Rockwood Underwear


1176317_577367095660604_1297625948_nRockwood Underwear has come on to the underwear scene. They are doing something I think is pretty cool! We got a chance to interview Rick the owner. This is what he has to say about the company!

We wrote up Rockwood up a few weeks ago but tell our readers about your brand? What made you make Limited edition underwear? 

First, I’d like to introduce myself.  I’m Rick, the designer for Rockwood.  I started Rockwood after I decided to follow a dream.  I heard the quote “If you enjoy what you do for a living, then you never have to work a day in your life.”  This quote made sense to me so I set out to find something I enjoyed or had true interest in….. underwear happened to be it!  For Rockwood, I want to produce underwear with bold colors, crazy prints and all things in between.  A lot of brands do the same thing so I figured I had to set Rockwood apart from all the others.  I do this by making every pair Limited Edition.  Only 500 pairs will be created for each style across the sizes.  This is not 500 pairs per size, but in total.  By making every style Limited Edition, that cuts down the chance of finding someone else with the same pair as you.  It’s the exclusivity that we want people to experience….that “I have these and you don’t” feeling.  LOL

Another thing I want people to know about Rockwood is that I want to keep it real with my customers and followers.  I’m a normal guy, just like them, who had a dream and worked to make it a reality.  I want them to see a friend in me so I have since started a blog.  There you will find postings about what’s going on with Rockwood along with personal postings about what’s going on in my life.  You can also find what’s posted on our Instagram account @rockwoodunderwear.  I encourage you all to check out the blog at .  Follow along and check back often.

How often are you going to change the pairs?

I know most designers follow the Spring/Summer Fall/Winter design seasons, but I want to keep it more revolving.  When we get something produced, I want to release it.  I don’t want to keep our customers waiting for something new.  Besides, we wear underwear all year round so it makes sense to just keep it revolving.

In the pairs you have created do you have a personal favorite?

Aside from the obvious answer of “I love them all,” I do have a personal favorite.  I love the Electric Orange Trunks that we have out right now.  At the moment, I’m more of a trunk guy so I fell in love with the fit.  The bold orange with the kickass printed waistband just makes it all the better.  Then to top it off, printed on the inside of the waistband is a playful tagline that you may want to show off.  I recommend you all to give them a try!

Any styles or colors you have found have been best sellers?

The first style that sold out was the White Boxer Briefs.  It’s a staple for anyone’s underwear drawer so I can see why it sold out so quickly.  We thought people would stick to a certain cut/style when placing an order of multiple pairs.  However, we have found that a lot of people mix it up.  We find a lot of people order briefs and trunks, prints and solids, and any mix in between.  I think this is great because it shows me that people are down to try different styles.  I know from personal experience, I want to wear a certain style when I’m doing different activities.  This seems to hold true for most others.

What’s coming up for Rockwood?

LOTS!  We want to take Rockwood as far as we can.  We’ve got ideas for new designs and styles running through our heads and we can’t wait to share them.  This is why you all should check the blog out to find out what’s new.  We also encourage people to check out our Instagram account.  People are able to easily give feedback and we encourage people to interact with us on Instagram.  My favorite thing about all of this is connecting with people.  This is why I love it when people Like and Comment on our posts.

I’m grateful for being able to participate in this interview with UNB.  I just want to spread the word about Rockwood and keep it real with all our followers.  I want them to see that “friend” in me and join me on this journey.  As I mentioned before, this is why I throw in personal postings on the blog.  I make no promises on proper grammar though….I guess that’s just part of keeping it real with you all. Haha!

1176317_577367095660604_1297625948_nBeing underwear lovers we are always looking for something new and fun. If you’re like me you like to keep your underwear drawer updated as much ass possible. This is a very hard task because every day new pairs come out, how do you pick a pair that will be different and unique? Many brands come out with limited edition pairs but they are only a few pairs. Now imagine if a brand had all their pairs a limited editions?

This is exactly what Rockwood Underwear has done. Each pair is limited to 500 pairs. As they say on their site, this is not 500 in each size but 500 total! Which makes it even more limited. If you find a pair of Rockwood you can’t live without you better buy it because once it’s gone it’s GONE! The old adage you snooze you loose is definitely in play here.

I hear some of you out there going “well they probably only make one style.” You would be wrong, they make mini briefs, briefs, trunks and boxers. Granted not every pattern or color is available in every style but you will find a style you want most!

The concept of this company is pretty amazing. I like the idea of creating a company around limited edition undies you know your friends won’t be wearing. The landscape of men’s underwear it’s hard to find pairs that will set you apart from others!

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