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Hello, loyal UNBers and welcome back to my sixth installment of “Fitness Corner”.  My name is Darrin Miller and I’m the fitness staff writer for UNB.  Nothing says classic like black and white photography, low rise briefs, and a sporty fedora.  This week I’m making a bold statement by combining all three of these as seen here in a pair of white and slate gray briefs manufactured by Sweat, as captured through the lens of one of the classic male physique photogs in the biz – Gary Gonzalez of NorCalBodz.

Last week I covered the 2nd of three ways to leverage the fitness goals you have set – “Goals As Reflection”.  This week I’ll focus on the 3rd and final way:

Goals As Discipline & Willpower:

As mentioned in my first posting for any goal to be achievable, that goal must meet five attributes (refer to earlier postings to learn about these attributes).  So why then do people who create goals which feature these attributes fail to bring their goals to realization?  Well, let’s not forget the second ingredient of reaching goals – hard work.  Most of the time people fail to realize goals – not because the goals were unrealistic, not because the goals could not be measured, not because any of the attributes were violated – but because the work required to attain these goals was postponed, avoided or forgotten.  One of the chief benefits of well-developed goals is that they foster strong self-discipline and willpower.  After all, it is very easy to forget why you are doing something when you have nothing around to remind you why you are doing it.  You know the old saying “out of sight, out of mind.”  Without your fitness goals posted and revisited on a regular basis, it is very easy to forget why you are blasting your biceps into pain, trying to run one more ¼ mile this week, or foregoing that piece of chocolate cake.  If you have any doubts that simply seeing your goals (i.e. something you feel passionately about) will help keep you focused, take a moment and think about your family.  How many times at work have you wanted just to walk out or asked yourself, “What the hell am I doing here?”; only to look across your desk and see some photographs of your family and then remember why you are working and attempting to do the best you can in your career.  Your fitness goals should be just like that family photograph – something you can reach out to, feel comfort in, and serve as a reminder as to why you are exerting yourself as you do.

In addition to hard work, a sure fire way to ensure your goals will come to maturation is to see yourself already having reached these goals and constantly telling yourself that you can reach these goals-visualization and self affirmation.  This will be the focus of my next few articles.

Exercise is not without its risks and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. To reduce the risk of injury in your case, consult your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program. The instructors and advice presented in this blog are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation, the instructor disclaims any liability from and in connection with this program. As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you begin to feel faint, dizzy, or have physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and consult a physician.

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sweat_1001_MED sweat_3001_MED

Aboystore now has Sweat Under Gear! Which is a brand we have followed closely over the last year. They have 5 great styles and we will see some more from them in 2010.

If you aren’t familiar with Sweat Under Gear, which we are sure you are. Here is some info:

Sweat Under Gear provides today’s man with a line that reflects his athletic, fashionable lifestyle. Our mission is “to complement today’s man with underwear that speaks to his lifestyle and sense of masculinity.”

Sweat Under Gear does not want to dress you up in pretty colours and playful prints. We want our man to feel masculine, sexy, free to show off his best asset at the gym, at home, to wear with confidence … to play and have fun.

Quality underwear that keeps masculinity a priority is our goal as we provide you a look and feel that is timeless and appropriate for any man.

A few of the qualities Sweat Under Gear prides itself in are:

  1. comfort and quality
  2. sexy with an athletic pedigree
  3. broad appeal

Sweat Under Gear’s motto is to get out, have fun, play hard, and show you are not afraid to sweat.


We got this from Sweat Under Gear and thought we’d pass it along!

The year that was 2009, SWEAT !

Sweat in pictures

These past 12 months we had the chance to work with some of the most incredible physique models and photographers in the world. There are too many to thank here, so we thought we would pay homage with this montage that touches on the many hot photographs that were done in 2009.

We can’t wait to work with you all again in 2010.


What to look for from us in 2010

There are many exciting things happening next year for us. You are the first to know that a new line is scheduled for late winter 2010. We are aiming for a release date of January or early February. As you know we are wanting to make sure everything is just perfect before we unleash it to you.

The line is called Big Roger Underwear by Sweat. We don’t want to give away all the secrets of the line but we can tell you that there is some colour, some small tasteful graphics and of course our signature masculinity will remain in full check. We are very excited about this line and we know you will love it.

2010 will also bring Sweat once again to Puerto Vallarta for what is becoming our yearly photo shoot there. In 2010 we will be bringing you more from the hot hunks of Mega Muscle and NorCalBodz. We are working on the long awaited Sweat workout line. Whew and if that ain’t enough, we are in a movie called My Guaranteed Student Loan releasing January 10 2010.

We look forward to a busy and fun new year.

Sweat Under Gear wishes you and your families a very happy holiday season.

Don’t forget to check out our blog for the 2009 Christmas shots. Sweat Blog

See you in 2010.

Tal Thompson
Ron Smith
Sweat Under Gear – owners


I hope you all enjoy this guide! It was a labor of love and has been in the works since July. We teamed up with NorCalBodz and they shot this just for us! You won’t see these pics anywhere else, and we have NorCalBodz do our guides, so stay tuned for more … You can click any of the pictures to view the larger version. Let us know what you think, but we think this is some of the hottest underwear for Christmas.

Andrew Christian


PA186482 PA176459

PA176338 PA257184

PA257192 PA257198

  • From Top: Tory is wearing the Show-it Boxer with Flashback in blue ($32).
  • Second row: Todd is wearing the Almost Naked Boxer with Flashback ($32). Tory, on left,  is wearing the Almost Naked with Flashback, ($32) while Todd, on right,  is wearing the Marine Boxer in Grey ($41).
  • Third row: Tory is waring the Marine Boxer in Green ($41), Tory is wearing the Show-It Jock ($20).
  • Fourth Row: Tory is wearing the Show-It Boxer ($29), Tory is wearing the Show-It with Flashback Boxer for ($32)
  • You can purchase these from the Andrew Christian website




P9272372 Tory GeorgeP9294123

  • Top Row: Tory is wearing the Soldier Trench Brief ($31)
  • Second Row: Steve is wearing the Soldier Reserve Jock ($24), Steve is wearing the white Deadly Sins Brief ($28)
  • Third row: Tory is wearing Bodiform Briefs ($30), Steve is wearing the Deadly Sins Jock ($24)
  • These can all be purchased at the Aussiebum website, prices vary by exchange rate




  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the new Ribbed Jockbrief ($18)
  • Bottom Row: Steve is wearing the snug fit collection: Snug Fit Brief Black ($), Snug Fit Fishnet Brief with Phantom back ($22), Snug Fit Fish Net Trunk with phantom back ($24)
  • These can be purchased from the Baskit website. The Snug Fit Seamless will be out shortly, just in time for Christmas



  • James is wearing the Bonewear Bijou Close Fit Brief, in both Yellow and Blue. ($36)
  • These are from Bonewear and can be purchased at Dead Good Undies. Prices vary due to exchange rates


P9262113 Steve Walden


  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the Pop Stripes Brief ($17)
  • Bottom Row: William is wearing the Kenetic Active Trunk ($23), Rob is wearing the Bamboo Slider Brief ($19.500
  • These can be bought from the C-IN2 website


PB227883P9262070 William PriceP9262145

  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the Cocksox Brief ($23) and the Tank ($35)
  • Bottom Row: William is wearing the Waistband brief ($27), William is wearing the CX15 Boxer Brief ($32)
  • These can be purchased from the Cocksox website. Prices vary due to exchange rates

DMK Designs



  • Top Row: William is wearing the Swimmer Cobalt ($27.50)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Hawaiian ($30), Steve is wearing the Cranberry Stretch Satin ($30), Steve is wearing the Celtic Shield ($27.50)
  • These can be purchased at the DMK Designs Website



  • Top Row: Kevin is wearing the blue Singlet ($89)
  • Middle Row: Tory is wearing the Precision White Trunks ($59), Tory is wearing the Precision blue Briefs ($49)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Precision blue Trunks ($59), Tory is wearing the Precision white Briefs($49)
  • These can be purchased on the Equmen website.

Ginch Gonch


  • Top Row: Rob is wearing the Rear Axel Bumper Briefs ($27)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Big Piston Sport Brief ($30) and Tory is wearing the Lewd Lube Brief ($28)
  • These can be bought on the Ginch Gonch website

Go Softwear


  • Top Row: Torry is wearing the V Front Trunk ($20)
  • Bottom Row: Rob is wearing the Bboy Brief ($18), Steve is wearing the Go Softwear Jock ($14)
  • These can be bought from the Go Softwear site.

Jockstrap Central


  • Steve is wearing the Nasty Pig Classic Core Jock ($18), Steve is wearing the Nasty Pig Mash Up Trunks ($24)
  • You can buy these at the Jockstrap Central site. You can also get some incredible gift wrap for Christmas as well!



  • Tory is wearing the Argylez Men’s Euroz swimwear and Rob is wearing the Brazilianz Men’s Euroz Swimwear. They will be released soon!
  • They can be bought from the Skmpeez website.

Sweat Under Gear


  • Top Row: William is wearing the Sweat Trunks ($27)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Sweat Briefs ($25), Tory is wearing the Sweat Sports Briefs ($24)
  • These can be bought at the Sweat Under Gear website



  • Tory is wearing the purple Timoteo Super Low Rise Briefs ($19), Tory is wearing Yellow Timoteo Quake Low Rise Briefs ($20)
  • You can buy these at the Timoteo website.

Underwear Station

PB157709PA196623PA196647 Todd Roberts

  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the Gigo Comics Briefs ($25)
  • Bottom Row: Todd is wearing the Joe Snyder Exclusive Brief ($28.99), and the Joe Snyder Trunk ($32.99)
  • You can buy these pairs at the Underwear Station website.

Poster Hut



NCB Model Steve FirmanPA176403

  • Top Row: Todd is wearing the Dirty Fukker Punk Blue Brief ($22.99)
  • Middle Row: Todd is wearing the Priape Body Itcha Black Brief ($17.50), Steve is wearing the Male Power Bong Thong ($18.95)
  • Bottom Row: Steve is waring the Lee Gregory Super Bikini (With Super on the seat) ($22), Todd is wearing the Schultz Hands Free Brief ($22)
  • These can be bought at Poster Hut in Atlanta, (address) 2175 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE,  Atlanta, GA 30324,  404-633-7491

Mark Ouest


  • Kevin is wearing the Marc Ouest Man 7 brief ($22.95)
  • This pair can be bought from the Marc Ouest website.


NCB Model James Ramos

  • James is wearing the Obviously Sinuous Low Rise Thong ($23)
  • This pair can be bought from the Obviously website.



  • James is wearing the WildmanT Bobby Lift Pouch WT-38 ($22)
  • This pair can be bought at the WildmantT website

Cityboyz Fashions


  • William is wearing the Mundo Unico Pollen Briefs ($17)
  • These may be purchased on the Cityboyz Fashions website!

If you want to find out more about our Models, check out the pdf version of the guide that will be available early next week. We want to thank all the models and NorCalBodz for doing this for us. Look for our next guide, the Valentines Guide in late January!


Our Brief Distraction is from Sweat Under Gear! The model is Eric Forgiel! He’s done a series of pics for Sweat and over the next few weeks we’ll bring you more

We are starting user submissions for Brief Distraction as well, if you want to see your picture on the pages of our blog, email us and let’s talk. You must be 18 and older and the picture must be your picture to distribute. Email us at for more info or to submit a picture or two!


Sweat Under Gear’s Tal Thompson was on Breakfast Television Vancouver yesterday talking about the Sweat line for a benefit they are participating in, you can see a four models in some of the gear! It’s a fun segment and its good to see men’s underwear on a morning show. The best part is the camera person who gets in on the act, I know she had to love her job that morning!

To view the video go to, there wasn’t an option to embed it. We hope you enjoy!


The Ghostly Shape Shifters howl their way across the misty forest. Legend has it that they were left stranded in the woods as infants. It was there that they learned to transform into the animals that they share the damp dark wilderness with. Amidst the foggy landscape The Shape Shifters are on the prowl for unsuspecting victims. Are you next? Sweat Under Gear wishes you a ghoulish Halloween.

Sweat Video Commercial Contest reminder

Are you fit for action with the Sweat men?

Don’t forget the Sweat Under Gear/ Mega Muscle Production video commercial contest. Send us a link or embed your video featuring yourself in Sweat Under Gear. You could win a flight to San Francisco with one nights accommodation. While there you will star in the first ever Sweat Under Gear video commercial. Shot by the number 1 physique modeling company Mega Muscle Productions. The competition is getting hot and will be fierce as the submissions are rolling in very fast.

Contest details and rules are located here: MEGA MUSCLE / SWEAT UNDER GEAR CONTEST

Entrants must reside in North America and be 18 years of age or older.


Our friends at Sweat Under Gear now have their undies seen in a European cologne ad! The model is sporting Sweat and you can see that by the waistband!  Here is what the guys at Sweat said:

Sweat Under Gear has the privilege of knowing the amazing man behind Geir Ness Cologne and Laila Perfume. We here at Sweat love the cologne and use the Geir Ness Deodorant every day.

Isn’t it amazing how underwear pops up in ads outside of the traditional underwear world! Congrats Sweat!



Welcome to our new feature, Brief Distraction! It is a post that will bring you some of the hottest pictures in underwear today. It will focus on either companies, models or photographers. Today’s installment is from Sweat Under Gear, this is a behind the scenes look at one of their photo shoot!

If you are a company, model or photographer and want to see your underwear themed pictures here, please feel free to email us, we are always looking to share people doing great things in the world of men’s underwear!

Welcome to our Fall Buyers Guide. The guides are produced four times a years. They are at Valentines Day, Summer Swimwear, Fall Fashions and Christmas Gift Guide. We have some really great things for the Christmas Gift Guide that we will reveal later!


Company; Marc Ouest
Style: Euro Boy 5
Cost: $26.95

Marc started the company in 1999. The emphasis was on erotic underwear and men’s lingerie but with a sophisticated flair and upscale design. Euro smolder style smart low, low cut brief features thong back with see thru micro mesh construction and holy f*ck colour contrast elastic trim. Colour choice refers to mesh and elastic combos. Shown: white and mesquite green.


Company: DMK Designs
Style: Jockstrap
Cost: $18.50

This incredibly sexy jock features gentle support that holds you in place comfortably. You’ll feel almost like you’re going “Commando”, only better. Masculine colors and bold style lines will create an impressive silhouette against your body that will make you sizzle. Careful! You’ll be (almost) too hot to touch!


Company: Dude Unlimited
Style: Recycle Boxer
Cost: $24.00

Boxer Brief in lime and kelly green. Do your part and recycle! Silky style fabric that clings to the body. Enhanced single layer front pouch with a natural lift. White elastic . Reinforced stitching. Flattering fit. Comfortable fabric that feels like a second skin. Kelly and line green fabric. Recycle logo on back Made in the USA 84% Nylon 16% Lycra Spandex


Company: Sweat Under Gear
Style: Fighter Briefs
Cost: $24.00

Are you ready for the challenge in The Sweat Club’s boxing ring? Inspired by the classic briefs worn by today’s cage fighters. The Fighter Brief is made of a comfortable blend of spandex and polyester. These briefs are a fan favourite. The backside forms perfectly around your seat, the front side is draped allowing movement to feel as if you are wearing nothing at all.


Sweat Video Commercial Contest

Are you the Sweat Under Gear Man we are looking for?

Sweat Under Gear is holding its very first model contest and it is a hot and exciting one.
We are looking for the Sweat Under Gear man that will have a staring role in our (yet another first) video commercial.

Do you have what it takes to be a Sweat Man.

Mega Muscle Productions

The hottest company on the planet will be shooting the video.

You will be shot by the hottest male modeling and physique company on the planet –

Mega Muscle Productions is the leader in producing videos and other products featuring the world’s top fitness models.

They use the best fitness, physique and fashion photographers in the industry.

What do you get? – a star role

The lucky winner will be flown to the set in San Francisco and given one nights accommodation.

You will have the star role in the first ever Sweat Under Gear Video Commercial.

This is a great opportunity for men who are looking to break into the industry as a model, or for those looking to have a little fun and try something different.

The video commercial will have maximum exposure and your face and bod in Sweat will be everywhere.

How to enter? –  Send us your video link

Send us a link or embed your video featuring yourself in Sweat Under Gear.
The video should feature you discussing a topic related to health, nutrition, or working out.
We at Sweat love the healthy lifestyle and want to see your entries reflect that.
It can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be. No need for it to be super professional.

Film it yourself and have fun.

Check out this link as an example of what we are looking for

All the nitty gritty of the contest rules are located here

Important to know that contest ends Oct 31 2009 and the winner will be announced Nov 21 2009.
(Winner will be chosen by the owners of Sweat Under Gear)

Entrants must reside in North America and be 18 years of age or older.

This is your chance to be a Sweat Under Gear Man!


We want to congratulate Sweat Under Gear for having such an incredible first year. They have really done an incredible job this year and we had the opportunity to talk to Tal and Ron about the first year and what plans they have for the future. We hope you enjoy this interview and we look forward to many more years of new and innovative designs of Sweat!

What has your first year been like?

The first year of Sweat Under Gear has been a whirlwind of activity. As many people know, launching a new company is construction3exciting, fun, nerve racking, and heck of allot of work. Having said that, we enjoy this so much it has hardly felt like work to us.

A few months before our official launch we sent out our first group of teaser ads featuring our now iconic Sweat model Yannick Desautels. We had no idea the buzz those photographs were about to receive. The emails came pouring in from around the globe asking when the product was going to be available.
Since that time it has not stopped for us.

We are now in several stores all over the world, we will be in an upcoming movie, we have had celebrities auction off Sweat for charity, we are in numerous calendars, fitness instructors are endorsing our product, we have been part of several model searches, been seen on several run-ways, and we have made numerous friendships with the greatest people who all care and are excited by what we are doing.

Our first year is chronicled on our blog;
We update date it regularly and it is a great place to learn what we have been up to and to look at models in Sweat Under Gear <grin>.

What has been the most exciting thing to happen last year?

Big Roger promoting Sweat at Global Pride outside a Priape StoreWe have been asked to be in so many events and be a part of so many interesting and outstanding ventures that is hard to pick. However, if we had to choose, there is one that we would like to point out.

Sweat Under Gear was contacted by actor Chad Allen who yearly bikes in the AIDS/LifeCycle (ALC) to support HIV and AIDS services at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Chad asked us to donate underwear in which he would sign and auction off as part of his fund raising.

We are very supportive of charity work and jumped at the chance to help.  Chad is an amazing person who really gives himself for causes he believes in. It was an inspiration to us and we thank him for letting us be a small part of it.

What has been the biggest challenge of this past year?

Being the new kid on theblock in the world of men’s underwear, we really had to prove ourselves to the many wonderful stores that now carry our brand.

We are continuing to pickup stores across the USA, throughout the UK and elsewhere in the world.  Many of these stores havManhunt Model Search for Sweat Undergeare been hit by the big ‘R’ (I don’t want to say it out loud) and we are thankful that they saw something in us that made them excited to carry our brand.

Once the brand was out there, the quality spoke for itself and the walls of that challenge started to crumble.

Of course there were a few growing pains and we learned a few lessons along the way.  The Sweat poured off our brows on more than one occasion.

How is the work outline coming?

We are still in the initial stages of the Sweat Work Out line. We released the Sweat – T this past April as a little teaser of the gym wear that is to come. The response to the Sweat – T has been phenomenal and that fuels our fire to get the work out line out to you guys. We can’t make any promises but we hope it will be available in late 2010. We wear the prototypes extensively ourselves to ensure they are exactly as we want them. If not, we send them back for revisions. As you can imagine this process sweatmechanic2can take months but is well worth it in the end.

We are also concurrently working on the second line of under gear. I don’t want to give too much awayabout this, but drop by our website after August 01 for a little hint. Lets just say it will be big.

Are you doing anything special for your anniversary?

We are offering free Sweat- T’s. From now until Saturday July 18th, every order from our website only ( will also receive one free Sweat -T. We know our customers will be proud to wear the Sweat label on their chests. It is our way of thanking everyone for the support we have received.

Are you guys planning to do another calendar for this next year?

Chad Allen Sweat Undergear Wall of Fame

We are knocking about some other ideas in lieu of a calendar. We know, we know a collective sigh can be heard from you all. The Sweat Under Gear Club Calendar was a huge success, but now that we have done that we want to move on to something else. You know us; we don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. It seems that everyone has a calendar and we think we can come up with something even better that you will all love. So stay tuned.

Who has been your Wall of Fame Additions this year?

We are proud to have added Chad Allen to the wall. Next month we will also be adding adult film star Matthew Rush whom we will be meeting during Global Pride Vancouver.  Soon we will need more wall space and that is a good thing.
Not to digress, but that reminds us to give a shout out to Big Roger Events (There is that word ‘big’again, hmmm) as we are sponsoring their Global Pride events, Vancouver, Canada, July 31 – Aug 2nd. Check it all out at

What is the future plans for Sweat?

SteveShowerSweatlargeWe are continuing to work with retailers to get the brand out to the all of you that are asking for it.  That is our number one priority as our customers are why we are doing this.

We are also in talks with a modeling/photography company to help produce an area of our website in which our Sweat Men describe their health and nutrition routines. Almost like an online fitness magazine but based upon or Sweat Under Gear Club. It will be updated regularly so that users can return and keep learning and viewing the latest and greatest in fitness. Of course, all the models will be wearing Sweat as they show you how they keep fit. We will keep you informed as this progresses and when we expect to launch.  Fitness and Sweat go hand in hand making this a natural progression to our web presence.
There is also that other ‘big’ thing that we mentioned above, but sorry guys you just have to wait for more information on that.

We wish to thank everyone for this year. The friendships that have come out of this business are a bonus we did not expect. There are so many kind and wonderful people out there who have leant their hand in Sweat for no reason other than to help us succeed. We are eternally grateful. Also, we want to thank all the customers that have purchased Sweat Under Gear. Many of you have even taken the time to write us about our product and we appreciate your time and effort.

Play Hard and Sweat!
Tal and Ron

office-ad sweatpv20093X4lowres

49fe4513513c2 SweatUnderGearJake


We are joined by one of the owners and co-founders of Sweat Under Gear. They are a company based out of Vancouver, Canada. They have some new things planned that they shared with us, yes and we mean color.  Tal also covered the Sweat Club marketing concept, learn how the whole concept came about and where they are taking the club in the future. Find out what pair of Sweat Gear our reviewers here would love to get. And much much more!

We really thank Tal for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to us. Listen to the entire podcast!
Twitter: UNBBlog