Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and our friends over at DrawerFull have selected a few pairs that are sure to spice up your evening.  Whether you are spending it with a special someone, hanging out with your single friends, or enjoying a night alone, these pairs will surely show some love.  Stop by DrawerFull and pick up something you love!

Supa Fly Jock $22.00
























Unico Short Boxer$22.00



























Blue Collar Firehouse Weekend Trunk $21.00




























ManView Singlet $33.00


We present the 2013 Swimwear Guide! Before we get into the guide I have to do two big thanks. First, Blackjack Mountain Inn ( located in Marietta, GA. Thanks for letting us shoot at your amazing location. If you are traveling to the Atlanta area check them out! Second is Calera Vision Center, LLC ( of Birmingham, AL for furnishing all the sunglasses you see!

The companies participating this year are Clever, Vuthy, Cocksox, Modus Vivendi, N2N Bodywear and Erogenos.

Clever-unb-swim-2013-aClever Swimwear

  • From Left to Right
  • Matt – Clever 0563- Striped Swim Brief
  • Kyle – Clever 0562 – Koi Swim Suit
  • Blake (standing) – Clever 0554 – Striped Swim Suit
  • Cody – Clever 0559 Swim Brief Circular Graphic Swim Suit


  • From Left to Right
  • Blake – Vuthy 335 – Flower Square
  • Kyle (seated) – Vuthy 324 – Vertical Stripe Boxer
  • Matt – Vuthy 325 – Dot Swim Brief
  • Cody – Vuthy 339 – Blue & Yellow Square


  • From Left to Right
  • Kyle – Vuthy 350 – Leopard Print Bikini
  • Blake – Vuthy 318 – Hawaiian Flower Bikini



Modus-vivendi-unb-swim-2013Modus Vivendi

n2nbodyewar-unb-swim-2013-aN2N Bodywear

n2nbodywear-unb-swim-2013-bN2N Bodywear


We will be posting more pics from this shoot over the next week as our brief distractions. Thanks to all those who participated. Also be on the look out for two videos from the shoot!

Hey guys, before I get into the review I want to introduce myself, my name is Brandon and I am from the Midwest. I am in my late 20s, and my fascination with/obsession for men’s underwear began a couple of years ago. I am married to a beautiful woman who has evolving viewpoints on my growing underwear collection. I have been running my own personal Twitter (@firstthingon) and Tumblr ( pages for about four months with essentially a couple goals in mind. The first is to illustrate that straight men can (and should) be able to enjoy men’s designer underwear and all the styles that come with it without feeling self-conscious. The second and more over-arching goal is to expose all guys to different brands and styles with detailed reviews on the products I buy and wear. That’s why I am excited to have the opportunity to pursue those goals on a widely-read forum like Underwear News Briefs, I look forward to providing you detailed reviews of what I am wearing.

My first pair to review is the ‘Brief Dominante’ from Mundo Unico. To be honest I had modest expectations for these as I own just one thing from Mundo Unico, a Brazilian T-Back Thong I got on sale months ago which didn’t exactly impress. The same cannot be said about this brief. It’s made from 78% Lycra Nylon and 22% Spandex and has what the designer calls a “suspensor pouch” which is supposed to let your boys hang more naturally. The brief comes in one color, navy blue, and the XL fit just a bit larger than I would have liked but as a general rule, Unico runs small and a L would have been a bit too small for my 37 inch waist.

I wore this pair for about eight hours on a busy night. I wore them under a suit for a dinner I had to attend and they were doing such a great job in the heat that I kept them on to do an hour or so of yard work (mowing, edging) when I got back home. The soft Lycra material was very breathable which was nice on such a hot night. The brief is really well constructed for everyday use, the leg openings didn’t stretch or restrict and the waist band which has a bit of a sheen to it also held up well.

While I would label the color of the brief more “Slate” than Navy, the contrasting silver waistband provides enough style to keep this brief from being just another average, everyday pair. While I prefer a sportier, bikini-type cut this brief features a very traditional cut, and the all-day comfort and breathability of this particular pair allows me to make an exception. One area that deserves a bit of criticism is the pouch. The description claims the pouch is designed to let you be naturally “suspended” but I think this pair falls somewhat short of that mark. While the pouch certainly won’t constrict you in the way most traditional briefs might, I never truly felt in the hours I wore it, like my package was able to assume and maintain a “natural” position the way that some other labels’ designs might allow you to, and if I am being totally honest, you don’t actually get much support, either.

In the end the brief stands up well, especially on hotter days with its moisture-wicking Lycra material and while I won’t be clamoring for more designs like it from Unico, if you’re a more traditional brief type of man, I’d definitely recommend this one to you.


  • Provides soft, all-day comfort
  • Breathable
  • Should possess a long lifespan


  • Pouch design needs work
  • Could be more supportive

Fit – 4
Materials – 5
Construction – 3
Look – 3
Daily Wear – 5
OVERALL *OUT of 5* – 4

This pair was furnished for review by Mundo Unico Store

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Plus just in time for Christmas we’ve added in a brand of socks from Colombia called Saint Jacamo because let’s face it, pretty much everyone gets socks for Christmas so make sure you insist on getting some decent ones like these (plus the bonus is that they are very inexpensive).

Happy shopping from the Dead Good Undies team.

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It’s time for the annual Valentine’s Gift Guide.  Unlike last years guide, this is done using pictures from companies rather then being shot specifically for us.  Time was not cooperating with us to get it done.  We feel you will enjoy this as much as the previous ones.  We hope you enjoy the selections we chose.  We aim to make sure you and your man look incredible on Valentine’s Day!

We are giving you the choice of both classic and sexy pairs.   We know there are guys who prefer the classics and want choices to reflect their taste while others want something sexy that shows off or enhances.  We think we have both bases covered.  As always, please click on the pics to see a better, larger image.

Andrew Christian Gigalo Brief

We bring you two super sexy pairs from Andrew Christian.  We think the Gigolo Brief (left) and Boxer (right) would be great pairs for Valentine’s Day.  Both of these are made of sheer material and show off all you have to offer.  The Brief is $18 and the boxer is $23.  You can get both pairs at

We can recommend the following pairs from aussieBum.

  • First up (on top) is the Classic Red Brief.  This is for the guy that wants something to show off the colors of Valentine’s but still wants to remain classic.
  • Next is the WJPro (bottom left).  This is the the new Wonder Jock line.  It takes what’s given and shows it off.  Think of it as a wonder bra for men!
  • Lastly from aussieBum is the Valentines pair.  Do you remember seeing the bunnies pair last year?  If so, this is a similar pattern in a boxer.  They are fun and imagine the looks you’ll when your pants come off!

You can get all three pairs from

Baskit is a company that allows you to have classical styles and be sexy at the same time.  The new lines have very classic looks but in new colors and designs.

  • The first pair we think would be awesome is the Ribbed Jock Brief (top).  The front looks like a brief while the back is designed like a jock.  It’s a mix between the two.
  • The next pair is the Utility Boxer Brief in pink (bottom left).  Pink has been an increasing color trend and is great for the occasion.  I love the design and use of white material.
  • Lastly is the Light Brief (bottom right).  It’s perfect for the guy who wants something sexy but not too different.  We definitely recommend the red!

All these can be purchased from the Baskit website.   If you are lucky between now and Valentine’s, there may be a $12 Tuesday!

We don’t want to forget those in the Southern Hemisphere or those taking a nice romantic trip to a location in the tropics.  Boy Rio has recently released new underwear and really great swimwear.

  • Boy Rio has a super sexy underwear line that includes the Xtreme Low Cut brief (left) that we think is awesome for Valentine’s night.
  • If you are going to a tropical location, you should try the PoolBlu “sunga” style Brazilian swimsuit (right).  There’s a  bit more coverage than a swim brief since it’s based on the swimsuits of Brazil.

You can get these directly from the Boy Rio website!

A company we had to include is Cocksox.  They have been featured on UNB many times in the past and they will continue to be a part of our underwear family.  We feel they have two great pairs for Valentine’s Day.  Cocksox is a company that believes underwear should be fun and sexy, driving them to create new styles that show off what you have…and then some!

  • One of the sexiest pairs is the CX01ME, which is the classic brief made of mesh.  It has the traditional pouch in a bikini cut. (left)
  • The classic brief CX01 is also a must have.  The pair is created to lift and show off.  Red would be our recommended color for the occasion. (right)

You can get these pairs from the Cocksox website.

Dead Good Undies has some really super sexy HOM products.  If you aren’t familiar with HOM, this is the perfect chance to try them out.  They are a brand that has been around in Europe for a while, but we here in the states rarely see them except for online.  They are very well made and generally smaller cuts than we are used too but they look awesome and fit amazingly.

  • If you want more of a trunk cut, try the Valentine Hipsters.  They have great colors, but for Valentine’s Day, go with the red, as pictured, or pink. (left)
  • There is no better holiday for thongs! The HOM String Twinpacks will make a statement to your special love.  They will know you are in the mood for romance after dinner. (Right)

These are available from Dead Good Undies.

There is a new company on the scene and it’s called Diego Barberi!  They are based out of Switzerland and currently only have a trunk style.  We are reviewing two pairs and those will be posted soon.  Until then, we want you to check out the pair called Ibex.  They are a red trunk with a white embroidered design.  They are initially beginning with a small line but we hope to see more from them soon.  They may be new but they definitely would be great for this occasion.  You can bring a Swiss styling to your undies drawer!  These can be purchased directly from the Diego Barberi website, but make sure you click the English link at the top unless English isn’t your only language.

Erogenos has some really great pairs for Valentine’s.  If you are not familiar with them, they are known for having super sexy and fun underwear.  It’s not plain and boring at Erogenos.  I would say they are one of the “go to” sites for sexy!

  • What special day wouldn’t be complete without animal print?  Well how about an animal print thong!  It’s definitely shows that you are ready to be an animal yourself.  The Pikante Jaguar G-String is perfect for bringing out the animal in you.  (left)
  • Another really great, sexy brand is Gregg Homme.  We’ve said they are bringing sexy back and doing it well.  The pair for them is another thong and is the Commando Thong.  It’s small, fun, and made of super stretchy material. (center)
  • Last is a new brand called Narciso.  Narciso is out of Buenos Aries that facilitates form fitting designs and bright colors.  This is proof in the Narciso Boxer.  The black stripes with red highlights make the pair really fun. (right)

These pairs are available at the Erogenos website.

Next on our guide is Frank Dandy.  Frank Dandy is known for great designs and great colors.  The pairs we chose for this is the Five Star Brief and Trunk.  We  think these would be the perfect addition to your underwear collection.  You can wear them really at anytime, but to us, they seem like a fantastic choice for Valentine’s Day.  We wanted to pick a wild print but thought these would be a much better choice.  You can get these from the Frank Dandy website.

Geovanny is one of the companies I don’t think many people have seen.  I really love his take on underwear design.  He has taken a classic design and put a new, innovative spin on it.  The pair we chose is the red brief with white trim.  They are a more full cut but still just as sexy.  The front seam accents the pouch in a new way that I haven’t seen from other designers.  To purchase this pair, go to the Geovanny website!

Again, we don’t want to forget those in the Southern Hemisphere and those planning a romantic trip southward.  Marcuse is a swimwear company out of Australia.  Over the last few years, Australia has become one of the major players in the  underwear/swimwear market.  Marcuse is one of the newest and hottest swimwear companies around today.  The pair we chose is the Arrest Me swimsuit in red.  This is a very brief design of swimwear.  This would be great for a romantic beach getaway!  It’s not for the shy, so be ready to show it all off.  You can get this pair from the Marcuse website.

N2N Bodywear is a necessity in a Valentine’s Day guide.  They have always care about the sensuality of men.  Every new line they release is about showing off a man’s body.  This includes underwear, swimwear, and workout wear.  The pair that would be great for the holiday is the N2N  Freedom Bikini.  It’s got a signature waistband and comes in blue and red.  Either pair you purchase would be great to wear out to dinner.  You can get this pair from the N2N Bodywear website

Are you ready for some RED?  If so, then we have you covered with Olaf Benz.  Olaf Benz is a brand that originally hit the fashion scene in Germany and has spread across the globe.  When I first saw these, I was WOW’ed!  They are so fun!  I think I literally said “FUN” when I opened the email.

  • The first picture features the Squrepant and Carreshirt.  Both are form fitting and would make a great combination.  Be warned that they are super sexy and body conscious! (left)
  • Maybe you simply want some fun, red briefs.  You should try the Sportbrief.  It’s perfect for that active guy in your life.  You can wear it more than just to dinner or a day out since it gives you great support. (center)
  • You might want to show off.  If that’s the case, you definitely need to try the Stringtanga.  It has two straps that run around back and a pouch.  It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

You can find these awesome selections at the Olaf Benz website.

You may remember Beyond Big Branding from our long johns giveaway.  They also have other great underwear selections.  Specifically speaking, the Piss & Vinegar brand.  We have reviewed these and they are some of the most comfy underwear around.  They are very stretchy and conform to your body.  The pair we chose is the Spectrum Low Rise in red.  They are another classical style but with great materials and do not fit like traditional undies.  You can purchase these from the Beyond Big Branding website.

Speaking of giveaways, currently we are running our Ristefsky Macheda giveaway.  It’s going great and they have created really awesome packs for you for Valentine’s Day.  In today’s economy, that is a really great thing!  They give you two items for a really great price for those who want to try Ristefsky Macheda.  If that doesn’t get you, maybe free world wide shipping with no minimum order will peak your interest.  These packs include the  Swim Gym, which is a great new swim style (and super sexy) and  a shorter men’s swimwear trunk that mocks an old school gym short.  These are available in four great colors.  These are currently exploding in Melbourne!

  • The first is the Retro Inspired Gift Pack.  You receive a Striped Low Rise Brief in Red/Gray and then a Tetro Low Rise Brief in Charcoal and red!  (top)
  • The next is the Red Dare Underwear Gift Pack.  This one is all about red!  It includes one Dare Low Rise Brief in and a Dare Low Rise Trunk.  We’ve reviewed the Dare line and it performed very highly in our standards. (bottom left)
  • The last pack is the Swim Gym and Dare Low rise brief.  This includes the Dare Low Rise in Red and the new Swim Gym in red. Both are extremely sexy in our eyes.

To order these packs, go to the Ristefsky Macheda website and select “Underwear”.  They are available and with FREE SHIPPING!

Timoteo is up next on our guide.  This is a brand we have watched grow in the last few years.  It’s wonderful seeing such a great brand become popular and do well.  They started with the classic line and then expanded into Quake and now the Sport line.  We are bringing you the last two lines for the guide.

  • The first pair is the Quake Brief in pink.  This isn’t a pastel pink but a bold, bright pink! You will definitely make a statement when you wear it. (Left)
  • The second pair is the Athlete New Jock, part of the Sport line.  It’s a brief with a jock back.  We think the black with red is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

To order these, go to the Timoteo website!

Todd Sanfield Underwear is a new addition to the underwear scene.  It’s founder is Todd Sanfield who has graced the cover of DNA Magazine three times.  He has modeled underwear and decided to create an underwear line himself.  He has created a line with superior fit, great quality, and incredible durability.  The line is now available and the red briefs above are our choice!  To check out the entire collection, go to the Todd Sanfield Underwear website!

We have only a few more companies left and how could we produce a guide and not include  They have been one of the founding  companies in the world of mail-order underwear.  They were around before we knew what the Internet was, provideing us with the International Male and UnderGear catalogs with the latter still available today.

  • The Extreme Jock Trunk is the perfect pair in which to play cupid.  It is a trunk that features a really great pouch. (top)
  • Maybe you need or want to wear silk.  If so, the Extreme Collection Silk Trunk is prefect for you.  The pair has a contour enhancing pouch so you have no problem showing off!  (bottom left)
  • Are you a fan of 2(x)ist?  If so, you need to check out the Valentine’s Contour Brief.  The interesting thing about this pair is it has “Love Me” sewn into the waistband! (bottom center)
  • Last is another choice of swimwear.  If you are going on a trip, you may not want a swim brief, but maybe you want something more conservative and just as sexy.  Try the Tactics Tahiti Swim Trunks.  They are a short type that can be worn as your swimwear or a cover-up for something underneath. (bottom right)

All these can be found at

Underwear Station has some terrific pairs that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.  We had trouble picking only four pairs.  There are so many from Joe Snyder, Gigo, and more to choose from.  We managed to whittle our selections down to four from Good Devil and Intymen.  Both new brands are really making a splash in the US market.

  • The first is to hot for us to show you on UNB.  It’s the Good Devil Mesh Boxer.  The front is pure mesh and completely see through!  As you see, we only show the back.  We suggest this selection for the bold.  You can’t be shy and wear this pair. (top left)
  • Jocks are something we haven’t profiled on our Valentine’s guide, but this time, we did with the Good Devil Mesh Jock!  It’s another “too hot” for UNB!  It features a mesh pouch and allows the person you’re with enjoy it as much as you will enjoy wearing it. (top right)
  • Our next choice is Intymen.  We didn’t want to go totally sexy and mesh for everything, so we chose the Swing Enhance Brief.  It has a built in package hammock that shows off what you have to offer!  (bottom left)
  • Lastly is the Intymen Slot Boxer.  It’s a trunk cut with an almost open side.  It is connected by six horizontal straps.  It’s a very sexy design and prefect for a romantic encounter!

You can purchase these directly from the Underwear Station website.

We wrap-up our guide with Unico.  Here, you will find that amazing “Unico” pouch that is ergonomically designed to fit men like a glove.  They also are not afraid of color or patterns.  The pairs we chose, we hope, will give you endless moments of comfort and pleasure.

  • The Classic Mid Boxer, in red, is for those who like a little more coverage and a great fit.  It covers down to the mid-thigh and has the signature Unico waistband.  It’s literally perfect for any day. (left)
  • If you are searching for color that isn’t traditional for Valentine’s Day, give the Vivaz Short a try.  It features pink, black, and blue color bands.  It is a pair that can be perfect for any date night as it is different and fun.  Well, that’s our opinion at UNB and this would definitely match that criteria. (right)

You can get these from the Unico Site.

This has been our guide for the 2011 Valentine’s Day observance.  I hope you have enjoyed it.  We hope it not only entices you to buy undies for Valentine’s Day, but also creates a spark in making everyday a fun underwear day.  We think underwear should reflect your inner self and your personalty.

As always, we invite you to contact Underwear News Briefs and let us know if your favorite Valentine’s Day undies didn’t make our guide.  We definitely want to hear from you and, who knows…you may teach us a thing or two about sexy underwear.  Post a comment here or on our Facebook page or Twitter us.  We love to hear what you like and what makes your Valentine’s Day special.

Andrew Christian Tighty Whitie Punked Brief + Skinny Hoody 24% Off Next 24 Hrs Only!

Tighty Whitie Punked is a new sporty design update to the basic brief with unique contrasting fashion stitching around the pouch, fly and leg openings. This style is great for everyday usage; but unlike other basics, the Andrew Christian Tighty Whitie Punked Brief is made from a Cotton and Spandex blended fabric that has great stretch and recovery which helps eliminate unwanted sagging and stretching as you wear it throughout the day. This style features a pouch for extra room in front, just where you need it, and Anti-muffin Top elastic helps minimize the appearance of love handles and slims the appearance of your waist.

Product Features:

  • Contrast stitching around legs, fly and pouch
  • Fabric has great stretch and recovery for everyday use
  • Extra room in front, just where you need it
  • Fly front
  • Made from soft cotton fabric blend
  • Anti-Muffin Top Elastic for a slimmer looking waistline
  • Shorter legs for a sporty look
  • Hand made with care in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, CA, USA


Regular Fit

  • 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex
  • 1 1/4 inch contrast logo elastic waistband
  • Depending on size, around 4 ½ inches from top of waistband to leg opening

Regular Price $18.00
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Pikante is a play on the Spanish word for spicy which couldn’t be more fitting for Jockstrap Central‘s latest offerings.

The front of these new jocks are wide, sort of like a brief and are designed for guys who like to wear their shafts upright and to the left or right. Of course being made of a wide mesh, that’s the best way to really show off what you’ve got, plus with minimal stretch it all fits better that way as well.

Besides the very see-through mesh front, another stunning feature is the sexy triangle formed by the traditional jock strap and the joining strap that is actually the piping of the front pouch that continues along the bottom of the pouch, leaving it and finally meeting up with the other strap.

Both the 1.5 inch waistband with a repeating embossed Pikante logo and the 3/4 inch leg straps are made with a super-comfortable plushed comfort elastic material. You’ll be hard pressed to find something that’s this sexy and yet so inexpensive. In case you’re wondering, the model is Adam Stray and he certainly isn’t shy!”

You still have time to shop before the holidays so Malestrom presents Their  latest holiday deals of the week: Report Collection, Joe Snyder, JM, Papi, Piss & Vinegar, LazzyBum, Diesel, Skmpeez, Obviously, Sauvage & Unico on sale from 10% – 50% off & more. Also, visit our ‘Holiday Gift Ideas’ page for more savings. Check ’em out!
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We have a fantastic range of anything you might want to buy for the holidays including our newest Double Satin Pouch.   This latest design incorporates gorgeous colors and two glistening layers of satin fabric and our one-of-a-kind backless pouch that makes the most of your holiday package.  And while you’re shopping, take a look at one of the most comfortable and handsome briefs available, the new Reversible Micro Short.  This spectacular design is completely reversible, made from a luxurious Italian tactel fabric that glides over your skin and keeps you firmly comfortable all day long.  Special sizes from XS to 3XL are now available in many of our styles.

At Body Aware we strive to provide you with the best in quality, care, and customer service .  You will find our designs unique and infinitely wearable, and only available through  Our products are made at our state-of-the-art facility in the USA, and constructed by some of the best lingerie seamstresses in the business.

We would love to hear what you think of our newest site and look forward to being of service to you at Body Aware Underwear for Men.

Love TImoteo? Check out the Sports sample pack for only $44.00! You can get three pairs of Timoteo, and it’s  deal but hurry it’s only good this weekend. You can get free shipping with your order iwth the code HOLIDAYSHIP.

The pack includes a Super Low Brief, Scout Square Cut Brief and Athlete new jock. Check them out at the Timoteo site

We know that Christmas is right around the corner. We are under two months away, but some how it still seems like its still far away. But before you know it it, will be here and we’ll all be scrambling. Well, one thing to get a jump on is some Christmas undies. Our friends at Dead Good Undies told us about these really cool new pairs from Unico. Which you know is one of my favorites, and they aren’t really over the top. I have heard from guys who want undies for holidays but don’t want them with snowmen, chirstmas trees and other type of things. Well these just have Merry Christmas on the waist band.

They in fact are sheer except for the pouch. They are super sexy pairs that would be awesome to wear or get for that someone special and maybe unwrap. They have the awesome Unico pouch and fit. I have a pair of mesh Unico and think they are pretty awesome. If they are made out of the same material, they will fit very well and not loose the shape.

These will be out next week, so make sure you check the Dead Good Undies site, and we have been told we may get a few more pics, so watch out in the Brief Distraction for more of those! Enjoy the new Christmas Undies from Unico!

I want to say thanks to everyone who has read the blog over the last two years. It was October 2008 I started the blog. It was hosted on Blogger and started slow. I moved it to it’s own domain in March, 2009 and then it has grown ever since. It has been a lot of fun to meet brands, retailers and readers. It’s just been an amazing experience that I thought would last a few months has turned into something ongoing and awesome.

This is our second anniversary and to celebrate we are giving away some great undies to you guys as a way of saying thanks for making us one of the top underwear blogs on the net! Without you guys we’d never be what we are, and I personally appreciate it.

Now for what you want to hear, the list of prizes:

  • Cocksox $100 Gift Card
  • Dead Good Undies – £100 Gift Basket (around $150 value)
  • Pipe Undewear – $100 prize pack
  • McKillop U/W- Gift Basket
  • Unico – 3 Pairs of Underwear
  • Clever – 3 Pairs of Underwear
  • Pikante- 3 Pairs of Underwear
  • Candyman- 3 Pairs of Underwear
  • PPU- 3 Pairs of Underwear
  • WildmanT – $50 Gift Card

There will be a few more companies announced, we just haven’t confirmed so stay tuned for them in the next few days. Now for the Rules:

1. To enter you must enter your information on the Official Entry form on the blog.
2. You can enter once a day from Monday October 18, 2010 to Sunday, October 31, 2010.
3. Prizes will be drawn from random from the entries received on Monday, November 1, 2010.
4. Only one prize or prize package per individual.
5. You must be 18 year old or older to enter
6. We reserve the right to close entries at anytime.
7. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries

Thanks again and good luck! Stay tuned for more prizes soon!

Thanks again and good luck! Stay tuned for more prizes soon!

This is the second time I got to go to Magic. It’s a really big show, it’s not just men’s underwear it’s everything. It takes up two floors at the Mandalay Bay convention center. But there is a spot where all the underwear companies are located; it’s called Underwear Alley.

This year in attendance was Junk UnderJeans, Andrew Christian, Skmpeez, Timoteo, Baskit, Unico, Orca Blue, Clever, PPU, Candyman, Pikante, Pistol Pete, Obviously, Punto Blanco, Freeman, Brief Underneath, Go Softwear, ES Collection, Jocko Geovanny Underwear,  and I hope I didn’t miss anyone

I first got to sit down with the folks at Andrew Christian. I got to go over the entire new line. They have some really great stuff coming out. I know that they are a big draw to a lot of you guys. I have the catalog in front of me right now. I can’t go into much detail, they don’t want a lot of what’s coming out in Nov out now. That’s the one thing about this show, some manufacturers don’t want anything spilled, while others want to tell about it. I respect that from Andrew Christian and will say that we have the new Flex Soft in and will be reviewing them shortly.

Then I talked to Junk UnderJeans. If you recall they were a big hit when we reviewed them a while back. We are in the process of getting more from them. We showed you a lot of their stuff with our brief distractions. They are known for being very fun and have really funky designs. They fit amazing, and I’m paraphrasing from the guys on the site. We maybe doing something with them soon… hint hint. But I think they are a brand that will grow and you will hear about them more and more.

Then I made my way to the Brief Underneath guys. I really enjoy talking to them. They are both really good guys and told me that they are about to be written up in GQ, I believe. Which is awesome. It’s a great concept of having a boxer and brief in one. I know many guys who like the look of a boxer but want the support of a brief. Plus, they have the new loungewear that looks great too. It has the same design and I think really cool. Their stuff I think is perfect for lounging around and just hanging out. I admit I have had boxers in the past, and that’s usually when I wore them was around the house. I think you should check it out and see for yourself.

The day was just starting when I got to the Skmpeez both. I have to say out of all the people in men’s underwear and swimwear that they are really fun. I really love hanging out with them and talking to them. I have noticed that the exposure has exploded for them in the last year. They are turning up in a lot of places. Which I’m really glad for, they will have a full line out in February in time for summer. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Timoteo was next. You know it’s a hard day when you have to go to booth to booth and see the collections. I hear you guys saying, “Awe poor Tim” LOL, but I did a video of him telling about the collections. So I won’t go into it too much, but will post that hopefully this weekend. Timoteo does an awesome job at undies. He has great fit, colors and styles. It’s no wonder he’s become such a hit in the world of underwear. He really knows how to make underwear for guys. John on our site has gotten the jocks and he says they are one of the best. You should try them out if you haven’t. They will be awesome I can guarantee you!

I then briefly stopped by Freeman to talk. I got the new catalog but haven’t looked through it yet. But, they do some really fun stuff as well. I plan on doing a full post on them shortly. I think it is a brand you guys should know about!

Then it was off to my favorite, UNICO! Well one of my favorites. They don’t have anything new coming out till November. Which really isn’t that far off . I can tell you there will be some great striped and pattern undies. They will have that amazing Unico fit. I will most certainly do an in-depth write up on the blog about them. I have already put it in the calendar.

There was a new company at Magic called Orca Blue. They do swimwear and the really cool thing is that they can match board shorts and trunks/square cuts. Say you want to wear a square cut to the beach but not everyone wants to wear it with nothing over it, well they have matching board shorts that you can take off when you get to the beach, or just wear them. They got their inspiration from the 50’s and it’s a really cool line. They are brand new, just a few months old. But I think we’ll see some great stuff from them.

I circled back around to Pistol Pete and talked to them for a few. Pistol Pete is another fun line. It’s always got great patterns and prints. They have a log going on, and I didn’t get to talk to them much, they had buyers there all day, when I was there but I’m going to follow up with them about the lines. This is what happens at shows. The buyers are there to buy for the up coming season so I let them sell rather then talk to me. I will get more info about the lines shortly!

Baskit was next on my list. Which is a good friend to us here at UNB. I will say they are one reason we have been so successful. They really have helped us out and really gave us good advice when starting. I got a catalog and promptly lost it. Yes, I am not happy. I mailed all my stuff home and it’s the one thing that was not in my bag! I am getting another and will go into more detail about Basit for sure. It sucks when you go get info and then leave it! But they are sending me another! HURAH.

The fun keeps on going. I then go to PPU, Clever, Pikante, Candyman and Vuthy! The one thing I’m really excited about is Vuthy swim. It’s a brand new line of swimwear by an experienced designer, who I met and talked to a bit. The line will be amazing and very fun for this summer. I am working on an interview and will have more about them for sure. I know you’re thinking tell us something! You keep saying you’ll tell us more lately. Well in a second I will tell you whom I have videos for and they will be out starting this weekend. But back to the brands. Pikante is having a whole line of animal prints. Some of them have been released already, but they are really sexy and fun! Its great to see animal prints returning.  PPU is having some very interesting designs to say the least. They are going to have to be seen and not described. I will hopefully have pictures this week for those. I briefly got to look at Clever and the new line is in the same style as Clever has done. I will find out more about the line and report back. But being there you sometimes forget to ask and remember after you leave. Lastly is Candyman. I gotta say I love Candyman, I think its great that some fun is back in the bedroom. Some of their new ones are the Super Hero, Handyman, and some really awesome football shorts. It’s just a lot of fun and I know this line isn’t for everyone but it’s still a lot of fun and our contest winners all loved their prizes!

Then I got the chance to talk to Jocko and Geovanny Underwear. Jocko has some really great swimwear. Geovanny has some really great undies. I have profiled him a while back and just think  his designs are new and fun. The one thing he showed was the new Jockstrap he has. It’s in the picture above. It’s a new take on a classic design. I have his email and we are going to do more with him soon. Jocko we will show you the new swimwear when closer to spring!

Lastly is LASC. They are a company that has been around for about 20 years. I remember them because they had my favorite pair of swimwear, a tiny black bikini that I loved and wore out. That’s when I could wear them…. But I digress. They specialize in swimwear but also have work out wear. I like that they have everything from bikinis to board shorts. We were talking that we were looking forward to when bikinis aka Speedos would be making a come back in the American market. It’s happening in Europe but we’ll see about here. I saw the collection and they have some underwear not a lot but a lot of swim and work out wear. It’s really a great collection. Really amazing, and we will feature them in the swimwear guide but hope to have more from them soon.

Lastly, I didn’t get to meet up with Punto Blanco or Obviously but will get more information about them. Also while editing the same goes for Go Softwear! I will follow up and post more very soon! Trust me they are on my list and I will have some soon.

As I said above I did videos. Some with the people talking about the collections, and others just showing. I’m in the process of editing them and getting them up on the YouTube Channel. I will post them on the site over the next few weeks. But if you can’t wait, as soon as I have them done they will be up on YouTube.  I have them from Timteo, Skmpeez, Orca Blue, Geovanny, Gregg Homme, Bend the Rules, and more. Not everyone did one, but I hope to keep doing this in the future. I think it’s better to hear what’s new from the companies rather then me!

We will be going back to Curve and Magic in February. Let me know what you guys want to know and see and I will do my best to get it done!  BTW, I am posting all the pics from the shows on the Facebook page, so go over and check them out. They will be up tonight or in th

We love bringing you guys new undies when we can. Especially ones that are just fun and innovative. You guys know I prefer the funky over the traditional. I love to have my underwear match my personality. I think more and more guys are doing the same. Why stop with clothes you see, its time to show it in clothes only a few people see! Here are a few from Malestrom that just came out!


Left to right:


Top Row

Bottom Row


Top Row

Bottom Row

We hope you enjoy seeing some really cool new undies and we will bring you more soon!

Its time for the Swimwear Guide! These are some of the hottest suites of the season. I hope you enjoy these and will check them out! We had an awesome turn out and NorCalBodz did a great job! I hope you enjoy and get you one of these for Summer!

Andrew Christian is not just about underwear, he has been producing contemporary collections of urban inspired menswear, swimwear, edgy tees, and accessories since its inception in 1997. However, it was Andrew’s innovative underwear designs that established the company as a force in the fashion world.

  • Top Row: (Left) Logan is wearing the Andrew Christian Show-It-Trunk in White/Navy, (Middle) Andrew is wearing the Flashback Basic Trunk in Black (Right) Andrew is wearing the Shock Jock trunk in Black.
  • Bottom Row: (left) Logan is wearing the Palms Pouch Low cut, (Right) Andrew is wearing the Retro Swim Short in white!
  • These can all be purchased from the Andrew Christian Site!

Cocksox® does for men what the pushup bra does for women. Extensive development, testing & research has resulted in superior products with a visually enhancing design, room for your member and supreme comfort & support for everyday wear.

  • (left) Logan is wearing the Cocksox Able Seaman White Swim Brief ,(middle) Logan is wearing the Able Seaman Stripes, (right) Andrew is wearing the Able Seaman Swim Trunk!
  • These can all be purchased from the Cocksox Site!

It’s not just designer underwear and beachwear. It’s not just modern luxury or refined living. It’s the fashion attitude that blends European sex appeal with that relaxed Australian lifestyle. Welcome abroad. This is the RM lifestyle revolution.

  • (left) Logan is wearing the St. Tropez Stripe in Navy/White , (right) Andrew is wearing the Dare Brief in black.
  • These can be bought from the Ristefsky Macheda website!

panTz make you feel good & look stunning – BE hot in the bedroom, sexy at the pool & breath-taking on the beach versatile – top or bottom panTz are underwear, swimwear, beachwear, funwear, gymwear, clubwear, dancewear, scuba-diving wear etc – anywhere

  • Logan and Andrew are both wearing Lifeizpantz. They come in various colors but the same style
  • You can Purchase Lifeizpantz from their site!

BoyRio® is a company dedicated to provide men’s swimwear and activewear made from the highest quality materials reflecting style and sophistication. Our collection embodies the youthful spirit and energy of Rio de Janeiro , and our swimwear is proudly made near the shores of Rio’s famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana.

  • (left) Logan is wearing the Tropez Red/White, (middle) Andrew is wearing the Bandeiro suit, (rigth) Andrew is wearing the Santos suit.
  • These can all be bought through the BoyRio Site

Mundo Unico develops products that meet the needs of masculine intimacy for different usage occasions, accompanying the man in all times of day to night. Moments of rest, sports, work and to celebrate, protecting it with special care of our lines: clothes off, gowns, shorts and bathrobes, underwear in different shapes, undershirts and our new lines to celebrate and PREMIUM SPA personal care.

  • Logan is wearing (Left): Pantaloneta Laya Grunta 01H292103, (Middle), Pantaloneta Playa Ola 01H292180, (Right) Pantaloneta Playa Oasis 01J292116
  • These can all be bought through the Unico site!

Our Feelings about fashion and new trends makes us a part of a culture with the ability to innovate based on our creative spirits. Our designs Encourage freedom and respect for masculine Feelings.

  • Top Row: (Left) Logan is wearing the 0532 Tavarua Swimsuit in Green, (Right) Logan is wearing the 0516 Swimsuit Brief Matrinica
  • Middle Row: (left) Logan is wearing the 0524 Sporty Square swimsuit (Right) Andrew is wearing the St. Martin Swimsuit Brief
  • Bottom: Row: (left) Logan is wearing the Sporty Swimsuit Brief in Red (Right) Andrew is wearing the Swimsuit Brief Jidji
  • To find out more about the suits visit the Clever website

Let’s face it.It’s a time of change. It’s true about so much around us.JOCKO is also undergoing a renaissance, of sorts.and this change is good – very good. with revolutionary new styles & exciting products,a fresh, useful, comprehensive new website, a new corporate mission new partnerships to complement how you live your life, new advertising and PR, a revitalized willingness to solicit and incorporate your feedback, and, frankly, a reborn sense of whimsy and fun We’re sure you’ll agree that at JOCKO, this change is very good.

  • (Left) Jani is wearing the Johnnie in Black/White, (Middle) Jani is wearing the Rex in Red/White (Right) Jani is wearing the Ron in Navy and White
  • To get these suits visit the Jocko Site

Timoteo Ocampo is an American designer based in Los Angeles, California. He studied at California State University, Los Angeles and received a Bachelor’s degree in Art with an option in Fashion Design. During his studies he interned at such places as Richard Tyler, Moda Cad, Lori London Millinery.

After graduating from school he began designing the XOXO Knit sportswear line. Following that he worked closely with Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons as Head Designer to create the Baby Phat line. At Baby Phat he developed a full contemporary collection of knit, woven, denim, and leather.

  • (Left) Jani is wearing the Speedster CM1168 in Asphalt/Black, (Middle) Jani is wearing the Wave Swim CM1182 in Turquoise, (Right) Jani is wearing the Super Low Seafoam Stripe brief.
  • You can find these on the Timoteo Site!

aussieBum is recognized around the world for consistently pushing the boundaries of what the fashion world sees as ‘acceptable” – revolutionizing the men’s underwear market with every new range. Recently the company was announced as the 2009 Australian Exporter of the Year – in the manufacturing category, validating their position in the global fashion market. The Young company now proudly boasts sales in over 90 countries around the world and they are only just beginning.

  • (left) Jani is wearing the Inspire Wonder Jock – Desire in Green/Navy (Right) Jani is wearing the 70’s Zirconia
  • These suits can be purchased through the aussieBum Site

Founded in Los Angeles in 1997, N2N Bodywear’s Andrew Makay creates more than great swimwear and underwear; his vision launched an apparel revolution for the gay traveler and adventurous metro-sexual. Whether you are a homosexual or straight-man, N2N will have something to make you feel special, unique and super-appealing to your partner. So many of us spend hours and hours in the gym but we tend to hide behind unappealing and sometimes baggy clothing. N2N is not your typical underwear and swimwear company; it truly embraces the male physique and takes him to the next level of true sex appeal.

  • Top Row: (Left) Jani is wearing the P52 Catalina Sport Purple, (Middle) Jani is wearing the SD Bullet Trunk Silver, (Right) John is wearing the SD1 Bullet Bikini Silver
  • Middle Row: (Left) Jani is wearing the VC1 LA Vintage suit, (Middle) John is wearing the P50 Checker Sport Grey/Black, Jani is wearing the NS4 N2N Splash Hot Pink
  • Bottom Row: (Left) John is wearing the Wild Sport Zebra, (Middle) Jani is  wearing the Z15 Maverick Chartreuse, (Right) John is wearing the NS Orbiter Black
  • You can purchase these suits from the N2N Bodywear website!

Founded in 1987, GREGG HOMME is a Canadian brand of audacious and ground-breaking men’s underwear, swimwear and clubwear. Through years of innovations and daring creations, GREGG HOMME has built an outstanding reputation for fabulous quality, exceptional design, and astonishing fit.

  • Jani is wearing the Jab Swimwear 85845 Red
  • You can get this pair from the Gregg Homme Website

Founded in 2007, 3G ACTUALWEAR is a Canadian brand of Fashionable Underwear and swimwear with a  twist of active wear.

Design is fundamental in the 3G ACTUALWEAR values, aiming to meet the perfect balance between comfort, quality and innovation; with the use of the most performing materials and the latest technologies, 3G ACTUALWEAR brings to men the perfect equilibrium between functionality and aesthetics

  • Top Row: (left) John is wearing the Matelot Swimmer 77125 Green, (Right) John is wearing the Rookie Swim 85635 Black
  • Bottom Row: (Left) Jani is wearing the Fiction 77235 Red/Black (Right) Jani is wearing the Cargo 65845
  • You can get these suits from the 3G Actualwear site

Gigo is a comfortable line with a lot of fashion and a large range of graphics and prints, which truly distinguish it from other labels. Materials: *Cotton – Spandex, with a composition of 93% cotton and 7% Spandex / *Nylon – Spandex, with a composition of 78% – Nylon 22% Spandex

  • (Left) John is wearing the Marine Blue Swim, (Right) Jani is wearing the Lines Black & White Swim brief
  • You can get these suits from Underwear Station website.

Marc Ouest is known for its super sexy styles. That includes underwear, swimwear and active wear. They have never been shy to show off all parts of a man. They have very skimpy and revealing cuts for the guy not afraid to show off what he has!

  • (Left) John is wearing the MFS5 swim brief, (Right) and Jani is wearing the 8LV bikini.
  • You can get these suits from the Marc Ouest website!

At Koala, we offer the finest custom-quality men’s swimwear in the world. No matter what your personal mens swimsuit choices may be, we can help you find the design and style that reflects your sense of enjoyment. Our top-quality mens swimwear is made in the USA. From thongs to bikinis, g-strings, erotic wear and extreme Lycra shorts, our men’s swimsuit choices range from sexy to daring.

  • John is wearing the (Left) Polyanormous brief and (Right) the Ripped brief
  • These suits can be purchased from the Koala Swim Website.

SKMPEEZ was launched by two best friends in the summer of 2008. One, a designer, the other a businessman both with a love for fun in the sun and travelling. In preparation for a trip down south, the two searched high and low for the perfect swimsuit that not only made a statement but was still classy and fit well. After hours of searching store after store and then online, only one came home with a less than perfect suit. Following their trip, the two decided that with their skills they could design and produce their own swimsuits that were unique, fun, stylish and sexy. SKMPEEZ was born!

  • Jani is wearing: (Left) Splatz Euro Cut CMYK, (Center) Joez suit, (Right) Candezez suit
  • Jani is wearing the (left) Splatz Euro Cut – Cobalt, (Right) Palms trunks
  • You can get these suits from the Skmpeez Site

ES Collection Swimwear & Underwear is manufactured to the highest European standards on location in stylish Barcelona, Spain and has taken Europe by storm. ES Collection has created leading edge, high quality, maximum comfort, body defining styles that have effortlessly redefined the men of Europe. ES Collection will additionally blend unique custom made products for our region into the already extensive portfolio, a FIRST for an exclusive International brand.

  • Jani is wearing: (Left) 1001 Slip Deport Logos ES Royal/Amarillo C/108, (Right) 1006 Boxer Corto Rescute Pacific/Blanco C/119
  • You can get more info on these suits at the ES Collection website

We strive to provide a hip, comfortable alternative for modern men who want underwear that fits their lifestyles and their bodies. We make gear that fits well and has a bit of style so it is pleasing to both body and eye.

  • Jani is wearing: (Left) Dots Bikinis in White, (Middle) Lucky 10 Box Cut Trunk in White, (Right) Playas Trunk in silver and Noir
  • These can be bought from the Baskit Website!

Go Softwear™ ushered in a new era of men’s undergarments in 1996 with the introduction of men’s padded underwear. Before the word metrosexual was in vogue Go Softwear undergarments were becoming a favorite among young, image and body conscious males.

Since then Go Softwear has introduced a range of underwear, workout wear and swimwear “with an edge”. The most popular style of underwear is the introduction of the “low rise brief,” inspired by the popularity of the lo-rise jean trend. The contour European fit with bold comic book colors and playfulness have become a favorite choice in men’s fashion underwear.

  • Top Row: (left) Jani is wearing , John is wearing the Sean Brief Swim Royal/Yellow, (Rigth) John is wearing the C Ring Bikini Royal
  • Bottom Row: Jani is wearing (Left) Raymond Brief Hawaii (right) Alan Square Cut – Charcoal
  • These suits can be bought directly from the Go Softwear Site!

Note at publication time some of these suits may not be available, they should be out soon. If you have any questions contact us here and we’ll find out all the info!

Thanks to all the companies that participated and NorCalBodz for all their incredible models and help!

The Unico reviews continue!  The new Unico line, to me, is really fun and they have used great materials in creating them.  I have fallen in love with the spandex/nylon trunk.  I reviewed the Jardin boxer brief and it became one of my favorites.  My favorite pair of briefs that I mentioned yesterday is a nylon/spandex blend.

The pair I got is the short boxers.  Of course, when I took them out of the package, I became really excited.  I don’t know what it is about Unico, but they just know how to make undies that fit men.  The pouch is amazing and holds everything perfectly.  It doesn’t constrict either.  That can be tricky when you are seeking good undies.

If you have never tried Unico, I highly recommend you do.  One fact you should know…order a size larger!  They tend to run small for American sizes.  Trust me when I say you will be grateful for that advice!  They are based on sizing standards from South America.

Getting back to the review, these truly did fit like a glove.  I knew as soon as I felt them that they would be simply amazing.  This is one of those pairs you wear that you wish you could wear for more than one day in a row.  It felt as if I wasn’t wearing underwear at all.  They definitely will be stored in my top underwear drawer.  If you are like me, you have more than one underwear drawer.  The top one is for the pairs I love while the second is for those that are good but not for every day wear.  The bottom one is for those I wear only when I run out of the top two selections.

Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5
Overall 5

These are available at the Unico website.  This pair was furnished for reviewing by Unico. Picture by Dead Good Undies

Unico is back!  With some setbacks with reviews, we finally have them!  The pair I received to review is the Brief Vibrante [49405D-80].  First thing…I love the colors.  I don’t know what it is about this pair, but the colors and stripes look incredibly hot to me.  As you all know, I LOVE Unico.

I posted on the Facebook group that my very first and most favorite pair of Unico is in the stages of final wear.  It’s great to get a replacement for my favorite pair!  These have the great fit and that awesome pouch Unico is known for.

This pair is made of a Cotton/spandex blend.  It fits you well and is perfect for any thing you can do!  One thing I really love is the blue waistband.  It’s great seeing that some companies are doing good things with waistbands.  I know many of you out there don’t care, but I think it’s amazing.

In my eyes, there haven’t been many things at all that Unico has made that I didn’t like.  Obviously, that is because they are one of my favorites.  I have tried everything from thongs to trunks and long boxers.  Everything is just awesome.

Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 4.5
Overall 4.85

You can purchase these directly from the Unico store for $25.  This pair was furnished for review by Unico. is here to Reward your for keeping up with us, and for that we are sending you this promotion, wich you will not find it publish any where. Enter the code SITEWIDE at checkout and you will get 25% Off on everything except Toys and Outlet Items. Unico, Clever, CandyMan, 2xist all on Sale. Have friend? Send this newsletter to him or her.


Offer Expires: May 20th, 2010

Here are your sales briefs for today:

  • C-IN2U has new clearance stock, and get it before it’s gone for good. The following lines are on clearance. Elliptic, Bamboo Blue &Red, Pop Colors, Fun House and Swoops. Get them now before it’s too late.
  • Erogenos is giving you free shipping on orders on Feb 15th and 16th when you spend $75 or more! You can also check out the new styles of Unico in Stock. Remember when you buy the 4th pair you get the 5th pair free. The Tuilio collection has come out with an awesome line of swimwear and underwear. Perfect for your next vacation or everyday wear!
  • Mensuas wants you to save 10% off Everything Else when you use promo code 10undies at checkout. Save on all regular priced items and is not valid on PPU Underwear. Offer good until 2/15/2010.
  • 10 is giving you 20% off for President’s day. You can save until Midnight on Feb. 16th. To celebrate they are giving you 20% off N2N Bodywear. You can choose the Luxe, Bt, Mojave or workout wear!
  • Fresh is letting you take an extra 15% off all clearance items. Mark downs up to 65% off plus you can take an additional 15% at check out. Just make sure you use code LOW15 at check out. The sale expires Feb. 20th.
  • Palace Trunks now has Obviously. The most comfortable underwear in the world. Obviously, is now available at Palace Trunks. The basic low rise boxer briefs and brief are now available in a dark and light grey. In addition to black and white. They are also happy to introduce chromatic, Obviously’s new line featuring bold colors for your new wardrobe! Choose your favorite style, boxer brief or brief. In 5 hot colors: Blue, Deep  Red, Burnt Yellow, Midnight Blue and Military Green.

Here are the Sales Briefs for today:

  • Below the Belt is having a sale on Andrew Christian Flash Bak Bubble Butt underwear. You can get 3 for $99 AU. Check out all the colors and stock up on them.
  • MaleBasics is having a Private sale! They are having a sale on Joe Snyder and Gigo. You can get 25% off both brands. This is good from Jan 19th – 22nd. Just make sure you use code “joe” at check out.
  • UnderGear is continuing their winter sale. You can save up to 50% off Select items through out the site. While you are there make sure you spend $50 or more to get the 12 Months of Perfection Calendar!
  • ABC Underwear has a 20% off sale. you can save with the code VDJAN20. This is valid through January 21 at Midnight! Check out some of the sexy gear they have!
  • Cityboyz Fashions has the new Natural Collection for Spring 2010. Mundo Unico’s Designer, Nicolas Echeverri’s designs were inspired by the Tropics, the Amazon Jungle, and its wildlife. In it you will find seductive textures that will stimulate your senses, exciting prints that captivate your eyes and new fashion details that are sure to have everyone talking… We will have pictures for you this week!
  • Fresh Pair has a promotion going on with 2(x)ist. When you by two 2(x)ist items you can get free 2(x)ist soy socks. You have 5 styles to choose from. But this promotion is valid while supplies last.

Here are your sales briefs for today!

  • Audace has the newest Mundo Unico Undewear. The line if called Australia. Theya re out and they are wild. You can only get them at Audace. They have the amazing pouch and some great new patters and prints.
  • 10 is having is annual New Year appreciation sale. You can save 15% off clothing, fitness, underwear and more. Brands on sale are Baskit, Rufskin, C-IN2, Timoteo and Andrew Christian.
  • Fresh Pair has you covered for Resolution #4, Slim Down. You can do that with shapewear. One of the things we said would be a trend this year. Brands you can check out are Calvin Klein, 2(x)ist, Sculptees and Equemen.
  • James Tutor has 15% off everything. We have reviewed them and they have some really great undies. Make sure you use code JTS2010 at check out. The sale ends Jan. 13, 2010.

Fresh Pair is doing something really cool, they are posting the top 10 rated customer pairs of underwear! Not all companies do ratings or really share the info. Fresh Pair is always doing something fun and cool. I especially like the staff pics, which we are going to start doing here as well! So stay tuned for those! But here are the top 10 rated pairs at Fresh Pair

Unico Classic Suspensor Boxer (00002):

  • Soft stretch cotton fabrication
  • Contrast logo elastic waistband
  • Inverse U-shaped panel at back offers a great fit
  • Contoured paneled pouch with internal elastic for added lift
  • Body-hugging design

Unico Classic Suspensor Boxer technical details:

  • 1 1/4 inch logo elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 11 1/4 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • Full bottom coverage
  • 1/2 inch fold-under leg bands

Mundo Unico brings a sensual South American sizzle to their underwear with provocative cuts, impeccable construction and sexy styling. This Suspensor Boxer is made from a soft stretch cotton and features a contour pouch with elastic around the edges to give you added lift. The Mundo Unico Classic Suspensor Boxer is the perfect underwear choice when you want ultimate comfort and good looks.

Specs based on size M

Material: 93% cotton/7% spandex

2xist Essentials No Show Trunk (B1033):

  • 100% Super-soft ringspun combed cotton
  • Low-rise, body-conscious trunk cut
  • Double-layer contour pouch
  • Crotch gusset for ease of movement
  • Subdued 2xist logos along waistband

2xist Essentials No Show Trunk technical details:

  • 1 3/8 inch logo elastic waistband
  • 1 1/4 inch foldover leg trim
  • Sides measure 9 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • No fly
  • Full bottom coverage

The 2xist Essentials No Show Trunk, from the new 2xist Essentials Collection, is a low-rise trunk designed to be worn with your favorite hipster jeans and low-rise pants. This 2(x)ist trunk features a double-layer contour pouch and a sleek logo elastic waistband. With shorter legs than a boxer brief, the 2(x)ist Essentials No Show Trunk is perfect for guys who want full coverage and support with a lower profile design.

Specs based on size M

Clever Sporty Brief (5032):

  • Athletic-inspired brief with a great ’70s retro look
  • Stretch cotton feels amazing on the body
  • Logo elastic waistband
  • Contrast stripes and legbands are classically cool
  • Paneled contour pouch fits perfectly
  • Score big in this fun and sexy brief

Clever Sporty Brief technical details:

  • 1 3/8 inch logo elastic waistband
  • 3/8 inch enclosed elastic legbands
  • Full back coverage

The Clever Sporty Brief, from the Clever men’s underwear collection, is an atheltic-inspired brief with a great ’70s retro look. Constructed with stretch cotton to feel amazing on the body, this Clever brief features a logo elastic waistband and a paneled contour pouch for an effortlessly smooth fit. With classically cool contrast stripes and leg bands, this Clever Sporty Brief is a fun and sexy way to score big.

Material: 91% cotton, 9% spandex

Diesel Cotton Stretch Lukex Brief (00AEFETEV):

  • Soft stretch cotton
  • Contrast bright logo elastic waistband with Diesel logo and stripes
  • Double-layer, contoured pouch with functional right-exit fly
  • Full bottom coverage
  • Super-soft waistband

Diesel Cotton Stretch Lukex Brief technical details:

  • Sides measure 3 1/2 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • 1 3/8 inch logo elastic waistband
  • 3/8 inch leg trim

This Diesel Cotton Stretch Lukex Brief, from the Diesel Jeans company, is a brighter version of your favorite underwear staple. Constructed from a soft stretch cotton for a contoured, body-conscious fit, this Diesel brief features a double-layer contoured pouch with a functional right-exit fly. The bright contrast waistband on the Diesel Cotton Stretch Lukex Brief gives it a look that really pops.

Material: 90% cotton, 10% elastane

Specs based on size S

Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Boxer Brief (U2708):

  • Sexy “touch me” stretch cotton fabrication
  • Bold, edgy look
  • Microfiber logo waistband in silver
  • Metallic luster at waistband for an industrial, masculine look
  • Designed to celebrate 25 years of Calvin Klein underwear for men
  • Low-rise for today’s low rider fashions

Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Boxer Brief technical details:

  • Wide stretch logo waistband
  • Classic boxer brief cut
  • Full bottom coverage

The Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Boxer Brief, from the Calvin Klein Steel Collection that was designed to celebrate their 25th anniversary of creating stylish men’s underwear, is a sexy, low-rise boxer brief. Made from a “touch me” soft stretch cotton, this Calvin Klein boxer brief features a wide microfiber logo waistband in lustrous silver. The classic lines and super-comfortable fabrication make the Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Boxer Brief a modern classic.

Material: 94% cotton, 6% spandex

C-IN2 Core Jock Strap (4025):

  • From the new, updated C-IN2 Core Collection
  • Soft ribbed cotton construction
  • Body-conscious cut
  • Reduces the appearance of underwear lines under clothing
  • Soft microfiber 2-strap design
  • Super-comfortable, wide logo elastic waistband sits flush against your body

C-IN2 Core Jock Strap technical details:

  • 2 3/8 inch logo elastic waistband
  • 3/4 inch rear straps
  • Contour pouch
  • No bottom coverage

The C-IN2 Core Jock Strap comes from the new Core Collection of men’s underwear basics from C-IN2 that are designed to be the ultimate in everyday underwear. This Jock Strap is perfect for the gym, running or when you want a seamless look under your clothes. The C-IN2 Core Jock Strap has a wide logo elastic waistband, soft cotton construction and a two-strap rear

Material: 100% cotton

Specs based on size M

Hugo Boss Micro Modal Boxer Brief (50125311):

  • Soft and silky stretch modal fabric
  • Body conscious fit
  • Luxurious look and feel

Hugo Boss Micro Modal Boxer Brief technical details:

  • Sides measure approx. 8 ½ inches from top of waistband to leg band
  • 1 inch wide fabric covered elastic waistband
  • Contour pouch nonfunctional fly
  • 3/8 inch folded leg bands
  • Full bottom coverage

This Hugo Boss Micro Modal Boxer Brief, from the Hugo Boss men’s underwear collection, is a body-conscious trunk made from soft and silky stretch modal fabric. This Hugo Boss brief translates the luxe vibe of the Hugo Boss clothing brand, and is a great choice for fashion-forward guys. Luxuriously comfortable and sensual, you’ll love the Hugo Boss Micro Modal Boxer Brief so much, you won’t want to take it off.

Specs based on size M

Material: 90% modal, 10% spandex

Papi Modern Stretch Brazilian Trunk (718550):

  • Sleek stretch microfiber construction
  • Brazilian trunk is a shorter trunk with a square-cut design
  • Low-profile, soft logo elastic waistband
  • Double-layer paneled pouch
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Perfect underwear option for everyday wear and for working out

Papi Modern Stretch Brazilian Trunk technical details:

  • 1 1/4 inch logo elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 7 3/4 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • 3/4 inch trim at leg hems
  • 2 1/4 inch inseam

The Papi Modern Stretch Brazilian Trunk, from the Papi men’s underwear line, is a sleek stretch microfiber trunk with an innovative square-cut design. With a low-profile, soft logo elastic waistband, this Papi trunk features a double-layer paneled pouch. Wear the Papi Modern Stretch Brazilian Trunk every day under your favorite jeans or wear it to the gym and get your sweat on.

Material: 84% nylon, 16% spandex

Equmen Trunk (EQM000211):

  • High-performance underwear is built to fit snugly for athletic support
  • Designed to slim and streamline your body
  • Supports gluteal muscles for improved movement
  • Grey offers maximum core support
  • Other colors offer standard core support
  • Improves posture and gait
  • Precision fit, ventilated non-functioning fly pouch
  • Breathable, stretch microfiber construction helps control body temperature
  • Built with signature Helix-mapping support technology
  • Seamless compression provides targeted muscle support for improved body mechanics
  • Designed specifically to address the needs of a modern man’s body

The Equmen Trunk, from the Equmen Men’s Collection, is an innovative base layer that actually slims and streamlines your body while offering support to your gluteals for improved movement. Created to fit snugly on the body for optimum athletic core support, this Equmen trunk was conceived in conjunction with physiotherapists and ergonomic specialists to improve posture, gait and body mechanics. Built with the brand’s signature Helix-mapping support technology, the Equmen Trunk is designed specifically to address the needs of a modern man’s body.

Specs based on Size M

Joe Snyder Launch Bikini (JSL01):

  • Sleek stretch microfiber fabrication
  • Contrast trim
  • Low-rise
  • Innovative bikini design
  • Hole and sling pouch construction places your package front and center
  • Contrast elastic waistband
  • Paneled contour pouch
  • Sleek, shiny look

Joe Snyder Launch Bikini technical details:

  • 1 1/4 inch contrast elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 3 3/8 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • 1/4 inch trim
  • Full rear coverage

The Joe Snyder Launch Bikini, from the Joe Snyder men’s underwear collection, is a low-rise, body-hugging bikini with an innovative design. Made from a sleek stretch microfiber in hot colors with contrast trim, this Joe Snyder bikini features a hole and sling pouch design that lifts your package to front and center. The Joe Snyder Launch Bikini is sure to make you feel sexy every time you wear it.

Specs based on Size M

Material: 80% polyamide, 20% spandex

Here are the Sales Briefs for this weekend!

  • His Room is having a few sales right now. They are having a Calvin Klein Sale. On top of that you can save 25% off Levi’s Underwear and DKNY. While you are there check out the site wide clearance sale!
  • UnderGear wants you to get what you wanted but didn’t get for Xmas. You can take 20% off any item. Just use Promo Code U9W700 at check out to get the savings!
  • 10 is having their Semi-Annual Calvin Klein al! You can save 25% off from now till January 3rd! So go get some great CK Undies. Also, right now you can get a free gift with an order $50 or more!
  • Men’s Underwear Store is having a winter Sale and 25% off all Calvin Klein. You can check out some of the great CK undies. Also while yore’ there check out the N2N Bodywear loungewear, perfect for hanging around the house. Lastly, its going to be spring and beach trips will be happening, so check out the swim wear section.
  • Santa has emptied his sack, now it’s time for us to empty ours… So our Best Ever Sale is now on!! We have reduced every item in stock and have some great give aways too. Buy a multipack of 3 Jocks and you’ll also receive a Grey Camo Jock from our New Collection. Spend over £50 on any sale items and you’ll also get a Black Newsprint Boxer from the New Collection absolutely Free! Log on to and grab some fantastic bargains. And remember postage in the UK is just £2 and worldwide is just £5.75 These offers can’t last forever so get them while you can. We also want to take this chance to wish all our customers the very best for 2010
  • Mensuas is having a year end clearance sale. You can save up to 60% off! Brands you can save on are Joe Snyder, Clever, Sauvage, Unico and more. Free shipping for orders in the US and Canada
  • Wyzman is having a Boxing Day sale, You can save from 20-70% off all styles. But hurry this sale ends today! Don’t miss some great deals.
  • DT Clothes is having it’s 90 SALE! You can save on many of the great undies they have and also check out the other clothes. Hurry the sale won’t last long and you may miss out on some of the deals

Here are the Sales Briefs for the weekend. Sorry for the delay in some of them. Let us know what you think of the new format!

  • James Tutor’s Last day to order before Christmas is Dec. 22nd! You can still save 25% off your order with code JTMAS25 at check out!  Hurry before it’s too late.
  • Andrew Christian is having a Final Reduction Clearance sales. you can save from over 20 Styles. There is no coupon code needed and supplies are limited. You can save on shirts, swimwear and more
  • Malebasics is giving you 20% off Unico, Malebasics Lingerie and Gigo from now till Thursday, December 24th. Just make sure you use code SALE when you check out.
  • 10 is giving you $15 off orders $75 or more! But hurry the sale ends today. To redeem this order just shop then enter promotional Code “Thankyou” at check out!
  • DT Clothes now has a it’s 2010 catalogue online now. You can check out all the new styles in underwear, swimwear and clothing. So make sure you stop boy and check it out.
  • Fresh Pair has a few sales going on. First is you can save up to 60% off C-IN2 this week only. Make sure you don’t miss out on that sale. Then they have a 25% Hugo Boss Underwear. Lastly the have the big clearance event where you can save up to 65% off select styles.
  • WildmanT is giving you some last minute shopping sales. You can save 30% off your oder, just used Coupon code “Lastminute” at check out. This sale expires Dec, 21st.


Round 3 of the Unico reviews and one more to go! It has been a blast to try all of these undies. You know each pair fits differently, and I have enjoyed it.  I must say that I’m more of a brief guy then boxer or trunk. But as you  have seen I have really enjoyed the Unico boxers!

Unico’s Mundo Natural line was inspired by the Tropics, the Amazon Jungle, and its wildlife. Luxuriate in seductive textures that will stimulate your senses, exciting prints that captivate your eyes and new fashion details that are sure to have everyone talking.

The new designs incorporate reptilian inspired waistbands and nature inspired prints as well as the always exceptional Unico construction. Indulge yourself in style and comfort. Made out of 93% Cotton, 7% Spandex.

These undies have been great to wear. I wish they would have been in more spandex/nylon material but, the pouch was incredible. They have a unique fit that really holds everything in place. The briefs also gave full coverage and never rode up or bunched. Which to me is a good thing in a brief

Fit:                   4.5
Materials:          5
Put Together:    5
Look:                5
Daily Wear:       4.5

Overall:            4.8

There were furnished by Unico. They can be purchased at the Unico Store, They cost $18.75 and are also available in boxer cuts as well.