Site Update



We are going Social here! What does that mean, well there are two great things! First and he purpose of this picture, is you the reader can now rate undies along with us! Yes, that’s right, if you see a review, just click the title and open the post in it’s own window and you can rate the underwear on the same categories we use. So, you can tell us, “Yeah you guys were right on,” or “No you guys suck, and were totally wrong” Then you can compare our rating with yours!  The picture above is from the AussieBum Bodiform review. This function should be on every review we’ve done, so feel free to rate one or them all!

Next is you can now share the postings on any social network. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Digg and about 22 more sites. The button just below the red bod is on every post. You can click it and send the post to your favorite social site!

We will be working on improvements to the site, and hope you enjoy these! We wanted to make them a little more interactive. If you have more ideas let us know

A little earlier then I expected, but things went really smooth during the move. I’m actually surprised how good it went. I decided to move it earlier then tonight because I had a few things to do.

The new site, whats new?

  • Links – They are now on their separate tab, and not on the main page. I may change this later but let me know if you like it. I am going to go into more detail about what each link is about.
  • Posting Index – This is one thing that is going to be great. Instead of the listing of the last few posts we did, now you can see one from the last month and also by company. So if there is a story we wrote or new product instead of searching, go to the index and find it. Right now there aren’t links, but give us this week and they will all be updated.
  • Sizing – This is one area that really should get some notice. Brands we know about and others we find out about, we will post how their sizing runs so you can buy the right size. If you don’t see one you know runs small, let us know and we will update this one on a regular basis.
  • About – is about us and some of the reviewers. We are going to add what companies and styles reviewers like so you can match your own taste with a reviewer.

I hope you enjoy the new site and let us know how to improve!

Hey everyone, It has been brought to my attention that sometimes Blogger is giving a message that the blog isn’t located on Blogger. I have worked my butt off to get most things done this weekend and it’s ready to go. There are still some things to do but it won’t affect the day to day use of the site. So tonight it will change over to the new server. This site will still remain with a “This Site Has Moved” message. Make sure you use as the address. If there is any problems please email me at I will hopefully have it done by midnight tonight!


Yes this post is a little late, but I wanted to update you on some exciting things in the works here at UNB.

  • Make sure you book mark the site by the web address, a site redesign is in the works. Including a new logo and look that will take the blog off blogger.
  • FREE UNDIES – we are working with a few companies to do some great give aways to our readers this year. Check back for details because we are still working to finalize them. So check back often!
  • Interviews and profiles of your favorite companies. Email us and let us know who you want to see interviewed at Also send in your questions as well, we would love to ask our readers questions to the companies we review
  • More use of new media, which you may ask what are you talking about, well it’s dealing with some Facebook, and email and a lot more. This won’t be rolled out at once, but over the next year.
  • We’re growing, and always looking for writers to join our team, if you’re interested let us know and we’ll get you involved! It doesn’t pay well, in that case or at all, but you can get some great undies from time to time!
  • Lastly, we welcome any feedback you have and suggestions, just email us at

Have a great 2009 and we hope you will tell your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and anyone else who loves undies about us.