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The temperature here is cold by Dallas standards.  However, that hasn’t prevented Texans from shopping at the area’s top underwear retailer, Skivvies, in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Below are three of the locals’ top choices in anticipation of love’s favorite holiday.

PrimeMan Hipster Brief

Australian manufacturer Obviously’s newest collection finally incorporates stripes!  Locals are snapping up pairs faster than Godiva chocolate truffles disappear at a Weight Watchers meeting.  

Composed of a soft, four-way stretch blend of MicroModal and Lycra, the PrimeMan Hipster Brief (pictured in red/navy/white) retails for $32.  The yarn-dyed stripes will never bleed, run, or fade if one follows the garment’s care instructions.  

The brief incorporates Obviously’s AnatoMAX anatomical pouch feature, which provides natural body positioning and virtually eliminates the need for readjusting.  Garment care instructions are printed inside the waistband to eliminate the itching and scratching associated with sewn-on labels.

PrimeMan Jock

Jockstraps are selling well in Big D, and enthusiasts also turn to Obviously for choosing a ’strap in red.  The PrimeMan Jockstrap is #1 in Dallas.  

Engineered to provide freedom of movement for active guys, this jock sits low on the hips and features the AnatoMAX pouch.  The deep navy leg straps are a perfect 20 millimeters wide.  

The waistband is shorter, which makes this garment perfect to wear under your favorite low-rise jeans.  The PrimeMan jock retails for $25.

Unico Trunk

For those Texans wanting something festive for Valentine’s Day – but in a slightly less risqué silhouette – Unico’s “short boxer” perfectly fits the bill.  

A contoured pouch provides excellent support.  An M.C. Escher-eque square pattern (shown in steel-grey/blue/red) provides unique visual interest to this more traditional cut of underwear.  And the fabric has an unbelievably soft hand that invites touching by anyone lucky enough to see it up close.  It retails for $32.

Skivvies has Dallasites covered, whether they’re looking for a trunk, a brief, a jock, or something even more daring this coming Valentine’s Day.  

Many thanks to Skivvies owners & staff to opening their doors to UNB.


4001-C Cedar Springs
Dallas, Texas 75219

Erik Click of Dallas, Texas


Not going to lie. I have always felt a little intimidated going into men’s underwear stores. Something about the idea has always been uncomfortable to me. I’ve visited stores in St. Louis, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, Atlanta, the Virgin Islands, and probably a few more places that I can’t recall. That feeling of, “Is anybody watching me right now,” has subsided. Why? Because I started blogging about my passion for this industry.

untitled-design-4This past week, I had the awesome privilege of having a 12-hour layover at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). What did I do, I rented a car for a few hours and headed on over to Skivvies Men’s Underwear Store in the Oak Lawn District in Dallas proper. Now that I have a new found confidence in who I am and a way to talk through my passions for men’s underwear, I can easily walk into stores and talk with the men and WOMEN shopping about their likes and dislikes. I find it really exciting to tell people about the blog (your blog) and what we are doing in the industry.

untitled-design-5After I found a parking spot (a bit challenging), I walked in the front door and was greeted by Steve, one of the clerks working. He introduced himself and gave me a few tips about browsing such a large store with a massive selection. He let me be and only emerged if I looked like I needed assistance.  I like this when shopping. I’ve been to malls in other countries where people follow you around trying to get you to buy something–annoying. Once I took my initial look around, I introduced myself to Steve as an Assistant Editor here at UNB.  He’d never heard of us. I asked if I could take a few pics with my iPhone. He called management and go clearance. The work began.

untitled-design-6This store has dozens of brands with a great selection of styles, cuts, prints, patterns, and sizes. I spent an hour in the store and could have spent two more hours. This was a great experience. I found N2N Bodywear, CockSox, Papi, Calvin Klein, Jack Adams, Pump!, Cin2, Obviously, Skivvies (they have their own brand), Gregg Homme, Saxx, WildmanT, 2Xist, Nasty Pig, and dozens more. They didn’t just have these brands, they had their collections in a full run of sizes.

Steve introduced me to Paul, the other clerk working that day.  We had a great conversation about how underwear can be a confidence booster, is normal for gay, straight, and bi dudes to enjoy, and of course–THE BLOG.  Paul is a great conversationalist who understands the industry and seems to enjoy helping others find what they want. I enjoyed talking with Steve and Paul and look forward to seeing them next time I visit.

untitled-design-2Because I was in an awesome men’s underwear store, I had to make a few purchases. I am proud that I didn’t immediately kick into pouch snob mode and buy things that I know work for me. Instead, I opted to purchase things I haven’t tried–pouches that interest me. You will have to wait and read my reviews to know what I brought. I can’t give everything away today.

Right when I got ready to check out, Steve encouraged me to walk upstairs and check out their clearance floor. You heard that right–Skivvies has a clearance FLOOR. There are hundreds of pairs of your favorite brands on clearance in this store. I didn’t see trash, I saw treasures. It was awesome!

Although I had a blast chatting with the sales team and purchasing underwear, I found something else to be particularly intriguing to me–the customers. Not only was the store packed, there were all types of untitled-design-3people perusing fine men’s undergarments. I saw women mixed with guys of all flavors and orientations. People were engaging in conversation about men’s underwear.  Customers were asking each other for advice and people were chatting in a very friendly way. I fit in–not because I found a straight guy, but because I found others who have a passion for this industry out in the open discussing their likes and dislikes.  It wasn’t sexual. It wasn’t gay. It wasn’t straight. It wasn’t even fashion. It was normal!

Thanks, Steve and Paul at Skivvies for showing me around, listening to my passions, and sharing yours. I hope everyone reading this will take the time to check out Skivvies online store. If you are in Dallas, go in person. It will be an experience you won’t regret!



4001 Cedar Springs
Dallas, TX 75219

Monday – Thursday : 10AM – 10PM
Friday & Saturday : 10AM – 11PM
Sunday : 11AM – 10PM



Welcome to the Valentines Guide for 2013. It’s been a few years since we did a guide we shot ourselves. We had a few issues with the guide but things did work out for the best. This is only a sample of the undies out there for Valentines Day. We have a mix of some of the best underwear for you or your partner!

We want to thank our participants for sending in the underwear and our models David & Joey. They both did great jobs in a really long day!

IMG_0167David is wearing the Geovanny Mesh Brief, made out of a sports mesh. Not only could you wear this pair for Valentines Day but would be great for the gym or other sports activity. This pair was furnished by Geovanny Underwear and can be found at their site for $24.00

IMG_0151David is wearing the Geovanny Garter Jock in black. While it may look like a brief it has the Geovanny Garter back and is one of his best sellers. Geovanny has used his many years dancing to make underwear that fits and shows off what a guy has! This pair was furnished by Geovanny Underwear and is available on their site for $28.00

IMG_0177David is wearing the Pikante Sailor Brief.. The Sailor brief is a really fun pair for a date. It is a lager brief cut and sexy with red accents and has a sheer back. Your partner maybe surprised by the sheer! This pair was furnished by Pikante and can be found at retailers on the net!

IMG_0002Joey is wearing the Pikante Sparkle Jock. This jock is available in three metallic colors and has a cut out above the pouch. The rings and the pouch will be one pair that your partner will remember. This pair was furnished by Pikante and available are retailers across the net.

_MG_0034David is wearing the Clever Mesh Thong. This thong is made out of a sports mesh that is mildly see through. If you are a thong lover then we would suggest getting this for Valentines Day. This pair was furnished by Clever and is available at retailers across the net.

IMG_0216David is wearing the Clever Irreverent Tank Top and the Voyeur Brief in White. The brief has a solid pouch and mesh sides and back. Where as the tank is made out of a white mesh and has a hoodie design. This combination is best worn when you plan on staying in for a romantic dinner. These pairs were furnished by Clever and are available at retailers across the net.


David is wearing the Candyman Black Boxer 9630. The boxer has a net mesh side and back with a solid pouch. It is also available in white. This pair is not for the shy and if you wear these you will want your date to see them at some point in the evening. This pair was furnished by Candyman and is available at retailers across the net.

IMG_0058_3Joey is wearing the Candyman Jock Thong. Which is a cross between a jock and brief. This pair is solid black and has a solid and mesh pouch. Also available in gold/black. This pair was furnished by Candyman and is available at retailers across the net.

_MG_0376David is wearing the Joe Snyder Bikini 01 in Black. The bikini is available in multiple colors. That include red, metal black, black sheer and many more. This is the classic bikini that Joe Snyder created and one of their top sellers. When you take it out of the package it is small but stretches to fit your body! This pair was furnished by Joe Snyder and can be purchased from their website for $19.95

IMG_0050 (4)Joey is wearing the Cocksox CX01 Bikini in Red. This pair is available in other colors including Black, Red, White, Royal and more! The bikini is made with the famous Cocksox pouch that has no straps or contraptions to enhance your package. If you want a bikini that is fun then this is the pair for you! This pair was furnished by Cocksox and is available on their site for $25 AUD


David is wearing the Cocksox Bikini Brief. This brief has a traditional waistband with Cocksox pouch they are known for! The bikini is smaller then most but still covers everything, so would be perfect for a guy that wants to show off a little but not show off everything. This pair is available from the Cocksox website for $27 AUD.

_MG_0231David is wearing CX01 Bikini in stripes. This is one of the newer styles in the CX01. This is the same pair that Joey is wearing above but with stripes that accentuate the pouch and rear. This pair was furnished by Cocksox and can be purchased from their sire for $28 AUD.


David is wearing the new Baskit Simple Brief in Red. This is one of the newest pairs from Baskit. Baskit is known for making classic styled underwear that fits and feels incredible. This is one of the perfect date pairs for those just staring out in a relationship. If your partner does see it, it won’t show too much and we bet you will get compliments! Baskit furnished this pair for the guide and can be purchased at their site for $21


David is wearing the Venom Brief and Tank from Gregg Homme. This line has put the Gregg Homme sexy spin on snakeskin. It’s not your usual pattern. Venom is available in black and red. The tank is $45.95 and the brief is $36.95 . These were furnished by Gregg Homme.


David is wearing the Gregg Homme Tuxedo Thong and Cuff and Collar. You can be your own Chippendale’s dancer for your partner this Valentines Day. Each of these are sold separately at the Gregg Homme site, the thong is $22.95 and the Cuff and Collar is $24.95   These were furnished by Gregg Homme


Joey is wearing the Gregg Homme Pump-Up Brief. This is a pair that Gregg Homme has had in its line up for a few years. It’s a favorite and a great pair for Valentines Day. The pouch enhances and brings your pouch to the “forefront”. Available in Black and White with the red accent. The pair is $40.95 from the Gregg Homme Site. This pair was furnished by Gregg Homme


David is wearing the Go Softwear Satin Mesh Tank and the American Jock Action Mesh Sport Brief. The Satin Mesh line has a matching mesh boxer (not pictured here). The mesh brief is great for a date night or daily wear. These pairs can be found at the Go Softwear Site, the Satin Mesh Tank is $31  and the American Jock Action Mesh Sport Brief is $25. These pairs were furnished by Go Softwear.


Joey is wearing the Go Softwear Pop Boy Brief in Magenta. This is perfect for those who want a classical styled brief but in great colors. It has the new Go Softwear waistband. This pair was furnished by Go Softwear and is available for $23.00.


David is wearing lounge wear from N2N Bodywear. Not all underwear is made for date nights, this pair is made for staying in and relaxing. The two pairs featured are the Dream Robe and Dream Brief. The dream robe has a shorter Kimono cut and a hood. Where as the brief is a traditional cut brief and both are made out of super soft polyester/spandex blend. N2N Bodywear furnished these pairs and can be found at their site for $48 for the Dream Robe and $19 for the Dream Brief


David is wearing the SupaWear Supa Drive trunk in Red. SupaWear is a relatively new brand on the underwear scene. Made by the folks who brought you 2EROS, this is a super fun line. They are classic and great fitting pairs. This pair was furnished by and can be found at The Man Underneath for $25.


David is wearing the Frank Dandy Inspired Valentines trunk. This pair is not out yet but will be released shortly! This is part of the new Frank Dandy collection. You can find this pair at the Man Underneath, who also furnished this pair


David is wearing the Skivvies 5728 Color Guard Trunk. Many of you may not have heard of the brand but we see big things in the future for this brand. The red colors and pouch accents would make a great pair for any Valentines Date night, either going out or staying in! This pair was furnished by and can be purchased at the Man Underneath for $29.00


David is wearing the Modus Vivendi 07711 Brief in Red. This pair is super sexy with it’s mesh sides and back. You maybe saying it may not be comfortable to wear. However, our model David said the thought after a while it would be uncomfortable but it fit and felt great through out the shoot. If you’re a little bolder and want to make a statement then try this pair out. This pair was furnished and can be found at Erogenos for $25.00


David is wearing Pistol Pete Gelato Brief. Not all underwear on Valentines day has to be red or black. You can have a splash of color. This brief you can wear every day not just Valentines! Available in 4 colors. This pair was furnished by Erogenos and can be purchased for $24.


David is wearing the Male Basics Long Johns. Not everywhere in the world is warm, some places you have below freezing conditions and being warm is a must. However you can still be stylish and warm! The microfiber long johns do both of those quite well. Also you can still wear a Modus Vivendi or Pistol Pete brief under. This pair was furnished and can be purchased at Erogenos for $30.


David is wearing Cellblock13. This is the super fun line from Timoteo. Valentines Day can be either classic or super sexy for you. Not everyone wants to go to dinner, some just want to skip it and get to some other fun. The Timoteo Cellblock13 Gridiron Trunk is a perfect pair. Made out of a sports mesh and rear cut out. It’s perfect for a fun evening in! These were furnished by Timoteo and can be found at the Timoteo Cellblock13 website for $34.

_MG_0309David is wearing another pair from Timoteo. The Cellblock13 pair maybe a little more then you want to wear on Valentines Day then check out the Timoteo 2.0 Soccer Jock. It’s a smilar cut to the Girdiorn but made out of a cotton material, so you don’t show too much but still has the cut out back. It’s a mix of traditional and wild. This pair was furnished by Timoteo and can be found on there for $30

We hope you enjoy this Valentines Guide. You will see more of David this year. Make sure you go check out his Facebook page! We have more pics of him at our Facebook Page as well! We will have an interview with him and have already booked him for our Swim Guide in May!