivers, picking quality brands. Sometimes however, they pick a quality brand that I’m just not into (and that’s ok). But this simple pair on sale caught my eye. I thought, what the heck, and ordered it. When it arrived, I put it on, and instantly just felt calm.

What Piado makes are briefs and trunks. That’s all. Two cuts. You get a nice choice of colors in a more unique palette (think: burnt umber, chartreuse…etc). The style harkens back to the classic y-front briefs with contrast trim. and basic trunk. The pairs are listed as $24, but I’ve always seen them marked down to around $12. But here’s where the magic comes in %94 Bamboo Rayon/6% Lycra… I’ll just leave these here for you to drool on.

And that, my friends, is why the magic of Piado needs to be more recognized. The company works exclusively in Bamboo Rayon fabrics for their undies. Yes, their designs aren’t necessarily meant for your nearest circuit party. But not everyone needs that at all times. This is a pair of underwear that you can LIVE in.

Since my first Piado purchase. I now own probably 10 different pairs, mostly the briefs (cause that’s more my thing) but a few trunks as well. I would definitely be interested in them expanding their line (lounge pants? shirts?). But I’m totally down with them keeping their visual designs basic. It’s clearly something they do well.

PHOTO by Armando Adajar.