Swimwear Sunday


We are bringing back our Swimwear Sunday segment! This is a post where we profile a pair of swimwear you guys should check out. It’s perfect for your next trip to the beach or pool. The first pair we are going to share is the Todd Sanfield Shallow Swim Brief in Discus.

I have tried and LOVED, Todd’s underwear. it’s some of the most well-made and comfy on the market. He really pays attention to small details and how underwear fits on a guy. His swimwear I’m sure is just as amazing as his underwear.

The reason I chose this pair is the print. The Shallow Swim Brief comes in many prints and solids but my eye is drawn to this print! I love the mix of orange and blue, it will stand out in a crowd. The Shallow Swim Brief is a smaller cut brief but still has a full back.

Here are some reasons we chose this pair this week:

  • Comes in amazing prints – including this print pictured here
  • The cut is a full-back but not too small.
  • Made of quick-drying material
  • Todd makes amazing gear that fits incredible

PAIR: Todd Sanfield Shallow Swim Brief
COLOR: Discus
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
FABRIC: Exterior: 80% Nylon / 20% Elastane Lining: 80% Nylon / 20% Elastane
PRICE: $80.00

Its the end of swim season in the states. Labor Day weekend marks the end of the season. Most summer vacations are done and you get ready for fall and the holidays. Being this is the last Swimwear Sunday I wanted something super fun for this one. It was not an easy task. I looked through tons of swimwear. I wanted something fun and that would send Swimwear Sunday out with a bang.

One thing I LOVE right now is Flamingos. I love the prints that I have seen in men’s swimwear. One brand that really did the Flamingo print awesome is CaRioCa Wear. They didn’t go over the top but made it more classic. Granted I love both over the top and classic. The Flamingo Rosa bikinis awesome. It is always available in their classic styles as well. You can always get the Sunga if you want a bit more coverage.

Another reason I chose them is their quality. I have a pair of their swim and it’s made out of amazing material. When you take the first pair out of the package, you will immediately feel this is not your normal swimwear. It’s a brand that is worth spending $60-90 a pair. These will last more than one season!

We hope you all wore something great this year and got a few pairs of swimwear. Don’t stop buying them because this feature goes away. We will also cover new swim as it’s released over the next few months. However, this feature will not be back till April of next year. Go shop some awesome swimwear from CARIOCA Wear.

Pair: CARIOCA Wear Flamingo Rosa Bikini
Color: Print
Fabric: Outer: 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex, Lining: 100% Polyamide
Sizes: X-Small – X-Large
Price: $79.95

We have just one more Swimwear Sunday this year! The unofficial end of swim season is fast approaching, Labor Day. After the holiday there are less and fewer trips to the beach! It’s time to prepare for fall and winter. That doesn’t mean we won’t cover new swimwear for the rest of the year but it will no longer be a regular feature. Swimwear Sunday will start back up in April of 2019.

This week’s pair is one of the classics of men’s swimwear! The N2N Bodywear University Sport Brief. This line has been in N2N Bodywear for a long time! It’s has included a swim brief, jammer, and thong. All inspired by the University colors! While not a specific school you can adapt it to fit your favorite school.

Some of the features of the pair are:

  • Contour pouch
  • Back branding
  • Outer drawcord
  • Unlined

It’s one of the best selling pairs at N2N. I have no evidence of this but being in the collection for so many years it would follow reason it would be a great seller. There are three colors on this pair that make it a very eye-catching design. The pouch is one of the best, N2N really knows how to make a pouch. Many of my favorite swimwear is from them just because of this reason!

This year’s selection is a little more subtle. In the past, they have been blue, maroon and more. Sometimes you just gotta mix it up! The black is always a great choice for the beach. The little black swim brief is a look you can never go wrong with!

If you need some swimwear before the end of the year, check out the N2N Bodywear University Sport Brief.

Pair: N2N Bodywear C20 University Sport Brief
Color: Black, white, or Grey
Fabric: 83% nylon / 17% spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $38.00

Swimwear Sunday is all about swimwear. I love it when I get to tell you about new brands. We have profiled GymSwim a few times but their store is now open. They are based out of Europe. GymSwim was founded by  Dušan Chrástek and David Přikryl and have created this project. “It was created for men who like sports and who search comfortable, functional and sexy clothing. Both of us fell in love with fitness lifestyle more than 10 years ago and practice it on a regular basis.”

The pair I chose was the Cosmic Push Up Brief in orange. The design is definitely a brief, more of a bikini if we are specific. They say this pair is designed for avid swimmers or guys who swim on occasion. But there is more to this pair than meets the eye. There are some things I really love about this pair.

The first thing is the pouch. It’s designed to push up and show off all your manhood. Some of you out there this is not something you want, but I bet as many who don’t want it, we have guys who love these suits. They say the.. “The front pouch is unlined with a push-up effect. As a bonus in the back of the swimsuit is a practical strap to hang them.” Ok, what was that about the back? They have a strap to hang them on? GENUIS. How many times have you had swim briefs and just put them over the shower rod or hung them from the cold/hot water lever?

As you can tell by the pics it’s going to give you support. Their site says your assets will never touch your legs. That’s some support! I’m glad they came on the market and are making amazing swimwear! See more gear including swim thongs at their site.

Pair: GymSwim Cosmic Push Up Brief
Color: Orange
Fabric: 80% Polyamid, 20% Lycra
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: 60 Euros

Every year we get questions about where people can find a Tanga in the States. The style is very similar to a string bikini. A tanga has no fabric on the sides other than the waistband. I would say, currently this style is not huge in the US, but it has it’s hardcore fans. aussieBum is also, no stranger to making sexy swimwear.

The Tanga swim bikini is for the true exhibitionist. Made from a fine nylon elastane blend, this new shape fits like a dream and shows off every asset in just the way you want. Experience it now in five bold colours.

As aussieBum says this is for the guy who wants to show off. It leaves very little to the imagination. Let’s be serious, if you’re going to be rocking this pair, you want to be seen and be the center of attention. It comes in four colors, blue, red, black, and white. White is for the really bold guy because white has a tendency to show off a lot more when wet. I’m not sure if this is lined or not.

One of the surprises of the pair is the cost, it’s about $25. Which is very reasonable for swimwear. I think this is in the sweet spot for many guys that have been seeking this style. Plus, being from aussieBum, they are a name you can trust for quality and construction.

If you have been after this pair, get one or a few now!

Pair: aussieBum Tanga
Color: Black, Blue/Navy, Red, and White
Fabric: nylon elastane blend
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $25.75

Swimwear season here is slowly coming to an end, but for Aussie brand Tribe, it’s about to start up. Some of you guys have requested that Swimwear Sunday not always show briefs. This is a trunk and a pretty impressive one as well. The Saint Tropez is a suit that looks classic from the front but has something interesting in the back.

The back is a white background with stripes. However, the stripes just aren’t random, they line up in a chevron pattern. It’s set at a 45-degree angle. Which is very hard to do in manufacturing, but Tribe pulls it off amazingly. I really love the back and they did an amazing job designing and producing this pair!

It comes in three different colors. The colors are black, red and navy. It’s hard to pick the one I like the most. The one we are showing is the Navy. Made 80% Nylon & 20% Elastane fabric and the front is fully lined as well. You won’t be disappointed with this pair on the beach or at the pool.

This is a great pair for those of you who still want to show off a little but not totally go in on a swim brief. It could be your comfort level or the situation. Any of the colors would be great to wear on the beach. Plus, if you’re uneasy about rocking the brief to start, this is a great step between the shorts and briefs. It gives you the look of a short but the fit of a brief.

Check out all the amazing pairs at Tribe. I don’t think many guys out there know of the brad. They are an amazing brand more US guys need to know about!

Pair: Tribe Saint Tropez
Color: Black, Red and Navy
Fabric: 80% Nylon & 20% Elastane
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $79.95 AUD

Las Vegas is one of my favorite cities on the planet. It’s a city that is always on the go and never stays the same. Come back six months after your visit and things are different. One thing that stays the same is the most iconic things in Las Vegas is the Welcome to Las Vegas sign! When you mix Las Vegas and swimwear, I consider it a total win.

A new company to UNB is Medinna. It’s a brand out of Columbia that I discovered on Instagram. I”m telling you, if you love gear and you’re not on Instagram you are missing out! Their designs have always been amazing but when I saw this one, I was blown away. Just like Vegas, this pair is over the top. I mean, the bright colors and prints behind the Las Vegas sign are fully to be expected!

This is a full cut swim brief. Meaning that it’s about 2-3 inches on the side. The back is a fullback and not the “Rio” cut. I mean with this print you don’t need to show off any more skin. A ton of eyes will be on you at the pool/beach. But it you wear this pair you’re not looking to be low key! It’s over the top, bright and just fun!

We can’t always go middle of the road on swimwear. We need to blow it out sometimes. Show you guys something super fun! Swimwear should always be fun and make you feel super sexy. If I wore this on the beach I would hope it would gain attention! If Las Vegas isn’t your town they also have swim briefs for New York, Hollywood and Miami! But be warned they are just as fun as this pair!

Color: Print as shown
Fabric: 87% Poliéster/13% Elastano
Sizes: Small – Large
Price: $28.00(not sure with the conversion)

Who’s ready to rock the thong this summer? Many of you guys are ready to wear a swim thong to the beach/pool. N2N Bodywear has a new thong that may look a little familiar! They have had bikinis with similar prints and one with a buckle before! Now they have combined the two and made the Fire Island Thong!

N2N Bodywear says this about their super sexy new thong: “Our latest sexy thong gets just a little more scandalous with just the push of a button. Make a splash at the pool, beach or home for some wild fun.” The front of this pair has a seamless pouch that should give you some great support. The side buckle, as mentioned above is fully functional and can be used to put on or take off. Whichever is your choice! There is no drawcord in the front and it’s unlined. Many of you like unlined because it shows off more.

The prints are pretty fun as well. If you want a more low key version to wear, I’d suggest the Mocha or Grey. If you want to show off a little more the purple will draw attention to you, but let’s face it. If you’re rocking the thong in public, you won’t mind having a few eyes on you!

N2N Bodywear has made some of my most favorite swimwear over the years. Andrew knows how to make something that fits a guy amazingly. That looks great on all body types. Lastly, one that shows off a guys body in the most flattering way possible. I”m working on trying to get an interview to go over how they have changed the way they are doing things this year. Stay tuned.

Pair: N2N Bodywear Fire Island Thong
Color: Mocha, Purple, or Grey
Fabric: 92% rayon 8% spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $30.00

The three colors


We are doing something we don’t normally do on Swimwear Sunday. We are giving you a preview of the newest collection from Garcon Model! This new collection has 4 amazing styles that are SUPER sexy. This new line is not out for about two weeks. However, they are giving away swimwear at their site!
This is what they told us about the new amazing Quantum collection:
Who says science isn’t sexy? Garçon Model gets summer sizzling with its new QUANTUM swimwear collection. Classic designs get refreshed, re-imagined and taken to a whole new level. The QUANTUM collection showcases 4 distinctly bold swimwear briefs you’re sure to love.

Designed with premium lightweight and quick drying materials, QUANTUM makes sure you’ll feel as good as you look. Made from the best fabric for all-day comfort and lasting wear – make a splash with QUANTUM this summer. To celebrate the new collection, coming out July 15th 2018, Garçon is offering you a chance to win a pair from their upcoming collection by simply entering your email here:

Enjoy the summer and don’t forget, the universe is yours! These pictures were shot in Sitges, Spain with the stunning Instagram model @igperey by the great Rick Day.
Go enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win! The line will be out on July 15th!

It’s Swimwear Sunday! I have been down most of the week with a summer cold, which is never any fun. Making me long for days in the sun by a pool! I wanted something super fun! I chose 2EROS for the amazing prints they make every year. I came across this pair and went, WHEN did this come out? I searched my email and never got noticed!

I love this pair first because it’s my favorite color. Green! It’s rare we have swimwear in this color! Next, is because it’s an amazing print. The tropical print is a little whimsical and fun. It’s not quite a cartoon, but I really love it! It never ceases to amaze me the creativity of Jason at 2EROS.

This is what 2EROS says about this amazing pair:

Australiana The V10 Australiana Series boasts a sexy low rise and form fit which is designed to accentuate and celebrate the male form. Discover Australia’s beautiful native plants, including exotic Kangaroo Paws, blooming Bottle Brushes, and amazing Acacias.

Leave it to 2EROS to be inspired by native Australian plants. There are two more prints in this line! I think you should go check out the entire selection. Including some swim shorts that match the swim briefs. You can wear them as a cover-up before going to the beach or by themselves.

I hope you will check out this pair and all the other pairs at 2EROS. You will find something you will love! And make sure you take the swim brief challenge this year! Drop us a line when you do take it, even if you’re taking it for the 100th time!  Enjoy your summer in a swim brief

Color: Print as shown
Fabric: 85% Polyester, 15% Elastane
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $55 AUD


Yesterday we wrote about beefy guys wearing swim briefs. I wanted to profile a pair for Swimwear Sunday that all guys could wear. Regardless of size, shape and body image. The brand that came to mind is Sluggers. The awesome aussie brand that is for all guys wearing the style! The pair they recommend for all body sizes is the DEETEES. The pair for Swimwear Sunday is the 80s Enough.

If you were alive or a fan of the 80’s you will love this pair. It’s very much an 80’s color block design. Back then the swim briefs were bigger than now and the designs were so much fun. Sluggers says this about the pair, “A navy base with an 80’s inspired sport stripe that would make Marty McFly green with envy.”

Their further description is:

Made with RECYCLED Polyester. These DEETEES used to be plastic water bottles! A mix of polyester and spandex makes for a stretchy fabric and a tighter fit – but still comfy. If you don’t like them too tight – try going up a size. They’re not called Dick Togs for nothing.  7cm side width. Elastic support on legs and waist. White draw string front

Notice that if you’re a fan of the environment, these swim briefs were made from recycled polyester. Specifically, the water bottles you use get turned into these swim briefs. Which is awesome that a clothing company is using this material. It’s one of the few companies that I have seen

Make sure you check out the sizing before you order. If you want something more “comfy” get a size up. Wear them just under your hips. The pair is also Fully lined in front. The pair is “Chlorine resistant – but not as sturdy as our Classics and Racerbacks. Give them a rinse in cold water and let them dry out after each use for a longer life.”

If you are looking for something super fun and different we hope you will check out the 80’s Enough.

FABRIC: Recycled Polyester
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: $27.22

I know a lot of you guys LOVE skimpy swimwear. After many of us try our first swim brief we want to smaller. It makes us feel freer and like we are wearing nothing at all. I think this is true for a lot of guys reading this blog. I know I did back in the day. I used to get the smallest brief I could. One company known for making awesome and skimpy swim briefs is Modus Vivendi.

Desert Low Cut Brief is perfect for summer. First, it’s that skimpy cut that you guys love. Next, it’s a grey print, which is a low key print that you won’t shout, look at me! Some this will be a negative whereas, others it will be a big positive. Lastly, it has an elastic waistband.

This is what Modus Vivendi has to say about the pair:

Modus Vivendi is taking the hugely popular camo trend to the next level with a unique geometric print that is bound to become yet another best seller! Find your inner desert marine and be a tower of strength! The Desert Low Cut Brief offers a Modus Vivendi classic y-front brief style in a new camouflage option with a narrow elasticated waistband and matching detailing. Available in sand and grey, these low cut briefs are perfect for any occasion!

If you are a super fan of printed swimwear, I think you must look into this line. The print as I said above isn’t over the top. The grey on grey makes it an awesome print. The camo pattern that is made is something new and different. Camo is one of those things that keeps getting reinvented by brands. Each time they get more creative than the last. It just amazes me this print has become such a staple in the world of men’s underwear and swimwear.

If you want us to profile a pair, let us know! We want to hear what you guys are wearing.

COLORS: Grey Print
FABRIC: Polyamide 80% / Elastane 20%
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST:  49.30 Euros

It’s Swimwear Sunday! And this is our first swim thong of the season. The George Swim thong is brand new as of this week. BodyAware released it. It’s a different design from regular and skimper thongs and I thought it would make a great Swimwear Sunday pair!

The George Swim Thong has a really fun impressionist print. It’s not one I would expect to see in swimwear but I really love the pair! From the front, it looks like a swim brief with a black waistband but around back it’s a thong. It also has something a lot of thong swimsuits don’t have, a drawstring waistband. Most sim thong has just an elastic band. This could be a make or break for some guys. To me, it doesn’t bother me either way.

As I mentioned the back has a sculpted thong back and a brilliant sunshine yellow inner line. The back is made to enhance the look of your assets while wearing the pair. As you can see in the pic above it does a great job. This design I think would be a great first pair of swim thongs. The front is definitely flattering to many body types. Myself, a bigger guy, I would feel more comfortable wearing this pair than other pairs.

Lastly is the price, at $26 it’s very affordable for guys wanting to get a swim thong. Also, being from Bodyaware it’s going to be good quality for your money. I don’t think you will be disappointed with your purchase. I’m actually thinking of getting a pair for myself.

COLORS: Print as seen
FABRIC: 80% nylon/20% spandex
SIZES: Small – XX Large
COST: $25.95
If you want to nominate your favorite pair of swimwear this summer make sure you let us know. Fill out our form to tell us about the brand and style you nominate. You will be given credit and we may ask for a quote form you to say why you nominated the pair.

Did you read that right? YES, you did! The Evolve brand made by 2(X)IST has made a line of swim briefs and square cut swimwear for Target. I was told by Phillip a part-time writer and swim brief fan about the line. I also saw several friends post the “I’m a guy and I wear speedos” Facebook page, showing Walmart has board shorts and Target has swim briefs.  This really is a major thing that a retailer of this size is investing in the swim brief

Before you rush out to your local Target to shop the styles, it’s in a very few select stores. That’s the downside. It’s in very few stores and I would assume it’s in LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami and the like. In Atlanta, there were no stores that carried any of the styles. I saw one pair in a store in NYC. But, still, it’s a good thing that we hope will roll out to more stores

The next amazing thing is the price. The swim briefs are all $19.99. Yes, you heard that price right, just 20 bucks. For swimwear, this is an amazing price. Swimwear can range from the 20’s to well over 100 dollars. I think this would be an amazing first swim brief. Because of the price makes it very approachable to most guys. Second, there are more than just solids. It comes in several prints as well. You can go conservative or just have some fun with prints. Lastly, if they sell in stores it will be easy to get. Most stores now have self-checkouts so you can grab your swim brief, head to the self-checkout and no will know you bought one!

It’s awesome that Target is taking a risk like this and making swim briefs for the masses. I told people many years ago we will have a resurgence of the style. In the 80’s it was acceptable to wear and then went out of fashion. Now, we will see the popularity of the pair grow. If you go to the Target site search for evolve swimwear. There isn’t a landing page for the brand…yet.

IT’s Swimwear Sunday and we picked a GGGGRRRRR-eat pair for you today! Sluggers from Australia make some of the most fun swimwear on the market today. They have a lot of different prints and cuts. We are sure in their many pairs there will be one that fits your body and personality. However, the pair we are focusing on is the new TRI-GRRR DEETEES.

When they first showed this pair, it didn’t have a name. They asked social media followers to help name it. The name was given by Instagram fan kaisydneyconvictsrugby. Great job on the name! It’s the perfect name for this amazing print. I will admit I want one of these for myself to sport by the pool this summer.

The print was developed by collab with the legends at Buttery Studio. Sluggers said that Buttery got it right on the first go. How often does that happen? The print is just awesome. The blue background and tiger character really make this pair pop. I can see why Sluggers stopped when they got the first draft. WOW.

The Deetee is one of the styles Sluggers has in their swim. The Deetees wider at the sides and a tighter fit. Suits all body types. I was going to point that out in here but Slugggers did it for me. You don’t have to be super tiny or a muscle man to wear a swim brief. All types can and should wear the style.

To take care of this pair make sure you rinse it out after every wearing. This lengthens the life of the pair!

If you have a pair of swimwear you want to nominate for us for Swimwear Sunday. Fill out our Swimwear form to nominate a pair or brand we may not know about and you’ll get credit for the pair!

COLORS: Printed
FABRIC: A mix of polyester and spandex
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: $36.95

It’s Swimwear Sunday! Time to get you geared up for this summer with some amazing swimwear. This week’s pair is one that I personally love. I have always been a big fan of color block swimwear. It goes way back to my early 20’s and it’s something I have always loved. When I saw the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Boundary Bikini, I knew we had a winner for this week. It comes in two colors, a black/grey and blue/green. I am focusing on the blue/green

Before I get started can I say that it’s amazing to have swimwear with a great pouch? The Almost Naked pouch that I love in undies is on swimwear. To me, it’s just as important to have a great pouch in swimwear as it is in underwear. Granted more people are going to see you in this but who cares, if you’re rocking a swim brief, give them something to look at!

The front is a solid blue with green trim. It looks pretty simple from the front. Then from the back, it has blue, green, and white stripes. I kind of wish this was carried over to the front. I know it’s not easy to create the look on the front that matches the back. Plus it may not look as awesome. The colors of this pair also speak to swim. My personal opinion is that swimwear should be bright and fun.

Some of the awesome features of this pair are:

  • A new take on the bikini cut
  • It’s a limited edition pair
  • The Almost Naked pouch gives you plenty of room up front
  • Has a fun and colorful design.

We hope you enjoy this Swimwear Sunday! Remember you can always share with us what you are wearing this summer. We may just feature it and give you credit plus a few quotes! The way to do that is to fill out our UNB Swimwear Sunday form. Do it today, we don’t always get to see everything out there. You guys are great at sharing with us, your new discoveries.

COLORS: Black or Blue

  • Fabric Content: 80% Nylon 20% Spandex
  • Royal/Neon Yellow Contrast Content: 85% Polyester 15% Spandex
SIZES: Xtra-Small – Xtra-Large
COST: $41.00

This year we got more than a few requests to include a few swim shorts in the Swimwear Sunday. It was brought up that sometimes you may be on a family vacation and can’t wear a swim brief. Or maybe, you aren’t quite ready to rock a brief or really don’t feel safe on a beach doing it. For you guys, and we listen to our amazing readers, this week is for those who need a swim short. The pair is the Supa Surf.

The Supa Surf line is a lot of fun! They come in light blue (Ice Cream), Pink (Sharks), Blue (Watermelon), and Navy (Weiners). Each one is a lot of fun. Plus the length of the shorts hits mid-thigh, so it’s not too long, it’s just the right size for a family outing or a swim brief free beach.

The features of this pair are:

  • Quick-dry
  • Stretchy and lightweight
  • Slim fitted
  • Internal mesh

Even if you can’t wear a swim brief you can still wear something fun. The prints are fun and not juvenile to me. The best one is teh weiners. The hot dogs are the best, it can be your way of wearing something fun without anyone knowing. My personal favorite is the pink sharks. I think that pink is an awesome color for men’s swimwear.

Take a look this year at the Supa Wear Supa Surf shorts. If you have a favorite pair of swimwear this year you want us to profile. Make sure you fill out our suggestion form. We are looking for more from you guys, especially brands we may not know. Fill out our form today! Click here to fill out the Swimwear Suggestion form.

COLORS: Ice Cream, Sharks, Watermelon, and Weiners
FABRIC: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large

It’s Swimwear Sunday! The swimwear is coming out fast a furious. Over the next few months, we will bring you some of the best swimwear on the market. This week we decided to bring one of the classic brands in swim. That brand is aussieBum! The pair we chose for this week is the Tropics! I’m sure at some point we will bring out the super low, which are total classics in the world of swimwear.

Tropical prints have always been in men’s swimwear for as long as I can remember. The prints are inspired by places like Hawaii, Bali, and other tropical destinations Even if we can’t go to these places, we want to feel like we are in the tropics. This line comes in three different color prints, white, blue and red. Each print is slightly different than the other. I like that it’s not the same print in another color.

This is what they tell us about the line: “Feel the heat of the tropical sun with aussieBum’s new Tropics swim range. Unique sublimated print swimwear in 3 vibrant colourways featuring a totally tropical hibiscus floral design. Strictly limited edition – get yours now”

As mentioned above, this pair is a limited edition. Meaning if you don’t get it soon, you will be wishing you bought it. More brands are creating limited edition pairs. The fabric is an 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane blend. You can machine wash but line dry. Do not put in the dyer. As all swimwear after wear we suggest, as does aussieBum, rinse out the swimwear to get out any sunscreen, salt, chlorine and other chemicals. The longer you leave them in they may damage the fabric.

If you love this pair get over to aussieBum now and get it. If you delay and want it, you may miss out!

COLORS: White, Red, and Blue
FABRIC: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $34.50

I wanted a super fun pair to kick off the Swimwear Sunday. Then on Instagram, the Gay Comic Geek, posted this pair! And I was like that’s it! Little Rok has been around for several years. They always have some great swimwear and some of it always leads to the geek side. He is very inspired by comic books and superheroes.

We are experiencing a renaissance in the world of superheroes. One that has always been popular is Wonder Woman. Little Rok has made the Wonder Man swim brief. It’s designed in the colors of Wonder Woman but for a man. I know we have many comic fans who love Wonder Woman and want to wear this brief.  Hell, I want this brief! It’s just a fun pair.

The front has a take on the Wonder Woman logo. The Red, yellow and blue print is just super fun. They did a great job converting a female character into a pair of men’s swimwear. The best part of this pair is the back. It says “Super Hero in training.” What fun is that! I love this pair in all its glory.

They stress some of the great qualities of the pair: “Two-way stretch fabric, ultra chlorine resistant, excellent protection from UV rays and pilling resistant.” Also, they say hand washing is best but you can wash in gentle in the washing machine. Like most swimwear, it’s important to get salt and chlorine out of your swimwear.

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SIZES: Small – X-large
COST: 59.99 Euros/ $54.00
You can get this pair at Long Island Swimwear in the states

Today is the last Swimwear Sunday of 2017. We have profiled some awesome pairs over this swimwear journey. From basics to dare as you bare. And I think everything in between. The last one I wanted something spectacular and scoured the net for something amazing. And I think I found it. I choose something I LOVE and would wear!

A company we will interview soon is The MerTailor. One of their pairs really jumped out at me. It’s the Octopus Rock Gold Bomber Trunk. It’s a print of different color octopus on a solid background. This print is super fun to me and amazing. It is a MUST have for me! I like to have swimwear that is fun and different from the regular solids. If you look through the site you will see, yes they have solids, but the prints are amazing.

The trunk is a style I will wear now. I need to get in better shape for swimwear in 2018. the Mertailor Bomber Boxer is a classic cut from the brand. They make a point to say there is plenty of room up front for your sailor. Meaning it has ample room up front for any guy to rock on the beach.

The swimwear is made out of a polyamide and spandex blend. Meaning it will fit great and hold its shape. Also, made for salt or chlorinated water. The white should not be see through. Unlike some brands, I feel this one will have everything lined and now show off. Which is important to me. I don’t want to be arrested on the beach.

If you love this print as much as I do. I have good and bad news. First the bad news, it’s not available in a brief. The good news is it’s available in runners! You can work out or run in octopus every day you wear them! Super fun! The pair retails from The Mertailor for $65 and is in sizes XS – XL! Go shop

We are winding our way down in the Swimwear Sunday segment. Only one more left before we retire the segment till next year! We have had a variety of pairs over this summer. They range from beginners to show off level. We have guys along every part of that spectrum. Today we thought we would go to the show off side of the spectrum. We have profiled a few but not a lot of barely there, wear if you dare pairs.

The pair we are showing is the Gian Gianni XXX Red Gold suit. Here is the official write up about the pair from the Gian Gianni site:

With its  sexy double cross waistband and contrast of red and gold this brief is a real show stopper. The material is made with soft stretch netting that has tiny breathable holes for a more erotic appeal. Double stitched for durability. Impress your partner with this trunk which leaves almost nothing to the imagination. Made of nylon blend fabric, Lining free . Fabric: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex

This pair is a lower cut than most pairs we have profiled. The X design makes it way more revealing on the sides and makes the lower front. Make no doubt you will show off more than you have in other swim briefs we have recommended. Some of you reading this will say no way, while we have a whole subset who will rock this and have fun wearing it.

Swimwear Sunday is about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Not letting others tell you that you should wear board shorts or shorts to the beach. It’s about starting a swimwear revolution in the US and let guys regardless of sexual orientation where what ever they want on what ever beach they want.

If you don’t want to rock these Gian Gianni has some amazing prints in larger cuts as well but give this one a look over. Oh one more thing. Look at the size chart! They run smaller than other brands.

BRAND: Gian Gianni
COLORS: Red/Gold
FABRIC: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
SIZES: Small – Large
COST: $39.99

Is camo just for underwear? Nope, not according to Boys Get Wet. One of their new pairs is a printed camo! I love this camo design. It’s super fun and the regular cut is the perfect size! There haven’t been many camo prints in swimwear that come to mind. I know we have had some but off the top of my head I can’t recall many. Boys Get Wet swimwear have always been about fun and this pair continues that tradition.

Based in Spain, Boys Get Wet has been on the market for a few years. Their swimwear has always been super fun. Coming in bright colors that consist of prints and stripes. Each year they release a lot more fun pairs. This has to be my favorite of the current collection by far.

Here are a few things about the pair.

  • entirely lined – you won’t show off too much
  • Soft seams – perfect for swimwear
  • 80% polyamide – 20% elastane (fabric/liner)
  • Xtralife Lycra®
  • elastic legs & waistband – it won’t loose shape in the waves
  • internal drawstrings – will make sure it stays in place.
  • 100% Made in Spain

If you want a different cut you’re in luck. Boys Get Wet come in three different styles. They are the low cut, regular and sunga. The low cut is smalller and the sunga is a bit bigger on the sides. More brands are starting to create different styles of the same swim. Depending on your body type, one may look better than another. It’s something I am applauding in the world of swimwear

If you want a pair of swimwear with a great print. Look no farther than Boys Get Wet. Made with some amazing fabric and designs. You can’t go wrong. This pair retails for 80 Euros. You can find this and more at the Boys Get Wet site.

It’s time to stand out in swimwear. We have brought you a series of swimwear. This includes the starter swim brief, a thong and more. If you have ventured out into the world in a swim brief earlier in the year, now is the time to wear something fun and awesome. The Bruno Mens Wear Attitude collection is that pair. This line is just as the name says.

The Bikini Swimwear has a “psychedelic” print. Well, that’s what Bruno Mens Wear calls it. I call it a bright fun print. It’s not my definition of psychedelic but everyone has their own definition. The print is one of the best I have seen this year. It’s  one I definitely would wear on the beach.

It’s not a skimpy bikini. It’s definitely a brief cut. The sides look to be about 2 inches on each side. So, if you’re worried about it being too small I don’t think you will have that issue. The pair also has a draw string waist. This size is what I think most guys would be comfortable wearing out in public.

One thing I am not sure about is the price. Their site didn’t change prices after converting to English. Bruno Mens Wear is in Mexico, so I don’t think the price is $400. Their gear is always fun and well thought out. They have one of the most innovative design styles on the market today.

If you want something a little more subdued, there are plenty more swimwear in the Attitude collection. Just note that this line is a limited edition line. Once they are gone, they are GONE. If you want a pair get it now and don’t wait. You don’t want to come back in a few weeks and go “I should have gotten that pair!”

It’s Swimwear Sunday! These are winding down the closer we get to Labor Day. But till then we will profile some of the best swim on the market. The pair this Sunday is the Timoteo Lakeshore Geometric Brief.  The reason we chose this is the amazing print. Prints are huge in men’s underwear and swimwear. They bring something extra to the world of swimwear! Why do just solids when you can rock a print.

Timoteo is known for making amazing swimwear! This is the first pair we have profiled this season from Timoteo. Some of the features of Lakeshore brief:

  • Cool and refreshing new prints
  • Bikini cut, low rise
  • Drawstring waistband for adjustment and fit
  • Interior is fully lined with super soft and comfy material.
  • Seams on the sides and on the pouch for fit and comfort.
  • Timoteo flaglet logo on the left hip.

This pair is for the guy who wants to wear a bikini cut swim suit! Swim briefs come in many different sizes. While this is not super skimpy it’s def a smaller low rise cut. You will get some great exposure and tan lines with this pair. Also, you may get people come up asking you where you got this suit. It’s always a compliment to have someone ask where you got your gear!

Why should you wear the Lakeshore line? Well, it’s a lot of fun. The line has all prints and stripes. If you are a fan of solids this line isn’t for you. They are all the same cut but other super fun prints. Note too that you will need to review the size chart before you order. Timoteo sizes go to 36-inch waist.

Find this pair at the Timoteo website for $38.00. WHichi s not bad for a pair of swim. This would be great for a late summer pair or for a winter get away!

Swimwear Sunday is about showing off and having fun, well sometimes. That is the pair today, the Marcuse Jewel Swim brief. The print is one that really caught my eye. It’s not a print that I have seen or seen often in the world of men’s swimwear. I love to see companies step outside of the box and try new things.

The Marcuse Jewel Swim Brief’s print is one that is tattoo like, so the Marcuse site says. It’s either black on white or red on beige. To me, the black print is more of a classic print. The red just says tropical, I could see guys on some tropical island with drinks in their hands just hanging out. Either way, you go, you can’t go wrong with this pair.

The search for the perfect swimsuit is one that many of us have. They want what this suit says “it hugs the body and but has enough room to hold your jewels and at the same time creates a figure perfect butt!” We want to show off a bit and have fun. Marcuse is a company that can deliver on each of those promises! They have amazing design and construction.

The fabric is an 80% Nylon 20% Spandex Italian fabric. Which they says is “sexy, soft and comfortable.” We have tried a few of the pairs and they are pretty much spot on! Here are a few more features of this suit:

  • Damask prints on front and back
  • Elastic waistband and internal drawstring
  • Front lined interior
  • MARCUSE embroidery logo and side tag

One thing to note is the size chart. LOOK at this before you order

  • XS : 27 – 29 inch lower waist (69 – 74cm)
  • S : 30 – 32 inch lower waist (75 – 81 cm)
  • M : 32 – 34 inch lower waist (81 – 86 cm)
  • L : 34 – 36 inch lower waist (86 – 91cm)

Find this pair at the Marcuse site for $49.99 AUD