Matador Meggings furnished the Weed Meggins for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Matador Meggings. 

Rating: 9/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: I love the weed print; I mean, come on. Also, the cell phone pocket is super handy and was a lifesaver. Lastly was the fabric that felt great and feels fantastic against the skin. 

Cons: Some may not like the weed print, but they have other unique prints and solids. Some guys may not like the padding in front because it may feel too much, or they want to show off. 

UNB Tim recommendation: These fit great and come in a variety of colors. Even if you don’t want the Weed tights, they have the new pride line, solids, and other prints. I enjoyed wearing them on my hike and think they will be perfect for cardio or any different workout. 

It’s been a while since I wore some leggings. Matador Meggins sent me this fantastic pair to give a try. I was super excited to try them on a hike. Luckily we have a cold spell in the 60s and sunny. One thing to note is the padding is removable but is there, so you don’t flash a volume or everyone Plus, I had to get the weed design, just cause!

I hit the trail with these meggings and did an easy hike. It’s been a while, so I didn’t want to go all out. They felt really well hiking. The pair didn’t fit too tight or restrict my movement. There is nothing worse than meggings that restrict your movement. One thing I noticed was the panel in the front. It did work great to keep a VPL, which isn’t something I want to show off when I’m working out. Lastly, the print, I think only one person noticed the design; LOL, I got a strange look; it was that or the meggings themselves. But I saw several guys out wearing different forms of spandex. 

The Meggings feel great. I was very impressed by the construction and fabric. The cellphone pocket came in handy when I was hiking. I have many other pairs of spandex, and it sucks to wear when you have to carry around your phone. Also, the material of these was supportive but not too right. And the print, I mean come on now, it’s fun and fantastic! 

PAIR: Matador Meggings Weed 

COLORS: Print as shown 

FABRIC: features featherweight, sweat-wicking, odor-free, 4-way stretch, polyester & lycra blend

SIZES: Small – XX-Large

COST: $88.00

Andy is doing a video review on the JOR Ares Long Pants. Find out how he liked these amazing pair of work out pants. The new year is coming and we all need to get some workout wear to motivate us to go to the gym or get in better shape.

These were furnished by JOR and you can find them at their International store –

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JOR furnished the 1063 Action Short Pant Blue for review. All opinions are that of the reviewer.

Rating: 8.8/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 7/10


  • Comfortable
  • Fun Print


  • Sweaty
  • Price

Welcome to my first sportswear review on UNB! I recently had the opportunity to try the JOR Action Shorts, and I am impressed.

I will admit my bias going into this review. I have been a fan of JOR tights for a few years now so the shorts are just a shorter version of something I already love. That said, they aren’t perfect, but they are quality.

While definitely comfortable, you’re going to sweat your balls off in these, literally. The polyester fabric doesn’t breathe a ton and may not be for everyone, but I don’t mind that.

These shorts also are somewhere between short and compression short. Meaning they are certainly tighter than your average short, but not as tight as I find most compression shorts. The only semi-annoying part was the elastic at the bottom of the shorts did feel a bit tight around my thighs.

These really win when it comes to styling. The JOR Action Shorts have a fun, wild pattern to help spice up typical boring gymwear. These aren’t meant to be hidden under a pair of baggy shorts, show these off! Much like JOR tights, these shorts do a great job of showing off the butt, so all those squats won’t go unnoticed.

Speaking of squats, an important element for me when it comes to sportswear is what I call the Squat Test. Can I squat at the gym without the shorts riding down? The answer for these is YES! These will definitely work well for leg day, or any day at the gym.

Overall, I’m a fan. They are an investment, but high quality. If you like tight shorts, consider adding these to your collection.

Matador Meggings provided the Navy/Blue Meggings for review. The opinions are that of the reviewer.


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall – 9.8


  • Unique and thoughtful details
  • Variety of designs
  • Comfortable and functional


  • Some issues with the tights sliding down
  • Higher price point

Call them tights, call them leggings, call them whatever you want. They are a growing trend in the world of athleisure wear, and I am here for it! I was excited when the opportunity presented itself for me to try Matador Meggings.

When I first slipped the tights on, I immediately noticed that they really molded to my body in a good way. They aren’t as tight as some compression pants I’ve tried, but hugged my body more than traditional tight. I found it to be just the right balance and great support for a workout.

The second thing I noticed was all the small details, which really help Matador Meggings stand out from their competitors. As someone who loves to wear tights to the gym, it can be annoying to figure out what to do with the things that I typically have in my pockets when I wear shorts. Where do I put my phone, wallet, keys? Matador has thought of all of these things and provided not one, but two pockets! One pocket has a zipper to keep valuables such as your wallet or keys secure. The second pocket was perfect for holding my phone. There is also a loop in the back where you can run a towel through so you’ve got it handy to wipe down your gym equipment. These details make the tights ideal to wear to the gym or to run your errands, or both!

So how did these hold up to a workout? Pretty good! The only issue I had is that I did find they slipped down through my workout. This is not uncommon for me as my butt is on the big side, but there were moments where I definitely knew my thong underneath was on display. I decided to try working out without anything underneath and found that the slipping didn’t happen as much. I’ve also been informed that a new design will be launched soon which includes a drawstring, which will eliminate that issue.

You might be thinking, wearing nothing underneath your tights? Can you do that? What about VPL? No worries! Matador Meggings thought of this and has provided a soft cup in the crotch to prevent visible penis line. I really appreciate this feature because even though I don’t mind showing off online, sometimes VPL is a bit much for Midwestern suburban gyms. For guys who wear shorts over their tights, it’s time to ditch the shorts and wear tights with pride, without worrying about showing it all off. If you are a guy who likes to be more on display, you can easily remove the crotch cup and let it all hang.

Overall, there’s little that I don’t like about these tights, and the issues I did have are going to be rectified soon with a new design. I do hope that future product releases include full-length tights (the current design is 3/4 length) and shorts. I know the higher price point will be of concern to some guys, but I feel these tights offer a lot for the money. The attention to design details and their sustainability efforts help Matador Meggings stand out from many other brands. I’ve already got my eyes on some of the other designs!

  • PAIR: Matador Meggings Navy/Blue
  • COLORS: Variety of colors & patterns
  • FABRIC: Feather-weight, sweat-wicking, 4-way stretch, polyester & lycra mix fabric
  • SIZES: Small – X-Large (27″-36″)
  • COST: $88.00

The gear was furnished by LED Queens. The review are my own and not influenced by LED Queens.

Rating: ​9.5/10

  •  Daily Fit: ​8/10
  •  Sizing: ​10/10
  • Construction: ​10/10
  •  Styling: ​10/10
  • Daily Performance: ​10/10

Pros: ​Vivid colors, great design and build quality, great compression and shape.

Cons: ​Pretty tight ankle so they can be difficult to put on sometimes. The crotch sagged slightly but I probably just needed a bigger pair so I could pull them up a little more. Sizing is a challenge.

UNB Jacob recommendation: ​I love the brand because it is LGBT-owned, and adore the product. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for mens tights but would be hesitant to recommend these to anyone on the thicker side.

As a personal trainer, I’m in the gym every single day, so being able to mix up my gym apparel and get away from my usual gym shorts and tank has been great. I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this brand for a while because they really are gorgeous products made by a queer-owned fitness brand. I received the LED Queens Rocket Compression Tights to review, their first compression product that uses a unique nylon/spandex blend to provide a high shine appearance.

The Rocket compression tight is just as “freeing” as most tights, while efficiently wicking away body heat. I mostly used them to workout in and on leg day they’re pretty flattering with a leg/butt pump. I wore them under shorts while I wasn’t at the gym and still received a lot of compliments on the really pretty stripe along the side.

The quality of construction and design is outstanding; comparable to Nike and Lululemon pairs that I’ve worn before. They don’t chafe and the stitching is strong and durable. The colorsand overall quality of the fabric is also something I love about the pair as they’re very vivid and shiny.

Overall LED Queens does really well with sizing and fit; this specific pair can be difficult to size though. The legs are pretty slim and while I don’t have particularly big legs, the size I would order based off of my waist size (28”, so small) would not come close to fitting because I almost need a large. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, just something to be aware of when ordering.

Overall I love the brand because it is LGBT-owned, and adore the product. I would highly recommend the for anyone looking for mens tights, but would be hesitant to recommend these to anyone on the thicker side.

PAIR: LED Queens Rocket Tights
COLORS: Black w/blue to red stripe FABRIC: Nylon/Spandex
SIZES: XS: Waist Sizes 22-24S: Waist Sizes 26-30 M: Waist Sizes 32-34 L:Waist Sizes 36-40 XL: Waist Sizes 40-44 2XL: Waist Sizes 44-48 3XL: Sizes 48-52
COST: $44.99

Tim is also reviewing the same pair as Andrew. This review is the Tiger Heat Body Suit.

Pair: Sean Alexander Timeless Trunk
Color: Black
Sizes: Small – Large
Price: $28.00

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Sean Alexander furnished the Timeless Trunk for review.  All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Sean Alexander.

Rating: 10/10

  • Daily Fit: 10/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10


Pros: Style, Fit, Sizing

Cons: Tag construction/material

Tim recommendation: My overall impression of the Timeless Trunk by Sean Alexander is excellent.  It is a comfortable, stylish pair that performs well and fits great.

This is my first experience and review of the Sean Alexander brand.  I am excited about this review because my daily underwear of choice is the trunk. I find them the most comfortable for my active lifestyle. I am also excited that Sean Alexander donates a pair to charity for each pair purchased.

In testing this trunk, I wore it for my work as a massage therapist and personal trainer as well as my fitness routine and general activities of day to day life.  The pair is quite comfortable for my active lifestyle.  I will be adding this pair into my daily underwear rotation.

The trunks are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Both the main fabric and the waistband are very comfortable.  The construction is excellent, and the pair seems very well made.  The construction includes a nice pouch in the front that gives plenty of room and adds to the comfort of daily wear. The only negative aspect is the material and/or construction of the sewn in label.  The material seems a little harder and the corners tend to be poky and can rub the skin where the tag rests on the hip/low back. This might be resolved with washing and the use of fabric softener.

I received a size medium and it fits me perfectly.  The band is snug and comfortable.  The leg openings are also well fit. Since this is my first experience with this brand, I have no basis for comparison on sizing for other garments from this designer.

Overall, I really like this pair of trunks.  The quality, comfort, and style are superb. They fit well and perform fantastically for daily wear.  I would recommend this brand and pair to others.  I also love that the designer gives back to charity.

PAIR: Sean Alexander Timeless Trunk
COLORS: Black and Whiter
FABRIC: 95% cotton and 5% spandex
SIZES: Small, Medium, Large

COST: $28.00

Tigerheat furnished this pair at a discount for our review. But all opinions are my own on the pair.

Rating: 8/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 7/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Super sexy design, fun orange color, really fun to wear

Cons: Onesize fits all for all people, Just in orange you may want another color, thong background (if you don’t like them)

UNB Tim recommendation: If you’re looking for a super fun bodysuit this is it. This pair is made for fun and is super playful. If you’re tall you may have an issue but everyone should buy fun gear! 

It’s no secret that I love singlets and bodysuits. I have loved them since I was in my teens. I didn’t get my first singlet till I was about 18 or 19. After that, I had to have more and more. Currently, in my collection, I have about 25-30 singlets. I haven’t really counted lately. After covering the Tigerheat Bodysuit I got a chance to get one and review it for you guys.

The first thing I noticed was the fabric. It’s not as thick as I thought it would be, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a cotton fabric with spandex that feels great. If you did wear it to work out in it, I think it would be a great fabric. The next thing I noticed was being 6’4″ not all singlets are made for us tall guys. It took me a few mins to adjust and get it on. The high cut sides and thong back were something I had to get used too. The normal singlet I have has somewhat of a leg or a brief cut at the bottom.

I didn’t wear this pair to work or anywhere. Or for that matter for anyone, I just wore it to relax around the house one Saturday. I could see this pair used in more “playful activities” very easily. It’s super sexy in the design. Some of the gear I have is designed for working out and sport, while others like this is designed simply for fun. That fun can be in and out of bed!

The sizing for this pair is easy, one size fits all! Again if you’re tall like me it will be a bit of a stretch to get in. That’s the downside of the one size fits all! I’m also hoping that once I work out more and get in better shape it will fit me much better as well. Fingers crossed on that one!

If you love sexy bodysuits, check out this pair! I don’t think you will be disappointed. To order, DM them on Instagram

PAIR: Tigerheat BodySuit
COLORS: Orange
FABRIC: Cotton/Spandex
SIZES: One Size
COST: $39.99

RSH_PP_20 (960x1280)

N2N Bodywear furnished the R30 USA Runner for review

Rating: 9.4/10

• Daily Fit: 9/10

• Sizing: 9.5/10

• Construction: 9.5/10

• Styling: 9.5/10

• Daily Performance: 9.5

Pros: Fun, styling, fabric/material, great durability.

Cons: none.

pleep recommendations: If you are a fan of N2N tights then you will love these.

I have worn and own a lot of N2N gear by now, and def have had quite a few pairs of tights by them. I absolutely love the styling on this pair, and of course, they used a nice soft fabric for the tights. The color choices are Silver/Black, White/Grey, Blue/White.

I wore these shorts around the condo as well as to the gym. I have worn N2N tights (or runners) to the gym before, so I already knew that with their cut they will slightly show off your package and butt, but with the coloring combo of this pair doesn’t emphasize your crotch or rear too much so, this makes them very gym appropriate or even out on a running trail.

The size I received from them was a L and it fit perfectly everywhere. They are def cut to the standard American size L, so if you normally wear a L then go on and buy a L for this one too.

BRAND: N2N Bodywear
PAIR: USA Runner
COLORS: Royal Blue, White and Silver
FABRIC:83% nylon / 17% spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $48.00


RSH_PP_6 (854x1280)

Junk UnderJeans furnished the Raw Street Runner for review

Rating: 9.3/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9.5/10
  • Styling: 9.5/10
  • Daily Performance: 9.5

Pros: Bold colors, fun pattern, nice material, well built.

Cons: Legs are a little long in length.

UNB pleep recommendations: These are a fun pair of tights, work great at the gym

This was actually the second item I have ever worn from Junk UnderJeans. The first being the Stellar Jock, and these tights are just as well made as the jockstrap.

I have worn these at the gym several times, they hold up quite nicely while working out. The fabric they use is very soft as well as breathable. I don’t feel like I am being suffocated in a heat wave while wearing and working out. Which, some tights I have worn before by other companies prefer to use just spandex and not have sections of it with breathable fabric. This allows you can workout in them for long periods of time.

They have three color choices; Aqua, Green and Pink. I have the Aqua ones. Which as you can see means they are a mid-grey and a dark grey overall color but the accent color is Aqua. Which, I find to be quite nice and sexy.

The sizing to me is spot on for the waist and thighs, however, I found the legs to be a bit long. The Large is exactly what you expect a Large pair of tights to be in the waist and thighs. If you normally wear larges I recommend you snagging up that size. According to their website their sizing charts states that a Large for them is a 32-34″ Waist.

PAIR: Raw Street Runner
COLORS: Aqua, Green and Pink
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $40.00
FURNISHED BY: Junk UnderJeans

RSH_PP_9 (854x1280)

Junk Underwear Flash Knee Length – Green, furnished by Junk UnderJeans

Rating: 9.1/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 8.5/10
  • Construction: 9.5/10
  • Styling: 9.5/10
  • Daily Performance: 9

Pros: Bold colors, fun pattern, nice material, well built.

Cons: not as form fitting as their street runners.

UNB pleep recommendations: They are an interesting pair of knee length tights.

This is the third and final item I had received from this company.

I have worn these at the gym several times, they hold up nicely while working out. The fabric they use is very soft as well as breathable. the back is a slight mesh material. If you happen to have a tattoo on your leg or butt. I recommend not wearing it at the gym, or at least trying them on first at home to see if it is visible. I did enjoy wearing them at the gym. Just wish the legs were a little more form fitting. I found this pair to fit not the same way in the thighs as their street runners.

They have a few color choices; Aqua, Green, Yellow, Orange and Pink. I have the Green ones. Which as you can see means they have the pouch, writing on the band and a side panel in green. While the rest of it is in different shades of grey.

The sizing to me is spot on for the waist. However, I found the thighs to be not as snug as I would be expecting. Having just worn their street runners previously. I wish instead of the Large, I would have been able to try on their medium to see if that would have fit better in the thighs. But the waist seemed to have ample amount of room. According to their website their sizing charts states that a Large for them is a 34-36″ Waist.

BRAND: Junk UnderJeans
COLORS: Aqua, Green, Yellow, orange and Pink
SIZES:  Small – X-Large
COST: $34.00
FURNISHED BY: Junk UnderJeans

CS7-16-2N2N Bodywear Furnished the Cotton Sport Runner for review.


  • Overall – 9.2
  • Fit –10
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Performance – 9


  • Incredibly comfortable material/fit
  • Amazing front/pouch
  • Great style


  • A little short for tall dudes
  • Pricy

Undies Rock Recommendation: The combination of material that is breathable, light and Stretchy. A style that is flattering for all shapes and sizes are the key components for comfortable pants. N2N hit it out of the ball park with this pair.

Undies Rock here, about to drop knowledge on one of my personal favorite pieces from N2N!  Behold, the perfect “I’m working from home” bottoms – the CS7 N2N Cotton Sport Runner pant. As many of you know. I am a huge fan of the N2N brand.  It’s no surprise that their active/loungewear is as amazing as their underwear and swimwear. Gentlemen, if your ultimate goal is to work at home in class and comfort, than these pants are your fix!

First off, this pant is pretty much the men’s version of a legging.  I know this might be a little taboo. All I have to say to those “real/tough/whatever men” out there, don’t knock it till you try it. If you don’t think these are the most comfortable pants you could try on, then you need get real.  Trust me, for all of those “manly” guys out there who are too scared to wear form fitting, legging type pants. Then you are straight up missing out on: 1) absolute comfort, and 2) the ultimate display of your manhood. So go ahead and continue wearing those slopping, unflattering, excessive basketball shorts. But don’t come running to me asking where I got these sweet-ass man leggings because guess what?…I told you so!  Alright I said my peace, and enough with the rant and on to good stuff!

As I previously stated. The Cotton Sport Runner is essentially the men’s version of the legging. It’s a tight fitting, low rise, sporty, knit pant that hits lower to mid-calf (I’m a taller dude at 6′-5″ and it sits mid-calf on me).  I can’t emphasize the tight fit enough. These are supposed to conform to your body, and they totally will.  And as a disclaimer, if you are afraid of undie lines and plan to wear these out. Then you might want to pair this pant with a thong or g. This pant is incredibly low rise, so if you’re a brief guy then maybe a sport bikini might be a good option.

I have the heather grey color option in size Medium. I am roughly between a 33”-34″ waist and I’d say it fits true to size since the medium is rated for a 32”-34.”   The material is relatively thin. The 94% cotton and 6% spandex material allows generous amounts of movement while retaining the right amount of support for all dudes of different sizes. One of my favorite features is the flat, seamless front; HUGE plus in my book.  This flat front design naturally conforms to your package with just the right amount of support. Without being overbearingly tight. The construction of the whole pant is quality. I have machine washed and dried these pants at least three times and I have to say that this pant is resilient. The material is still elastic and the color has remained true.  I have been a huge fan of N2N for quite some time. One of my biggest pet peeves with the brand is the quality control on sizing/cut.  I will say that all of the pieces I have from this current collection are spot on with the sizing and fit. So I would like to applaud N2N for stepping up their game.  This generation of runner is currently offered in a hunter green, royal blue, and heather grey.  I have the heather grey. Which is a little transparent, but honestly I kind of dig it, and so does my girl 😉 The other color options are darker so I’d bet they are less revealing.

Right now you can catch this awesome runner directly on the N2N website for $46 large.  I know this is a little of an investment, but entirely worth it if you aspire to bask in total comfort.  I am huge fan and collector of runners. This is definitely my go to pair for those days when you are hanging around at home.  The combination of material that is breathable, light and Stretchy. A style that is flattering for all shapes and sizes are the key components for comfortable pants. N2N hit it out of the ball park with this pair.  Thanks for answering my prayers, N2N!

BRAND: N2N Bodywear
PAIR: Cotton Sport Runner
COLORS: Hunter, Heather and Royal blue
FABRIC: 94% cotton / 6% spandex
SIZES: Small – XLarge
COST: $46.00


RSH_PP_14 (960x1280)

The N2N  Bodywear TT2 TriTech Runner was furnished by N2N Bodywear

Rating: 8.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8

Pros: Fun, bold design, great durability.

Cons: Awkward pouch in crotch.

pleep recommendations: If you are a fan of compression shorts at the gym or wearing them just out and about.  these would be good to look at. The color choices are Navy, Hunter and Black.

This pair was the first time I had worn shorts from N2N. I have worn their tights, jockstrap, thongs, singlets before (and the shirt that had been in the previous review) but never shorts. Consequently, I didn’t know what to expect from them.  The fabric, like all N2N items felt amazing and was super soft. The cut of course was very sexy, but with how these are cut.  They may not be the most practical at a gym if you either have a large booty or package or go to a conservative gym.

I wore these shorts around the condo as well as to the gym. I had first worn them around the condo and had loved how they felt while wearing them.  They do not ride up if you do a lunge or a squat. I then wore them at the gym. Which is when I had gotten a lot of heads to turn, for two reasons. The pouch in the front has your package very much so on display, and the back is designed to show off your… assets.

The size I received from them was a L and it fit perfectly everywhere. They are def cut to the standard American size L, so if you normally wear a L then go on and buy a L for this one too.

BRAND: N2N Bodywear
PAIR: TT2 TriTech Runner
COLORS: Navy, Hunter and Black
FABRIC: 80% polyester / 20% spandex
SIZES: Small – XL
COST: $42.00

JOR (2)


Candyman Fashion furnished us with some great pairs of the JOR Workout collection to review. 

JOR – Logo Black T-shirt

I received a black long-sleeve style shirt from JOR, my first impression of it was comfy and light. This was the first thing I have ever tried or worn from this company. This particle shirt does have a white version as well; its cut is the same.

I wore it around the condo and around town, it was quite comfy. It was a regular, non-active day, and with how well it felt by the end of the day I have no doubt that this shirt could take a beating and be fine.

I received a size large from them which fit me like a glove.

In terms of likes and dislikes for this shirt, I loved the fit and fabric for this shirt. I wasn’t a huge fan of how the neck opening was, but after a while I got used to it.


  • Good Sizing
  • Amazing Material
  • Nice fit


  • Neck opening is cut off


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9.5
  • Daily Performance – 8.5
  • Overall – 9

Find the JOR Longsleeve Black T-shirt at Candyman Fashion for $46.48

0220 (2)

JOR- Runner Black Long Pants

I received a pair of black runner tights from JOR, my initial impression of these was they felt very nice.

I wore it around the condo and went to the gym to workout. It was a regular workout so I put the pants through their paces, and at the end of the workout,

I received a size large from them which fit me very well and was extremely comfortable.

In terms of likes and dislikes for this pair of pants, I loved everything about them, from material, cut, styling, sizing/fit. There wasn’t anything about them I disliked.


  • Sexy styling
  • Good Sizing
  • Good cut
  • Amazing Material
  • Nice fit



  • Daily Fit – 9.5
  • Sizing – 9.5
  • Construction – 9.5
  • Styling – 9.5
  • Daily Performance – 9.5
  • Overall – 9.5

Find the JOR Runner Long Pant at Candyman Fashion for $55.48