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Welcome to our first annual Swimwear Guide. We have brought you some great new suits and some classic ones as well. You can click on each of the thumbnails to get a bigger view of the suits.



This summer there are some must-haves from the designers at Baskit. They have three styles; two of the three new styles are the Box Cut Swim Suit and the Contrast Swim Bikini. The third is by far the hottest one for this summer. It’s the Lucky 7 Swim Bikini. This hot little number is available in 7 vibrant colors. It made of great materials that mold to the body and have a great cut. If you like these wait till next week when the 2009 line comes out! You can find all three new styles at for between $32.50 and $34.



AussieBum is sporting over a dozen new suits for summer 2009 but I want to single out one of my favorite new looks. Every guy wants to feel like an action hero exiting the water and now you can! Based on the traditional and solid cut from the early 70’s AussieBum has re-invented this classic swim trunk with a new sexy style. Using the best fabric for durability and comfort, this product will be a sure fire hit for those who love square cut swimwear and features our unique embossed silver/black logo. The 70’s line of suits comes in six colors, Topaz, Sapphire, Marble, Meteorite, Sky and Fire. You can pick up this great stylish swim trunk from the website for around $38 bucks. Worth every penny!

Andrew Christian


Andrew Christian has developed 3 new styles for summer 2009. All three new styles are bikini/briefs, each one with its own unique look. The Laurel Bikini is a super-low cut bikini with slim sides. It has a very sporty racing body look and is made from very sexy Super Mesh material. The 2nd style new to 2009 is the Metal Cross Bikini. This super sleek bikini is sporting a larger front pouch that is accented by 3 style lines along the front of the pouch. This suit has a very sleek and sexy look on the beach for anyone. Finally, the 3rd new style for the summer is the Varsity Bikini. This little number has a black or navy body with contrasting side stripes and waistband. It is also sporting so great graphics. It has a retro-looking “7” printed on the left front side and the back has a white “VARSITY” print. All three of the 2009 suits feature new technology using Sport UPF 50 Fade Resistant Fabric for body-hugging fit and quick-drying characteristics. The suits are also double lined and they range in price from $36 and $44. These are available on the Andrew Christian Website.



Go Softwear has 2 new suits for the upcoming summer months. Both are very interesting and worth taking a look. The first one is the C-Ring Swim Bikini. This suit has a c-ring sewn into the front panel. This ring gives your privates an upright silhouette. This suit comes in five color combinations.  Another addition to the Go Softwear swimsuit collection is one that might look a little familiar to those you are fans of Go Softwear underwear. Its called the Lo-Rise Swim suit. It has the same look and feel of their lo-rise underwear. The cut is low at the waist with a contrasting color waistband. This look-a-like comes in 6 color combinations. Both of these latest suits from Go Softwear are under $30. These suits are available on the Go Softwear Website



A new brand out on the US market these days in Iqoniq. They began with underwear and have slowly branched into other areas. They have six swimsuits available and they are all hot! Check them out ASAP. I want to highlight one suit specifically, because I love the cut and the color. The suit is called the Aquaric. It is a square-cut design with a athletic, but sexy look. The cost of these square-cuts are in the $30 range. These suits are available on the Iqoniq website.

DMK Designs

drawstring_gray_anton_72_web drawstring_charcoal_1_72webi

DMK Designs has a Drawstring in Charcoal, is a pair that can do double duty. Have you ever been somewhere and wanted to swim, but didn’t have a suit. Well this pair can serve both. If you have tired this with tighty whities, you know that they become see through when wet. These will make you look sexy on the spur of the moment. DMK is known for it’s daring designs and use of mesh. They are made for guys who have worked out hard all winter and what to show off for the summer. This suits is available on the DMK Designs site $27.00



Frivole has some really great suits for the summer. The one we think is a must have for summer is the Boy Wonder Brief – Available in multiple colors and at Frivole Exclusively. Halle Berry a la James Bond a la Superman inspired swim suit. Recommended accessory: tool belt. Package not included. Fabulous, amazing, kick-a%@, must-have suit. Also available in solid and other color combos. Fabric: nylon-lycra. The suit is available on the Frivole website for $64.20 but currently on sale

Quake For Men

Quake for Men has some really great suits for the summer. We are going to profile one very sexy suit and one very classic suit.  The sexy suit is the Pistol Pete Zipper Trunk and Diesl Nagano Bathing Suit.


The first pair is the Pistol Pete Zipper trunk. Not surprisingly the Zipper Trunk has continued to be our best seller throughout the year and we have had to re-stock these several times.  This fitted midcut trunk has it all; quality, style, reasonably priced and has the added fun factor – Working Zips! These trunks are available in Navy, Black and Red.
Zipper Trunk – £23.98 but on sale.


The second is the Diesel Nagano Bathing Suit. These new season swim shorts are a recent addition to our extensive swimwear range but have already proved to be a huge hit.  Diesel knows the market trends and introduced this shorter style swim short to this year’s collection.  These shorts not only look fantastic but have a super soft polyester material which means they feel great, are comfortable and quick drying.  Available colours are Red, Black and Sky Blue. This suit is £29.

Swimwear Trends
Here at Quake for Men we have noticed over the past years a definite UK trend for the more fitted swim trunks, it appears Men are moving away from the longer length shorts.  One of our most popular brands is Pistol Pete which has a great range of swim trunks from classic styles to the more adventurous.

These suits are available on the Quake for Men website.

International Jock


International Jock is well known for it’s broad selection in undies and swimwear. This year is no exception they have one of the largest collections around. The pair we chose is the Diesel Thorpys Swim Brief Red. Diesel’s Thorpys Swim briefs feature an exterior drawcord that draws the eye, grabs the imagination and lets you adjust the fit of the waistband. These fully-lined swim briefs include an elastic waistband with contrast stitching and metal drawcord rivets up front. Made from blend of 80% nylon /20% spandex for a non-sagging fit with a 100% nylon liner.

As always, these swim briefs exhibit the quality and attention to detail that has made Diesel one of the most popular and recognized of today’s fashion brands. This suit is available on the International Jock website for $50. It is also available In Cream, red, turquoise and royal blue


N2N is a company never afraid to release swimsuits or undies that are for the shy. This year is no exception. The new underwear line, which we will review shortly, and swimwear live up to this reputation. The two we are featuring are the Comic Book and Copa Trunk.


Comic Book – Turquoise (SLAM!), Red (BANG!), White (POW!) and Yellow (WHAM!)
Do you want a suit that is just fun? This is the suit for you. If you’re a comic fan, you will love it as well. It has in big writing on the seat, SLAM, BANG, POW or WHAM. Very fun, and I’m sure you’ll get some looks on the beach this summer. N2N’s newest COMIC BOOK COLLECTION takes “cheeky” to a whole new level. This hot suit speaks for itself and LOUDLY!  The suit is$36 from the N2N Site


Copa Trunk is a very colorful body conscious suit that covers a bit more then a bikini. They will definitely catch the eye of people by the pool.  It is part of the Beach Collection.     N2N’s BEACH COLLECTION consists of 3 fabulous prints in 2 classic silhouettes! A Brazilian style TRUNK that allows for comfort and practicality and the hot SPORT for the more adventurous and sexier choice.! This suit is $30 and can be bought on the N2N Site.

blue-jock-side-sQuake for Men pointed this out to us earlier this week. And we really thought this is a new an interesting take on a jock from Diesel . We love the color and fit. It’s just taking a men’s classic, a jock and bringing it into the present. Here is some information from Quake for Men:

A Jock from Diesel! WOW!

This is a first for – Jocks from other brands sell really well so when we saw these beauts from Diesel we knew we just had to get them.

  • This jock has a bright green pouch and white waistband / straps. The waistband has a bright green Diesel logo and a small white line at the top.
  • The soft elasticated straps are wide and strong enough to offer you real support and comfort.
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • Also available in blue.
  • ** New for 2009 **

Thanks to Quake for Men for letting us use these pics!

blue-jock-back-1-s green-jock-side-s green-jock-2-s

sean-3Our Friends over at Men’s Underwar Blog were kind enough to let us post part of this interview with Underwear Model Sean. We hope you enjoy it! Now on with the Interview.

It was quite a surprise to get the call inviting me along to an underwear shoot to meet and sean-4interview the latest model.  It didn’t take me long to decide to accept that invitation.

I must admit it was a little disconcerting to be interviewing a very handsome young model when he’s only wearing a pair of Diesel Filatexy boxer shorts.  It was difficult to know where to look.  But I guess Sean is used to being looked at and it didn’t seem to phase him in the least.  I do think he sensed his near nakedness was distracting me and kindly offered to get dressed.  I didn’t want to break the flow of the interview so I told him he was just fine in the boxers.

Sean’s a 23 year old college student studying Sport Science.  He got into modelling as a result of a locker room conversation with one of his training buddies.  In Sean’s own words “He was a good looking guy with a really well built body.  When he told me he was sean-2doing some modelling I thought I would give it a go”.  Judging by the results I think that was a very good call.

Sean is 5’11 and weighs in at 167lbs.  That must be 167lbs of lean muscle as I couldn’t see a trace of body fat on him, and remember I could see almost all of him.  He has a well defined 39 inch chest, a flat chiselled 32 inch waist and a 32 inch inseam.  He has dark brown hair and stunning grey/green eyes.  You can really tell Sean spends a lot of time working out, indeed he tells me he hits the gym 5 or 6 times each week.  He is also very proud of the fact that his muscle mass is entirely down to hard work and diet.  He takes no supplements or muscle building products.

I asked Sean a series of random questions to try and get to know him better.  I can reliably tell you that Sean would most like to visit the Caribbean; prefers Calvin Klein boxers (although he did tell me that he planned to keep the Diesels he had on); he’s a bit of a sean-1track star having competed at the world junior 200m trials and was the 400m champion for his home county. He plays Rugby Union at a Semi professional level and his favourite food is fruit.

Sadly the interview got cut short as Sean had to return to the set to model some new Diesel Swim, but he’s promised me a follow up interview soon.

Sean strikes me as a great guy and I know everyone involved with the shoot really enjoyed working with him.  Perhaps it’s that naughty smile.  I really do wish him success and hope he remembers that promise.


I ran across this great company when I was on Twitter! I have found a few companies on Twitter that we will be bringing you. Quake for Men is based in the UK. They have fun and cool site. I say no matter where you are go check it out!


Brand Profile: Bruno Banani
This German company has a very high standard of product.  The mixed fabric styles tend to be distinguished looking, with very light and soft to the touch finishes, giving the wearer complete comfort and luxury.   The more cotton based styles tend to concentrate on the fashion ranges.

The Products:
Boxers, low rise, briefs, hip briefs. Hip shorts & strings.  Strong swim offering.

Our View:
It’s such a shame that Bruno do not advertise heavily in the UK as they are a little more expensive than the more well known brands; this is more than justified by the quality of the materials they use and the brilliant “construction”.  It would just help if they were more pro-active in getting that message across to the UK customer.  The feedback we get from our customers is that while they are more expensive, they are worth every penny.  Bruno tends to have a loyal following and therefore a high percentage of repeat purchases.

Bruno tends to bring out quite wacky and retro prints, some work very well and some don’t!  This year’s theme is Peace (which is one of the designs that has worked).  All fashion styles come in limited edition branded packaging.

Worthy of Note:
Sizing:  Bruno is slightly less generous in their sizing than other brands.  Customers who are borderline (say between a small and a medium) should upsize unless they like their undies tight!

Brand Profile: HOM
The French Brand!  Well known in the UK, but with a much stronger presence in Europe.  Many styles are reserved for the European markets, but can be made available in the UK if we really want them.

The range extends from their Basics, through fashion and into “functional” such as performance underwear for the more sporty or athletic guy.

The Products:
Boxers, Briefs, Low Rise, Mid Cut, Sports, thongs and strings.  Swimwear, vests and long sleeved tops

Our View:
Hom has a loyal following in the UK and because of that will always sell well.  However we fear that they have “lost their way” a little and some of the recent designs have lacked the edge and style necessary to appeal to a younger audience.  In our view sometimes a brand more at home with the more mature customer.