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One of our participants in the 2016 UNB Swimwear Guide is N2N Bodywear. Their mission is and always has been to create sexy, unique and well-fitting apparel for EVERY kind of man. Gay, straight, big or lean–it doesn’t matter. What has always mattered is how YOU feel in what you’re wearing. Comfort is key and if wearing N2N makes you feel sexy, uninhibited, or just plain HAPPY…Then we’ve succeeded.

N2N Styles in Guide:

N2N Bodywear B70 Daredevil – Blue
N2N Bodywear SB3 STELLAR SPORT Green/Black

Taylor Campbell

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Drew Ater
Matt Josbena

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Our first Underwear of the Month as voted by our readers is the C-IN2 Grip Profile Brief. It was a close vote but in the end C-IN2 won it! We had a very big response for the first time and expect it to grow! Here are what some of the readers said about the pair:

  • These are the most comfortable fitting briefs I have ever worn. Great for everyday or gym use!
  • Because, the briefs are sexy!
  • Made for majority of men
  • Sexy but practical for everyday wear.
  • I just got these briefs. They are amazing. The fabric is great, the fit is sexy and the color scheme is awesome!
  • One of the better looking briefs to come out this year.

Each month we will profile what the readers who voted on the pair said. We got some great comments from each pair! So next month comment and you could find it on the blog.

Find this pair at C-IN2 for $24.00


We are restarting Underwear of the Month here at UNB.  In the past, we entertained the thought of having an Underwear of the Week, but coming up with 52 pairs a year is difficult to say the least.  For certain weeks, there were not many new pairs to feature.  Changing to monthly made it much easier to manage.

The first pair we selected is the 2(x)ist  All Star Brief.  If you aren’t familiar with these, they feature the waist band that is similar to a sock.  This is a feature I found very cool.  It’s something new that hasn’t been attempted often.  If you are a long-time reader of the blog, you know that I love the waistbands.  Brands that pay close attention to the waistband and try new things always get my attention.

The waistband is sort of ribbed like a sock top.  Here is the description from the 2(x)ist site:

“A classic athletic-inspired collection, All Star combines technical functionality and sporty fashion. The collection is made up of a breathable 55% cotton / 37% modal / 8% spandex fabrication constructed in a pique knit, with super sporty bindings and waistband. The trims are inspired by retro basketball sock designs; with varsity colored stripes in red, white, and blue as well as emerald, white, and gold.”

I do like sporty underwear.  I love the way they fit and keep everything in place.  I know there are many out there who don’t like feeling “constricted” but I like the extra support.  I really love the stripes and design of these.  I’m a firm believer that your underwear should reflect your personality.  Why dress great but wear plain and boring undies.  You have nothing to worry as these are nowhere close to boring.

2(x)ist is always known for great underwear.  These are no exception as they really did fit very well.  I will admit that I didn’t check to see if they were no show under clothes.  The fabric was very breathable and form fitting.  To me, it is important that you be able to wear sports-inspired briefs during any strenuous activity.  It is a pair I would recommend for an active guy.  The pair gives you support and fits wonderfully.

Fit 4.5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 4.5

Men’s Underwear Store furnished this pair for review.  You can purchase them directly from Men’s Underwear Store.